Buyer's remorse - sort of. Can I upgrade my order?

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Buyer's remorse - sort of. Can I upgrade my order?

#1 Postby HawaiiSteveO » Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:54 pm

Bought Deadlands Reloaded PDFs for players guide and Marshals books. Now kind of wishing I would have bought books too (explorers editions).

Can I pay the difference ($10 for each book if memory serves) plus shipping?

As a side note, I recall reading reviews saying books fell apart ... Maybe I should be happy with PDFs ..? Did y'all hear these concerns about book quality?

PEG Jodi
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Re: Buyer's remorse - sort of. Can I upgrade my order?

#2 Postby PEG Jodi » Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:31 am

Hi HawaiiSteveO,

I'm glad you're enjoying Deadlands! Sorry, we don't have a way to allow PDF owners to get a discount on purchasing the books. We do offer a free PDF with each book sale, as you noted. But we can't reverse the process.

Another option is to print out the PDFs at home or take them to a local printer. As long as you're only printing them for personal use (i.e., not trying to sell them on eBay or at a local game store), it won't ruffle my feathers.

On the book quality, well, you'll always hear complaints more than happy customers! Fact is we print thousands of copies and get only a few defects a year (lower than 20, last I checked). That happens with a big print run, as well as pages printed upside down or multiple copies of the same page. It's rare when issues get through the quality control measures, but it happens.

We'll always replace books with defects. Just email photos of the problem and reference the receipt from our website (or photograph your local game store receipt). I do want to point out that if we think your problem is due to normal wear and tear (as in, you play the game weekly and have had the book for 5 years) we cannot replace it. :)

Hope that helps!
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