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#101 Postby Sadric » Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:29 am

The chase scene in the subway sounds cool.
What chase system do you used?

Do you plan the rounds ahead or is it more some quick coming up with details. Would like to hear some details about the rules of such scenes.

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#102 Postby Razzielle » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:19 pm


I use the 5 round chase rules from savage worlds......but more importantly I like to put obstacles, choices or challenges in each round. The subway terminal chase was a lot of fun. It was five rounds of pure tension as my players do not like fighting Ragers. It's always nice having a few extras around as you can use them as fodder. However, my write ups never do the game justice. So much more happens....my write ups just give a basic jist.

Anyways if you are going to run chases I suggest five rounds max and to apply some obstacles they need to get around each round.

As for planning....yes I plan ahead the obstacles for the chase scenes. But there have been a few times where I simply go with the flow.

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#103 Postby Razzielle » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:10 pm

Session 40 - chapter 4

We left our survivors in the stairwell of an office building with a large number of zombies left in the lobby. They are trying to get out of the city of St Louis.

In the office stairwell
The group can hear the zombies scratching and banging on the stairwell door they just came through. The group is deciding between going up or down into the basement levels. I was surprised they chose up. I did not have stuff planned for going up. I could have just blocked the stairwell but I did not and simply went with it. So up they went. They decided to walk it all the way up to the roof of the office building. That was quite the climb and I made them make rolls to avoid fatigue. The First Lady, Frank and Cappi all received a fatigue level from the tiring stair climb. All the extras did as well.

Well now they are on the roof of the skyscraper catching their breath and deciding what to do to get out of the city. They used their binoculars to scan the city around them for a way out. Sergei did notice that an alley way next to a building across the street has hardly any zombies and will be able to get into the sewers. The problem though is getting there.

Frank the archer comes up with the idea of creating a zip line. He uses his bow and a line and launches his arrow across the road to the skyscraper. They set up a zip line. They all use their belts and zoom along the line. Well the First Lady though had a problem she was afraid of heights. They worked it out and Cappi went on the zip with her while she closed her eyes. Private Vasquez though lost his grip on her belt and fell to her death on street below with Shamblers feasting on her soldier corpse. On two soldier extras left now.

On the roof of the smaller building they looked for a way down to the ally. They decided to zip line it again. The First Lady argued against it this time but to no avail. Frank setup a zip line again to the ally floor. Down they all went with Cappi helping out the First Lady. Once on the ground they moved to the man hole cover, removed it and climbed down the ladder to the dark sewers. The zip line idea proved to be a real useful idea. The player of Frank said he got the idea from playing the new tomb raider game.

In the sewers again
They turned all their lights on again in the sewer and had a look at the map. They plotted out the course they will take and began moving down the sewer corridor. They met with a few Shamblers in the dark and took them out quickly before they could moan. They arrive at a large old sewer room where a number of tunnels and water converge. As they enter the room the see a group of sprinters. Cards are drawn. The group is able to defeat the sprinters. It was quite a battle that took place mainly in water. But they easily defeated the sprinters. It does not take much for heroic pc's to take out sprinters. However, 8 Ragers showed up at the end of the sprinter battle. The Ragers dove into the combat. This battle was much tougher on the players. They defeated the Ragers but lost a number of bennies in soak rolls. They continue on their path. Private Cooper was torn in half by two Ragers. They were down to a single soldier extra. They almost lost Alexandro's sister in the battle as well.

collapsed road
Turning a corner in the sewer they come to a junction. However....the ceiling of the sewer has collapsed and the buildings of St. Louis and the sky can be seen above. A peter-built transport truck has crashed through the hole and it is rests on an angle with the trailer section still partially on the surface. The transport and debris block the passage. The group does not want to go up onto the surface so they need to get around the truck and after checking they can't so they'll need to go through it.

Well they decide to go through and to do that they need to army crawl on elbows to go underneath the truck. Of course the group thought they were going to be attacked by zombies. I had them hear unusual sounds, distance zombie moaning, cracking sounds etc....as they maneuvered through the tight space. They were so sure they were going to get attacked. I never did though and the scene was very intense. Once through they continued down the tunnel.

A subway crash
They move to another section in the sewers and opens into a chamber which has the forward section of a rusted subway train in it. Apparently a subway crashed through the wall. The train is literally crushed on the forward section from the impact. A few zombies are still inside the train and some reach through the windows and moan at the players. The stench is horrible like all zombies I guess. The players decide the best way through is to climb over the train. They begin their climb rolls and need to make some agility rolls as they climb up the side and stay out of reach of zombies grabbing for them. The Duke though decides to kill the closest zombies in the train with melee weapons. This stops the grabbing issue. As they climb up the First Lady slips.....man she really needs to increase her climb ability.....this slips causes a week section of the sewer ceiling rubble she grabbed to collapse and crash through the top of the subway car making it more difficult to climb over. The rest of the group makes it over. The noise though alerted the the newborns down the tunnel.

Well as they turn to head down a new sewer tunnel, a pack of alerted newborns strike from ambush at the players. This was a battle in dim light. The newborns attack and the group is surprised. Cappi the gypsy has a newborn latch onto his back and it tries to bite through Cappi's tough armour and the newborn fails. Frank the archer has a newborn spring from the wall right onto his face. Now Frank just happened to be wearing a full face riot shield....lucky him. The Duke has a newborn strike at his legs but the newborn cannot breach his toughness either, the first lady has a newborn attack her left arm and fails to penetrate and finally a newborn lunges onto Sergei's shoulder and also fails to penetrate.

This is what happens when characters get to higher levels, they become tougher and it is more difficult for the enemy to hurt them. Either way the battle went for quite awhile. The newborns liked to attack and then take off into the darkness of the tunnel, follow the players and then strike again. I had the newborns do this all the way to where the pcs were to leave the sewers. Only one newborn was killed...surprisingly...but all the players and the three extras survived. Players used some excellent tactics to defend against newborns doing guerrilla fighting in the sewers.

Off to Jester
The players have now left the St. Louis sewers with the HASMAT suits they found and begin their journey to the town of Jester which is inside the radioactive zone. What I liked about this is the chance to throw normal zombies after the players group but with a radioactive taint to them. Hmm....radioactivity Shamblers.

The group arrives on the outskirts of Jester. They can see in the distance beyond the town smoke still billowing into the sky from the nuclear facility tower structure. Duke with a check determines it is from the failed nuclear facility. They scan the town from their location and notice everything seems normal. An abandoned town with a bunch of Shamblers wandering about. The Duke checks the Geiger counter on his HASMAT suit and notes the high rads in the area. Cappi locates the UniMed facility and the group travels via truck to the facility.

Ragers on the Move
While in the parking lot Cappi notices through binoculars a group of Ragers on the far side of town. The group of Ragers appear trying to get into a fire station. This seems to be attracting some Shamblers as well. After a small bit of rp'ing they decide there might be survivors there needing help. They also decide to keep their HAZMAT suits off for now as they restrict mobility and other things immensely.

Battle at the Jester Fire Station
They move their two vehicles towards the fire station. They use their usual tactic and flattened as many Shamblers as they can with their vehicles resulting in both vehicles taking minor damage. The Ragers appear to be ignoring the vehicles they smash through he barricaded door and get into the station.

Ragers in the Fire station
The group gets out of their vehicles. They head into the fire station. They hear gunfire, smashing glass, people yelling and Ragers screaming. Cards are drawn. Cappi tumbles in and sees a Rager climbing up a fire truck trying to get at an armed individual swinging a fire axe at it. Cappi takes a shot but misses badly. Then Sergei sees the same on entry and unloads into the same Rager. The bullets easily puncture it's skull it falls off the side of the fire truck in a heap of dead flesh. The group eventually defeat the Ragers inside the fire station as there were only four. However...Alexandro took a big hit when a Rager lifted him and tossed him off the top of a ladder truck. The Duke healed him up though. They ended up saving a group of 7 survivors. The leader of the survivors thanked the group. The survivor group does not look so good. In fact the Duke tells these survivors that they have been exposed to radiation poisoning here. They learn these survivors have been held up here for a while. The Duke mentions that the reason they've taken a lot of rads. The group mentioned they could head up to the prison community for a place of safety and some medicine to help.

Just when the group was at their most vulnerable this sick survivor group pulls their weapons on the group. Told the group to put their hands on their heads as they will take that nice RV out front as their own. They also mentioned since they were kind enough to help them out of a jam they'll let the group live and keep one of their vehicles. The Duke mentions the rads must be effecting their cognitive ability. Well what player group in their right mind would let something like this go and have their stuff taken.

Battle with the Rad minded Survivors.
Cards were drawn but the the bad ass survivors get in a free shot to start. The bad ass survivors were ready for this and let loose a hailstorm of bullets. This kills the soldier extra instantly as a female survivor blew his head to pulp with a 44 magnum. Cappi took 3 bullets but none breached his armor. Frank took two bullets none of which breached. Alexandro took two rounds one breached and he falls unconscious to the ground bleeding from the shoulder. His sister takes a bullet to her abdomen and falls unconscious as well. The First Lady took a rifle round to the arm...fails her soak resulting in breaking her left forearm she falls grimacing in pain and shock. They completely miss the Duke and miles takes four bullets none of which breach. The group then thankfully goes next as the sick survivors drew a 2. The group without mercy tear into the sick survivors with a vengeance. The sick survivors were all on the ground dead or dying at the end of the first round. The Duke then tends to the wounded successfully dealing with all the injuries. They get back to their vehicles leaving the sick survivors where they died and remember now to put on their HAZMAT suits since the rads are up. They head back to the UniMed facility.

UniMed Facility Parking lot
When the arrive in the parking lot they use the truck to run down as many Shamblers as they can. With only a few left in the lot....they park...and get out in full HAZMAT gear. They kill the few Shamblers left and make their way to the facility. They check out the buildings doors and find them to all be locked. Cappi uses his lock picking skill and easily opens the side entrance door. They all move into the facility. The group,asks bandaged and moraine pilled Alexandro and his sister to stay back with the vehicles as they were hurt bad and are mending. A number of Shamblers in the distance were attracted by the commotion and move to intercept. Alexandro takes care of them when they get close by crushing them with the RV tires.

UniMed facility
They check through the upstairs very quickly discovering only admin offices and cubicles, washroom, reception and a few other general areas. They also deal with a few stray Shamblers. Six Shamblers in suits thump to the floor with big calibre holes in their heads.

Medical room
They find a locked medical room on the first level. Cappi picks the lock with ease and the open it up. If they were not wearing HASMAT suits the smell would have been horrendous. In ghetto room they find 3 individuals all wearing suits. They all have bullet holes in their heads and one carries a handgun. Miles called them cowards.....it's best they are dead. They find a locked medical cabinet. Once again Cappi picks it with ease. Upon opening they discover a nice cash of antibiotics and other medical supplies.

Looking for Access
They discover the elevator that leads to the lower levels. Also they learn that the facility is in lockdown. On forcing open the doors they discover the elevator is not there...just a dark shaft leading down...with a ladder on the far wall.

Down the shaft
They set up a rope as a safety line and begin descending into the shaft using the ladder Now doing all this stuff in a HAZMAT suit is not easy. Either way they all make the trek down and arrive on top of the elevator. The Duke uses his Porta cutting torch to cut into the elevator. They all move into the elevator and force open the doors to get onto the UniMed level. As the group moves through the research lab it appears to have been abandoned. No bodies are found and the lab has not been disturbed. They are not able access any computers as they all seem to be fried by the solar flare. ( this place was not hardened). However they do come across a wall safe on a second search of the lab. However Cappi cannot pick the safe as no power is available to the electronic lock. The group decides to use a controlled demo device. The Duke makes the roll and successfully blows the safe open. Inside the safe are some hard drive USB sticks and research papers that discuss genetic research. The Duke mentions the hard drives are still good as the safe had protective EMP measures in place. They leave the facility, back to the surface and back to their vehicles. Yet when they arrive they see a number of troops around their vehicle in full HASMAT gear waiting the the groups return....

That is where we left it.
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#104 Postby Razzielle » Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:00 pm

Session 41 - chapter 4

The group returns to their vehicles only to find a number of HASMAT geared troops waiting for them. This group of 12 soldiers are dressed in US army HASMAT gear battle dress. They have disarmed the extras that were protecting their vehicles and Alexandro appears to have been shot in the leg. The group surprisingly decides to parley. They usually screw with parlaying and go right into combat. An army captain tells the group they are to hand over the UniMed intel they got in that facility safe as it is property of the US government. Of course the group is just not going to hand anything over and if I shoot one of their extras to make a point then the group will go immediate combat mode. The First Lady attempts to order this captain to stand down...but the captain refuses the order and tells the First Lady her authority ended when the president died.

So I decide to go social combat on the group. The army captain uses intimidate on the First Lady to hand over the UniMed intel. I spend a card and voila I make a huge roll. The First Lady horribly resists and I tell the character that she is completely cowed buy the aggressive captain and wants to hand over he Intel. The good thing about the female player in the group she really gets into role play mode and did this very well. Their ended up being a huge argument in the group...while the army captained smiled at his success. The end result the First Lady handed him the intel once the black hawk Helicopter showed up. The army troops then left on the Helicopter with the intel the group worked so hard to get.

The big problem now for the characters....who is this new power that just came on to the scene as the captain never mentioned much of anything. Well,this happens to be the beginning of player group getting involved in the shadow war of the module and will soon meet the general behind this.

What is the group to do now
They decide to return to the prison...which will take a few days of cautious travel.

Toilet Paper Galore
On their travel home...the Duke stops the truck as up ahead on the road is a large transport truck off to the side of the road with a huge number of zombies around it. Cappi looks closer with his spy glasses and can see a few newborns and sprinters mixed in with the Shamblers. They all appear to be trying to get at a lone figure on the roof swinging a huge wrench. Based on the characters experience it won't be long before the newborns and sprinters get onto the truck roof.

The group decides to help this guy out as it is the heroic thing to do. They do their standard tactic and kill as many zombies as they can first with the vehicles. They are even able to take out both newborns that tried to get through wired windows. Both newborns lost their heads to point blank shotgun blasts...messy. With just a few zombies left the group gets out and deals with the rest easily....I remember back on the cruise ship when just two Shamblers scared the crap out of them not now though. Anyways they save the trucker. They find out he's been surviving on the road with this particular truck for sometime now. He's been looking for someplace safe. The group find him to be an okay guy and suggest their community. He questions them at length about it and he agrees. He also says his transport is carrying a full load of toilet paper. The group had to smile at that and lots of jokes. They fix up his truck and they have Alexandro, his sister and the surviving soldier private Smokey to escort him back to the prison. The prison was very happy to get the toilet paper......and yes it definitely increased the moral of the prison.....a lot of happy people.

Morrison on the radio
Morrison lets the group know he received a distress call for help on the radio. A Us Marshal named Jonas and 2 women and two kids are hold up in a sheriff station in the town of Lewiston. Zombies are blocking their escape and food is in very short supply. The group checks it out.

Lewiston Rescue.
The group travels to Lewiston flattening a small horde along the way with the truck plough. They stop at the outskirts and check the town. They see the sheriff station and a large number of Shamblers and a few sprinters trying to get in. Well the group moves in and uses their usual tactics. Crushing as many Shamblers as they can in the area with their vehicle and shooting the sprinters from the window grids. They do this and take care of the last few and enter the sheriff station. Inside they meet Jonas, two thin women and two thin kids. They discuss they are from the prison community they called and after talking with them realize they are good people or a lieast come across a good. They offer to take them to the community where there is safety, food, medicine etc... They agree and head off to the prison.

At the prison
They help get Jonas and the others settled. They also talk with Morrison for a bit letting him know again that some more troops will be arriving soon. They mingle with a number of the residents. After mingling with the residents it is learned that some diesel fuel storage tanks are needed for fuel storage and a way to keep the fuel fresh. Talking with the locals in the prison it is learned that the group might have some luck at a few service stations in the area or at a couple of the county equipment yards in the area. They marks these off on a map for the group. The doctor at the prison always needs medical supplies so they will been on the lookout for those and food is always needed as well.

Steve and his dad Kyle
Kyle the home depot manager they rescued a while back has been doing well. He is well liked in the prison. His son Steve is 16 and thinks he's an adult. Kyle and Steve had a huge arguement. Steve wants to join up with Morrison and he wants to learn how to be a soldier. Kyle thinks he is too young. They got in some doozy yelling matches. Kyle asks the group about his problem. The group helps out and convinces Kyle to let the kid join for proper training and discipline will help his son and besides he needs to learn how to defend himself in this new world. A good RP session.

Hailey the depressed teen
Hailey whom they rescued a while back has been getting better. The doctor they rescued from the golf resort up near Kansas has her on ant-psychotics. As long as she takes the meds she should be okay. Hailey has been working with Bud in the kitchen. She asks the group when they are out if they ever were able to find an ice cream maker she would be pleased.

Alexandros armoured RV
Alexandro shows the group his newly updated RV....sporting a new Plow and 50 cal turret on the roof he got from a destroyed Humvee. the Duke is impressed with the work.

Captain Whiticker arrives
The captain they met earlier arrives at the prison with a few humvees and transport vehicles. The group greets the captain and the two platoons. Morrison then takes over and gets them up to speed quickly. Excellent the prison has gained more defenders.

Where to find what is needed
The group decides to check out a local county equipment yard close to the town of Erin about 5 miles out. They bring with them Betsey the dukes truck and a flatbed transport for lugging the deisel tanks. They also bring with them captain Whitaker who just arrived and 8 troops as added protection.

The road to the equipment yard
They meet a few Shamblers along the way. They are no match for the vehicles. They also need to detour around a collapsed building that crashed across the roadway as they can't take the transport flat bed off the road
It may get stuck. They make it to the yard.

At the Yard
They scan the area and see the usual Shamblers wandering about but don't notice any of the other zombie types. They also see 4 large fuel tanks with manual lever pumps. Also in the yard is a skid steer, a snow plough truck, a grader and 5 county dodge ram dual wheeled pickups. The group feels they are likely all fried. They also see a flat trailer. The Duke mentions they could use that and attach it to his truck to lug additional items. The county yard is also surrounded by a standard chain link fence but the access gate is open and a number Shamblers are inside. The group decides they will drive in secure the gate then remove the threats inside quietly.

Into the Yard
Once in the gate Sergei and miles jump out and secure it shut. The rest of the group and the extras begin taking out the Shamblers in the open yard area a few Shambler come out of the large garage area and the group takes care of them as well. The group tells the captain to stay back and guard the vehicles while they go into the garage area to secure it. The only major resistance the group takes is from the two Sprinters in the administration area. They take care of them and secure the rest of the small office area.

Aquiring the needed equipment
The group and extras begin by first removing the four diesel tanks and getting them onto the flatbed transport. The Duke also notes the skid steer is in good shape and they get it to the yard trailer and hook up the trailer to his truck. While this is happening many Shamblers wander in ip to the yard chain link fencing. When ready to leave the Duke simply forces his truck through the front gate and crushes the Shamblers their under his tires. They take the same route back to the prison.

Back at the prison
They help,with unloading the deisel storage tanks and then head in when they get word that groom lake is on the line.

Area 51
They get in touch with groom lake on the sat com....they find the sat comm difficult to connect. The Duke says the flare must have done a number the satellite. The liaison officer from Area 51 asks if they have another way. The group gets on the ham radio they used before and get in touch with Area 51 again. They tell them what happened at jester and the UniMed facility and how they were ambushed by army troops. The SoD was not happy about this but understood...he thought it likely that other power bases will spring up and try to grab power in this Armageddon vacuum. He tells the group of another defence managed facility close to where they are and could use the info they acquire from there. The SoD says its a bio weapons research facility run under UniMed. The group agrees to do this. The SoD says you can find this facility in the town of Baffin.....located 30 miles east of St. Louis. The group figures about a three day cautious drive to get there. The SoD suggests not to let what they find to fall into others hands this time as the info there is vital to the cure effort.

The Secretary of State asks if they have a few more citizens that would like to head out to groom lake. The group says no...everyone is happy here for now.The SoD says another supply and transport flight will not be sent out for a while as they are elsewhere. The First Lady talks with the SoD for a while...just basic role play. However talking with the SoD gives her that strange something is not right feeling...especially when he tries once again to convince her to come to groom lake but she refuses for now.

Keeping an Eye on Tibbers the Area 51 Liaison officer
The group decides to keep a close eye on Tibbers...they inform Morrison of their suspicions as well. A private arrives to tell the group that a large number of survivors have arrived at the prisons front gate.

Large survivor group knocking
This perked the groups curiosity and went to see them. Sure enough at the gate is a convoy of 30 cars, pickup trucks, motor homes and other vehicles. The vehicles look to have been through quite an ordeal. With a notice roll it looks to be about 100 survivors of mixed young and old. Miles the Drunk cracks a few jokes.

Out of the lead armoured motor home a group of 7 individuals approach the gate and you can sense the confidence in these individuals. A large good looking man asks who's in charge here. Morrison looks to the group and says I'll let you handle this. The First Lady with the rest of the player group walks up to the gate.....the group can tell the seven individuals are all wild cards. They learn the leader of the group is named Max. They have travelled all the way up from Texas and have gathered a large number of survivors along the way and are seeking shelter for them but the relocation zones were death traps. They heard about this prison on the radio and decided to come here to check it out and to make sure it's not run by bandit scum. Well they continue talking for a while the survivors are impressed to see the First Lady....in fact a few women from the survivor group come up to the gate to meet her. This goes on for a bit longer and Max agrees to have the group take a little tour of the convoy before they let the survivors in for initial testing.

Touring the convoy
The players discuss amongst them selves how nice it is to know that other wildcards out there are also acting as heroes and helping out and that it is just not them. That was the exact thing I was hoping to get across to the group...that they are not alone. Anyways they tour the convoy meet a large number of people....this turned out to be a large role play session. You see my player group likes to talk and meet people so I Have had a huge amount of practice at rp'ing numerous scenes like this and I know ahead of time that I'll need to flesh out some interesting NPC's.....which I did with this group. They met a former Chicago Bears football player with his pet cat, a snobby librarian from Houston, a blind musician with his guide dog, a crop duster pilot out of New Mexico etc....

Anyways they let the convoy into the court yard. The prison then went to work at giving them medical and assigning them to quarters. The wildcard leaders were then interviewed by commander Morrison. The group also realized they had a capable wildcard group they could send on other missions that they simply do not have the time to do. In fact the player group thought this through and felt it would be a good idea to send this capable crew of veteran wild cards out on missions for the prisons needs...like medical supply runs, fuel, cleaning out new sections etc.....so the group spends the rest of the evening planning on what this new group can do for the prison. The players did have a lot of good ideas.

The prison farm
The group finds farmers among this large new group and talk with them. They are more than happy to get a farm up Nd running for the prison. They also give the players a list of things they need for the farm. Well it looks like the group will have its farm now.

The butcher
The new group also has a butcher. They get him to set up shop and when ready to slaughter a beef cow for fresh meat for the prison. Harvey the butcher says he'll need a few days to set up and area and may need some actual butcher tools.

National guardsmen
Also among the new group are a few people with national guard training and the group encourage them to join with commander Morrison. They do.

Texan Ranchers
They also talk with ranchers. They are only extras but they are skilled horsemen and trackers. The players think they might make for good scouts for the prison and may also be able to find and herd some more animals back to the prison. They discuss some options with the ranchers. They like the idea of scouting with horses.

A number of individuals have pertinent skills like carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc.. This defiantly helps the community.

A growing kid population
The convoy brought with them 20 kids of various ages. The group is thinking now about doing something for the kids. Maybe a classroom...since there are some teachers in the new group. They talk with teachers and all think it would be a good idea to use one of the rooms here as a classroom. Heck the players even argued for a while about what should be taught. It was agreed basic academics but also a focus on survival skills.

Zombie breakout
Well right before we ended it for the night I had one of the welded gates fail and 24 Shamblers broke into the populated area of the prison courtyard where currently a number of citizens were working and it is also where the 7 new wild card survivors were located. I then handed out all 7 veteran wild card NPC's and told the players to look over these 7 characters and chose which you would like to be to start next session. I wanted to this to get my players attached emotionally somewhat with these guys. So they can spend the first of next session fighting a group of zombies using these NPC's.

Wildcard veteran NPC's
Max Tool- x Texas ranger
Shelly sharp - US Olympic hockey team female athlete
Trent buckle - civil engineer....and loves kit kat bars
Wilma Bester - Dallas firefighter....always wears shades
The kid - 12 year old boy...lived on the streets of Brazil visiting in laws in Texas when outbreak hit.
Jeff 'bullseye' Gallagher - cowboy...owned a ranch and competed on the rodeo circuit
Boris Sturn - use to lead a biker gang called the brotherhood.

That is where we ended it.
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#105 Postby Razzielle » Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:05 pm

Session 42 - chapter 4

Note: well at this point I was able to guide the players back on the rails of the adventure in chapter 4....well if you call it the rails as they have taken so many turns. Also this was a heavy RP session. Furthermore...as you all know we finished the campaign....I'm just trying to finish the write ups so I can actually put complete in the title.

The other wildcards extras
We ran a session with these wild cards....I called it errands for the prison. I'm not going to make a write up on the session. Afterwards they became trusted strong defenders of the prison.....I will say the first thing they had the wild cards extras focus on was clearing out the other two sections of the prison. Something the pcs never had time to do. Either way I recall the session was fun.

Need for a new generator
The engineering team at the prison is requiring a new generator for additional power at the prison. Windmills and solar are possible but may take too long to find and setup. Morrsion though had an idea a missile silo not far from here would have working generators that the prison could use. It would take a bit to get one or more out of the complex but doable As they have the skill set and manpower at the prison to do it. The character group agrees and plan for it.

Off to the missile silo
With this mission they used a lot of non-combat skills which was nice for a change.

The group takes a number of vehicles extras with them including two fixed up flatbed transports for hauling the generators as well as a mobile heavy crane they liberated from a local construction yard. They also bring along captain whitiker and a bunch of troops for additional protection. It was the largest contingent of extras they brought on a mission. (If I recall correctly it was around 30). Along the way they dealt with a few zombies but nothing they could not handle.

At the silo
The silo sits in the middle of a 1000acre flat field. They drive up there are no zombies in the area. You could see zombies coming in for a mile way with the excellent site lines. The group heads into the building while the captain sets up a defensive perimeter. Power is still going to the facility. Cappi after a number of tries is finally able to unlock the access door. The group heads in with no extras right now. They figure they are not here to launch a nuke but to simple take some generators and feel the security on that should not be too big of an issue.

In the facility
The lights are still on in the facility. and yes Shamblers are everywhere as the entire silo crew has turned. The groups fights their way to the control room. There they find the map and some access cards to the lower level. Sergei would love to send a nuke to Moscow. The others laugh at his joke only to realize he was serious. The others convince him not a good idea and besides they don't have the launch codes. Well Sergei said they could drive back to where airforce one went down and recover the football. Still not going to happen. In the control room the Duke is able to open the service elevator doors on the surface and is able to control with Cappi's help the service elevator. They wonder if any nuke subs are still in operation.

In the lower level
On their way down to the generator room they come across more Shamblers and take care of them quickly. One though surprised Miles and bit through his armoured arm. He successfully soaked the wound. They were getting a little over confident as it only takes one bite.

Arms locker
They come across an arms locker. Cappi picks it and they recover 15 m16 assault weapons a couple of cases of ammo and a few cases of grenades. They continue on down dealing with more zombies.

The generators
After a sweaty battle with zombies in the generator rooms they have cleared and the workers are brought down via service elevator to help unbolt and decouple the two large generators. The captain up top needed to deal with just a few Shamblers encroaching on the perimeter but nothing serious. Soldiers got in some long range sniping practise was whitakers comment.

Getting them Up
The group successfully recovers two large generators and eventually gets them on the trucks. I'm not going into detail on how they did it. They got some extra parts and scavenged other useful items from the facility. Like excellent tools from the facility workshop. They even took 4 skid steers from the facility and loaded them up. Computer laptops etc. they highly scavenged the facility since everything was in working condition and not fried by the solar flare.

Returning to the prison
With packed vehicles on their successful mission they return to the prison. The next day they will look at installing the generators. They then hear the tell tale sound of a Blackhawk helicopter. This puts the prison community defences on alert. The helicopter lands outside of the prison.

While at the prison a Blackhawk chopper arrives. Many guns from the prison walls are trained on the chopper as it lands on the outside of the prison. The player group rushes to this new development. Army soldiers get off the chopper. One soldier unarmed himself and walks towards the prison gate and asks to talk with the First Lady. Well the player of the First Lady decides to talk with the soldier. The soldier introduces himself as warrant officer Burrnet and has been sent here on a request by the general. After a long RP session the players agree to go with warrant officer Brunet back to meet this general.
Before they leave the players get Morrison to get the other wild card group to get stuff the prison needs. Also Alexandro asks to join the group on the mission. The group refuses Alexandro....remember what I mentioned a few sessions back about Alexandro. The group does accept the Reverand Waller to come along...I was surprised at that. No travel to the UniMed facility in the town of Baffin for now. ( in fact they never do go to Baffin)

Arrival at mountain complex
The chopper lands and the pc's are led through massive steel blast doors. They learn that the mountain complex is 8 levels deep. They go down only one level and brought to a room. The players note that heavily armed soldiers are everywhere. They are left at a spartan room and told the general will be arriving shortly.

General Dragzinsky
The general arrives and the players note the 4 stars on his collar. The general asks the group who is in charge....so the First Lady player character speaks up. The general smiles and a large RP session ensues. This is a synopsis of what the players learned and talked about.
- that the SoD at groom lake is not to be trusted.
- the SofD leads UniMed which is not to be trusted.
- that the general has been intercepting data packets sent by UniMed to Groom lake.
- the general respects the players abilities.
- the general has kept and eye on the pcs via satellite since sanctuary.
- the players should not have given UniMed the immunity child.
- UniMed wants to use the living dead as a bio weapon and take world control.
- the general is unsure how many of these complexes are still in operation.
- the solar flare fried much of the tech in the world.
- a lot of military equipment was protected from the flare.
- the general also knows Waller from way back.

The general then says for the players to rest and get some food.....and the players learn it was not a request. The general says they will talk more later while they digest the info he just gave them. After the general left I RP'd Reverend Waller for while as the pcs questioned him on how he knew the general. But mid RP session the attack occurs.

Attack on the mountain complex
Groom lake commandos attack the mountain complex and reports of living dead are in the mountain complex as well. Characters see people dropping whatever they were doing and grabbing weapons. Warrant officer Burnnet stays with the players. This was a number of random battles presented in the module.

Four commandos attempt to taser the players group. This was the first time the group was exposed to this weapon type. The Duke got a rude electrical awakening and was taken down by a taser. The others wasted the commandos in short order. The Duke got up more embarrassed then hurt....he was also the brunt of jokes for a bit.

Commandos and cover
The next engagement was with commandos that have taken up cover behind some concrete barriers. One of the commandos got in a lucky head shot on Miles the Drunk. Luckily he was wearing a helmet and the percentage rolled in Miles favour and the helmet took the damage. The players took out the commandos with a well placed grenade.

Commandos from above
This time they had to deal with a group of commandos in a good firing position from a second level area. The commandos were wiped out in just a single round mainly do to Frank the archers modified explosive arrows built by the Duke. The warrant officer who was with the player group was highly impresses with their skills.

Chow time
The group turns a corner and witnesses a horrible scene. Three living dead chowing down on a little 4 year old child. The group had to make guts checks and all passed except for the warrant officer....who began puking his lunch. Well this kind of scene upsets the actual players as we all have kids. The group tore into these living dead and shot them to pieces. The group even took the time to find a blanket and wrap the the child's body in it.

Last resort
This time the characters come upon a wounded commando..he sees the characters come closer and the characters then notice the commando pulls a grenade and the pin. The characters make agility checks all were successful and get out of the blast zone.

Zombie rush
As the characters travel down the corridor a number of sprinters rush the corner and head for the characters. The sprinters were able to get into melee. The characters took care of them in a few rounds of combat.

Power Recovery
The power comes back on and the emergency lighting goes off. The fight is over. The pcs start asking questions as to why there were living dead here and who are these commandos. Warrant officer Burrnet says he is not authorized to discuss this and they will have to ask the general.

Back to the general
The group once agains talks with the general at length. The player of Sergei finally gets to make use of his excellent streetwise skill to get info out of the general. This is what the players learn in their second meeting...heavy on RP here.

- the living dead have been around for many years before the outbreak.
- extreme measures were used back in the 60's to keep president Kennedy from releasing the info.
- the president never knew.
- living dead were part of the Cold War
- he first experienced the living dead on a mission in Vietnam.
- the general became part of Division M
- Division M is an ultra secret organization devoted to searching out all living dead rumours and quieting all problems.
- to his knowledge no one has perfected a cure or how the living dead are created
- UniMed was created as a group that split from Divsion M.
- UniMed wants to use the living dead as a bio weapon for more power and control.
- UniMed has implanted control chips into living dead as a means to control them remotely.
- UniMed has even tried to control chip a brain undead.
- we have tracked this brain undead leading an army of a million undead out west.
- we have a defector from Groom Lake and it is he that the general has learned much of this information.
- the secretary of defence controls UniMed and wants power....the guys insane.
- they know that the First Lady is immune and the SoD wants to study her as well as the child they already have.
- it's a good thing you did not agree to go to Area 51.

This gave the players a lot to think about.

The secret
The general then told the characters to come with him to see why groom lake assaulted this mountain complex. The player group heads down deep into the complex and arrive to meet the defecting scientist from groom lake. The general tells the doctor to show them. The players then see an undead names Evelyn and to their surprise the undead speaks.

That is where we left it.

I actually ran an interlude for the players between sessions via email. It has been quite sometime since I did one but I had some extra time. The interlude focused on the wild card extras. The players took the role of the same wild card extras they had in combat and via email they took part in clearing out more of the prison. Since we did not play an interlude in a while all the players participated. Usually I just have the interlude as RP only. But this was an exception I simply described the combat based on what the players wanted their extras to do. It was fun. In the end all the players chose an extra card for next session.
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Session 43 - chapter 4

Well I'm back trying to finish the adventure write ups since we completed the campaign a while ago.

The players were actually shocked to have a zombie speak to them for the first time. They RP'd amongst themselves for a bit wondering what the hell the scientist did to get these walking corpses to talk. Gypsy wondered about the logic of this. Sergei figured the military wanted a bio weapon. And did not like the idea of facing Shamblers with intelligence. The First Lady mentioned that death was better then this and truly felt for Evelyn's condition. She started arguing the ethics of this with the scientist while the general sat back and smiled. The others got in on this and it was quite interesting....reminded me of debating days at university.

Then Evelyn mutters unintelligibly...please help me....Frank the archer asks the zombie to repeat that and they all clearly understand what the zombie has asked. Of course our resident goody two shoes playing the First Lady wants to do just that.

Reverend Waller
The reverend is also with the group and I tell the players he seems extremely upset by this event. It is at this point through the general that the players learn that the reverend was not always a man of God....but use to be a doctor. The reverend mentions that his history is irrelevant. Surprisingly Sergei the Russian agrees with this as the reverend has more than proved himself to the group. The Duke beats the reverend to the punch and asks what the heck is going on.

General Drazinsky
The general explains this is a result through division-M and neural implants. A RP session goes for a bit here and I give control of the reverend over to a pc to play. The general looks at the reverend and informs the reverend he'll have a chance to get up close to do an assessment of Evelyn. The general then gets his men to secure Evelyn so she will not attack them. They then hear a screech from the pit and realize when they look that she is actually a sprinter. The general then explains the boost in intelligence also boosted her agility. More and more the pc's are not liking this even more so when Evelyn takes out the soldiers.

Battle in the Pit
The pc's watch below in the pit as three soldiers attempt to subdue her. Evelyn gets the upper hand on the soldiers. The general asks the pc's help in securing her. Frank the Archer and Sergei the Russian feel they should simply feed it a bullet. This starts a brief argument and the general insists she not be harmed. He explains she use to a CIA operative and whatever the doctor did to her boosted her intellect as well. Eventually the players agree to subdue it for now. My players made sure they referred to the zombie as an it while my NPC's referred to the zombie as a her.

The player's enter the pit and cards were drawn. What I did was really upped the zombie's fighting ability. I wanted to give the players a bit of a scare here. I wanted them to realize it would not be a good thing to have simple Shamblers upgraded to this. Anyways I gave Evelyn excellent hand to hand combat abilities and with her increased sprinter speed made her quite dangerous. Well Evelyn got to go first. She leaped into the air and gave Sergei the Russian a flying kick to the jaw....I guess my aced rolled really helped. This knocked Sergei onto his keister. This jolted the players. They all missed when they attempted to grapple and strike it. Evelyn was also able to judo throw The Duke into the pit wall. This got a chuckle from the other players. Cappi the gypsy came up with an entanglement plan and they started to use multiple ropes. It took a bit but they succeeded in entangling Evelyn and got her subdued. Once they got her chained and cuffed to the chair the general and doctor entered.

Interrogating Evelyn
They did ask her a lot of questions. Some of the questions they asked surprised me with. But I did not need the reverend to ask any questions that was important for the group to know. The group wanted to know and learned that

-there is just darkness when they die and intense pain when becoming the undead.
-impulse to eat flesh is constant.
- the eating of flesh sates the pain briefly
- she can hear the others
- pain feels like skin on fire
- does not recall any memories from when alive

Talking with the general

Players leave the pit and talk with the general. The general mentions the CRZ he was trying to protect fell to an assault by UniMed from Area51. UniMed captured a number of the survivors there and returned to area51 and did horrible experiments on them. ( the players were then worried about their extra friends that traveled by c130 from the first CRZ they went to...likely all dead now) The general believes UniMed is likely the cause of the really big strong zombies that recently have been plaguing the area. The general mentions UniMed and the secretary of defence needs to be stopped. All they want is power and control and they do not care who gets in their way to get it. The general then shows a monitor and directs the players to view it. It shows three UniMed commandos that invaded the facility earlier and they are dropped into an area holding a large number of zombies. The players watch as the soldiers are torn apart. The general then says this is what happens to my enemies. The general then gets called away....apparently a large horde of zombies is moving towards the large complex ground entry doors. He tells the group those doors can't be breached by them but he is going to check it out. He tells the group they should think about eating.

The Mess Hall
The group heads up to the rest for a bite to eat and to decide what to do. The Duke feels they should simply leave this place as he prefers to do his own thing. The gypsy feels helping the general might be a good idea but also thinks the general must have a hidden agenda. Sergei says the general is simply playing it smart he wants to make use of their experience in the field and the fact that the First Lady here is immune. The First Lady simply wants to kill the sneaky secretary of defence bastards and mentions here husband Obama never liked him but had to bring him in to his inner circle as apolitical favour owed. Frank the archer would like to play this out and see where it takes them. Either way they agree as a group to see where this little general will take them. Reverend Waller who has been awfully quiet excuses himself and leaves down a corridor. The group never really took notice or asked where he was going.

Talking about Area 51
They RP'd more about Area 51 and are pretty pissed that they were duped. They potentially sent a number of extras to Area 51 not knowing that they were likely to be experimented upon in some way. They did talk about flying out there and taking care of Area 51. But they did not do that until we started the new campaign world of the dead. Then Sergei thought it was a good thing that the surviving UniMed soldiers that came from Area 51 in the assault on Helltown returned with the first prison people aboard. The group was trying to figure out why Area 51 was helping them especially after what was just learned....or is the general trying to dupe them. The group never felt anything suspicious from the general in their talking. He seemed to truely believe that the Secretary of State at Area 51 is the enemy. The players were pretty sure of this too.

Washroom scene
The First Lady player decided her character needed to take a leak and went off to the ladies washroom. Well while she was in their she gets hit on by a base civilian. Some guy keeping an eye on her wandered into the women's washroom when no one was looking. I played him as an arrogant fanboy of the First Lady and tried force himself on her. Well let's just say the First Lady used the fanboys head as a plunger and hung him on a coat hook and left him their. The group joked about it when she got back.

Kids eating a zombie
I never ran the teens sneaking away scene where they got a hold of a zombie, secured it in a room, and then would attempt to eat it. The players of course are suppose to try and stop it. Well the first problem the teens in question never came with the group they are safe back at the prison town. Only the player group and a few select NPC's are currently present.

Technical expertise
The general,returns and asks the pcs if they could help him with a technical problem. The power feed to the massive ground doors is fluctuating horribly. He thinks there is a short in the system but the few techs he has can't seem to solve the issue. The general knows the Duke is a good engineer. The group agrees. They head to the large hanger bay which is built to land a couple of osprey transports which presently sits empty. The large ground access doors are on the other side of the hanger.

They head over to the doors and the Duke checks things out and the other members do what they can. The Duke finds that door power system has been tampered with and in fact sabotaged. The group talks to the general about this and the general mutters under his breath 'blasted UniMed scum'. The group and the general RP a bit about the door tampering and the possibility of his complex being compromised. The group heads on back to the mess on the alert. The group did not notice the one soldier in the hanger eyeing the group and then leaving down a side corridor.

Reverend Waller returns
Back at the mess after all the rp'ing (which was a while) the reverend returns. Sergei notices he is a little anxious. This got the group curious when I said that. Cappi asked what he was so anxious about. The reverend says that he can not lie to the group. He told the group he went back down to the pit where they kept that abomination.....and that he killed it. Well this got the players now they thought the general was going to come after them. The Duke asked how he did it and not get caught. The reverend mentioned he simply got lucky. Cappi then told the reverend you did the right thing in his book and the others agreed.then the sirens went off and they thought oh crap.

Red Alert
While the player group is in the mess area an alarm goes off. After two rounds troops storm into the mess hall with orders to subdue the pc's. These are UniMed troops that have infiltrated the general's group and the secretary of Defence has given the order to capture the players since he has learned the pc's are there. Unimed is rallying all their assets within the general's forces in an attempt to get the players. The players though are thinking it is the generals troops coming after them for killing Evelyn.

That is where we left it.

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Razzielle wrote:Kids eating a zombie

Ah yes! I remember this scene (and the accompanying illustration). I never got that far in my campaign, but I think I would've skipped it as well. The idea that these kids would be mere seconds (if even that) from chomping down on zombie bits struck me as, "Even if you stop them, these kids are OFF THE DEEP END." No, worrying about zombies eating them when you're sleeping isn't trouble enough. These two are going to off THEMSELVES, given half a chance. ;)

Anyway, cool to see that things are still going! I fell behind on the updates for a while there, but I've been catching up. :)

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Session 44 chapter 4-final session

This was a full blown extended battle session. I added more battle scenes then the module required as I wanted the players to feel that the invaders meant business.

Battle in the mess hall
Soldiers stormed into the mess hall. The players were not surprised because of the red alert. Cards were drawn. Wow! I recall this fight quite well as I rolled very well for the soldiers and their m16's. Did some big hurt on the players. The players ended up going first. Sergei and Frank over turned tables for cover and crouched behind them pulling their weapons. Gypsy dove for cover behind a concrete pillar, the Duke dove behind another pillar and the First Lady went over and behind the serving counter drawing 357's at the same time. The soldiers moved to cover and lauded down fire on the players.....their orders were to take the First Lady alive (as she is immune) and kill everybody else. The fight was intense. Many bennies were spent. The mess hall they were eating in was litterally destroyed. I recall having something happen each round as the amount of bullets being spent was large. What I did was roll a random mess hall item from a list and had that item burst to pieces. For example bullets riddled a soda machine dispenser which exploded causing a slippery area on the map. Another example is bullets ripped through the fluorescent lighting on the ceiling causing shards of glass to explode everytwhere causing lighting issues and seeing. It was a fun chaotic scene but it was not over yet. Just as the players were letting up the reverend takes a gun shot wound to the leg. As he collapses to the floor with exhaustion auto fire spreads across the doorway.

Battle in the hallway
The players move to help. The Duke pulls the reverend to the side and applies first aid. The gypsy and the First Lady flank the hallway door and Sergei and Frank move into the halway as the gypsy and the First Lady provide covering fire forcing the enemy to duck behind cover in the hall. The battle was quick in the hall with the players taking out 6 enemy troops in short order. One of the soldiers lies wounded. They decide to question him. They learn that these are UniMed troops mascara ding as the general troops and have infiltrated the complex to get them. Good thing they decided to talk to one....well forcibly. Now they know the general is not after them at least not yet...heck he might simply believe UniMed killed Evelyn.

Stairwell massacre
( this battle actually took up a bunch of game time even though it was still fast and furious)
The group then moved towards the stairwell. They decided they would head down to where the general is located. When they got partway down the stairs troops burst into the stairwell and our first stairwell combat scene takes place. It was a nasty fight as well. Auto weapons and grenades in such a tight space does cause damage. I ended up having the stairwell partially collapse due to multiple grenade explosions caused by the Duke. You see the player of the Duke thought it would be a good idea to drop three modified grenades down the space on the centre of the stairwell to take out the invading troops. Well it worked but the group had to survive the stairwell collapse. Surprisingly only a few bumps and bruises but the invaders were killed either via the explosion or the collapse. The group then climbed through the rubble and exited onto the lower level.

Metal shop mayhem
While moving through the lower level hallway they hear gunfire erupting from the metal shop. The group investigates and sees two of the generals soldiers behind a workbench trying their best to fend off Shamblers and sprinters that are trying to get at them. Just as the players arrive the soldiers run out of ammo and are using their combat knife and metal bars in a vain attempt to crack skulls. The group can tell they will be over run real soon.

Cappi tumbles into the room and leaps up onto a work table firing his pistol into a sprinters head that was lunging towards a soldiers. The Duke puts a bullet into the chest of Shambler missing the head as he moves into the room behind a table. Frank notches and fires an arrow through the skull of a sprinter wearing a dirty red dress it collapses to the floor. Miles does something foolhardy he runs forward towards the soldiers and leaps over the zombies and lands with the soldiers. Everyone is in awe for a second as the player of miles never did anything like that before. The First Lady moves in behind the cover of a bench and puts a 357 slug into a sprinters head and it explodes all over Miles. Then Sergei with both pistols out begins firing at the zombies and takes out two of them. The rest of the combat when well and in short order they saved the two soldiers. The soldiers join up with the group as they move closer towards the hanger bay.

Hole in the ceiling
As they move down another corridor they see a lot of rubble in the 30' wide hall...apparently the ceiling collapsed in a 20' section. Sergei with a roll guesses it was a plastic explosive from above. Possibly a breach charge. The Duke thinks just a grenade. So they argue for a minute. As they are arguing combat starts. As two newborns and pack sprinters drop to floor and attack the group. The newborns go first and both attack the Duke. The player of Duke cries fowl! Either way the newborns tear into his armour and do not breach his toughness...but they were real close. The group goes next. The Duke grabs a newborn and throws it....like a makeshift thrown weapon direct at an incoming sprinter. This has the effect of tripping the sprinter and it collapses to the ground with the newborn underneath. The Sergei helping his friend smashes the newborn clinging to the dukes chest and with the butt end of his pistol successfully knocks it off to the ground. Cappi focusing on the newborns as well throws a dagger directly into the back of the newborns head it is now unmoving. Frank the archer puts an arrow into the head of an approaching sprinter right through its open mouth and into the skull. The First Lady puts two 357 slugs into the skull of the sprinter that was tripped. The extras go and the soldiers successfully take out two sprinters in a hail of auto fire.

Then Shamblers begin falling through the breached ceiling but have to stand up at least those that can to attack the group. The other sprinters also go tearing into the group successfully killing one of the soldiers the group just rescued. The group pushes through and fights it's way down the hall as more Shamblers keep falling through the breached ceiling. The players will eventually be overwhelmed if they stayed to fight. They make a plan and move down the corridor to a seet of double doors they get on the other side and close the doors. They find some large items in the adjacent rooms like tables, crates etc....and pack them all against the door for support. No going back that way.

Battle in the Zombie pen
As the group moved into an area that housed some locked up zombies they see a team of the generals men locked in a fight with some of the invading UniMed troops. Well of course the players get involved in the battle and are about to win when the last surviving invading trooper in the room opens the cage pen unlocking mechanism. This results in a small horde of zombies from multiple cages swarming into the room from all corners. Many are immediately in melee combat. It was a fun combat with Shamblers, sprinters, and two babies. The group actually used tactics to ward off and kill the zombies....and lime usual they try to focus on killing the newborns and sprinters first. Since their bennies were very low at this point. They did a fighting withdrawal with their better fighters screening the weaker ones (the extras)as they moved backwards to the exit doors. I simply had the zombies rushing them in every round with the two babies stealthing on the flanks. The players made it out but lost six extras in the process.

Hangar Bay
I made the final battle in the complex a dramatic one. The invading troops planted timed explosive to level the entry area and a good part of the complex. It was set to go off after a certain number of rounds. The players had to deal with invader troops trying to escape. As well as a mini gun mount on the Osprey.

The survivor group enters the large underground helicopter bay. The bay door is open above in the ceiling. The group sees the general directing a number of his troops in battling a number of invading UniMed troops. But the osprey mini gun is keeping the generals troops on the defensive. The gypsy also notices a few UniMed troops behind a barrier and apparently setting up a huge explosive. Gypsy and the others also see a number of UniMed troops getting onboard the Osprey transport....while the osprey keeps unloading with its minigun. The general sees the players and radios them. The players decide to go after the the mini gun.

They move towards the catwalk and the group of six climb the extra soldiers are left where they are. They are told to take cover and fire on the invaders from there and not to take any stupid risks. The group climbs up to the ceiling catwalk. Unfortunately the First Lady does not climb well and makes a lot of noise. This is overheard by a particularly aware UniMed soldier. The UniMed begins firing up to the catwalk area. The Osprey mini gun can't fire in that arc because of its location. The group moves cautiously along the catwalk with toughness and prayer working well for them. They get into position. Frank the archer takes out a specially modified explosive arrow compliments of the Duke and launches it at the Osprey. It lands just in front and exploded taking out the heavy mini gun. A big cheer is heard for the generals troops. Momentum may shift here.

Escaping troops
The Osprey begins revving up its engines as UniMed troops load into the back under fire. UniMed is also providing cover fire. The players, the players extras and the generals troops are unloading on the Osprey and the UniMed troops. However, the Ospreys armour is pretty tough. Frank pulls out his last explosive arrow. But just before he gets to use it the Osprey launches two Hellfire missiles. These slam into the large steel ground doors to the hanger bay. The explosion is huge and shakes the catwalk. The players had to retain balance. Sergei and the First Lady roll off the catwalk but catch themselves on two hanging chains. Franks arrow falls to the ground erupting a gas canister into a large fireball killing a number of the generals soldiers in that area. From that explosion the catwalk fails and begins to collapse 50' to the floor. Cappi the gypsy being an acrobat easily leaps from the catwalk and tumbles to the floor in spectacular fashion. Well the others pretty much fall into a big heap and make aves vs falling damage. Two of the players use WotD cards to escape damage for the fall. I had Miles and the First Lady land on a soft bed roll pile. The others ouch. They survived but are hurting.
Everyone then hears the moans.

Zombie Hanger Hoard
Through the breach the Osprey created with the hellfire missiles a large horde of Shamblers with a few sprinters begins to pour into the hanger bay. Well the large bay is littered with debris, a destroyed catwalk, small fires etc... And now they need to survive zombies. This was a scary battle for the pcs. They had no bennies left and some of the players were seriously injured. At least they had some of their extras left and the general and his troops...and to top it off the UniMed soldiers planted a bomb. The bomb will erupt in 10 rounds. Yes quite a final battle.

The Duke and Sergei are the best chance on the bomb and they go after that. They are hampered though. The Duke has a broken leg and Sergei a broken arm. Everybody else takes on the zombies.

Zombie survival
Well since the bomb is to go off in 10 rounds. Everybody needed to survive at least 10 rounds of zombies. Sergei and the duke had their rolls effected by the injuries. They had a few setbacks....but were eventually successful in disarming the bomb. Frank, the First Lady, Cappi, miles all fought the zombies....it was intense as the zombies were killed in large numbers by gunfire but eventually they got into melee range with everyone and there were five rounds of intense surrounded by ganging up zombies fighting. Melee fighting at its most desperate. Many of the party's extra soldiers and the generals soldiers died. Once the bomb was disarmed there was still the large zombie problem they knew things were bad. Zombies could not get at the them as they were elevated on a small platform. Sergei played his vehicle card. Well this card allows for a vehicle in great working order.

The escape from the hanger
The Duke tells Sergei and points to the military transport truck sitting close by in the corner under some debris. They move towards it climb in and start it up. They drive the truck to the other players fighting for their lives in melee combat. The others get into the back of the truck as well a two surviving player extras the general and 6 surviving troops. They force their way out of the destroyed hanger doors through the plentiful zombies.....they made it.

Rp'ing with General D
Well in the Duke's transport the group discusses things with the general. The group tells the general that the Secretary of State duped them. In a few situations they sent survivors tomArea 51 and are worried something may have happened to them. The general responds it is likely that a few would have been experimented upon...they may have recruited some as well to their ranks. The general goes on to explain that UniMed is a very radical group and advises the group not to send anymore survivors to Area 51.. He also recommends to break off all communication with them.

The group also tells the general that a child they met a while back was taken by Alcia Stone from Sanctuary to UniMed. The child is immune. The general mentions UniMed will likes pharm her for a vaccine of some sort if they can create one. Since the First Lady is also immune it is a big reason why they would risk so much to get her since they could not convince her to go to Area 51.

The general looks at Reverend Waller. He lets Waller Know that he knows that he use to be a doctor or more specifically a medical researcher. Waller does not seem surprised at the general knowing this. The general mentions He understand why he killed Evelyn in the pit and in a way it's a good thing he did before all this s****t happened. The general says it might be a good idea to start their own research program in a vaccine. The group mentions they can get research equipment at a number of UniMed and CDC facilities they been to have such equipment.

Radioing Morrison ahead
The group radios Morrison telling him they are arriving with General D and 6 surviving troops from then mountain complex. The group asks if Morrison has any issues with the general arriving. Morrison says no. The general then talks to Morrison. Morrison says he update the general on all the defences at the prison. The general asks Morrison if he does not mind that he takes over command. Morrison says no sir. (Morrison is actually a little relieved by these)....General D mentions that Commander Morrison will be second in command and orders Morrison to have all military personal their upon his arrival. The group as well does not mind the general taking over. The group also informs Morrison to get the Liaison officer Tibbers and throw him in a slammer. Morrison informs the group that Tibbers went missing a few hours ago.

The Road Back
They plough through a few groups of zombies that get in their way...however the from t right tire tacks damage and needs to be replaced. The group sets up a perimeter while it is being fixed with a spare. They deal with a few Shamblers that are in the area and do not pose much threat. They continue along the road.

Return to the prison
The group and the survivors return to the prison. There they immediately have their wounds tended to. This kept the medical staff at the prison busy. Casts for broken limbs were made. Well you heal pretty quick in this game.

At the prison
The group wa sitting around the common area in the the prison community. They now had over 200 + survivors and they were doing their best they can in getting the facility self sufficient. The threat of Area 51 was very far away and they felt their defences were sufficent enough now to thwart any concerted attack but them or raiders for that matter. They were still concerned about a large horde and what they can do. They recall the loss of Dalesbury, Fort Hope, the Jacksonville CRZ as well as others and the blood spilt in learning that lesson. They felt the reinforced chainlink walls of the prison would not hold against a large horde. The Duke did suggest a concrete wall around the whole prison . The others thought that would take a lot of effort and would be a major construction project. Sergei did mention it would need to be high enough so Ragers could not leap up and climb over. Frank mentioned it would not stop those little newborn's. It would stop all Shamblers and sprinters though. They were pretty sure they did not have the manpower to make that wall. At this point they are interrupted by the two Texan scouts.

Texan scouts
The two texans that have recently been scouting on horseback have come to the group to make a report. They have come across a Home Depot distribution wear house. There were a number of Shamblers in the area and a few sprinters. After a quick look they noticed the warehouse is full of supplies. In particular wood. Concrete blocks etc. they had to high tail it out of there when the sprinters caught their scent. The group thinks that they certainly could use the construction supplies. The texans say the warehouse is huge and trucks could simply be brought in loaded then transported here. It's located in the industrial zone outside the town of Johnston. The group decides this would be a good mission. They have a lot do space a this large prison facility to store the supplies.

Preparing for the journey
The group decides they themselves will head out to recon the warehouse and secure then plan on taking the goods. They get the Dukes vehicle and head out. Before they leave though an extra named Cal a UFC fighter they rescued a while back comes up and asks to come along says he's bored. They agree.

Journey to the warehouse
They flatten and crush a number of Shamblers that get in the way of the vehcle on their travel. They detour around a minor horde and finally make it to the outskirts of Johnston. They don't need to travel into the town as the large distribution warehouse sits outside of town. They travel up to the warehouse. It is large and there are Shamblers around it. They do there usual tactics and crush as many with the vehicle as possible...great use of the plough tactic. They drive up to one of the many roll doors and gain entry. The place is massive inside.

Taking care of zombies
The place in side is massive. They fight zombies for quite a while. Killing at least around 50. The group and the 4 soldiers deal with them. Cal thenufc fighter extra got himself killed by being ganged up on by zombies. All Shamblers at least. Well they secure the warehouse as best as possible and realize afterwards that there is a lot of really good construction supplies.

Return to the prison
The group returns to the prison. They bring back with them a transport truck that the Duke fixed with a full load of lumber. The group puts together a team of individuals which includes soldiers and the other wildcard extra team. Their mission is to clear out that distribution warehouse and store the stuff here at the prison. This will take them while.

Checking in on the Community

The farm- the farm is doing well a number of experienced farmers are taking care of beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs and chickens. They also have some vegetable going and are currently in the process of building some green houses. Either way the farms will go along way to giving fresh food to the community.

Power Generation- the two new generators are still in the process of being installed. Biggest problem keeping them fuelled with diesel. The prison is looking at a goal of solar and wind power.

Housing-there is currently a large access of housing in the cells within the prison since the it was completely cleared of zombies. The current prison population is 235 survivors.

Vehicles- they have a good number of vehicles in their pool to draw from including construction vehicles. They now have a number of skilled mechanics working out of a designated repair yard.

Defences - the prison community has a good number of troops now under the command of General D with Morrison as his second. They still have their two tanks a number of Humvees and a Bradley fighting vehicle. Defences are highly adequate to take on any bandit or raider force. The one thing the characters would like is a helicopter.

Medical- the prison has two doctors and two trained nurses. Three survivors have taken an interest in nursing and are being trained. Way back the group recovered two FEMA portable hospital trailers and there supplies are half decent. There is even talk of gaining research equipment to look for a possible cure.

RP poker game
The group enjoys some downtime together. All six sit around a poker table playing poker and drinking booze they liberated awhile back. An off duty commander Morrison arrives as well. Just so I can use him to guide this consolidation session. Morrison gets the group to talk about the journey they had since the outbreak on the cruise ship. He asks a lot of questions. The group gets into it like they usually do when I start this type of scene cause they know it's the end. If they do well here they know I'll give bonuses on our next game character generation.(yes bribery). Anyways they do a good job of discussing their exploits.

This is where we ended it
We retired the old characters and continued with 6 new characters 4 in a whole new dead campaign.

Thus ends the War of the dead.......thanks for reading
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#112 Postby Nostromo » Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:35 pm

I just wanted to say i started reading these....i am not all the way through but...


I appreciate (and I'm sure many others do as well) you posting these session reports! Not only are they exciting reads, they show us other savagers how other groups roll!

Thank you so much!

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#113 Postby Razzielle » Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:44 pm

Thanks Nostromo

It took a while to write these all up. I know I forgot a few things and in some cases went back into some of the sessions to add things. I'm happy though with the way it came out. I know the players and myself had a blast with the campaign. You will notice it does go off the rails..as I did not want to railroad the pcs. But does stick to the flavour of the campaign. Hope these write ups will give you some ideas for your WotD campaign.


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13 000 hits......

Wow never thought that my War of the Dead campaign write ups would generate that many. I'm stunned. Thank you everyone for reading.

Note after my players read it.....they told me of many things that I missed...which I was surprised I missed after they told me. (Yes I should have made better notes) I was then able to go back into a number of sessions and add or fix them.

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The Duke's modded military transport--aka zombie assault vehicle

A few people have asked about the Duke's vehicle from our adventure. I did not know how to post a drawn floor plan of it so I'll attempt to describe it. They constantly changed the name of the vehicle....calling it "Betsey"...."Beer Hauler"...."big Mini"...these are the names I recall....there were more.

First it is about the size of an oversized large city bus. But looks like a motorhome on a all terrain frame.

It has three axles and 6 large oversized wheels. The front cab is that of an armoured military transport that can seat 4, two front and back swivel seats. An access door in the cab leads to the rear. They took the back of a large motor home and welded it to the rear frame of the transport. They then put two 50 cal turrets on the roof with access ports. They also took out the rear bedroom and installed an access ramp. This actually proved really useful.

They also armoured up all the motor home walls and put anti zombie metal grids over the windows...basically chain link fence pieces. They also installed gun firing ports throughout the vehicle. They also put an armoured Plow on the front.

They also installed a small barb wire like fence along the outer edge of the roof to keep any climbing zombies at bay if they tried to climb on the roof to get at the players up there. They also cut an access port door into the floor of the vehicle. They never had to use this.

They did at one time think about replacing one of the 50 cal turrets with a flame thrower...they never did. They modded up some additional fuel tanks to the side of the vehicle to store more fuel. They also stuck in a fridge they liberated from a Walmart. They called it their beer fridge. The Duke had this hooked up to a solar generator. They used it quite a bit as it kept moral up quite a bit. Moral was something I used in the campaign as it was an important part of survival.

They also ripped out most of the motor home stuff like the bathroom, kitchen, table and installed some other things they liked. Some seating from a LAV and better storage areas like for gun racks etc...they thought about storing motorcycles in the rear with the ramp but never did.

They did though use hammocks they got from a hunting store and strung those up when needed inside the transport. I guess when they camped out they finally got fed up with all the wandering zombies that would assault them at night. Sleeping inside the transport was much safer.

Anyways that was the Duke's modded transport.

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Well it looks like Lee has got the rights back to war of the dead. I know my player group is happy about this. We as a group are looking forward to returning to the war of the dead. With lee back at the helm I'm sure a world of the dead adventure would be fun. We did dabble with a world of the dead scenario after we completed the war of the dead campaign but it died and we moved onto something else.

A continuation of the war of the dead campaign into chapter 5 will allow for my groups legendary characters ..like the First Lady, the Duke, Gypsy etc...to continue on. The group is looking forward to it. Once Lee starts publishing chapter 5 we will play the adventure and I plan on continuing the posting of our groups Adventures here.

Should be a blast.....hurry up Lee we can't wait to get started.

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Re: (WOTD) ~ Razz's Complete ~ war of the dead ~ Campaign Report

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Wow...thanks everyone. I never thought our War of the Dead campaign write up would generate over 20 thousand views. I hope you were able to find some useful ideas for your own campaign.

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Everything eventually comes to an end

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Well everyone it has been a long time since I posted to my campaign here. Just in case anyone was wondering it looks as though we will not be continuing the War of the Dead campaign. The group has stopped playing for the time being...you know life gets in the way as we get older. To all those that read through the campaign. All I can say is thanks. I know I did not include everything we did in the campaign but most of it is there. The writing was not perfect as I'm not a writer but I did have fun writing down our adventures. Once again thanks.

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Re: (WOTD) ~ Razz's Complete ~ war of the dead ~ Campaign Report

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