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#41 Postby Razzielle » Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:16 pm

Thanks Jordan

We have been playing this campaign for quite a while now and are in the final chapter....means a lot of update writing for me. Therefor I'll need to write up the groups adventures in the rest of chapter 2 as well as all of chapter 3.

The group stayed pretty much on the path....they did wander off the path a bit to extend some adventures in the Acts. I also wanted to try a few things as well. We did have a few character deaths which you'll find out in the future write ups. Plus a few other surprises. Either way the campaign has been fun.

The one thing the players wanted was more variety in the zombies...so I had to create some new zombie types.


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Session 19

Well we left off with the group in a set ambush surrounded by Ragers and Sprinters.

The Death of Caitlan
Since the group was not surprised cards were dealt normally. The sprinters ended up going last but one group of Thugs got the joker. You should have seen the looks on my players faces. Anyways the one group of Thugs being that they are raging, spend the joker and tear into the group. Well....after ripped armour, bashing, gnawing and lots of howling the Thugs do some serious damage to the Pcs. Miraculously Michael Rhodes (who looks like a young Arnold Swarzeneggar) took no damage...the Ragers kept missing him. Luckily the damaged party members were able to spend bennies and soaked all the damage. However, Caitlan failed her soak rolls. She never really had a chance as the Rager that struck her rolled open ended so many times that it literally ripped her head and for good measure tore her in two. I was a real jerk and made the players roll a guts check as an important member of their group was killed in a most horrible fashion. This act of violence certainly got the group motivated. Michael Rhodes ended the Thug that was covered in Caitlan's blood. This just shows how deadly a joker can be. I now will have to change things in the future as Caitlan was central to the break down scene.

The battle continues
With Caitlan now a mess of gore spread on the ground. The group starts taking the fight to the undead. The group smartly moves to whatever cover they can find and try to protect each other as best as possible. In the continuing fight more damage was taken and more bennies were spent. I'd say 2-3 bennies per member were spent as it was a tough fight. The group did prevail but at a great cost with the loss of Caitlan. I thought one real interesting scene was when Cappi the Gypsy...since his character is so acrobatic....ran, lept off the roof of a car, twirled vertically around a flagpole and landed onto the shoulders of a Rager and then buried his 12" knife into the skull of said Rager. (I always encourage my players to describe what they are doing instead of always saying I attack)The group at the end of the battle were wondering how they were going to deal with Caitlan's kids. Commander Morrison gets word over the radio that another team may have found a trail.

Cat and Mouse
I decided to let the group move ahead eight blocks to the next scene instead of doing the other suggestion of peppering them along the way with thrown debris. When they arrive they are told by a UniMed soldier that a hole in the wall leads to the sewer system and he distinctly heard a child's voice inside. Alexandro and his team arrive with two soldiers missing. He explains to the Morrison that they encountered Sprinters and Ragers working together and that they'll be leaving this cursed placed when this mission is over. The group talks that they may join them. Alexandro's nods in approval.

At this point the group hears a child's voice in the sewers. The group recognizes it as one of their kids. Well the group, soldiers and Alexandro's team all head down into the sewers. The group is suspecting that this zombie controller is using the kids as bait to get them into the sewers...... Well done on their part to figure that out.

Into the Sewers
The module gave a number of encounters you could use so I used them. (Hmm...lots of sewer travelling in this campaign)

Deep Water: the group had to get across a deep water chamber area to get to the tunnels on the opposite side. In the prcoess of doing this 3 soldiers were lost to a number of zombies standing on the bottom and dragging them under. This encounter was tougher for the group then I thought it would be.

The big leap
Well part of the sewer floor in this tunnel fell away due to a closeby collapsed building above. They try to find away around it but other sewer tunnels are blocked by rubble. Cappi the gypsy says let's jump it. He's the first to go and does it. All the rest successfully make the leap as well...if any did fall they would have taken falling damage and would of had to deal with 4 Shamblers at the bottom...

Hanging in the sewer
Well as they turn the next corner Cappi noticed movement and signaled the others halt and the hug the side walls. Cappi with the best stealth moves forward and as the light illuminates ahead they see two men dressed in tattered suits hung up on a rope by their nexus to a pipe on the sewer ceiling. Their lower legs from the waist down have been devoured of flesh and the smell is horrid. Guts checks are made of the scene. The Duke fails and starts running back down where they came...he trips in the darkness in his panic and smashes his face into the side wall giving him a broken and bleeding nose. Maddi calms him Down. But the damage is done the Duke is now stuck with a fatigue penalty for a while. They check out the suits and find some wallets on the ground....looks like lawyers.

Death from Above: in a large chamber 8 Ragers drop from above hidden among numerous pipes. One soldier was lost in this room a Rager knocked the soldier's head off in one wild swing. Easy fight for the group though.

Doggy having Dinner
They move down a side tunnel and see a wild Saint Bernard dog all mangy eating the remains of some dead animal at least it looked like a dead animal. They ignore the dog. Sergei wanted to shoot it but I knew the player that played Cappi the gypsy loves dogs and would not allow it.

Side tunnel: eight Sprinters and two Ragers charge out of the dark side tunnel. Alexandro's team was surprised and he lost two of his members. They were lost on the surprise round as both were picked up by the Ragers and they smashed them into the sewer walls. The Ragers went on to use the two dead extras as melee weapons against the group.

I guess extras don't last too long in most combats. Thus the reason why I created a henchman type extra..as a henchman has 1 wound level. Which makes them a little more survivable then a standard extra.

Survivor Camp: they came across a group of survivors in the tunnels....about 26 individuals.....they were actually raiders that tried horribly to fool the group by saying they were survivors.....Maddi and Sergei both saw through the lie. the fools at the camp opened up with handguns on the players group and of course the players group has auto assault weapons. The group kills most of the idiot raiders. This attracted a group of 12 Shamblers which entered the battle to cause a little bit of chaos. Some of the raiders escaped down some side tunnels.

Commander Morrison: while down in the tunnels the players are beginning to take command as they realize the Commander is having some difficulties and does not seem to be as confident as he was. Even his soldiers are now taking orders from the players group as they are recognizing that they know what they are doing and are basically keeping them alive.

Alexandro Cortez : while the characters were resting in a side chamber deciding which tunnel to head down they had a conversation with Alexandro Cortes. You see they like the idea of having a RV again. Hmmm what is it with RV's and zombies.....Anyways Alexandro only has his sister left in his group as the other two were killed when the Ragers used them as clubs. Alexandro likes the players as they are proving themselves capable. Cappi on a raise further notices that Alexandro is dead set on rescuing the kids. Furthermore after roleplaying it was agreed that Alexandro will have the players group join him on the RV. The Duke even discusses he can do wonders in upgrading the armoured RV even more.

Lost Dog: well Cappi plays a card that allows me to give him a loyal and smarter then normal pet. He was inspired by that dog having dinner they saw earlier. So they come across a large German Shepard. That is stuck behind a sewer gate door. In front of the gate is the corpse of a UniMed soldier. They deduce that the human must have owned the dog and put the dog behind the gate and closed it before he died. Anyways Cappi made friends with the canine and now he has himself a smart dog. Cappi did notice a Collar with UniMed on it. Well looks like he has himself a UniMed dog.

The surviving group enters a large chamber filled with living dead...Shamblers, Sprinters and Ragers Luckily they were being stealthy. They can see all the children. The Duke notices that all the children that were taken have been bit and are now Shamblers except one that has been bit but has not changed. This is Caitlan's now only surviving daughter. The group devise a plan to get her out and deal with the large number of dead. They decide to make a beeline for the girl grab her and move out as fast as they can with everyone else running and firing at all those who pursue.

Well I do not recall the exact details of the battle. But it was successful. Only the loss of two UniMed soldiers but everyone else made it back to the safe zone.

Alicia Stone
While at the medical clinic the NPC Alicia Stone arrives at the medical clinic and stops an arguement between the medical personnel and the group. They are arguing about the Caitlan's daughter condition as the personnel do not believe she is immune. When Alicia is their she takes control of the situation. Now with Caitlan gone I wondered if the group was going to let UniMed have her daughter since one of the players was already immune. Surprisingly the group decides while talking with Alicia that Caitlan's surviving daughter is likely better off staying with UniMed. (Not a good idea.....which they won't find out till much later). As they will be able to protect her better. They feel it's no place for a little girl to be doing what they are doing. The only one that thinks she is better off with them is Johhny D. ( go figure Johnny d is actually correct).

Fall of Sanctuary the beginning
Well an alarm goes off (which cuts the conversation short) Morrison is told by radio that a massive wave of Ragers, sprinters and Shamblers are striking the fence line. Well Morrison heads to the perimeter and the player group follows. Alicia says she'll take care of Caitlan's daughter. Well now UniMed has her. When the player group arrives at the perimetre the Duke's knowledge battle realizes that there is no way the perimeter is going to hold against the horde. When they look back they see two UniMed helicopters take off from the tower roof. They both fly over the perimetre fence and Maddi notices Caitlan's daughter sitting in the back as she waves down to them. Also with here are Nancy the nurse and Michael Rhodes. I guess they really were serious about leaving the group. Cappi notices the helicopters are heading west.

And that is where we left that session
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#43 Postby Jordan Peacock » Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:09 pm

Razzielle wrote:I guess extras don't last too long in most combats.

No, it's generally the idea that Extras go down and stay down after a single blow that connects and scores. However, I've noticed a strange dynamic in Savage Worlds: Sometimes Extras can prove surprisingly resilient at surviving after the battle is over if you bother to check (Vigor roll) and don't just assume that Incapacitated = Dead.

Of course, in a zombie apocalypse campaign, what with most of the ways you COULD get Incapacitated, you ARE probably dead (or infected and hence most likely doomed), but I recall we had a dog Extra who kept getting knocked out, but then would miraculously pull through after 2 or 3 such instances. (Roughly speaking, it's typically a 50% chance that a d6 Vigor Extra could pass a flat Vigor check ... so once you get a player with an Edge that lets him spend Bennies on his "followers," that can impact things remarkably.) And, since it was a DOG, it didn't get infected (though the PCs were certainly worried about that possibility).

Still, if any Extras go down Incapacitated due to getting clobbered by a weapon or an animal attack versus being bitten by a zombie or rager, technically you'd have a 50% chance of that Extra making the roll. I just so often skip over that part; unless it's an NPC who's really critical to the players (e.g., a dependent, a romantic interest, a named ally someone's grown attached to) I usually won't get called on it.

Razzielle wrote:Now with Caitlan gone I wondered if the group was going to let UniMed have her daughter since one of the players was already immune. Surprisingly the group decides while talking with Alicia that Caitlan's surviving daughter is likely better off staying with UniMed. As they will be able to protect her better. They feel it's no place for a little girl to be doing what they are doing. The only one that thinks she is better off with them is Johhny D...go figure.

Wow. Actually, that sounds pretty sensible to me. :)

Razzielle wrote:When they look back they see two UniMed helicopters take off from the tower roof. They both fly over the perimetre fence and Maddi notices Caitlan's daughter sitting in the back as she waves down to them. Cappi notices the helicopters are heading west.

Aha. Well, combined with the group ALREADY indicating its readiness to clear out of Sanctuary (with Alexandro), it looks like things are pretty well set up to keep the PCs moving westward. Nice staging.

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#44 Postby Razzielle » Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:24 pm

Thanks Jordan

It was not really a problem at all with Caitlan being gone....I easily fixed that problem. We all know she was going to die anyways at a staged scene later in the campaign. I just did things differently when the group arrived at that moment. It's actually very difficult to keep players doing exactly what the campaign wants you to.

The biggest problem was capture scenes. I think every player would rather commit suicide and make a new player rather then be captured. So those were definitely things I had to change.

Extra death....yes I do use the random roll at the end of combat but I do not use it all the time.


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#45 Postby Jordan Peacock » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:54 am

Razzielle wrote:The biggest problem was capture scenes. I think every player would rather commit suicide and make a new player rather then be captured.

Eeeee-yup. And, honestly, when I've been on the player side of things, one of the most un-fun things was to be railroaded right into a "Surprise! You're captured!" situation and then to be treated to a long montage of villainous gloating and PC humiliation. (I was even in a different campaign once where the player group got incredibly confused because we were heavily punished for fighting when we were "obviously" supposed to surrender ... and then at another time we threw the GM into a fury because we tried to surrender when we were "supposed" to fight tooth-and-nail.)

Based on those experiences (and player feedback), I'm extremely reluctant to run a game where continuing the plot depends absolutely upon the PCs surrendering or being hammered into submission. I'd rather it just be a "Plan B" that I can fall back on if there was an encounter that the PCs could have won or avoided but somehow (unlucky dice, bad tactics, low Bennies, whatever) didn't.

Either that, or I could see starting with a "capture" if I'm running a pulp/superheroic campaign where it's considered par for the course for me to occasionally start a session "in media res" with the heroes captured by the Villain of the Week in some "inescapable*" (*easily escaped) overly-complicated death trap, listening to said Villain giving a ridiculous monologue -- while quietly working free off-camera. Ham it up enough and no player is likely to take it badly -- but "ham it up" just isn't a plausible option for an ostensibly serious campaign setting such as WOTD.

At the very least, if I'm running a serial game that depends heavily upon the players NOT having a choice, then there's little sense of giving them even the illusion of it. If the adventure depends upon visiting yonder dungeon, then just go ahead and start the adventure with the PCs heading to yonder dungeon -- or even inside it.

If I were going to run WOTD and stick to the capture scenes, I'd be strongly inclined to end one session on a cliffhanger, then start the next session with our heroes in a net or in a prison camp, or whatever it is. If they never really had a choice, it's unfair of me to taunt the players with a false prospect of success, and let them burn "meta" resources such as Bennies and Adventure Cards to no avail. At least if I start the action "in media res," there's no reason why the players should feel any sense that this unfair setup is in any way their fault. Rather, it's the scenario: We just STARTED this way, and it's up to the heroes to make it better.

That's my thought, anyway. I've only really tried that in the sense that for a couple of convention and store one-shot games using WOTD, I started with the Hell Fuerrie "capture" scenario already in the past, as a narrative setup for why the heroes are marching their way through a zombie-infested town without proper weapons and equipment.

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#46 Postby Razzielle » Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:57 pm

Thanks Jordan

Capture Scenes

Well in the campaign there were some capture scenes but I never used them as written. I never railroad pc's into those kind of scenes....so I definitely changed those. One can easily change things. I agree as a player I hate being thrown into capture scenes. I tend to only have a capture scene if the party was defeated and knocked out by the villain....however once major villains learned about Maddi the marine being immune...there was some attempt on villain sponsored search missions heading out to acquire a live Maddi. But getting through a party of capable players is tough.

My players tend to go off the path in the campaign quite often. Either because they want to explore a certain area more or something else caught their attention. I try to give them choice as much as possible and then steer them back to the main campaign arc.

I had a number of scenes set up ahead of time so that they could be easily inserted into the Acts anywhere in the campaign...if anyone is familiar with Torg you will Understand the terms......Events.....flags....as well as Subplots...which I inserted all over the campaign. I found doing this really worked well.

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Session 20 - Adventure 2- chapter 9

The Fall of Sanctuary
We left our group at the Sanctuary wall with a horde of undead attacking it. The UniMed soldiers under Morrison's command are firing huge amounts of lead into the horde of zombies and Ragers, Sprinters and Shamblers pressing at the fence line. I mentioned to the group as how metal support columns are beginning to creak in protest.

Well a herd of 16 Ragers leap up unto Shamblers and leap over the wall. They tear through a few soldiers. The characters focus on fighting these ragers that made it over the wall. Maddi the marine leads about 6 Ragers into a contolled crossfire between two destroyed jeeps with some supporting UniMed soldiers the others lay into the ragers with their guns. They took the Ragers down pretty quickly.

Just as they finished off this group. Another smaller herd of 12 Ragers leap over the wall. These Ragers make a beeline for the group as they are the closet. Sergei expertly drops a grenade centred right in the middle of the pack. He kills a few. Johnny D's gun jams so he drops it and pulls out his trusty 357 and blows away a Rager. Cappi instead of using his gun throws two daggers...since he is better at throwing then shooting....and kills a Rager. A rager was able to leap over the destroyed jeep landing right on and tackling the Duke to the ground. The rest of the group takes care of the others.

Then another group of 8 clears the wall. This group does the same and goes for the Characters. The group puts up a wall of lead...and kills all the Ragers. The group then starts to see the massive fence collapse as support beams bend. They witness 100's of undead breach the line and move on through. The group wisely runs. Morrison also calls for a general retreat. Defenders all down the fence line high tail it away from the horde.

Alexandro and his armoured RV arrives on the scene smashing through zombies with its forward dozer blade. The group jumps in and they high tail out of the forward safe zone.

there were a number of random encounters the group had while retreating from the horde

Treymores rescued
While the armoured RV rolls along they see Treymore on top of a minivan with his daughter at his knees clutching him for dear life. The group sees Treymore wielding a large fire axe with deadly precision. A Rager leaps off a roof nearby making a bee-line straight for Treymore when Treymore deftly turns removing the head of the Rager from its body. Yes they love this extra. They pull up to the minvan smashing into the Shamblers trying to get at them and Treymore and his daughter get in.

Unwanted Visitors: when the RV rounds a corner 6 Ragers launch themselves from buildings and land on various parts of the RV. Sergie blows one off the roof by opening the access hatch. Johnny D kicks open the RV door knocking a screaming Rager that was clinging there. Alexandro through some excellent maneuvers was able to dislodge The rest after telling the pcs not to open any more access hatches....hahaha....what they did not see is a Newborn stealthily move into the RV through the open hatch and hide.....oh I felt nasty.

Newborn: just as Sergei goes to grab a new case of rounds from the cupboard as he opens the door the Newborn leaps out at his face. Yes he and everyone else was surprised. Well the newborn does well tearing half Sergei's face off. Well it came down to a soak roll or that was it for Sergei as he took two wounds. Well he surprisingly does soak it. He does have the best vigor in the group. Well the Newborn goes first again in the group and tries for Sergei's face again but misses. Treymore misses the newborn but Cappi puts a dagger through its eye and they toss it out of the RV. Well the pcs do a thorough search of the RV for others. They hate Newborns.

Grenade: directly in front of the group a UniMed soldier goes down to two Ragers just as he pulled the pin on the grenade. An excellent aced roll by Alexandro saved the RV from getting its tires blown to pieces.

Trapped: oh boy.......the group notices a woman and two small children trapped in a car with 4 Ragers that just smashed the windows to get at them. Well Alexandro brings the RV right up to the car. They open the RV door Sergei and Cappi leap out. While the others fire from the RV. Unfortunately they do not get all the Ragers quickly. Two ragers remain and they direct their attention to the players now. The one rager jumps on the car and leaps at Sergei and connects smashing Sergei up against the RV and Sergei falls to the ground he spends his last Bennie and successfully soaks the damage. The Duke finishes it off. They get the woman out of the car. However...Maddi notices that the two boys 12 and 13 are both bit and they are in the midst of changing to ragers. Johnny D simply draws his gun and shoots both Ragers before the transformation is complete. The woman though goes completely hysterical. In her blind panic state she grabs the Knife on her belt and screaming like a mad woman yelling you killed my children you bastard. She drives the knife deep into Johhny D's shoulder. Johhny D uses a Bennie and soaks it. Alexandro's sister then shoots the woman clear through the eyes and yells for everyone to get back into the RV. Hmmm...a rescue gone bad....Johnny D immediately takes a liking to Alexandros's bad ass sister.

On the radio
Commander Morrison radios the group. He mentions that outposts have reported in throughout the city. Massive hordes from all directions are converging on Sanctuary it's time to get out of the city. Morrsison mentions for the group to rescue as many civilians as they can and he'll meet them at the Lower freeway and get the convoy out of the city to a fallback location.

Encounters Fleeing the city

The group has no reason to enter the UniMed tower. Treymore suggests it's not a good idea. In the module they were to rescue Samantha Caitlan's daughter. However, they already gave Caitlan's daughter to UniMed willingly. So no adventure in the tower and besides Unmed executives have already left the city with the child. Nancy the nurse and Michael Rhodes also left with the. Due to a following out with the group. I did give the group some hints to possibly go in the direction of the tower before they left the city. Commander Morrison mentioned to the group that there are unique hard to find supplies and equipment at UniMed that could prove useful for the group. But the player group was not interested. Well maybe I can use that scene I created with a tower adventure somewhere else in the campaign. This is one of those extra scenes I made.

Law of the Plow: the RV is leading the convoy. When they turn the corner the street is literally wall to wall zombie horde. Without much choice the group decides to Plow through with the other convoy vehicles following. Everyone makes driving rolls. Since the players RV is out front they make the most difficult rolls. The RV successfully makes rolls and is able to Plow the zombies and cut a path. However the only fail I had was for, one of the M1 Abrams tanks. A couple of zombies got caught up in its tank tracks. Fortunately the driver is able to dislodge the corpses with another roll. Treymore the extra took out a zombie trying to rip off the grid window.

Barrier: a couple of overturned trucks block the way with zombies all around it. The characters radio to Morrison that they need the barrier removed to get through. Morrison says no problem and moves both tanks into position and they blow the trucks to bits. The convoy moves through.

Stalled Bus: the convoy comes across a stalled school bus with survivors on it. Zombies surround the bus trying to get in. A few brave soldiers are doing there best to fend off the zombies. Without help in the few minutes the soldiers and survivors will be over run. The group decides to help and vehicles are used as weapons to clear most of the zombies. The group rushes out of the RV with soldiers in Humvees and MG's on tanks as support. They are able to clear a path and are able to rescue 18 various survivors. Unfortunately two small children were lost. I described the two children were grabbed by Ragers and tossed back to other ragers that tore into the screaming kids. Had to give the pcs a sense of the horror of the undead as they were beginning to acclimate to the horror. It did have the added impact because we all have children in our real lives. They tore into the pack of Ragers that killed the children. Cappi even jumped into a tank told the M1Tank gunner to move. I gave him the satisfaction of aiming the tank gun at the offending rager that first took the kids and Cappi turned the rager into mist. The group then packed the survivors into the bus they have in their convoy. Big kudos for the group.

Downed Chopper: the group watches a helicopter go down in an emergency landing but they ignore it and continue on. Too bad the chopper was full of medical supplies...something they lack.

Fry truck: for some reason the group really wanted this. It was one of those fry trucks that look like a modded UPS delivery vehicle. They felt this could be their meal truck on wheels.. They had to convince both Alexandro and Commander Morrison as they were not too inclined to risk it. However Cappi Mr. Charisma aced his roll and played his card to boost his roll. They devised a plan to get the Fry truck. Well they successfully got to the truck and got it running with the loss of only two soldiers. They did check all over the thing for any hidden Newborns. Now they have added a Fry truck to their convoy. They are already trying to give a name to the truck.....like Apocalypse Fries.....Last Meal on Wheels. Well the truck certainly did boost their spirits and they started to think of other vehicle types for their growing convoy......well I immediately made one of the survivors they rescued an accomplished chef. When they interview the survivors later for skills they'll be happy.

Zombie Bridge Blockers: well in order to get out of the city they had to get across the bridge covered in a mass of zombies. There was another route but only if they looked. Well they did look for an alternate route and discover the secondary route has less zombies but more obstacles. They needed to get through some concrete barriers. Not a problem with tanks. They took the alternate route.

The only way through
As they speed down the tanks are in the lead flattening Shamblers as they roll. Very impressive. They come to a major blocked intersection. The tanks can make it through by going over the vehicles but the other vehicles cannot. The group surveys the scene. The Duke figures the best way through is yo have the tanks create a path through the mariot hotel building. The lobby area should be big enough and then out the rear to the next street over. Morrison agrees with assessment. Good thing as the horde is getting closer.

The tanks crash through the front glass of the building then into the ultra modern front grand lobby. The tanks crush the front desk and Plow through the waiting area and then crash through the wall into the dining area. The group follows the the tanks with Alexandro's RV, the coach bus and the fry truck and the Humvees. Two Ragers leap onto the RV. Maddi fills one of the Ragers with lead and it falls to the floor...the second Rager joins his companion with a huge shotgun shell hole in the back of its head. Treymore gets his daughter Emily buckled into the back seat of the RV.

The tanks crash through the back of the dining room wall and smash through numerous small rooms behind the dining. The tanks sever a gas line then a spark from the passing Fry truck causes a huge explosion of gas. Rolls are made and all the vehicles survive the blast but are going to need repair. Now with the main level of the Mariot on fire the tanks crash through the rear wall and Ito the street with the other vehicles following. All the vehicles are smoking and blackened from the gas explosion. They continue down the relatively clear street.

Well tanks are fuel hogs. They see a 20' fuel tank trailer in a McDonald's parking lot. Serge and Cappi' figure it is worth the risk to quickly stop and ascertain if their is fuel in and if so to hook it up to a Humvee. They do this. Morrison gets his troops in the Humvees and tanks ready to take out approaching zombies while the group checks the fuel trailer. A few Shamblers are wandering the lot and with the noise of the vehicles they and many others are attracted to the sound. Cappi's acrobatically launches himself up onto the fuel trailer. Maddi, Sergei, Johnny and the Duke start shooting any Shambler that gets close. The troops start sending out mg lead to the rear. Morrison yells out speed it up Ragers and sprinters just appeared in the intersection a few blocks back and are moving towards us fast. The troops keep firing. Cappi checks the fuel truck. Half full of fuel. They quickly hook it up and the convoy pulls out.

Well now they are out of the city.

Coming Full Circle
Well the group has an impressive convoy to start their journey. The armoured RV, two M1 Abrams battle tanks, several military Humvees, a converted coach line bus, a Fry Truck, Commander Morrison, UniMed soldiers as well as a few civilians that were rescued. They have no idea what happened to the mayor and the civilians they came with here. Treymore was just happy he decided to keep his daughter close now. They are hoping they got out of the city. The big problem though is fuel. The tanks tend to be gas guzzlers. Commander Morrison has come to trust the groups judgement. He suggests to the group that they head back to the military base that their unit was stationed out of. Well the group then learns that that base is the one now controlled by Hell and his group of Raiders. Maddi and the others in the group are thrilled with going back since now they have tanks and really want to give Hell some payback. After they get the fuel at the base and other supplies Cappi suggests they keep heading west to the relocation zone. Alexandro is not to sure about this but is convinced after the group tells him of the numerous aircraft they have seen going in that direction. They surmise something must be going on out west that is better than here.

That was where we left that session.....thankfully I kept notes to help jog my memory of events.
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Razzielle wrote:Downed Chopper: the group watches a helicopter go down in an emergency landing but they ignore it and continue on. Too bad the chopper was full of medical supplies...something they lack.

Heh. That's one thing I noticed about the WOTD campaign: Aircraft tend to CRASH. There are no flying zombies up there to give them any grief, but still helicopters, etc., they're gonna come on down anyway, and quite possibly right on top of the heroes (or nearly so). It's just an apocalyptic/action-movie thing. :D

Razzielle wrote:Well the truck certainly did boost their spirits and they started to think of other vehicle types for their growing convoy......well I immediately made one of the survivors they rescued an accomplished chef. When they interview the survivors later for skills they'll be happy.

Har! I actually tried a plot hook in my own campaign (added in, not part of the written adventure) that involved a post-apocalyptic food truck operator the heroes could get a chance to rescue ... but the PCs ended up avoiding him like the plague.

Razzielle wrote:That was where we left that session.....thankfully I kept notes to help jog my memory of events.

Good idea! I often have to do that to refresh my memory from session to session. (We typically run only once every two weeks ... and if we MISS a session, therefore, it can be quite a chore to remember quite where we left off, let alone all the little details that came up along the way.)

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#49 Postby Razzielle » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:57 am

Thanks Jordan

I'm glad they took an interest in the fry truck. The extra on the truck became a well loved individual in the group and is still around where they are currently in the final chapter 4. I have a lot of writing to do to catch up.

Flying craft
Yes anything that flies does tend to come down in a crashing heap. Like you said there are no flying zombies. When I was thinking up new zombie types I considered a flying type but stayed away too much of a problem and I really could not come up with something believable......unless I wanted to make birds zombies and I wanted to stay way from animals becoming zombies. So no flying zombies.

Catching up Sessions
Well I made it a habit to keep notes from session to session to jog my memory like you Jordan.....mainly for the details and also I planned on writing the sessions in the forum. I'm glad I did otherwise I would not have remembered much at all.

Playing Sessions
We tend to play weekly but it usually ends up being 3 times a month. There are 6 of us and we have played long enough that one of the players son who is now 20 has now joined. All the rest of us are over 40. So I guess we are older gamers.

Well back to transcribing all our sessions....I'll try and have sessions up daily until I get to where we are currently.

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Razzielle wrote:When I was thinking up new zombie types I considered a flying type but stayed away too much of a problem and I really could not come up with something believable......unless I wanted to make birds zombies and I wanted to stay way from animals becoming zombies. So no flying zombies.

Much the same thought here, though it looks like you were more consistent than I was.

If I could've thought of an excuse for flying zombie threats that wouldn't be ... well ... silly, then you bet I'd have done it! Ditto for "zombies with ranged attacks." (The occasional zombie with a gun came close, but there was no reason to justify it being GOOD at shooting. Ragers with manhole covers fit the bill, however ... but after a while, you have to wonder, "When are they gonna run out of manhole covers?")

And zombie animals are just right out. "Zombie Run" had a zombie BEAR in it, with no explanation given -- nada. There was a bit of narrative in there for the GM's eyes only, roughly to the tune of, "Now, let your players sit and stew on the implications of the zombie epidemic spreading to ANIMALS as well!"

And that's just all fine and dandy, except that, yes, the players WILL stew on those implications, and wonder why they aren't all dead yet if that's the case. If the whole ecosystem is going to get zombified, then it's no longer a matter of "How shall we survive and rebuild civilization?" but rather, "What's our best option for ending it all relatively painlessly?")

Anyway, since I'd incorporated Zombie Run into my campaign as added material, I had that baggage on board, but I tried to pass it off as "results of freakish experiments that got loose" or else "extreme rare mutation that isn't contagious" (i.e., zombie bear is not going to zombify everything it bites). In retrospect, it was probably a needless complication on my part to even have that in there in the first place.

Now, if I'd had a zombie-apocalypse campaign that started with the prospect of zombie birds from the get-go (some sort of abominable engineered "mutation" of the bird flu!), that would have been part of the "price of admission" and it wouldn't seem like such a silly surprise to spring on the players later on.

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Thanks Jordan

Yes I stayed away from having animals catch the virus. Since the group are big fans of the TV show Walking Dead they wanted any zombie type to be believable. So they wanted more varieties in zombies but not to get silly. Well that took some thought. Your right Jordan there really is no way you can come up with a non silly flying zombie. But I did come up with some interesting zombie types to get them that variety they craved. They mainly were Shambler variations. Here are the Shambler variations I am using.

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Session 21: Adventure 2; Chapter 10

Well we left the group getting a little excited to throw some payback in the form of large calibre rounds at a bunch of raiders at a military base led by our villain you love to hate......Hell...let's see what happens.

Battle Plans

The growing convoy arrives at the hills overlooking the military base. Cappi the gypsy and the others thought it would be a good idea to recon the base first. They wanted to see if they can spot the villain Hell as well as any other possible recruits he might have brought in. They also wanted to locate those artillery pieces that destroyed the town Hershback Estates. They arrive at the hill, check to make sure there are no sentries and hide behind a bush area to look with binoculars...whT they saw surprised them.

The base did not have any raider activity. In fact the base looked abandoned and all they could see was zombies everywhere. Maddi was guessing around a couple hundred could be seen shambling around the area of the base they can view. Morrison who was also with them mentioned that the base goes back pretty deep as it is 23 square miles. There could be more undead back in the family residential areas. Alexandro mentions that he only sees Shamblers and not the sprinter or thug types. They look at the fuel dump area and see that the gate is left open but a fuel truck still sits in the compound with a tire off.

Commander Morrison walks away back to his Humvee cursing under his breath about how screwed they are. Sergei noticed Alexandro watch him go, shake his head and then follow. Sergei tells the others there might be trouble brewing. Well he was right because AleXandro lays into Morrison in a verbal barrage of obscenities. The Duke tells the two to shut it and take they're arguement somewhere else. I was hoping that the players would jump in and take control.....thankfully they did. Cappi the gypsy looks to the two of them and tells them how they have all been through worse. All they need to do is distract the horde and the others can get into get all the needed supplies. The party was able to convince Alexandro as well as Commander Morrison. I really wanted the group to take over leadership of the group as a whole and commander Morrison would simply command his group of soldiers.

They all head back down the hill back to where they left their convoy. They left the convoy on the side of the road. When they return they see a bunch of dead zombies around the convoy. After the group questions the soldiers as to what happened they mentioned that a small group of Shamblers wandered into the area and they took care of them with bats and lead pipes. They did mention that it took a little bit to get the fat Shambler down as it had a motorcycle helmet on its head.

Fry Truck
While the group was gone Bud the chef got the fry truck operating and had some awesome fresh cut deep fried fries with gravy for a lunch. As I mentioned before they really wanted this fry truck and were pleased when they discovered the truck still had a full tank of propane gas. And a bunch of potatoes on board. So they ate some fries and drank some hot coffee while they planned out their assault on the base. Emily Treymore, Treymores daughter really likes the fries.

Morale Boost
Something I wanted to add to the game was morale boosting. A zombie apocalypse is a depressing thing to have happen and the human mental state must take a beating. So players can give themselves and/or their group a moral boost. Whether finding a supply of beer and having a party, or creating a wonderful hot lunch of fries and coffee, or something else that reminds them of the way things use to be. If it is significant enough then I give the players an extra Bennie. So when they acquired the fry truck I gave them the Bennie. Now they are looking at ways to get those extra bennies. I also only give out one moral Bennie per session. As for extras in the camp they can instead use that bonus Bennie to increase the moral of their group. If they start hearing about people thinking of suicide then it's time for a big party. It seemed to work well.....had to make a few modifications later to this rule but they had a happy group.

Planning Session
well the group pulls out a folding table and some paper and has Morrsion pencil out a sketch of the base. They decide to keep all civilians out of combat and keep the bus back and Morrison suggests four UniMed soldiers stay with them for protections. Just in case more zombies show up. Cappi also decides to keep his dog their as well.

The group decides to use two Humvees, driven by UniMed Soldiers, to distract the horde as best they can and lead the horde out and away from the base. When that is accomplished they plan to move in with the two tanks and the armoured RV to secure the area. Once inside they have 5 objectives.

Objective one: get the fuel for the tanks and other vehicles in the convoy. Possibly acquire that fuel truck. The Duke and Maddi volunteer for this assignment. Three UniMed soldiers also go with them.

Objective two: get to the underground generators in the service tunnels and fire them up. Sergei the Russian, Johhny D Volunteer for this as well as two UniMed Soldiers.

Objective three: look for food and medical supplies. Cappi the gypsy and Alexandro's team volunteer for this task and are to check out the base general store and if time permits the medical site.

Objective four : acquire ammunition and weapons. extra Michael Rhodes, and Commander Morrsion and 4 UniMed soldiers volunteer for this assignment. They'll be heading for the bunker.

Objective five: contact Colorado. They all will do this.

It's a Go
Well I had the group control the soldiers with the Humvees to lead the zombies away. They were successful able to lead a good chunk of the undead out of the compound and away. Everyone heads into the base to do their assigned tasks.

The tanks, armoured RV first deal with the left over Shamblers and flatten and crush a number of zombies. They shoot a good number. It was basically a shooting gallery but they were using up valuable ammunition. They did keep watch for other zombie types but did not see any sprinters etc.....just Shamblers.

Getting the Fuel
Well Duke and Maddi head in towards the fuel dump with soldiers. The two are also controlling the soldiers. They have to fight their way through a group of 12 Shamblers hanging around inside the fuel dump. Two of the Shamblers are really big Brute Shamblers. Since the fuel dump has an internal fence they are able to deal with all the Shamblers inside the fence and they close the fence once the tanks are inside. They now need to wait for the generators to come online. While they wait sure enough the Duke sees the military fuel truck and checks it out. He gets it running and replaces the tire. He also fixes the pumping mechanism on the truck. He did not notice the crawling Shambler sneaking up on hiim....well it was not really sneaking up as Duke rolled a 1 on notice. Maddi does and steps on its head. Now they wait.

Sergei, Johnny D head down into the service tunnels. The tunnels are pitch black but flashlights do help a little. Of course they are assaulted by a group of 12 Shamblers in the narrow dark tunnels. Hmmm...dark tunnels perfect for zombies. It was quite a battle when lighting is a problem. There were a few tense moments but the players and soldiers prevailed. They got the generators started and radioed that to the Duke at the fuel depot and that they were headed their way.

Fuel depot again
Well with the pumps working they were able to fill the tanks and the RV and there was enough left to go into the fuel truck which can be used to fill the other vehicles. However, there is only enough fuel to make it half way to Colorado. Bummer!

Food Supplies
Well Cappi and Alexandro's team went looking for food supplies. They parked their RV at the fuel dump and went on foot to the general store. Along the way they faced a group of 24 Shamblers. I was able to gang up on a number of the group. This caused some actual serious damage and a soak roll was made by Cappi. One of the kid Shamblers was able to actually kill one of Alexandro's men after he was puked on by a Puker Shambler. They got to the store and had to deal with another 6 inside. One was a a massively fat zombie which took a couple extra rounds of ammo to take it down. They were able to acquire a few supplies as the store was generally cleared out when the raiders left.

Weapons and ammo
Michael, Morrison and some more soldiers went after weapons and ammo. All they were able to find at the bunker was 300 rounds of ammo and 50 rounds of main gun ammo for the tanks as well as 50 rounds for the MG's on the tanks. They did not deal with any random encounters. The raiders took most of what was left.

Colorado Communication
Well the group gathers while soldiers guard and let Duke the Engineer attempt his magic on some of the most secure computer networks on the planet. With the generators up and running power was now routed to the communications grid. Unfortunately he did not make the rolls necessary. I was not going to let him anyway. But what he does get is a sign that things are bad everywhere as there was silence. But they did get a little electronic chatter from something going on out west because he came across recent encrypted communication traffic out of NORAD and some other military bases and he does also spot the initials RLZ which the group surmises is relocation zones. Furthermore he even realized satellites were still operating and there is some air traffic chatter. Cappi wanted to know if the space station was still in operation. The Duke discovered that yes it was still running. Other than that the communications grid was eerily quiet. They do pick up very distance NSA chatter but they could not make any sense of it. This was kind of depressing for the group because it gave them the sense that this has happened everywhere. Well with that knowledge they decide to continue their journey west. Now they hear some gun shots go off. They head out to investigate.

Note: like I mentioned way back in the beginning I have stretched out the death of civilization. So yes the module mentioned nothing but silence when they tried to contact Colorado....however I still have a little electronic chatter going on.

Hiding Raiders
Well they find a group of UniMed soldiers have killed a raider and five still stand with their hands above their heads. They learn that the raiders were hiding in a building after the main group of raiders lead by Hell forgot hem. They only know that Hell was heading west and that they took as much as they could with them and opened the fences securing the residential living areas. They have been trapped here since. Now this scene has radically changed since Caitlan is dead. So I did something different. The raiders then asked if they could join up with their group. Well the group asked what kind of skills did they have. All said they could fight and that before the apocalypse they use to work at a Ford truck factory....basic mechanic skills. Commander Morrison was not against having them join nor was Alexandro. I left it up to the players to decide. Well surprisingly this turned into a lengthy debate. They must have RP'd this in character for a good half hour. It was a lot of fun. In Sergei's background one of his cousins worked at a Ford plant so some common ground with the x-raiders. Either way they all agreed unanimously to have the raiders join but as a labour unit to start until they proved themselves to the group and then they will be armed. The raiders agreed. In fact these guys will be loyal to the group. The group really wants to build up their extra core. They are also thinking long term of having some sort of settlement created in some area.

Oh No!
Once they make their decision a group of 20 Shamblers round the corner and move to attack. The group starts firing lead into them as they move forward. Maddi is the first to round the corner and stops in her tracks as she sees more then a 1000 zombies shambling towards them from the bases residential area. The group grabs all their stuff and retreats deciding smartly not to attack. There were actually a few times in the past where the group thought about attacking a horde of 1000 thinking they could beat it and wanted to prove they could. But it has only ever been a thought.

The group then hits the open road with a tanker truck and 6 x-raiders that have joined the group. They continue their journey out west. I then had the group notice in the distance a group of 4 large military chinnook helicopters flying towards the west.
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Session 22- adventure 2-chapter 11

The group is on the road to Colorado. Their convoy currently consists of a two M1 battle tanks and 5 Humvees all part of Commander Morrison's group. Alexandro's group that controls the armoured RV. Then there is a modded bus that has civilian survivors on board, a fry Truck and a fuel truck.

Food/water supplies low
Well they were not able to get a whole lot of food from the military base and ammo is low as well. They come across the a town on a road with the spray painted sign. They decide to go right down Main Street. Not a good idea as literally hundreds of dead converge on the convoy vehicles. Some shots are fired but the convoy heads out of town. They decide to keep heading west and look for easier pickings.

Making Camp
They find a secluded area and make camp for the evening. They get to learn more about the survivors and put the x-raiders to work by setting up a makeshift perimetre. They have to prove themselves. Well a good RP session ensued with the characters learning a bit more about the civilians they have with them. Two of the civilians join Bud on the fry truck to help out and one use to work at a coffee shop so has been put in charge of coffee. They learn there is a nurse among the civilians and she starts to put together a medical team. However she needs more supplies and a dedicated vehicle would be great.....like an ambulance. The characters consider it as more vehicles drains fuel supplies. They even got themselves a stripper but she refuses to dance for the group as Johnny D suggests.

On the Road

Stalled Tank-one of the tanks suddenly stops dead on the road. The Duke then performs his tech skills and gets it operating again. While taking the hour to fix raiders attack the convoy. A group of 20 raiders charge the group with daggers, kitchen knives and hunting rifles. Why when they have tanks.....I simply saw them as desperate. The group deals with the problem but lose an old woman survivor to a gunshot to the head. No time to bury her so they leave her on the side of the road.

Tire blows-a tire on the bus blows and needs to be replaced. They get the x-raiders to replace the tire under Duke's direction while Shamblers move on the convoy. They are pretty quick and only a few Shamblers even made it to the convoy.

Traffic-major traffic jam on the roadway and no way around. The group has to travel back and find an alternate route.

Zombie Minor Horder-horde is milling about the roadway. The group decides to Plow through the horde. RV takes the lead followed by tanks. Driving rolls are made and one Humvee due to a bad driver roll losses control and crashes into a telephone pole. Immediately a large amount of zombies surround the vehicle. By the time they get the RV turned around its too late. They move on. More dead UniMed soldiers.

Making Camp
It's getting dark and the group finds a spot to make camp again. They get the x-raiders to work on the perimetre again. I use this time just like in the module for the group to get to know the others in their growing convoy.

Setting up Watch-Alexandro, Commander Morrison and the party group decide how best to set up watch. They feel the biggest threat is a horde. They decide everyone should try and sleep in vehicles. They set up four guards and give the guards night vision googgles. I decide to give the group a breather and did not have any zombie encounters during the long night.

Talking Zombies-I recall and interesting RP session where Alexandro's sister starts a conversation about .....are the zombies really dead or simply infected people with a horrible virus that effects the brain. Well it was interesting. They even got into why do the zombies want to eat flesh does it actually digest or do their stomachs just keep getting bigger till they burst. Well Cappi suggests Puker Shamblers do throw up food. Morrison does mention that those Puker Shamblers seem to only be freshly dead people. They are worried about the controller zombie....the one or more that caused Sanctuary to fall. They pray they are unique or extremely rare. Well I made the contoller extremely rare. They also went on to speculate about what is in Colorado out west. Talk went to wonder if Air Force one and the president are at NORAD, the military has setup relocation zones, maybe a large survival community is being developed etc...they did mention all the aircraft they saw head in that direction. They even recall the British Airways jet that was escort by F-16's.

Either way we did as the module suggested RP'd a lot.

The Airport
Well the group first sees the sign for a airport up ahead and decided without me encouraging them to investigate. It seemed like a good place to look for fuel and possible supplies. Since Duke can pilot they thought of flying out west. They even went on to think about flying to various airports all over North America and use the airports as a base. Well that is something I never excepted the group to think of. Well I can easily fix that idea.

Well the group and commander Morrison head out to do a recon of the airport. Alexandro and his crew stay back to protect the convoy. They notice the airport has seen a lot of battle action. There are a few older National guard tanks and it's obviously the tanks were shooting at the terminal buildings as huge holes and collapsed walls can be seen. They also see that a huge number of vehicles are still in the terminal parking lots. They notice that the airport is crawling with numerous undead and they look to be just Shamblers and spread out thinly . As for inside they cannot tell. Maddi believes they can get into the terminal with just stealth alone. Well at that point a common knowledge roll by Cappi the gypsy recalls that all airports have emergency service tunnels and that they should be clear enough for the group to get in on foot and allow them to avoid having to deal with all the Shamblers and obstacles. They have to grab a fuel truck or two and drive it out. They also notice that the Tarmac is in pristine condition just a few weeds are growing in some cracks. They also see a number of planes. The Duke wants to check them out to see if they are air worthy. Oh boy! I thought. They also see the fuel dump area and realize they will need to get to that as well. Finally they check out the terminal buildings a bit closer and can tell that the entrances are barricaded. Hmm.....possible survivors. Then they notice words on a terminal window that says ...HELP US... hmmm I wonder what they are going to do.

Dinner time
The group, Commander Morrison, two Soldiers all head into the service tunnels. The rest stay back with the vehicles. Well the tunnels are dark and sure enough 20 zombies in coveralls converge on the pcs. Shots are fired and the group wins out with only one soak roll being required. They head out of the service tunnel into the terminal. They first wanted to find some food and who wanted help or if that was just an old message. While going up and escalator Cappi did not notice the trip wire in fact all were surprised and a grenade goes off. This destroyed the escalator and did serious damage to the group. Both UniMed soldier extras were killed. Johnny D took a major wound to his leg that he was not able to completely soak and now he is hobbled and his movement was reduced to five. The others also spent bennies to soak the grenade damage.

Death of Johhny D
Right after the explosion a group of 12 Sprinters round the corner and descend upon the prone group recovering from the grenade explosion. The Sprinters went first attacking the group. They ganged up on Johnny D and Sergei and went after the others as well. Unfortunately Johhny D was bennieless and could not soak the damage from the four Sprinters assaulting him. He was now as good as dead. So what he does is goes out in Johnny D style pulls out a grenade and pulls the trigger. He blows half his body to bits and takes out the four sprinters around him the others all take care of the rest.

Well that is the first party member death in the group. For now the player of Johnny D decided to play Commander Morrison until I could intro his new character.

Well I don't let up....three Newborns have targeted the group. They ambush the party from the shadows. This took place when they went to check out the food machines. All three Newborns attack from behind and above the machines. All three Newborns converge on Commander Morrison. Thankfully he was not surprised. The player playing Morrison was able to lay his assault rifle butt end into one Newborn crushing it's skull. The other two Newborns struck at his shoulders. The one was able to find a gap in Morrison's Kevlar body armour. Morrison spends his only remaining Bennie and successfully soaks the damage. I have to admit the group is pretty good at soaking damage and have learned to save them for just this.

The group comes across a barricade blocking access to the cafeteria. The survivors knew they were coming and move part of the barricade and tell the group to get in. Then a grenade from behind hits the ground and rolls towards the pcs. The group makes agility rolls diving in many directions. Maddi the Marine and the Duke take damage. Maddi ends up with a burn mark across her right arm. The man behind the barrier yells at the group to get inside as there are canniables out there. The group gets inside and the barrier is shut. The group scans the area but see nothing through the smoke and small fires the grenade caused. Sergei and Maddi stand guard at the barricade.

The survivors are exactly what the module states 12 people of various ages and gender. The leader of the survivor group the characters talk with is a 50 year old Man named Kyle. He tells the group there use to be 20 of them but they recently lost 8 to the Cannibles. They also learn that the survivors are referring to humans that have gone cannibalistic. This disgusts the group...just then the canniables start taunting the survivors and the group. I try my best. Maddi who is guarding wants to kill everyone of them so does everyone else. Now they had to figure out how to get the survivors through the canniables and the living dead with little in the way of bennies left. Things looked grim and they still had to get food and fuel.

Food stores-the group agrees to have the survivors join up with them. Apparently they have been stuck here ever since the outbreak and watched as soldiers were slaughtered by a huge score of undead when they tried to retake the airport.

Battle with the Cannibles
The group decides they cannot head out there with pregnant women and kids in tow at least not with cannibles wielding grenades and assault weapons. The group thinks they could lower a rope and cradle assembly to get the pregnant women and kids to the Tarmac. But there are lots of undead out there. They do see an airport bus they could use if they could get to it. The other option is going out and hunting the cannibles. Well I thought they were going to go after my crazy cannibles but I was wrong they went with their out the window plan. Even though the module mentioned the pregnant women would not do this I thought that was stupid. They guarded the barricade as the cannibles took pot shots at the barricade with their rifles. This was causing more and more zombies to arrive at the area due to all the noise. The cannibles continued taunting the pcs. Maddi was wishing she had a LAWS to shut them up.

Down to the Tarmac
The group devises a way to get down to the Tarmac. While this is happening the others gather as much food as they can....which is not all that much. The Duke and Cappi go down first and kill with melee weapons the Shamblers that are close by. They then lower down everyone else the supplies etc...they head over to the bus smashing zombie heads along the way.....at one point Duke had to carry one of the children that was frozen with terror.

They get onto the bus and the Duke gets it running. Thus the importance of repair skill in this game. They drive the terminal bus over to the fuel dump squishing some zombies along the way and other zombies have taken notice and start shambling towards the bus moaning. Once at the fuel dump the Duke realizes that the fuel truck is beyond fixing. But they surprisingly jury rig a trailer assembly that will toe the fuel truck along with the bus...they simply want it to last long enough to make it out beyond the airport. While doing this most of the group and the new survivors are killing a number of zombies that are converging on them. They can see 100's of zombies heading in their direction. The Duke tries to speed up his jury rig. They fill the tanker with fuel and slowly move out. Duke says they can only go so fast or the jury rigged toe bar will fail and they'll loose the fuel load. The rest of the group fires from the bus windows at any zombies that are a threat and they make it outside the airport.

New Responsibilities

Well they load up all the vehicles with gas and the new survivors get on the bus and they leave the terminal bus behind. They put the rest of the extra fuel in their fuel tanker. Commander Morrison calls for a halt, while he and the group figure out what to do next. At this point the player of the dead Johnny D got to intro his new character.

New Player Character Intro
His name is Frank Malone owner of a Porta-Potti franchise. Made big money in the toilet business. Oh I can't wait for all the heat he's going to take for that (and he does) Also he is quite the accomplished archer as he was an Olympic archer but never medaled.

Well the group met the survivors and took an immediate liking to Frank..of course since he was a player character. Anyways out came the toilet comments...like Dump Master...etc...the player that is playing Frank really likes Daryl from walking Dead so he made sure his character likes to use the bow and not guns.

They also meet the other survivors.

Kyle- the 50 year old guy leading this group who use to manage a Home Depot before the outbreak could be of some use. Looks to having him lead the labour pool.
The kid Steve - thinks he's an adult and learned from his father Kyle that he put his mother down when she turned. Steve is very much like Carl from walking dead. They stick him with the other kids as a non combatant much to Steve's protest.
The pregnant women Shannon-early 20's and into her second trimester. She is not thrilled with having a baby in this world. The group has the nurse check her over thoroughly as they are worried about a possible Newborn. They also learn she is a nurse. She will help out there.
Dan- a deisel engine mechanic. The group thought always nice to have more repair people a valuable asset....he is also Shannon's boyfriend but not the father.
The lawyer Phillip-They thought of just killing him and putting him out of his misery as they found him to be a lazy loud mouth ass. They put him into the labour pool much to Phillips protest. The x-raiders were not too happy about it as well. Cappi told the raiders consider it a test of patience.
Cal-a professional martial artist on the Ultimate Fighter circuit. The last UFC fighter T-bone died but they really liked him. Well we'll see how long this extra lasts.
divorcee Breena. She is one tough woman and is also pregnant. She is also a massage therapist. They put her with the medical unit. The nurse thoroughly checks her out too.
Cathy-mother of two small children Melissa and Sharlene. She his a stay at home mom and learned her husband was an army man deployed in Aphganistan before the outbreak. They place her with the others on the bus and give her the task of taking care of the kids. She happily excepts.
Hailey- a teenage girl who lost everything and is not taking it well. She is depressed and on the verge of suicide. They place her with the kids.

Commander Morrison ushers the group to the side with Alexandro. He thinks it might not be a good idea to keep adding people to the group as they barely have enough food for who they currently have. Well we get into a good RP about adding and not adding people. The group has taken the stance that as long as people help each other out they are welcome in the group. However, If anyone does not pull their weight or betrays the group then they are banished. Everyone agrees. They also finally discuss a chain of command. The group feels that democracy is out. People are needed to give orders and a military style of leadership should be looked at. The commander suggests that the group should lead overall as they have proven themselves and the survivors like them. The commander will lead his soldiers and Alexandro will lead his group. The commander and Alexandro will be part of the decision making process but they will take orders from the pcs as long as they are reasonable. The commander will inform his soldiers that they are to take orders from the pcs however the commanders orders will always trump theirs.

That is where we left it. I just realized I still have quite a lot of session write ups to go to catch up to where the group is now. Currently they are in the final adventure week 6.
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#54 Postby Jordan Peacock » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:40 pm

Razzielle wrote:Morale Boost
Something I wanted to add to the game was morale boosting. A zombie apocalypse is a depressing thing to have happen and the human mental state must take a beating.

This is something I really wanted the players to role-play in my campaign, and thankfully it really didn't take much prompting. I experimented with borrowing the Sanity rules from Weird War II (and, later, the Horror Companion), but mashed it up with Morale -- the idea being that our heroes aren't going to go boogedy-boogedy crazy after being scared by zombies one too many times, but the constant wear and tear of being exposed to people turning into monsters and the world as we know it falling to pot ... well, eventually it might lead to characters "coping" in self-destructive ways, etc.

I just made it fairly easy to recover lost Morale/Sanity any time the group made an effort to take a break and stay in touch with its humanity (e.g., throw a party) -- especially if doing so was clearly for the sole purpose of "morale" without some pragmatic secondary purpose. "Do-gooder" stuff like saving a group of civilians, etc., could result in a boost as well (but you'd be at risk of losing it again if said group of civilians was promptly slaughtered in the next encounter). In this way, the Morale/Sanity meter rarely got low, but that's really just because the players took that threat seriously and made a determined effort not to go there.

It was a bit mushy, and I was largely winging it, but it seemed to fulfill its purpose of prompting the players to keep morale in mind.

Of course, just offering players Bennies for role-play should work as well in general. The problem is just that in my games, I tend to err on the side of being too generous with Bennies (to the point where I consider "Bad Luck" to be a bit of a boring Hindrance in my games if it's played just as written) -- and I also wanted something that might have an impact from session to session. (With Bennies, the "leftovers" just go away at the end of the session.)

Razzielle wrote:They did keep watch for other zombie types but did not see any sprinters etc.....just Shamblers.

Good call, sticking to this. I think it can be tempting in WOTD that, once you introduce the "bigger, badder" zombie types, to throw in Sprinters, Ragers, Infected Newborns, etc., into every encounter, or "just Shamblers" will seem too easy by comparison -- but, really, once the PCs get to be competent enough and have enough allies, they ought to have some situations where they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, and take out lots of Shamblers left and right. :) But the other thing would just be to underscore that there's some logic to this "zombie ecology," since there are specific origins for Sprinters, et al.

(In certain level-based RPGs, I was a bit disappointed that, once I reached the higher levels, I never got a chance to trounce those LOW-LEVEL baddies who'd once given me so much trouble. It seems I only get to do that sort of self-indulgent thing in COMPUTER RPGs, where there isn't a GM who might be bored too easily if the players have a cakewalk now and again. ;) )

Razzielle wrote: They even went on to think about flying to various airports all over North America and use the airports as a base. Well that is something I never excepted the group to think of. Well I can easily fix that idea.

Yeah, that's something that I had to be careful about in my campaign. At one point, I just rolled with it, and had the PCs fly some distance -- but of course they couldn't take a big convoy of military and civilians with them, and they had a limit to how much gear they could take along. (Also, it involved scrambling the order of events in Chapter 2 quite a bit, and I'm not really sure it was worth the added headache. Players had fun, though, so I guess that's what really counts. ;) )

Of course, the big risk would be in trying to find a good place to put down. If you're in a small plane, you could theoretically put down on just about any stretch of interstate (and not *ALL* of it is going to be jam-packed with zombies and cars out west -- it's a big world, and we aren't REALLY living elbow-to-elbow, after all). But then the trick is ... what next? And who's going to be there to greet you while you get turned around? (Of course, there's the matter of zombies who might be attracted by the noise ... but perhaps even worse would be other survivors who might figure that you're easy pickings.)

I suppose if I'd gotten a player who'd insisted on flying off in a puddlejumper or whatever, well ... congrats! He embarks on a wonderful adventure of airport-hopping, leaving the rest of the gang behind! Write up a new character, promoting one of the faceless NPC tag-alongs to PC-dom, and we'll continue the adventures of everyone left behind. ;)

Razzielle wrote:The lawyer Phillip-They thought of just killing him and putting him out of his misery

Seriously, it seems like it doesn't take much to get a player group to hate Phillip. I think he was doomed as soon as it was mentioned that he was a lawyer.

Razzielle wrote: They also finally discuss a chain of command. The group feels that democracy is out.

Heh. Yeah, honestly, I doubt that it would ever work out well with "democracy" in an RPG situation like this. In real life, there might be emotional entanglements and stuff to make it more complicated -- but in game play, if the NPCs ended up voting on stuff that the PCs didn't like, the PCs would probably just end up "voting with their feet" (as they, being PCs, would tend to be a great deal more self-sufficient than anyone else).

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#55 Postby Razzielle » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:30 pm

Thanks Jordan

Yes trouncing Shamblers is something that they are quite good at and any player that plays this game will get good at it as well. The thing with Shamblers though it only takes one bite.

They never did use that plane idea but where we are now in the Game currently I did have players say they could have simply gotten in a plane way back at the airport scene and fly to where they are now.

I can be stingy on bennies they only start each session with 3. The moral boost is there extra Bennie. I use to do internet interludes that they will get a Bennie for if they take part in it. But I don't do interludes anymore so now they rely on moral boosters.

I thought of using sanity or something but I ultimately decided against because I did not want another mechanic to track I wanted something a lot simpler. The extra Bennie works.

I'm surprised the players want to even build a large extra pool. They did talk of just a small group of extras only so they could keep their group small and mobile at one point they thought of going the bad ass survivor group taking what they need from everybody.....basically like the villain Hell. I basically told them they could do that but it would be too much work for me to retool the campaign. I guess as we played the game longer they really wanted to not just be survivors but heroes among survivors. They found this to be more fun. I'm fine with that.

Yes chain of command....well pcs always need to be the leaders otherwise they'll walk. However, I use others like commander Morrison and Alexandro as individuals that can give valued opinions and question the groups orders. Basically they as well as others in the future are there to make sure the characters stay balanced and don't do really stupid things That is what happened when Jonathon Treymore finally had it with Johnny D in the group. It caused a rift and most of the groups former extras all left. The group needed that though to happen to realize that normal people won't stand for some of their sh**t.

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Session 23-adventure 2; chapter 12

When glancing at my notes I recall this was a short session. One more session to go to wrap up adventure/chapter 2 and I still have all of adventure/chapter 3 to go.....as long as I can find the notes for it.

The character group of extras is growing and now the group has a new concern not only for themselves but having to care for an ever increasing group of civilians.

More Soldiers
While driving the road the convoy lead vehicle spots a military Humvee up ahead pulled in at a road side motel. Using the binoculars the hotel looks safe as no zombies can be seen but a number are seen lying motionless around the abandoned Humvee. On closer inspection through the binoculars Morrison recognizes the Humvees has the markings for his unit. They decide to pull into the the motel and check it out. They also think about camping there for the evening.

Sure enough when they get closer they see movement at the motel a soldier is on the roof with a gun trained on the convoy. But when they see Commander Morrison and the tanks the soldier above lowers his weapon and radios for the others inside the good news. 8 UniMed soldiers under Morrison's command stand in front of Morrison stalk still. The group learns what happened. The group is also happy to replace a number of the soldiers that were lost since they left Sanctuary. The soldiers immediately fall into commander Morrison's detachment and the Sargent assigns the new found soldiers duties.

At the motel the group hunkers down. A number of individuals take rooms and look forward to a good nights sleep with a real bed. Morrison lets the group know he is assigning his UniMed soldiers to guard duty. The group Morrison and Alexandro get together to decide what to do next. The need is for food. They all decide they need to raid the nearby town for food. It is decided that only the player group will embark on the mission. They also decide to give the x-raiders guns and become combatants to protect the convoy as they are proving themselves reliable. Morrison and his troops as well as Alexandro's will stay back and protect the convoy while the players scavenge. Morrison also mentions he'll make the x-raider new soldier recruits and will set his Sargent to training them...the discipline will help them.

Just before the group heads out they over hear Steve screaming at his father Kyle that he should have protected mom. The group decides not to get involved. Also Cal the UFC competitor asks the group if he could come along on the scavenging mission. The group was going to go by themselves but decide to bring Cal along to see what he's got.

The group takes a Humvee and heads to the edge of the town called Halton. They did hike it the rest of the way in on foot first stopping to recon. They do not see very many living dead wandering around. They do note a few buildings they want to check out a Drugmart, hardware store, family doctor office, a dentist, a coffee shop, a grocery store...the gun store though is a smouldering husk...but the sign still stands.

They realize they will need to use stealth skills as much as possible and want to take out threats on the quiet side. This is a quick rundown of their scavenging run into the town.

Drugmart. - they stealth move up to the rear of the Drugmart and head in through the back service door as Cappi the gypsy unlocks it. Once inside they take out two fat Shamblers before they could moan and search the store. The store has been heavily cleared out. But they find medical supplies in a unopened cabinet in the back. There is enough supplies to fill an entire duffle bag. The medical team will be happy to get this Sergei mentioned. They could not find any food.

Grocery store-stealthily move across the street to the grocery store. The front windows are all bashed in. Once inside a crawler hidden under boxes surprises Frank the Archer but the crawler misses chewing on his leg and Frank puts a boot heel through its skull. They search the grocery store and find a backpack worth of canned food. Cal smashes another Shambler stuck in the washroom. Well cal has not died yet.

Dentist Office- when they enter the dentist office they have to deal with the zombified former dentist staff. Cal the UFC fighter extra held his own against the Shamblers. After destroying those Shamblers they search and find more medical supplies they even take with them a dentist kit as one of the survivors from sanctuary is an actual dentist. Sergei jokes about how everyone's been neglecting their teeth and everyone has bad breath.

Doctors Office- they move by stealth to the doc office but Maddi the marine kicks a glass bottle by accident and 3 Shamblers turn and take notice. The others with speed take them out before they could moan an alarm. They then head into the the doctors office. The medical supplies have been wiped clean. Cal is mazes at how well the group fights.

Coffee Shop- well the group wants to move next door to the coffee shop. But before they could do that a large group of Shamblers are wandering around it. Cal was about to rush forward brimming with overconfidence but Maddi holds him back. The Duke gets out one of his car alarm arrows and gives it to Frank the archer to launch. He sends it off....it goes off and many of the undead around the shop and in the area head towards the sound. They move into the coffee shop. They are able to acquire a bunch of coffee and with a superior scavenge roll lucked out in finding a large stash of food that fills up the rest of their bags. Time to head back.

On there way back Maddi the marine notices something off to the side move quickly through the bushes trying to be stealthy. It obviously is not undead....likely a survivor. She continues to watch and see it enter a house further down the street. The group decides to investigate only after they deliver their supplies.

Back at the Motel
They return to the motel bringing supplies. Cindy Woo the dentist is delighted to get a large amount of dental supplies. She decides it would be a good idea to check up on everyone's teeth and says she'll go and talk with the medical team about her idea. The group actually encourages her as they think it's a great idea and might increase moral in their ranks. Sure enough they gain the moral Bennie for this.

They also deliver all the other food supplies to Bud on the Fry Truck and they inform Morrsion and Alexandro about the person they saw and where the person went. They decide to check it out as they can't have unknowns so close to them. Cal the extra comes along.

The house
Well the group and Alexandro's team move to the house. Alexandro's team moves to the rear while the group moves to the front. A shot then rings out from the second story window on the front and thuds into the mailbox where Frank the archer is crouching. They could not spot who took the shot. They move up to the house with stealth and enter covering each other. They move upstairs and see two 20'ish something men crouching trying to unjam their weapon. Well the group surprises them and the two young men drop their weapon with their arms up. They explain they thought the players group was raiders. They explain they are part of a group from the school and talk about how they have a number of elderly they are taking care of and could certainly use the groups help and would like for them to come with them as some are I'll. Well Maddi and Sergei sense something real fishy about what these two men are saying. Alexandro and his team arrive.

Well the group now suspicious begin questioning the men. Cappi the gypsy, Maddi the marine head out to recon the school. Alexandro will back them up while the rest of the group stays keeping watch on the men. Frank the archer and Sergei both notice how the two men are starting to look very uncomfortable.

Recon of the School
Cappi and Maddi check out the school and move in closer. They notice the windows are all boarded up. They climb up to the roof and with a notice discover a hole in the roof. When they look through they see a scene out of a horror flick. An obviously dead elderly man is tied spread eagle on a table. On looking closer they can see that bone and large amounts of flesh have been removed. They then realized they were dealing with cannibles. They do a deeper recon and can hear people talking....all young men about 15 or more they guess. They also hear bits and pieces about younger fresh meat instead of the elderly stuff with the new arrivals in town. There is talk about the tanks.....and about trying to convince the people into the school and then taking their vehicles. Well they head back with the info and let the others know what they found out.

Back at the House
They get back and start questioning the two now sweating cannibles. Through intimidation they discover exactly what they did. The two men spill the beans about their group. The group is disgusted. Alexandro wants to kill them right now. They learn all the elderly are dead. Well they inform Morrison over the radio. Morrison is absolutely disgusted. The group does not want to risk lives going in after these cannibles but they do not want to let them off. They decide to blast the school with the tanks.

Tanks let loose
Well the group and the tanks and troops get into position. They start firing tank shells into the school. Some of the cannibles try to escape the school but are immediately killed by fire from the the soldiers. The school after a few rounds is a mess of bricks. The group and others comb through the rubble just to make sure.

Well it is agreed upon to execute the two cannibles they captured. Morrison sets up a firing squad. The cannibles beg for their lives. No hesitation from the soldiers as they fire on the commanders command. It was determined that all cannibles should be killed with no mercy. Wow my player group really hates cannibles.

Good nights rest
Well the convoy finally gets a goods nights sleep. Well compared to what they have been through so far this is as close to a good night as they are going to get. While sitting and talking they learn from one of the soldiers that they found today that there is an abandoned Safe zone a few miles up the road. It may have needed supplies and may well be worth the risk. The group discusses this over dinner from the Fry Truck. It is agreed that they will recon this abandoned safe zone in the morning. Cal the extra survived his experience with the group.

Thus ends this session.
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#57 Postby Jordan Peacock » Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:13 am

Razzielle wrote:I can be stingy on bennies they only start each session with 3.

That's the typical way to do it, yes. However, do the players get any Bennies for "good roleplaying" at all? My rule of thumb has typically been "one Benny per session per Hindrance that you actually roleplay well, or that significantly comes into play." Since everyone can get up to one Major and two Minor Hindrances, that would mean the potential for three more Bennies if those Hindrances are roleplayed out.

(Now, if someone picks the "Bad Luck" Hindrance, that's just too bad. It's not really a roleplaying-based Hindrance, and awarding a Benny for "playing" it would kind of cancel out the very point of that Hindrance anyway.)

Razzielle wrote:I thought of using sanity or something but I ultimately decided against because I did not want another mechanic to track I wanted something a lot simpler. The extra Bennie works.

Yeah, I can see why there's enough to keep track of already. The very fact you've got this campaign running for as long as it is seems to indicate that you've got something working for your group. :)

Razzielle wrote:I basically told them they could do that but it would be too much work for me to retool the campaign.

Hmm. Yeah, a lot of WOTD really relies upon the PCs being generally good-hearted and "going with the group" an awful lot.

However, I could really understand it if my player group had taken me up on the offer to have "dependents" at the start on the cruise ship -- spouse, children, etc. -- that they might have a very different approach, and it might not be unjustified. (After all, if you DO start off the game with Dependents, if you play WOTD strictly as written, they're pretty much doomed if you let them out of your sight by the time you get to Dalesbury, and then quite possibly again at Sanctuary. It just didn't turn out that way in my own game because we were just going off the rails so much anyway.)

Razzielle wrote:I guess as we played the game longer they really wanted to not just be survivors but heroes among survivors. They found this to be more fun. I'm fine with that.

I'm glad that's working out for them! :) And if I haven't said it already, I'm really enjoying reading your write-ups. It's been very interesting to see how another group has taken it through Chapter 2, but I'm also especially interested in seeing how the later chapters play out, since I never made it that far.

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#58 Postby Razzielle » Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:57 pm

Thanks Jordan

No I do not hand out role play bennies. For great role playing I give bonuses in game like they tried to persuade someone and did a great job at it I'll give them a +1 or 2 to their roll. They also get negs if they role play horribly...I always encourage role play for all social interactions. But no bennies. No one in my group chose the bad luck trait.

As for the game....yes 3-4 times a month we get together and are almost finished the entire war of the dead adventure adventure. We are presently talking about whether to continue by jumping 4 years into the future and playing in the world of the dead or starting a savage worlds pulp adventure path that I put together. We'll see.

Yes I like reading about other WOtD campaigns but most have not gone as far as we have. The group is pretty good at staying the path but changes do occur. Like Caitlan dying early etc... Even the pc's deciding to hunker down at a FEMA camp....which is in the next write up a larger then usual write up as I had lots of notes on it. I like to add things here and there as well to build on areas. Adventure 3 is the same there is the path but yes they go off it at times and things do change.


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Session 24 - final chapter 13 of adventure 2

We left with the group listening to what one of the soldiers had said about a FEMA camp located a few miles up ahead.

At the Motel
In the morning the group, Alexandro and Commander Morrison gather at the folding table on a nice fall like day. They decide with food/water in constant need and ammo getting real low it might be wise to check out the FEMA camp. The Duke mentions they will also need some more vehicles. I have been having them use large quantities of fuel because....well tanks and Humvees suck at MPH. Morrison suggests they might want to consider different vehicles that are better on fuel. It was agreed to keep the armoured vehicles at least until fuel becomes more of an issue. The added protection is well worth the lousy mileage. The Duke once again suggests more vehicles. Perhaps another bus or an RV or two to move civilians in...as they are likely going to come across more survivors that need help. He also suggests that the last FEMA camp they were at had some FEMA trailers and vehicles that could be useful. Well the group notes that and will look to see what is available. Maddi suggests if they can find a working helicopter a recon ahead to the west could be useful. Food, fuel, medical supplies, ammo are the most important though.

It is decided that the group will head out to recon the FEMA camp. Commander Morrison and his now increased soldier pool will provide protection of the civilians at the motel. They will use the Motel as the staging area. Alexandro wants to go with the group on the recon.

They move down parallel to the roadway. They have learned that zombies like to hang out directly on roadways. Less encounters when off such an open space. They do come across two Shamblers that are stuck on two large trees with pitchforks. They have a bit of a chuckle at this and put both zombies out of their misery. They continue on. They next come across an abandoned SUV with a Shambler stuck in the drivers seat belt. They put it out to before it can moan.

Getting Closer
Well as they get closer they are seeing more abandoned vehicles on the road up ahead as well as more Shamblers aimlessly wandering about. They also notice the remains of a crashed civilian helicopter that took out some tree tops on the way down. They spot a cell tower not too far and decide that would be a good thing to climb to have a look at the FEMA camp.

Cell Tower
They move to the tower and see only a few Shamblers wandering around it. They devise a quick plan and they take them out silently at range. Frank the archer takes out most of them. Cappi the gypsy is the best climber and ascends the tower. At the top he gets a really good view of the base.

Halton County FEMA camp
The base like the former one has a makeshift junk vehicle fence line. A number of civilian vehicles are inside, RV's, pickups, etc. there are even some FEMA vehicles and some abandoned military vehicles. It looks like when the zombies hit the base they hit hard because Cappi could tell that people tried to get out quickly. He deduces there was no order to the retreat, likely an every man for himself like what happened when they barely escaped. But he does see some potential and likely worth the risk if they can plan a good way to get in. The problem there has to be about 2000 zombies in and around the FEMA camp.

Return to The Motel
At the motel they discuss their findings. The potential gains far out way the risks they decide and devise a plan of action. It is actually quite the simple plan. They decide to use the two tanks and the armoured RV to flatten and squish all the zombies they can at the FEMA camp. Once it's down to a bearable level they'll see what they can recover at the base. So Commander Morrison will lead one of the tanks. The Duke with his army experience will lead the second. Alexandro his team and the rest of the group will all get into the armoured RV.

Assaulting the FEMA camp
Well the tanks and the armoured RV roll up the road to the FEMA camp and they flatten most of the Shamblers along the path. Once inside the FEMA camp there are large open areas where they spend a good amount of time squishing and crushing zombies. They only had to make simple driving rolls to avoid damaging their vehicles. Next they had to deal with a large number of zombies in and around the crowded trailers, tents, and abandoned vehicles. This was a little more difficult to do and the driver of Dukes tank failed and got the tank tracks stuck on a concrete highway divider. The Duke took over driving and got it off. I used the mass battle rules to accomplish these combat tasks. The players group easily won out. I have to admit it was an excellent strategy and great use for tanks. But boy do they cost a lot of fuel. There are now only a few Shamblers left in the FEMA camp. The group even devise a method of using the tanks to push abandoned vehicles up to the wall to fix the breeches. They even arrange abandoned vehicles inside around the tents and trailers and lodging area that use to house FEMA, military and the medical personal.

On the spur of the moment due to their success, they decided to make this a liveable safe zone for the time being. I did not expect them to make this into a shelter. I thought they would possibly go in grab what they needed and leave. Well kudos to them. I let them have fun with it. At least until a horde arrives. They then all get out of their vehicles and on foot dispose of the rest of the zombies. They did lose two soldiers in the battle. I continued to use the mass battle rules as there were still a lot of zombies. They radio back to the motel for the others to head towards the FEMA camp.

The New FEMA camp
Well they have successfully wiped out 2000 Shamblers with the odd Sprinter thrown in. It was a great use of tanks and boy I still recall at how excited they were. I ended up giving them all an extra Bennie for this feat. They decided to plan to spend some time making sure their inner perimetre was secure.

Securing Fort Hope
Well once again out comes the table and the senior staff of the group, commander and Alexandro get together to plan how to secure their new base. First they decided on a name Fort Hope. Well next they decide to secure the outer perimetre as best they can. Maddi the Marine volunteers for this task and Commander Morrison assigns a squad of soldiers to help Maddi and to use the tanks if needed.

The Duke: the Duke with a few mechanically incline civilians and 3 of the x-raiders are assigned to check out all the useful vehicles on base and the fuel dump.
Cappi: Cappi with a few soldiers check out the FEMA trailers.
Frank: Frank has the best survival score and brings and goes on a slavage run in and around the base.
Serge: Sergei with commander Morrison check out the weapons and possible Ammo.
Alexandro and his team will check out all the lodging tent areas.

What they have got
Well I did make them feel good about their excellent accomplishment. This is what their FEMA camp has. In the haste that it was left in......a number of supplies were left behind. They spent the next week upping the base for habitation. Some zombies did wander out to the base and the group made note of trying at first to deal with them in stealth mode. But realized all the work they were doing at the base was noisy so they started shooting them once they got too close.

Fort Hope
The base has a large car wall as it's outer perimetre. Maddi the marine and the assigned troops and tanks secure that wall even more dragging and pushing cars to the wall. They even move four trailers at the four corners and can use these as places to shoot from. They were hoping that a layered thick wall of cars will stall a horde better. They have only two entrances and make like a car wall lock idea. The second gate is an escape gate that can be used in an emergency.

The inner base has a secondary car wall with two gates which are vehicles that roll to open and close. The car wall is not that thick.

The civilians and group stay in the large lodging tents that are filled with cots. Bud takes over the mess tent for now and parks his Fry Truck up to it. There is even a good amount of food in a storage trailer here. No rationing needed for a while. There is even a small FEMA portable water treatment trailer and some portable showers. The group decides to take the command tent as their lodgings. Their is also a small medical tent with some medical supplies this makes the groups medical team happy.

Fuel dump - there is still a large amount of fuel in the tanks for vehicles and to supply the generators.

There is an M1 tank on base that has a destroyed engine. However they grab parts for it especially the tracks for their tanks and more ammo for the big guns. They find numerous assault rifles, handguns, and other weapon strewn all over the base grounds obviously dropped when soldiers were killed. Some were destroyed when the tanks ran rampant to kill the zombies earlier. Either way they have more then enough guns. There are a couple of MG's which they put on top of the outer perimeter corner truck box trailers. They also have lots of ammo. Hmmm.....a nice place to hang for a while and the players idea.

Workshop and vehicles
The Duke sets up a workshop and begins the task of modding up vehicles with the assistance of mechanics in the group. He found the extra name Dan they rescued at the airport is an excellent diesel mechanic. Eventually they will add a second modded FEMA civilian survivor transport bus to their convoy. They also add the FEMA medical trailer. They also mod up their Humvees with grids over the windows and acquire 3 more Humvees that they do to as well. The Duke will also mod up what he calls his engineer truck. Basically a military transport all terrain truck with equipment on board. Plus four military supply transport trucks are added. Basically grids are placed over all vehicle windows and the Duke and his team add want to add makeshift front blades to all the vehicles.

Having a Baby
Well Shannon at the end of the week goes into premature labour and gives birth to a baby girl. Luckily the FEMA medical trailer and the med team led by the nurse help with a successful birth. Now though the decision is made to stay at the base for at least the next four weeks until the baby is healthy enough to travel. Well I know week thirteen the group was suppose to be at a farm where she gives birth and meets Scott, George and Rebecca. well things change. That would have been the plan but I let them go with this.

Four weeks before they can travel
With the baby being cared for the group continues to make prep for the journey west but with the time they decide to head out into the surrounding area to see who and what they can find. Commander Morrison decides to stay back and maintain security at the base and to make sure the x-raider new recruits are being trained well. Also a few other able bodied members also take in a four week training program run by the commanders sergeant. When all is said and done the commander will have himself 10 more soldiers.

The farm
Well on their first foray out they come across a farm as they head up to check it out a shot rings out and Maddi spots the shooter from the second floor of the farm house. The group yells to the house saying they are not raiders. It took some convincing but they were able to persuade the farmers they were not raiders. I used pure role play and gave a bonus to the role based on how well they role played it. Anyways they met two men Scott and George as well as a woman named Rebecca. They sit and chat for a while they tell the farmers they are headed out west in a large convoy to the Colorado Relocation Zone. Scott chuckles at this not believing it. The group also tells the farmers they reopened the FEMA camp up the road and they are welcome to come on out to it for some supplies or to even join them on their journey.

Zombies attack
Just then the Duke on guard sees a small group of Shamblers shuffling towards the farmhouse. The group easily deals with them. Scott says almost everyday they have to deal with those biters. There running low on ammo. The group gives them a case of 50 rounds.

Back to talking
The group and farmers continue to talk and learn that Scott and George are not just farmers but machinists. The group says they certainly could use their skills in the convoy. However, when Rebecca learns that there are kids in the convoy and at the camp she wants to check out the FEMA camp. Scott and Goeoge agree and a travelling pack is put together. The farmers get a ride back with the group to Fort hope.

Back at the Fort
The farmers check out the camp and the people and through a number of persuasion rolls Scott, George and Rebbeca would like to come along with the group. The group arranges with Alexandro to take them back to the farm and to gather any supplies they have. They also inform them to take their time as they won't be leaving for four weeks. Rebbeca gets involved with the medical team as she is a midwife and can help,with the children especially the baby and the other pregnant lady.

A scream is heard and everyone goes running to find the cause. Hailey is hysterical and Philip the lawyer ass is on the ground knocked out. Johnathon Treymore is also there standing over Phillip. Well Hailey and Treymore explain what had happened. Phillip had attempted to have his way with Hailey and her shirt is torn in new places. Freymore was just happening to come along when he saw Hailey trying to fight Phillip off of her. Hmmm...they think attempted rape. Well the commander has a few soldiers cart Phillip away to be placed in the shed for the moment and Hailey goes with Rebecca to medical to be checked out. The commander then suggests the senior staff have a meeting.

The meeting
Well this part was role played quite well from what I recall. The group, Alexandro, and Commander Morrison decide on what kind of rules the group needed in order to function and had to deal with Phillip. They decided after a long RP session one relatively simple rule. Trust in the group. If anyone's betrays the trust....like beating up a member, attempted rape, attempted murder, etc the. The senior staff will decide on a punishment. It could be something as simple as peeling potatoes for a week, banished from the group or even execution. The player group really wanted to try and keep the rule thing simple. They did make changes over time but this idea worked well. There first test was using it on Phillip. Now who will govern the punishment. Well the senior staff Governing body -1 vote for the party group, 1 vote for Alexandro's team, 1 vote for commander Morrison. 2 votes win. They brought this idea back to the people at the camp. I had them agree to it simply because they recognize the value of the leaders and they generally like the pc group, Alexandro's team and the Commander.

Phillips Fate
Well they had to decide what to do with Phillip. As the idiot tried to have his way with Hailey. That is defiantly a breach of trust. They hate the guy because he's an ass and decide on a punnishment. The senior staff agrees on 1 week with Drill Sargeant Malone. The commander says the Drill
Sargeant will make him wish he never touched her. They go to where Hailey is and tell her their decision. She of course wants him dead but calms enough to see the logic. They then inform Phillip who is given his punnishment. He argues that this is a monkey court but eventually agrees when the group says the alternative is to leave. He is ushered off to meet the Drill Sargeant.

Side Missions
Here are a number of things they did over the four weeks

Truck plough blades
The machinist Scott knows where The Duke can get some good blades for the vehicles. There is a county road maintenance truck depot about 15 miles from here. They store all their plough vehicles there for the county. They plan for the trip and take three military transports with them a couple of soldiers to defend the vehicles and to help,lift the ploughs on the trucks. The entire party group heads out with some soldiers. Well the first problem they encounter is a demolished bridge about 2 miles up the road. They find an alternate route. They easily maneuver around and through a number of small groups of Shamblers. They get to the county maintenance yard and can see it has numerous Shamblers in the facility still wearing the county uniforms. Well they assault the facility and get enough plough blades to put on all their vehicles back at Fort Hope.

Raiders strike fort Hope
Well a small band of raiders thought it would be a good idea to hit the base. Well the group wiped them out with their defences. The Raiders barely got off a shot and none got away.

Zombie Horde
A horde of 300 Shamblers decends on the Fort. The group once again easily dealt with the horde and none of the Shamblers were able to get through the wall of course and that is from the few that made it to the wall.

Fire in the Mess Tent
A fire spreads in the mess tent. By the time it was extinguished a bunch of Bud's cooking stuff was destroyed and needs to be replaced.

Dental screening
Had fun with this one the dentist checked out everyone's teeth. Each party group member had cavities that needed to be filled and no anaesthetic. Well the player characters got drunk and they rolled to see who did not scream the loudest when the dentist filled in the cavities. Maddi the Marine won the wager.

Getting some Wood
The group heads out to do some lumbering. They need a good 10 logs to help reinforce the two gets in the fort. The group and Treymore comes along on this one. They chop down the needed trees. They also take out a good 12+ hungry Shamblers. They get them back to the fort and let the soldiers labour to reinforce the gates.

Surrounding Towns
Many of the surrounding towns they checked out were stripped of supplies.

Recon deeper from Fort Hope
On a deeper recon from the fort to check for more supplies. Maddi notices a large group of survivors gathering up the living dead and they see what appears to be a priest. Hmmmm....they head back to camp to tell the others of their find. This is the Reverands group from the start of adventure 3.

That is where we end it.
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Nice improvising as usual! :) I can really see the major events of the Weeks playing out here with just a slight change in venue.

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