Train Rules for PCs from GRW

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Train Rules for PCs from GRW

#1 Postby greyseerco » Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:16 am

Greetings all GRW-forumites,
It has been suggested I seek advice here. I am in the process of putting together a "great train robbery" kind of scenario for SWEx but cannot find any existing comprehensive rules for handling player movement (jumping from car to car, and unstable platform) and other special things that I may not consider (one I did consider is if you threw a grenade into a train car and it missed what is the percentage chance of it going out the window vs. bouncing around in the car).
Is there a good GRW product that is probably on PDF somewhere that encapsulates some good SWEx rules for handling PC level train combat and other fun events.
Thanks in advance for replies,

John Goff
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#2 Postby John Goff » Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:47 pm

I would have to say not to my knowledge. It sounds like you've answered much of your question already though.

I'd handle most of those with Agility tests modified for the 'unstable platform' as you noted. For Shooting or similar ranged attacks, I'd say a -2 for targets outside the train (if moving obviously) and maybe a -1 at targets inside to account for the random jostling of the car's moving along the rails. I wouldn't modifiers for the movement to other rolls unless I was feeling particularly nasty or the train was moving unusually fast.

The guys on the main SW board or DL/RL board can probably provide some good suggestions.
John Goff

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#3 Postby reemull » Sun May 02, 2010 4:48 pm

I think it must be in Derailed. I have the following details from an old faq

Movement: Jumping and Boarding rigs
Q) Page 14: (paraphrased) To board a rig while it's moving requires a Jump
(strength roll based on the pace of the vehicle) roll on behalf of the boarder.
When opposed by the crew "The procedure is similar to Jump! with a few notable
exceptions. If there are passengers or crewmen in the way, they can oppose the
jumper. They all make Fightin' rolls, and the jumper subtracts for each opponent
after the first, as usual."
Does it take first a Jump! roll then a Fightin' roll, or is it a straight
Fightin' roll with no jump? I would say first Jump! then fight, but that's not
explicitly stated. - Darious
A) I'll plead guilty on this one as well. Basically, if you're unopposed, use
Strength. If you're opposed, use Fightin'. Don't want to sound like I'm
rationalizing, but when you let troops do as much as we do (we try to allow you
to *try* anything), it brings up a lot of strange situations. You don't get that
in most games (the strength), but it occasionally causes a little confusion (the
weakness--and I personally could have made that more clear).- [Shane Hensley, DL
listserv, 6/10/98]

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