Donations and the Fan License

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Donations and the Fan License

#1 Postby Zadmar » Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:22 am

On 23rd July 2008, MightyCthulhu asked if the fan license allowed him to add a donation button to his website. Shane replied "I'll agree to this in your specific case only this time until I see it in action and think about it a little more".

On 28th August 2013, ogbendog asked if the fan license allowed products to be offered as "Pay What You Want" (an option on DTRPG which is functionally identical to a donation button). Clint said no, that even voluntary donations violate the fan license.

On 5th April 2017, Sky Marshall stated that he had emailed Pinnacle about adding a donation button to his website, and that Jodi had said he could.

I've turned down several offers of donations in the past, based on Clint's statement that even voluntary payments violate rule 8 of the fan license. However his post was made a few years ago, and I know that the license changes over time, and that some of its conditions are unwritten.

So for the benefit of those of us who produce fan products: Is it permitted to accept donations under the fan license by embedding a "donate" button on our website or directly within the PDF, as long as the product is distributed for free?

If the answer is yes, then considering that the DTRPG "Pay What You Want" option is functionally identical to a donation button, and you've already stated that free products can be distributed on DTRPG, is it now permitted to offer fan products as PWYW on DTRPG?

If the answer to the second question is "no", can you please explain the difference between the two? Is it simply the wording? If DTRPG were to rename "PWYW" to "Donation", would it then become acceptable?
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Sky Marshall
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Re: Donations and the Fan License

#2 Postby Sky Marshall » Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:55 am

Because I am part of this topic I must explain my own view of the problem.

I decided to make fan settings of good quality (layout, character sheet, scenario...).
I also pay to get my blog free of ads.
I also create house rules based upon my articles about movies, video games...
My blog is in French and in English, with contents only in French, for examples short stories or even a novella.
I also make some digital art, more for fun than anything else for the moment.

I asked Pinnacle if I could put a donation button and I got the authorization.
All the content is free and will remain free. For now I got 0$ or €.
The donation is optional and voluntary, and is about the entire blog, even if I know that a setting like Dead Space is surely more interesting.
The donation is above all to support me about a free ads blog and a better content, not only about this setting or another one.
I do not intend to compete with the official settings. When I will want to make a professional setting, I will do it the right way.

If the rules change, I can, of course, remove the donate button.

EDIT: I removed the donate button, because even with the authorization of Pinnacle, I have the problem of the pictures.
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