(MUST READ) Status of the Hey Pinnacle Folder

Post questions or comments directly to the Pinnacle crew here. Please be patient and try to keep conversations to a BARE minimum--the guys get a LOT of mail! Please also direct rules questions to the relevant forum--most folks there will already know what you're looking for. Thanks!

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(MUST READ) Status of the Hey Pinnacle Folder

#1 Postby Dancin' Dirk » Mon Jan 19, 2004 11:07 am

Hey Everybody,

It has been brought to my attention by a couple people that there is WAY to much chit chat in this folder, and it is making it very difficult for the Pinnacle guys to actually get anything done in here.

This leaves me with two options.
1. Ask for your cooperation in regards to the regulations set forth in this particular folder.
2. Force the regulations by turning off the ability for everyday members of the forum to reply to topics in this folder, leaving the ability to reply in the hands of the official Pinnacle people only

For now I am going with option one, but if things stay the same, option two will come into effect.

Here are the guidline:
1. Post questions directly to Pinnacle in this folder.
2. Only official Pinnacle people (Shane, Simon, Joe, Clint, Wiggy, etc...) should respond to topics in this folder.
3. If you wish to debate, discuss, rant, rave, or chit-chat about a question posted, create a new topic in the appropriate folder and place a link to that topic in here.
4. The occational "Great Job on Product X" Topic is allowable


New Topic: When does product x come out?
Shane Responds: When it's done.
Topic Closed, no furthor response necessary, not even a thanks.

Real Topic Example (this is how it should have gone):
New Topic: How are Cards going to be used for hucksters in DL:R?
Member wants to discuss this so he makes a new topic in the SW folder, starts the discussion and posts a link to this discussion as a response to the original question.
Shane (now able to respond since he didn't have to wade through 20 posts on how everyone else thinks he should do it) and gives a response.
If members want to keep discussing it, it happens in the spin off topic, and not the original.

Best idea ever!
Someone wants to ask Pinnacle a question about a potentially heated subject.
That someone starts a discussion in the relevant forum, gets lots of opinions, makes a summary of the whole discussion and posts the summary to Hey Pinnacle for a final verdict.

Shane is nice enough to keep very open lines of communications withus, his fans, more so then any other game designer I have ever even heard of. Let's please not abuse those lines and make it as easy for him and all the other Pinnacle guys as possible.

All topics in this folder should be no more then 2-4 posts tops. 1st, question, 2nd response from shane or lackie, 3rd link to another topic where discussion is taking place.

I am might have the moderators start splitting discussions into the relevant forums.

Thanks all for your cooperation, and happy gaming!
--Dancin' Dirk

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