Doomtown Reloaded Kickstarter?

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Doomtown Reloaded Kickstarter?

#1 Postby Blargg » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:58 am

First of all, thank you for giving DTR another chance. You guys are awesome for taking a stab at continuing the game in a new way and the community is grateful for the work you and Pine Box Entertainment are doing.

That being said, the community is starving for information of substance to actually give to people who have heard about the Tales from the Epitaph release. We have a handful of (awesome) spoilers to show them, but every time someone new or returning shows up and tries to get a handle on the direction of the game, the only thing the die-hard fans have to say is "It's coming soon."

We've been told "soon" for a few months, now. Many of us are desperate to throw money at you for new Doomtown but we still have no idea how that's going to work. Even giving us a date for the Kickstarter would be enough to help the current community get the word out and build hype. We've seen a ton of people show up on forums, chat, or social media only to disappear shortly thereafter because the real meat of the new release information hasn't materialized, yet. GenCon is in less than four months and if there's going to be a World Championship with a decent turnout, people will need time to make plans. Also, there's a lot of L5R crossover in the community and FFG is already starting to impact that conversation.

Please, give us something!

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