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#61 Postby Razzielle » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:24 pm

Session 25

Fort Hope
Well back at Fort Hope they discuss what they discovered. They decide it would be a good idea to head out and talk with these people and figure out why they are gathering undead. Curiosity is what got the player group.

Heading Out
The group heads out to the town to the location where the survivors were followed to. They find a good place to do a thorough recon from afar. They see that the town has makeshift wall consisting of old vehicles, no undead can be seen. People do man the walls at certain points and there appears to be one gate in and out. The wall seems to extend only around the Main Street of the town and many buildings are part of the wall. Where windows and doorways were that are on the wall side are now boarded up. The group can tell through knowledge battle that it won't standup to a a large horde.

They also see people milling about inside all going about their business and they see children. They deduce when watching for awhile that the survivors do not act like raiders or cannibles but generally normal people. The most active building seems to be the church.

When they recon the rear of the town they notice a large area outside of the town that seems to have been dug up. With a common knowledge Sergei got a raise and says that it looks like mass graves. They also see large burned area where he figures that bodies are burned. They now are (correctly) thinking for some reason these folks are gathering undead and burning and burying them. Dangerous hobby they have is what Cappi says.

Off to Talk
Well they decide to talk with these people. They head up to the gate in their Humvees. Guards at the gate train theirs weapons on the party group and a few more guards show up. The group talks with the guards and are able to persuade them that they are not raiders. The gate guards let them in and do a quick search of the group to see if anyone is bit. They escort the group up to meet the Reverend at the church. The Duke mentions déjà-vu all they need next is raiders or undead to show and destroy the town.

At the Church
Well at the church they talk with the Reverend Waller. The reverend brings them into his den where he talks with them alone. The group then sees the reverend take on a different posture once away from his congregation. They see a spent man. The group then goes into role play mode and show their concern and want to help him and his survivors. They also tell the Reverned that they reopened the FEMA camp and are welcome to come out for protection and supplies. All this gives the pcs a bonus on their persuasion rolls. Cappi makes the roll with support and gets the raise. The reverend now likes the group.

They learn that the Reverned is really just a spiritual leader not a wartime leader and this group he leads needs a wartime leader where he would be better in a support role. He had a few men a Charles and Willian join up with them a month ago and they brought lots of weapons. The reverend says he's good at detecting falsehoods and knows these men are loyal as he was initially worried they might be a recon of raiders. They also learn that there are 36 survivors in their group of men, women and a few children. The new people Charles and William taught everyone how to shoot and fight. They also mention they have good vehicles stored under cover in a large warehouse at the edge of the town wall. They do this do as not to entice raiders. They also learn that they herd up the undead in trucks, put them in a barn he gives last rights and then they put them down and burry or cremate them. Waller asks the group,to come with him to the barn.

Off to the barn
Note the barn that holds the living dead is outside the town wall. Waller explains on the way to the barn his theories about the undead, migratory patterns, and tells the pcs how these new undead in town seem to actually be searching. Looking in abandoned homes, through car windows etc. it's like something is leading them. The group then tells Waller of the controller zombie they met in Sanctuary before the city fell to an organized zombie attack on the walls.

ZOmbies Approach
A man rushes towards the barn where Waller and the group are and points to field where a large group of Shamblers and Sprinters are moving towards them. Waller immediately orders everyone to the walls and asks the players to help out. The group agrees. When the group watches the zombies approach it is obvious they are being controlled. On a notice Sergei sees a small group break off from the main horde and head towards the barn where these Shamblers are trying ...it seems to break the fence walls down to get the other living dead out. The main group assaults the wall and after a while the town survivors and players group prevails. When they search the living dead they notice numerous Shamblers and sprinters have indentification tags on their torn clothes that identify them from Sanctuary. This does not really raise any alarm bells from the players, which surprised me so I had Michael the extra with them suggest that their camp might be in danger if these came from Sanctuary.

Radio alert
Just then they get an alert from Commander Morrison on the radio that the FEMA camp is getting swarmed by a massive horde of undead. He also mentions the movements are coordinated. The group tells the commander then to initiate the escape plan and that he'll get there as soon as they can to help out. The group then tells Waller the situation. Waller offers help and 25 armed men jump into vehicles as well,as the pcs and they head back stopping along the way to pick up their vehicles. During tHe journey back they tell Wallers men of the escape plan and to follow their lead.

Battle at Fort Hope (FEMA camp)
When they arrive they hear guns going off and can see a massive horde of zombies around the wall. On a quick scan they see it is a mixed group. Mainly Shamblers but sprinters, Ragers and even a few Newborns are spotted. They inform the commander that they have arrived with support. They plan to blow a path through the horde to the emergency gate exit and then for the convoy to move through. The commander mentions a few Newborns and Sprinters and ragers have breached the outer perimeter and some Ragers have moved vehicles and the Shamblers are beginning to pour through. With the mass battle rules the group,is victorious in getting the convoy out. There were some extras lost and some of Wallers men but all the vehicles got out.

Note: with modifications they made to the fort it allowed the horde to be delayed long enough so that the group of survivors could get away with their escape plan. Those few extra rounds made all the difference. That was the groups goal to slow down any massive horde attack long enough for the survivor group to mobilize and get out. It worked. Got to let the pcs have some satisfaction for all their planning they did.

Taking out a Controller
Note during the combat the group got a glimpse of a controller zombie from a distance. Maddi the marine who is a sniper had the satisfiction of blowing the things head off. This caused a disruption in the battle that allowed the convoy to get out with fewer losses. The reverend on the road discusses with the group about having his group join with them to head out west. The players agree as well as Alexandro but Morrison votes no.

Hmmm lots of people
The players convoy and the survivors is getting pretty big. They have themselves as well as the survivors they rescued from Sanctuary, the survivors from the airport, commander Morrsion and all his UniMed troops(well they are really just merc) as well 30 plus survivors from Waller's group. The group says they can easily fit them on the newly modded FEMA bus they have. Some of the better armed pickups can join the convoy which are used by Wallers men.

As the convoy moves down the road with the horde following but far back in the distance. It is only beginning to get dim out as the sun is starting to go down. The lead vehicle the armoured RV with the Alexandro and the player group in it has to make an immediate driving check as all 4 tires blow out at the same time. The driver successfully makes his roll and skids to a halt. Two Humvees following with UniMed soldiers also roll over the spikes strips but their tires are okay as they are puncture resistant but successfully stop without crashing Into the RV. The convoy comes to a halt and people begin getting out of vehicles to see what has happened. The players group tells everyone back in their vehicles and lock the doors. Many don't listen. We move into combat with the ambushers opening up from the tree-line and a pickup of Waller's in the rear erupts into flames as a grenade takes it out. Civilians go crazy trying to get back onto the buses etc. living dead are also attracted to the battle. When it is all over the ambushers successfully took 3 women and two children. The group was able to kill two of the ambushers. The reverend mentions he thinks theses are the cannibles,that have been harassing his town walls the last few months. They must be getting desperate to attack a convoy with tanks.

After talking it is agreed that a rescue mission needs to be carried out as well as a mission to get 2 more tires for the Armoured RV. They feel the RV is too valuable to leave behind. The players group decides to split 3 ways. Maddi the marine and Frank the archer will lead the rescue operation and will bring a squad of UniMed troops with them. Cappi the gypsy and the Duke will lead the mission into the nearby city for RV tires they will bring 8 of Wallers men with them. Sergie will stay back with the convoy to coordinate the defence. This was interesting we ran each mission separately and pc's that were not involved in the mission with their characters played the extras.

The hunt
Maddi was the best tracker. She tracked the ambushers to a cave. They took care of the undead in the cave silently and were able to bypass the tripwire traps. Then they leave the cave and on the other side enter a field. On the other side of the field is an old weathered farmhouse. The players have surprise when they assault the farmhouse. The players and UniMed soldiers hammered into the cannibles. After the battle was done one of the UniMed soldiers was down but successfully got back up after the random roll was made. When they searched the house one of the women that was taken is found dead, missing a leg and stomach removed. They surmised the stew pot likely had her stuff in it. They find the other women and children crying and completely scared under the floor boards in a hidden cellar. When Maddi and Frank show themselves the women and children rush them and hug and thank them so much. Maddi and Frank carry the two children back after they burn down the farmhouse. My group hates cannibles.

The city mission
Cappi, Duke and Wallers men head into the city looking for tires they do park their vehicles outside city limits and stealthfully move in. They see the remains of a battle, destroyed army transport chopper and a tank with blown tracks. They deduce undead did not do this. They head into the city and find the undead here to be very lethargic and slow not as alert. As they move deeper into the city they find a Goodyear tire shop. As they search the shop they find two RV sized tires but then they are attacked by a pack of feral dogs that bark up a storm attracting the undead. They are able to defeat the dogs and attacking undead with no losses. They assign two of Wallers men to carry the tires. They have a long journey back to their vehicles through the city in which the undead are not lethargic anymore. Along the way back they fight some more feral dogs, Shamblers and sprinters but they make it.

The convoy
Sergei did not have much to do at the convoy as no threats came upon the convoy. Both groups get back to the convoy however from the tree-line a LAWS rockets is launched and hits the convoy tanker truck which goes up in flames. The group, Morrison and his troops, Alexandro, Wallers men all get into the fight. The group has Morrison hammer the area where the missile came for with the tanks. Not much is left of the tree- line as the characters kill the last of the cannibles off. But now they don't have a tanker truck an vitally important vehicle in the convoy.

That is where we left this long session we played.
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Session 26

Adventure 3 and the 13 chapters the players take part in does go off the rails. There are certain things that do not occur, different locales and other things. I will just be using session numbers because many of the chapter acts are different then as written or happen out of sequence. But we still get to where we need to be by the end of adventure 3.

Well they just killed a number of cannibles, had their armoured RV tires taken out, their tanker truck blown up and lost a few survivors. In the morning they decide to move the convoy along the road again. However with the loss of the tanker truck they need a fuel source. They consider going into the city again but decide against it. Well they only have about 50 miles left in the gas tanks before they are out of gas. They decide to find a place where they can whole up....while a recon team heads out to find some fuel. They decide to park the convoy at an amusement park along the way in the parking lot. As the amusement park has a chain link fence around it. The group and Alexandro's team heads out in the RV to look for fuel. Commander Morrison sets up the protection detail for the convoy and sends out a recon force to the rear to see where that horde that struck their FEMA camp is located. As the group is getting ready for their recon Morrison's troops report in. They are looking from a cell tower and can see that the horde that struck the base is still there kind of just wandering around like regular zombies should.....no apparent control. The group looks to Maddi the Marine and congratulates her on the sniper takeout of that controller. They wonder if their are other controller zombies out there or was it just unique. Morrison has the recon troops keep watch and to return when it gets too dangerous or before dusk. Morrison decides go with the group on the recon mission.

Looking for Fuel
Well the Armoured RV heads down the service road. They decided against taking major interstates a while ago. They stop the RV because Maddi the Marine sees a group of individuals up ahead just at the bend in the road searching through a transport truck. An individual on guard notices the player's RV and waves to the others in his group and they all take cover. The group decides to investigate. When the Armoured RV gets closer they notice eight people (7 men 1 woman) dressed in variety of clothes carrying, rifles and handguns. Cappi the gypsy and Frank the Archer step out of the RV. Cappi begins RP'ing as he attempts to persuade these people they are not raiders etc...he successfully moves them to neutral. The leader a big bearded man talks to the group. They exchange info. They learn this group is heading to the Colorado CRZ. The group says they are welcome to join up with their larger group back a few miles. The new survivors thank the group but decline. Just then a large loud rumbling sound is heard and in the distance they see an airline go down beyond the treeline.

Airforce One
( note in the campaign Airforce One went down weeks ago with a zombified President and first family on board...this was what broke Morrison's sanity in the campaign. Well I changed things a bit here since I stretched out the destruction of civilization. In our campaign Airforce One just went down.)

The group decides to investigate but the new survivor group decides not to tag along. Everyone's notice check is not high enough to recognize the aircraft as Airforce One. Even my extra Morrison rolled poorly. Well it was far away. They head up the road. After a few miles they see the flames and smoke in the distance and now realize it is Airforce One. The group notices the look of shock on Commander Morrison's face and he insists they get to the crash site to assist the President.

They arrive at the crash site. The planes fuselage is still intact with a break in the middle. The planes wings and engines lie further back in the crash path and on fire. The group gets to the fuselage. Everyone sees a figure appear at the fuselage opening slowly moving out of the aircraft. The figure is missing half it's arm at the elbow. The group sees the shock and horror on the Commanders face as everyone realizes President Obama is a Shambler. Surprisingly the group holds its fire. Sergei wonders what brought the plane down. Commander Morrison moves up to the President Zombie and the party group thinks he's gone a little whacky when he talks to the President like he was still alive.

Well Maddi the Marine moves up to where Commander Morrison is with the President Shambler. The others move into where the opening is in the fuselage to have a look inside for possible survivors. Maddi tries to convince Morrison that the President is a Zombie and pulls her gun to aim at the zombie. She fails at convincing him. Morrison with a crazed look in his eye looks to Maddi and orders her to lower her weapon and not to threaten the President. Well I have two tasty morsels for the President and this is where a shocking result happened. You see after playing for so long the players did not see Shamblers as that much of a threat especially just one. Well.....

The death of Maddi the Marine
Well I had card a drawn for the president Shambler, Morrison and Maddi. Incredibly the Shambler drew the joker and goes first. It lunges at Maddi the marine in an attempt to bite her. Well I open ended big time on both the attack and damage. The player of Maddi could not soak the massive amount of damage. Not even a single level. Maddi the Marine was killed instantly by having her throat ripped out by the zombie President. Commander Morrison then shot the President zombie in the head. Morrison shoots Maddi in the head. The only character with immunity is now dead. The group strips her of gear and leaves her where she lies.

It goes to show eventually a Shambler is going to open end big time. Could not have asked for a better moment for it.

The group has a little RP session with Morrison about what his problem is and that his stupidity led to Maddi's death. After that is done.....Morrison suggests they search the rest of the plane....and put to rest the others that were on the plane. Sergei notices how depressed the Commander looks. The group tells Morrison to get a hold of himself and begin to search the plane. As they search the plane they find a large number of the crew dead and or zombified. Among the dead Morrison finds the President's children zombified and trapped under flight chairs. Sergei notices Morrison says something under his breath before he shoots.

Safe Room
The group notices that Airforce One's safe room is still intact. They wonder who or what might be in there. Cappi the Gypsy cannot pick it as it is beyond her skill. He says she cannot bypass the handprint scanner. Well Sergei does the morbid task of getting the hand from the zombified president and places it on the scanner this unlocks the safe room. Inside the safe room curled up in the corner is a crying and scared First Lady of the United States. The group checks her for bites. The group notices how the Commanders face turns from distant, depressed and crazed to pure joy. He immediately moves to help.

( this was important as now the commander has a reason to live and will not become that serial killer in the campaign. A living First Lady allows Commander Morrison to keep his sanity intact and gives him a purpose to live...I try to give the impression to the players how the demeanour of the commander has changed from depressed to joy)

The First Lady
Well to top it off......the player of the now dead Maddi asked if she could play a wildcard First Lady. I thought about it for a second and said sure. So my female player put together a wild card First Lady. I thought this would be real interesting we'll see how it plays out. Now the problem was I was going to have the player's gain some info from the First Lady but now that she is a player character I changed that. I gave the player a basic background of the First Lady of what happened to her in Washington before she was evacuated. I let her know that she was bit (she is immune) and blacked out in all the chaos and all she recalls is her husband over her saying not to worry. The next thing she recalls is being in that room they found her in. With that info the player of the First Lady winged it as the group questioned her. She has always been good at winging it.

Once we start playing again I had Morrison walk up to the First Lady and asks what are your orders. I wanted to see how the player would respond to this. The player of the First Lady told the Commander to continue as he was an important member of the team. The player of the First Lady asks that they get her husband and children and bury them proper. The group does that and they also get Maddi. Morrison would like to return to the convoy with the bodies and provide a proper burial there. The group agrees. Morrison on the radio informs the sargeant that they found Airforce one and a surviving First Lady. Also to prepare for a funeral for the President and his children.

The funeral
Upon returning to the convoy the Sargeant had all the troops at attention and salute the First Lady. They provide a funeral and bury the President and his children while Reverand Waller gives last rites. I was nice and did not have any zombies show up yet.

Scouting Again
The group and Alexandro head out in search of fuel. The Group and the now player character First Lady have Commander Morrison stay behind to defend the convoy. The commander is not too keen on having the First Lady get into such danger but he knows she is in good hands and the First Lady put him in his spot. Well I describe how the Commander now seems to have an extra step about him. The group and Alexandro head out in the armoured RV. Their first stop is the town of Ellington. They do a standard recon look from the edge. They see a few Shamblers walking throughout the town. They can see there are two gas stations both have a few vehicles strewn around them. However they cannot find a tanker truck.

Egglinton or bust
Well they decide to move into the town and have a closer look for a tanker and maybe scavenge some more supplies. They check out gas stations parking lots and drive a long streets. Gunfire hits their vehicle when they are on on the Main Street.

Eggington Gang
They find out that a young group of Gangers (teens with attitude) has declared this town their turf and tell the group to piss off or die. Hmmm.....usually a verbal threat can't be handled very well by some egos in the group. So of course a gun fight breaks out. The group kills most of the outclassed gangers and the few surviving gangers go and hide after their big tough 19 year old high school dropout leader is killed. The group searches the rest of the town but does not find what they need.

Next Town Foswortth
the town Foswortth. They recon the town from the edge again. Shamblers move about and they see an abandoned fuel tanker sitting at the stop light in the centre of town. Well the group decides on a plan. They crush as many Shamblers as they can with Armoured RV and park the RV right at the tanker. The Duke then attempts to get the tanker truck started. After a few tense rounds they get the truck going and move it out with the Duke driving it. They head over to the town gas station, they deal with the minimal Shambler threat around it. Duke the engineer takes out the pump generator he built a while back and rigs the tanker to suck the fuel out of the gas storage tanks. He gets a full load of fuel while the others take out any zombie threats that come there way and it is only Shamblers. The group also notices how the Shamblers seem to be getting even slower as the weather gets colder. With the newly acquired tanker and fuel they head back to the convoy.

That is where we left that session
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#63 Postby Razzielle » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:01 pm

Current Cast of Characters Update

I figure I should put in an updated list of the characters in the campaign as well as the extras. Their extra group is getting so big that I do not name them all unless needed....many just sit in the background.

Player Characters- there has been two deaths so far in the campaign

Duke...Canadian pot farmer from the province British Columbia. He is built as tough as a brick house. Short cropped brown hair and a go-tee on his chin. Did serve in the Canadian military where he learned his chemistry and Engineering degree but left after five years to pursue a career in pot farming. He is the go to guy for Repairs and is a professional Engineer. He has proven the importance of the Repair skill in this game and his Engineering Professional edge he took allows him to do things a lot quicker and that helps when zombies are around.
Sergei the Russian....Russian Mafia operating out of US (likes to use dual pistols). Grew up in war torn Georgia, where he witnessed numerous horrors of war that could turn the most hardened stomach. Ended up in the US after the Georgian war to work for the Russian mafia where his combat skills served him faithfully. A two gun warrior. Has proven himself a capable warrior in the campaign and also seems to roll the most one's...it's a surprise his character has survived.
Cappi the Gypsy....X carnival performer (basically a thief type). A gypsy, con-man, acrobat from a defunct European criminal circus. Spent his entire life with his gypsy clan learning the thief skill set. And has become highly skilled at it. Skills that have proven valuable in this new world. Having his thief skill set and charm have proven invaluable to the campaign. He also has a pet UniMed dog.
Frank the Archer- served in the US Army briefly to gain some free education. Became an Olympic Archer for three Summer games. Never won a medal but did make top 10. Left the Olympics and opened his own Archery shop. Did fairly well with his shop and trained up and coming Archers. Loves the bow. This character replaces the deceased Johhny D.
The First Lady- this female player formally ran Maddi the Marine. This is the First Lady of United States rescued from a crashed Airforce One. Yes she is actually playing Mrs Obamma. She is tough, knows how to fight and has excellent social skills. She is also immune to the virus.

Deceased Player Characters

Maddi the marine...US Marine sniper (female). An attractive short black haired woman with deep black eyes that you can lose your soul in by staring too long. Spent her entire life in the US marine corps, just like everyone else in her family. A female sniper need I say more.
Johnny D... X Canadian army from the province Ontario. Tall, athletic build with short brown hair. Considered a real rebel throughout his youth and his attitude has got him into trouble more times then he could count. The military helped with attitude a little when he was forced to join or go to jail. he excelled in the military and served well in the army. Has a shoot first ask questions later attitude and likes to smoke cigars.

Cast ofCurrent extras

Survivors from the Estates-only 2 survivors left.
Alexandro Cortez team-consist of 5 members including Cortez's sister (who has the unique danger sense ability that has not manifested yet) note these are new members to his team he hand picked from the current survivor pool as his other team perished.
Commander Morrison and his UniMed Troops-Commander Morrison commands currently 38 UniMed Soldiers and 6 UniMed Dogs. Well Morrison is not UniMed anymore nor are his troops they are now us army.
Survivors from Sanctuary-a total of 16 survivors from The fallen city of Sanctuary.
Survivors from Airport-a total of 16 survivors from the Airport.
Survivors from the farm- a total of 3 from the farm.
Survivors from a town-Reverend Waller and his 36 survivors.

That about does it.....their survivor pool is building.

Convoy Vehicles current

Alexandro's Armoured RV - 1
M1 Abrams battle tanks - 2
Humvees - 12
Military All terrain transport trucks - 4
French Fries Truck - 1
Pickup Trucks - 6
Armoured modified transport buses - 2
Large Tanker Truck - 1
FEMA Medical Trailer - 1
Duke's Engineering Truck - 1

That's it.
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#64 Postby DGMiller » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:00 pm

You're one scene ahead of me. We didn't make it to AF1 at the end of last session (because the players took so long planning for the split missions and went after the tires right from the start, instead of going back). That is our opening for the next episode.

I'm glad to see others making it deep into this campaign.

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#65 Postby Razzielle » Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:41 pm

Thanks DG

We have actually already played through all of adventure 3 and are part way through adventure 4...almost done the whole campaign. I wish I was able to keep up with posting our sessions. I'm writing everything based on notes taken and memory.

I thought it was going to be quite a twist at the time when I kept the First Lady alive but when the player of Maddi asked if she could play the First Lady. Well so far she has done an excellent job.

Enjoy the campaign...I recall reading your write ups. I wish I could be that detailed.


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#66 Postby DGMiller » Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:23 pm

I haven't had time to continue writing them up since we started playing again. Shame. I love doing it. It's all I can do lately to have the time to prep and play.

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#67 Postby Jordan Peacock » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:22 am

I think it's pretty nice how you turned the Air Force One crash into an opportunity for a quick (and memorable) amendment to the PC cast. :D

Honestly, I never figured out what I would do with the Air Force One encounter if I got that far in my campaign (or, rather, if I started up again at "Chapter 3" -- of which I've only got one player in the group who has voiced interest in it so far). I think it just bugged me (starting with yet another case of aircraft just falling out of the sky around the PCs without explanation).

It doesn't help that I've got a bit of a diverse political makeup in my group, and someone might see the zombification of President Obama as some sort of weird "political statement." Politics are NOT TO BE DISCUSSED at the table in my game group, or we run the risk that we'll be waiting a while for it to die down and tempers to cool before we can play again. I would be tempted to go with a "generic" president, but the problem is that when I started the campaign (and WOTD updates were still coming out), I already had President Obama on TV once the heroes made landfall (in my "civilization is collapsing a little more slowly" treatment), and I couldn't very well retcon in a "generic" president after that.

It looks like your group was perfectly fine with it, though, and went one better by having Michelle Obama as a zombie-fighting PC. That is so weird, it's kind of awesome. :) I hope it works out!

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#68 Postby Razzielle » Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:22 pm

Session 27

Well we left off with our group of survivalists returning to their convoy with a new tanker truck. As I mentioned before the survivor group is getting pretty big and the group is beginning to have to take on some new responsibilities that they never really had to worry about. Just as the campaign module wants you to do is have issues crop up in the survivor group that needs the party to solve as the perceived leaders.

Back at the Convoy
Well the group returns to the convoy of 30+ vehicles. Commander Morrsion seems to have a new determination about himself he seems to be go, go, go as the discovery of the First Lady has lit a fire of energy inside him. He has his 30+ troops doing an excellent job of maintaining security within the large comvoy. Has set up rotating guard shifts, full perimeter recon, gun cleaning, doubled up maintenance of vehicles, even has his drill sargeant making sure his troops are tip top shape and dress. Morrison even put out the request among the survivors for any able bodied souls for training. The party learns that 5 men/women from the various survivor groups have joined up to be taught by the drill sargeant. Furthermore the drill sargeant has mentioned the x-raiders have pretty much completed their crash course in basic and are doing well. The Drill sargeant has also finished with Phillips punishment and says he worked the asshole in him right out. Morrison also mentions they need to start looking at assigning roles for everyone in the convoy?

Down for Maintenance
Well the convoy decides to use the day to complete maintenance on a number of vehicles that have been put off. Also a number of the pickups brought into the convoy from Waller's survivor group need a lot of work. The tanks also need some general maintenance and Alexandro's RV needs some as well. They need to be ready if a major horde arrives. They feel Morrsions far out perimetre recon units will give them the needed notice. Well I decide only to have pockets of zombies show up here and there no major horde will come their way.

Assigning Roles
The senior staff (consists of the player group, Commander Morrison and Alexandro) they start to decide on convoy roles. The group spends a large role playing session here going around to all the survivors and asking what their skill sets are. For some reason they found this was a really fun session. They really got into it. One player character was assigned to keep track of all the extras, names and skill sets in the convoy group. This is what the group came up with....

Senior Staff: leaders of the group
Maintenance Group: led by the party character Duke....all have repair skill; responsible for maintenance of all the convoy vehicles and other working tech.
Medical Group: led by a nurse they have no doctor yet....responsible for the health of the group.
Security Group: led by commander Morrison and his UniMed troops.
General labour Group: composed of able bodied men/women with no real skill. Huge responsibility in the convoy. Primarily used for setup and takedown of camp sites.
Food Support Group: led by Bud and his fry truck gang.
Domestic Support Group: composed mainly of women....group responsible for hygiene, laundry, taking care of children, also basic teaching of children and caring for elderly.
Scavenge Group: a few capable individuals that scavenge a cleared area for items that can be used by the convoy.

Fist Fight-Charles from Waller's group gets into a fight with a UniMed soldier named Pete. Apparantly Charles said a few things about never suppose to leave anyone behind and yet UniMed did in Sanctuary. This got Pete really upset as a number of his buddies were killed in Sanctuary. The party group had to diffuse the situation. Cappi used his persuasion skill but failed. So the First Lady used intimidate and successfully put both Charles and Pete in their places.

Low in Baby Formula
Shannon from the domestic support team informs the group that she needs more formula for the baby and if the party group can get some.

Zombies on the fence line
A group of 6 Sprinters attracted to the noise of maintenance work. Make a bee-line to the fence line. The soldiers on patrol begin opening up on the Sprinters and take down 3 of them by the time they hit the fence line and vault over the short chain link fence. As they breach the barrier they rush in aiming directly for the player group. Cards are drawn. The First Lady goes first and pulls out her 357 and blows the head of the first Sprinter and then leaps for the roof of the RV and swings herself up. Frank the Archer puts and arrow into the eye socket of the second Sprinter and the third Sprinter falls to bullets of Sergei's twin pistols. After this incident the senior staff decide to soluble the guard at the fence line.

Approaching Storm and weather clothing
In the distance a thick cloud bank of cumulus is fast approaching. A cool breeze picks up and a slight rain begins to fall. There is a need in the convoy for weather gear. No one has thought of that till now. The party group decides they need to make a journey into town to grab a lot of whether related clothes. They ask a few of the locals and learn that a Walmart Super Centre is near here. They decide a mission to the Walmart is in order for weather clothes and baby formula.

Mission to the Walmart
Well the group takes a military transport truck and gears up. Once again Commander Morrison is concerned for the First Lady and wants to send a military escort with the group. The First Lady declines and tells the commander they are needed here. He relents. Off the group goes.

Along the Road to Walmart
The First Lady and Cappi both notice a glint in the distance and realize that they are being watched by two people at the top of a hill. When they realize they have been spotted they disappear. They radio back to Morrison to be aware that there are possible unfriendlies in the area. They arrive at a major accident....a AMTRACK train has derailed and slammed into a roadway bridge pedestal. Train cars and vehicles involved litter the roadway completely blocking the road through.

At the train crash
The group decides to check out the train. A number of Shamblers can be seen roaming the sight. What the group does not see is a pack of three Newborns hidden among the vehicles waiting to pounce on the fresh meat. The group with weapons out begin to check out the wrecks. Visibility is reduced a little for the falling snow. The Newborns engage their ambush of the party and both Sergei and Frank are surprised. The Newborns strike. Sergei, Cappi and the First Lady all have to make soak rolls as the Newborns gnaw into them and are successful. The First Lady is able to take the Newborn attacking her and slams it down head first on a sharp metal pipe sticking up from the ground. The Newborn is left dead dangling on the metal pipe. The Duke blows away the Newborn on Sergei. On the next round the First Lady goes first and fires her 357 creating a third eye in final Newborn. Well the group finishes off any of the few Shamblers that get close. They do discover in one of the abandoned vehicles a case of 100 KitKat chocolate bars. They load it on the truck. They have to back track to get around the blocked road.

Alternate route
Up ahead they see a vehicle pulled off the side of the road with its hood up. This also see a leggy woman bent over with her good looking rear end jutting out. Cappi says give me a break oldest trick in the book. They are ready for an ambush and look very closely at the treeline. Sure enough they spot a few figures trying to hide among the foliage. They decide to stop. They pull right up to the vehicle in their armoured transport. They ask the woman what is the problem. Right away they sense she is very fidgety and she can't believe the First Lady is there. She tries to convince the group to come out of the truck to fix her vehicle. She has a real difficult time answering the players questions. Cards are the drawn as their is no surprise the party goes first and opens up on the treeline. They kill all 5 Bandits on the treeline. The woman begins to cry and goes hysterical. Telling the players group that they are going to kill her children. The First Lady calms her down with persuasion and asks what she is talking about. The woman explains she was forced to do this and other things for those men because they are holding her two children hostage. Well the group of heroes won't stand for that and decide to delay their Walmart trip to rescue her children. She gets into the truck. She shows them where to go and head up a back road a ways and tells them to stop.

Rescuing the Children
Just in case she is not telling the truth is this is an elaborate trap she is handcuffed into the bed of the truck. The group heads up the road and sees the house she is talking about. They stealthily see a number of Bandits lounging around the house. The Duke suggests striking from the back. They agree and move with stealth. They get up to the windows and look in the back door seeing no one. They enter moving cautiously down the hall they hear adult voices up ahead. A bandit walks out of the bathroom and is surprised. The group gets first strike and Frank takes out the bandit with an arrow right in the heart. He falls to the floor hard. Cards are drawn an fight happens and the pcs successfully rescue to little boys being held in a room. The boys are brought to their mother she is overjoyed with tears. They up cuff her and ask if she would like to join their group,of survivors she agrees. They deice to drive her back to the convoy where she joins the Domestic group. With the day half over and the snow now letting up they head out agian.

On the road to Walmart again
Well they finally get to the town with the Walmart Supercentre. They first notice the parking lot only has a few cars in it and only about a dozen Shamblers roam the lot. The front doors are shattered and opened to the elements. They move the truck right up to the entrance and have a look through the doors. It is dark on the inside and they can hear the shuffling of feet and moans of the undead. Frank does not like the idea of fighting in the dark and suggests getting the generators online. The Duke says not a good idea as the generators would take way too much work after being fried by the massive solar flare it'll have to be flashlights and staying close.

Into Walmart
The group heads into Walmart. The first goal for the team is to clear the Walmart. They do notice that there are goods left in Walmart that they can check once they clear it. There was only two incidents that gave the players some trouble.

The first was when the First Lady and Frank got stuck in the washroom when the going in and the door jammed. In the closed space of the washroom was 5 Shamblers. They ganged up on Frank causing him to having to soak. We almost had another player death but he was just barely successful. Both the First Lady and Frank took care of them with a hammer and combat knife.

The second incident was when Sergei was in the winter clothing section and a crawling zombie surprised him and tried to gnaw off Sergei's up armoured leg. It missed Sergie's leg and Sergei crushed its skull with his foot.

The third incident happens right after the crawler. The door to the warehouse area bursts open and out rushes a group of 16 Shamblers in Walmart outfits to greet the pc's. A fight takes place in the isles of Walmart. After all was said and done the pc's are left standing with 16 Shamblers lying dead around them.

Supplies from the Walmart
The party group was able to find a large amount of weather related clothing in the warehouse section. They pretty much took everything they could and threw it into the truck. They also got a good amount of baby formula. They headed back to the convoy task complete. When they arrive they see a bunch of zombies dead at the fence line. Morrison lets the group know he dealt with a zombie issue while they were gone. Morrison also looks to see how the First Lady is doing. They get the Domestic group to hand out the winter gear. This boosts moral in the survivor group. The First Lady also checks on the woman and the two kids they rescued. The First Lady learns that she is settling in well and that her name is Wilma and her kids are Bobby and Mike.

Tank Problem
The maintenance group comes to the Duke and mentions they have real problem with one of the tanks engines. The Duke takes off to have a look at it. The Duke is able to fix the engine in under hour to the amazement of the mechanics. The Duke lets the group know the convoy is ready to move again.

Deciding on the next course of Action
The senior staff gathers and decides to now make the journey to the CRZ. The convoy packs up for the trip to the CRZ.

On the Road
The group believes they are getting close to the CRZ. The group decides to get the convoy rolling again after spending time getting things more organized and delegating things for others in the convoy to do. The convoy hits the road. A small horde of zombies crosses the road up ahead. The convoy stops and the horde of Shamblers notices the group and begins to lumber towards them. The group sends in the tanks to flatten as many as they can while the convoy watches. With the horde reduced the convoy passes through with no real issues. They continue on and pass by the destroyed Airforce One. Only a few more minor incidents while on the road to the CRZ.

At the CRZ
As they get closer.....the group calls a halt to the convoy as they can see a large concrete walled structure ahead. Only the character party group moves ahead to recon the CRZ. When they arrive they find the CRZ destroyed. Numerous vehicles are abandoned outside. Many are riddles with high calibre bullet holes, even a few Vehicles lie in pieces having been hit by explosives. There is even a destroyed Bradley fighting vehicle hit by a LAWS round. They have to deal with a few zombies while they investigate the facility but find a large battle went on in the facility as well. Much of the place has been destroyed and looted. While scavenging they find some fuel and food supplies as well as some ammo. Among the dead they find a number of Raider bodies and one of the raider bodies had the ghosts leather jacket. Immediately the players thought it was Hell that did this.

Return to the Convoy
They return to the convoy and tell the bad news. The people in the convoy take it hard as this was what was keeping them going. Some are very depressed and moral takes a drop. Well the senior staff gets together to decide what to do. Since my group are big walking dead fans the player of the First Lady suggests bedding down in a prison. Well it so happens that a prison is part of the actual campaign. The group decides they need to find some, place for the winter. Perhaps even create their own survivor community. So they search an area map for federal prisons and find one that is nearby they decide to head there.

Arriving at the Prison
This is a very large prison complex that sits next to a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Well zombies can be seen wandering the outside grounds. The group initially decides to keep the convoy outside the gates until the group can clear an outside fence area of zombies.

That is where we ended it...next session the hole session is spent clearing and setting up the prison as a survivor community.
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Session 28

This session was all about clearing and setting this large prison as a survivor community. Having the prison made it a lot easier for me to keep track of the extras. They can get confusing at times especially when the community gets bigger.

Battle in the court yard
Well the group resorted to one of there very good tactics of taking out zombies in an open area. They brought in the two battle tanks. They opened the gates and flattened and crushed as many of the zombies as they could. They dealt easily with the remaining orange prison garbed Shamblers. Once the front yard area was secured they brought in the convoy and they set up camp and began cleaning up the dead zombies. They thought is was best to haul the dead outside the perimeter where they set up a site where they can burn the corpses.

Prison Entry
They notice a good number of vehicles in the visitor lot and can see other zombies pressing at the fences to other outdoor areas. The group decides to leave them for now and move into the front entrance to the prison. Alexandro comes along as well 3 UniMed soldiers that Morrison insisted to help protect the First Lady....basically her body guards. The prison looks dark on the Inside and the group would like to get to the generator room to see if it is salvageable. They move through the front doors and are immediately attacked by zombie guards. The group takes them out with melee weapons. They move behind the guard desks and see a prison map on the wall and look for the generator room. They find it located in the basement level. Flashlights are now on as it is pretty dark.

On their way down the stairs they are attacked by 6 Shamblers that were trapped in here. Cards were drawn and the pcs won the fight with no casualties. The best part was how well the First Lady got into smashing zombie heads with her hammer.....well I guess you had to be there. They moved through the lower door to the dark basement hall and they could hear movement and moaning from the hall.

Generator Room
Well they made it to the generator room taking out a few Shamblers along the way. In the generator room they had to deal with 5 big Brute Shamblers. As mentioned before these are just like Shamblers just tougher and stronger and can punch. Well they decide not to melee them (from experience fighting these before) and simply shoot them all in the head. The Duke has a look at the generators. Apparently they are operational. They were not fried during the solar event. Being deep in ground protected them from the EMP blast. The Duke mentions they need maintenance and fuel. They decide to head back and bring in fuel thinking lighting up the place will be easier to deal with. They return with fuel and the Duke gets them running and the lights come on.

Cell Block A
The group notes there are four large cell blocks and decide to clear cell block A .... as the first survivor groups living quarters. They tried what I thought was a really good strategy. They lured zombies out of the cell block and the cafe and other areas and had this large group of slow moving Shamblers following the group through the facility and into the large open area outside to the rear of the facility. They had a good 140 Shamblers in this backyard from numerous areas all around cell block A and the common areas. They then shot them all.

The Stragglers
They then went all around the common areas like the cafeteria, weight room, library, recreation room, theatre, cell block A etc...and took out the few remaining zombies. The group only lost one UniMed Soldier to a hidden ambushing Shambler. The First Lady's 357 took care of it.

The Rest of the Prison
The pcs used the same tactics on the Shamblers in the rest of the prison gathering them all outside in another close off outer area to the rear of the prison. They then asked Morrison to bring over his tanks to crush them. Morrison took care of them. They then went back in and spent a lot of time dealing with small pockets of zombies throughout the prison. They found zombies of all types in here. It was your typical room by room D&D style strategy. It was a lot of fun and no one died even though there was a few tense moments.

Cleanup crew
Before settling in the prison almost all able bodied survivors including the pcs are tasked with removing around 1000 zombie corpses from the prison to the off site mass burning area. It takes them a good three days and they spend the next 3 days cleaning away the bodies inside as well. They wait till morning to start populating the prison. I got a blue print of the prison and one of the characters drew up a really awesome map for game use. The group was worried that they may have missed a few zombies and no one was to travel in the prison without armed escort.

Beginning of setting up the prison
The survivors began populating the first cell block A as they were pretty sure it was fully cleared. And the common areas were put to use. Bud set up the cafeteria as his new home and got the food team busy working the food. The maintenance team starting looking into getting the water and plumbing systems working. They did find spare parts and began work on repairing it. The security team set up prison security and defences. The general labour team was hard at work cleaning up the place some more. Medical team took over the medical and dental facility. Scavenger team went around the prison looking for anything usable. The domestic group set up a small classroom and daycare for the kids, got the laundry facility going, cleaned up the showers and washrooms and some even looked into getting the prison library and theatre back into operation. Basically the prison was huge it could easily house a 1000. They had a lot of room for many more survivors and some areas of the prisons they kept closed for now. They open up the vehicles pen and workshop area to maintain their vehicles and the group started to generate list of things they want for their survivor community......quite the list.

Prison-survivor community
The group really wanted to build a survivor community. Using the prison facility from the campaign module was perfect for this. At some point in the future I'll have them discover the secret entrance to the lab below the prison. For now I'll let them have fun for a while and run the community, check out the local area and see if the can save more survivors and destroy more raiders. I'll also be able to foreshadow Helltown.

Other notes
What I did as the GM is I gave the group a month of in game time to set the prison up as a basic survivor community. The first thing they decided to do was have only one of the four cell blocks opened. They kept the other closed off until they were needed. If ever. They tried to make use of many of the other areas. They did think about planting vegetables and having domestic animals in the outside areas. What they were worried about is every time they created something or helped a town it was eventually destroyed. The Duke came up with the idea of using the portable concrete walls from the CRZ. They could place these all around the outside of the heavy duty chain link. I said sure they could do this but it would take a good two weeks and use of the crane truck at the CRZ. They decided to do it. Well after a month they had their first real survivor community with solid concrete walls with an inner heavy chainlink.

Watching Raiders
Well during the whole time the group was setting up the prison community a few individuals were watching from the distance. The group finally got fed up with these so called raider peeping toms. The group hopped into a Humvee and sped out after these peeping tom raiders to take them out. Well we get into a chase scene.

The raider chase
The group has a Humvee the raiders have two jeeps. I had the chase last for 7 rounds. They exchanged gunfire, avoided potholes, dodged tree limbs, swerved around stalled vehicles, flattened Shamblers and other debris on the road. They successfully shot out a tire on one of the raider jeeps and it crashed into a pole sending raiders flying to their deaths. The Duke who is driving is side swiped by the raider jeep and the Duke snake eyed his roll. This caused the Duke to spin out, lose control and the Humvee rolled then went over the guard rail and rolled down 50' to the ravine bottom. It was one heck of an accident that totally destroyed the Humvee. Well it also required soak rolls as bennies were spent. All the characters were left with at least one wound level.

Stuck at the bottom of a ravine
The injured group discussed what to do. While doing this a group of 6 honey Shamblers moved in on their position. They fight off the Shamblers. Some of their weapons though were lost in crash as they were tossed from the rolling Humvee. The group notes it will be a steep climb to the top of the rocks but can see some tree growth to help as hand holds. Note it will be more difficult for them to make climbing rolls due to the injuries and fatigue level they took.
The group was not too happy to make such rolls as climbing is not a strong point for the group. Just one member can climb well. They then see even more Shamblers moving in on them in the ravine. They begin to climb.

Climbing the cliff
I made this a dramatic skill resolution. 5 climbing rolls needed to make it to the top. The characters started fine. Cappi the gypsy being the best climber due to his acrobatics was the best at this. He also played a supporting roll to help the characters out that were horrible at climbing...just to get them off the dangerous ravine floor. I did warn the players that all skills would be required in this game at some point and do not treat a stat as a dump stat......some players did not heed my warning. The First Lady had no clue period how to climb. She ended up sliding back down a few times only grabbing on to save herself from falling to the bottom into a hungry small horde of Shamblers. Cappi then climbed the rest of the way to the top successfully while all the others waited close to the bottom. Cappi let down rope he thought to bring with him from the Hummvee wreck. This helped a lot and the rest of the group climbed out. They had to walk back to the prison and avoided three possible Shambler encounters. They were pissed at those raiders and if they see them watching again they'll sniper them.

A Ham Radio Broadcast
Now they needed more survivors. They surprised me and decided to create a radio broadcast that would tell of their community and location. They felt they had the necessary military might to take on any raider that picked up the broadcast and tried to take it. Basically the group wanted to bring hope back to the people still looking for shelter. I thought this was a great thing to do and as long as they continue maintaining their community I'll give the group an extra single bonus card at the beginning of each session that they could trade for if needed. Either way it was a lot of fun building this. Lots of potential for adventures to base out of.

That is where we ended this session...we will see what life is like for the pcs and their survivor community.
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Razzielle wrote:We almost had another player death but he was just barely successful.

It sounds like the PCs need to seriously consider some kind of armor. As per WOTD rules, if you get bitten by a zombie in an ARMORED area, then even if you get wounded, it doesn't count as infection. (You just got injured due to crushing, being battered/bludgeoned, or whatever.)

In my game, I had players doing stuff like cutting up cardboard boxes and using duct tape for makeshift "anti-zombie" armor that had no actual Armor value, but I'd count it toward preventing infection. (Not that this would make anyone invincible, of course. Incapacitated is still Incapacitated, and Dead is still Dead.)

Also, I have to say, that worked out rather nicely that the PC group was actively SEEKING a prison compound rather than just happening upon one. :) I also love the way your group really got into the swing of things, getting involved with overall group organization and community-building!

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#71 Postby Sadric » Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:24 am

Jordan Peacock wrote:(Now, if someone picks the "Bad Luck" Hindrance, that's just too bad. It's not really a roleplaying-based Hindrance, and awarding a Benny for "playing" it would kind of cancel out the very point of that Hindrance anyway.)

Once I had a character in my group with the bad luck hindrance.
I expand it sometimes to some sort of bad luck happens.
You know, things like "random encounter: falling rocks, roll wich character get hit" hit automatic the unlucky player.
Maybe I should start awarding a bennie for such things. But the last campaigns/adventure dont have this hindrande in the group.

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#72 Postby Razzielle » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:34 pm

Well The players all do wear armour......they learned pretty quick the value of Kevlar with the ceramic inserts. Especially against human opponents. Once crawling Shamblers starting attacking players at unarmoured feet and legs. Well they started wearing patchwork armour. Both the players of Sergei the Russian and Cappi the Gypsy wear full modded police riot gear. The Duke modified the torso area putting in ceramic inserts. All the other players have various sports equipment type armour as forearm, shin, calf, guards etc.. They also all wear either a Kevlar helmet or riot helmet. Sergei the Russian tried some actual plate mail armour he found on a scavenging mission. But eventually did away with it as it made home slow. But he looked funny with plate armour and partial metal helm wielding two 357's.

One thing I have noticed when they are up to the level they are at now they can certainly kick ass in savage worlds game. But those RAgers the players find are their toughest undead opponent currently. When they come at you in a raging group it does scare them. They would easily rather take on 200 Shamblers then a group of 6 Ragers.

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#73 Postby Sadric » Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:53 am

I know your group is ahead of your adventure log, but I would really think about leaving the tracks of the weekly adventure. Your player complain sometimes that all they build up/achieve are destroyed by the next horde.
Dont let the survivor camp destroyed by the next wave of zombies/rager/Hell. :-) Mine the following episodes fro idea and then make the 4-year jump to world of the dead.

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#74 Postby Razzielle » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:02 am

Thanks Sadric

We have already played through adventure 3. This community they built well it does stay for how long or if it's permanent you'll discover in future write ups. In the adventure well it's literally suppose to be basically unliveable after the Ragers from the lab complex and Hell from Helltown. But I changed all that.


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Session 29
Well we left our hero's in charge of a new survivor community. Will the prison defence be sufficient in the zombie apocalypse? I have to say when we played through adventure 3....the group really spent a lot of time on this survivor community they created. And because of that I wanted them to enjoy it for awhile....after all civilization is collapsing slower in our campaign then the time line in the module.

First test of the wall.
Right at the start I had one of the prison's patrols notice a horde of Shamblers with a few sprinters mixed in heading on a path towards the prison. The patrol radioed it in and it looks to be a couple hundred. The party decides to see for themselves how the prison will hold up to the assault. Everyone mans their stations. There are 5o cal's up in each of the guard towers which can see over top of the concrete barriers they placed around the prison fences from the destroyed CRV. With the high and sturdy chainlink as the inner fence they felt rather secure. They also built makeshift walking platforms at certain intervals behind the concrete barriers so they can get at the zombies on the other side. Note the concrete barriers are 10' tall. The chainlink fence is 15 feet with an additional 3 feet of barb wire on the top.

Well a horde of at least 200 Shamblers struck the wall. The zombies were really slow due to the cold conditions. I used mass battle and no contest the zombies were easily destroyed. Hmmm...could have a ammo problem in time. They only have enough ammo to destroy a 1000 zombies. Now they wanted to find some way of defeating a large horde of 1000's especially one that is controlled. The only thing they could think of....is getting some warning of a massive horde of that size and luring it away from the prison. Just how they were to do that they were not sure yet. But they did have some ideas. They were also looking at ways of producing their own ammo.

Local Area
The group decides it would be a good idea to recon the local area. Mainly looking for any local threats and eliminating them. After the recon they find a few towns that are close by. One though looks to be occupied by a large group of well armed raiders. Something they are going to keep an eye on and deal with later.

Raiding a furniture store
Well the First Lady player in the group she decides it may be a good idea to bring in furniture to the prison in particular comfortable beds. She believes this could be an excellent moral boost to the survivor group as well as new arrivals. The party thinks sure why not. They head to the town of Baxter where on a recon they recall a large furniture store as well as a bed and mattress store. They bring all four of their military transport trucks with towed trailers a few Humvees with guards and some of the labour group who volunteered.

When they arrive at Baxter it has your typical Shamblers roaming around. The group could not spot other types. They did not know of the Sprinter group in the furniture store. Well they do there typical louring of as many Shamblers as they could from the area then park the trucks in a way as to block out Shamblers from getting at them while they access the store. The group tells everyone to stay in the vehicles until they clear the store.

Well they get into a brawl with the Sprinters. They fight 8 of them in the store. One was able to bite Sergei but his armour saved him from infection. After they destroyed the Sprinters they ended up filling up all the transports with furniture, beds, mattresses, and even various paints. They even went back and made a second trip to clear out the stores completely.

A Happy Group
The survivor group was quite happy receiving the stuff especially the beds and the labour group got to work on moving and setting these up for people and domestic group and others helped out. Eventually little apartment like areas were beginning to be setup throughout cell block A.

Where the party sleeps
The party took over the warden's offices and quarters as their living area. The player of the First Lady insisted on making their areas more liveable. Well the others really did not care but our female player certainly did. It was interesting.

More Survivor Community Needs
Well I had numerous requests from the survivors about what was needed. Bud said he needs a lot more food as they get more survivors in he needs more food as their supplies are getting lower. There is also a request to get the prison plumbing system back online. Also a request for a school to be setup for the children and to acquire some teaching materials from nearby schools. Another request for fuel for vehicles and the generators. Etc...etc...etc... I wanted to give the group to have to make priorities and hopefully delegate as they do not have to be the ones to do everything. While all these requests come rolling in a soldier comes up to the group saying a survivor group has arrived at the gates.

Survivor Group Arrives
The first survivor group arrives after hearing the groups broadcast on the Ham radio. The group consists of 10 people from town about 25 miles away. They say they were initially in The CRZ but escaped when it was hit by a bunch of well armed raiders led by a guy named Hell. The CRZ military fought them off but at great cost the base was destroyed when the surviving military could not deal with the zombies due to lack of manpower. The military and Some survivors left on numerous helicopters to the west. Others left and went elsewhere. They thanked the group for letting them in to their community. As they were on their last legs trying to survive. The group lets medical group handle their initial quarantine and commander Morrison is give the task of going over rules with the new group go over their skill sets and place them into groups. The Duke was quite happy to find a former Hydro Worker who knew a good something about electricity and put that guy to work on checking all the hydro in the facility.

Plumbing Crisis
Well with so many in the prison whining about plumbing the group decides to try to fix that problem. The Duke and the new survivor that just arrived Dino as well as Frank the Archer head down into the basement area to have a look at the plumbing. After checking everything out they realize the issue stems from an outside small water treatment plant that services the prison. The group heads out. The plant is fenced and Shamblers wander inside and outside. The group deals with the outside Shamblers effectively and wander inside. Immediately when they open the treatment plant door they hear the telltale howl of multiple Sprinters. They realize there are 12 Sprinters inside and only 3 of them. Well they run with the Sprinters in hot pursuit.

Sprinter Chase
The the Duke, Frank and Dino start running and the Sprinters are in hot pursuit. Since the treatment plant was close they chose. to to drive there. Well in the first round the group was able keep its distance from the pack of Sprinters. The group had then had to maeuver through a copse of woods and Frank got caught up in some fallen branches. The others slowed to help him and the Sprinters howling with joy gained on the group as they easily maneuvered through the woods. Next they had to pass through a bunch of junked cars. The group decided to try to keep at speed and leap over car hoods to keep their speed. Well Dino miscalculated and slammed right into the side fender. The Sprinters saw this and moved in for the kill. Frank and Duke decided to help out Dino. They jumped up on the pickup and helped Dino up as the Sprinters caught up to the three....chase over.

Battle with the Sprinters.
Well this was one very tough and tense fight. Duke, Frank and the extra Dino were on top of the old broken down RAM pickup. Dino on the roof and Duke and Frank in the bed. Cards were drawn and the first 6 Sprinters went first. Well 3 of the Sprinters grab at Dino and drag him to the ground and the Sprinters dine on him. So much for the hydro worker helping out now. The others Sprinters attack and some get onto the truck. It seemed like the two PC's were getting overwhelmed. The pcs go and both Duke and Frank were able to kill two in melee by crushing their heads in. The next round the Sprinters go and gang up on both the Duke and Frank the archer. There are multiple hits on both but their armour saves them from infection. In the next round Shamblers are attracted by all the howling and show up a few rounds away. The pcs go first the next round I thought for sure these two pcs were going to bite it. Well the player of Duke comes up with a great yet dangerous idea. He pulls out two grenades, pulls the pins and maneuvers and leaps from the pickup over the heads of the Sprinters and lands on the ground hard. Frank follows suit at the same time. Both spend Bennies to make sure they are successful. When they hit the ground the RAM pickup erupts into explosive flame and Sprinter body parts fly everywhere as they destroy all the Sprinters around them. Duke and Frank take damage from the explosion. Duke is able to soak it but Frank can't soak all of it and his left arm is crippled. Now they are able to maneuver around the slow Shamblers and make it back to the prison where Frank gets some medical care before the hour is up.

Prison setup
The rest of the session is spent where the players are spending time helping setup the prison inside cell block A Nd getting to know many of the survivors. So We spent a lot of time role playing. So I decided to have the group solve some internal problems.

Finishing the Job
With the death of the extra Dino and both Duke and Frank almost dying. This time they don't take it for granted and return to the plumbing station in force. They block off the entrance. Clean out the Shamblers left inside and the Duke, with assistance is able to get the water treatment plant partially working and now the prison has a partially working plumbing system with running water which includes hot periodically. The Duke notes parts are needed to fix this completely. The group heads back to the prison.

Helping in the kitchen
With Bud and others working in the kitchen help is needed setting up the stoves. The players help with that and solve an issue two women were having about the fridge as they threatened to beat each other with various kitchen utensils...nerves were getting thin.

Solving an argument
Wilma of the Domestic group is arguing with Bud from the cafeteria about milk powder for the children should be more. Well the group got involved and solved the disagreement and the children were able to get a larger ration.

The group rushes to the scene in cell lock A where a gunshot went off. When they arrive they find a child no more them 10 with a gun and a dead rat in a cell and another very scared child curled up in the bed. The group was able to persuade the young child to hand them the gun. Wilma of the domestic group took the child away. The group was completely at odds of what to do here. They did make a rule of not letting children have guns.

Shambler in the closet
A Shambler. Was missed in cell bock A in one of the many custodial closets. One of the extras was exploring and almost got bitten she was screaming and running down the corridor. Cappi's took care of the Shambler easily.

A soldier comes up to the group and asks the pcs to come to the radio room someone was asking for them on the radio. They arrive and sure enough it was Hell on the radio. The players learn of Helltown, which they guess is the the town of raiders they discovered. Hell tries to taunt, and threaten the players, he also still wants the now deceased Maddi (hell does not know she is dead). Of course the players can't resist throwing some of their own taunts and threats at Hell and at one point Cappi the Gypsy really got Hell livid. Once the First Lady tried something....Hell was all over her as he hates politicians and especially democrats. Hell had a few choice words for the First Lady that got a few out of game laughs. Either way the group was going to have to deal with Hell.

That is where we left it.
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Session 30
Just a short session to write up on....not as long as we usually play.....I think one of our players who is a firefighter was on call that night and got called away so we cut it short.

Another Survivor Community
The pc's make contact on the Ham radio with another survivor community. It is located at a golf resort outside of Kansas City. The community they learn is made up of women, children, men and a few elderly. They also learn a small group of soldiers, lead by Sergeant Barnes from the Kansas National Guard have been protecting them as best they can...but their manpower is lacking and they have lost numerous survivors to the constant threat of the zombies, which they say seem to be coming from Kanasa City. They say they have two doctors in their group a medical surgeon and a CDC doctor. The players realized right their the value of those two will highly benefit the group. They also learn that this group would like to come out to their golf community but have no way of getting to the prison without great risk to the civilians and the soldiers do not want to leave the civilians unprotected. Hmmmmm.....well the players mull this over and decide to make the journey to this community. They get the directions and tell the survivors to be ready for them to arrive over the next week.

The player group is feeling confident enough with Alexandro and Commander Morrison to protect the prison and keep things running while they are gone. They also tell the others to prepare for the arrival of 48 more survivors in the next week. The only real worry they have is Hell trying something while they are gone....hmm will I be that mean!

Preparing to leave
The pc's borrow Alexandro's armoured RV at the insistence of Alexandro. They also bring an Armoured bus, two military transports, 1 Humvee with soldiers and 1 Modded pickup with Charles and some of his militia. There is kind of a friendly rivalry going on between the soldiers and The Survivor Militia. The militia is still mulling over whether or not to officially join the soldiers....but that is another story to be told later.....They gather the needed supplies for the mission and head out. Morrison wanted to send a tank to help protect the First Lady but she refused it.

On the Road to Kansas and a realization
Once again they bypass the interstate highways and took alternate less travelled routes. The odd Shambler on the road was easily smashed aside by the plough blade on the front of the RV. While on the drive the players once again talk about leaving the newly built survivor community. What they are thinking about is using it as a base of operations that they can go to for rest and recooperation. They can bring people they find there and improve. The players think they can provide better for the community if they head out as a small group instead of a large group. It did not take them long to want to go back to being a small adventure group. They decide they will do this....but after they finish this mission.

Getting literally no sleep
The group sets up for the night at a roadside Motel 8. They park their vehicles in a defensive perimeter and set up guard shifts for the night. There is no moon at night so extremely dark. On the second guard shift things began to get Harry. Cappi was part of the shift and heard some movement from outside the vehicle perimeter. He had the soldier with him focus the searchlight on the area in question. The light illuminated 4 Sprinters and a New own moving up towards the vehicles. Cappi raises the alarm. Cards are drawn.

The newborn goes first and speedily moves out of the light beam and disappears. The sprinters go next. They let out their trademark howl and move in at full speed and reach the vehicles. Six more sprinters also rush towards the vehicles. The group and extras go. Cappi turns the light on his pistol and spots a sprinter getting in a headshot and it crashes to the ground missing half it's head. Everyone else in the group and extras prepare for combat. One of the extras turns on the perimeter lights to light the area up. Smart idea of the group. The battle lasts a number of rounds and the sprinters are all defeated. However 4 of Wallers militia are killed by two Sprinters. No one found the Newborn until it snuck up on the First Lady and leapt from the top of a transport truck towards her head. The sergeant protecting her spotted it and killed it in mid leap with a shotgun blast. The rest of the evening doubled up the guard shifts and they got on the road early.

Craters in the Ground
As they get closer to Kansis City. They come over a hill only to see huge devastation up ahead. The town of Bunkerton sign says 28000. However as they look down the hill into the town they see nothing but a apocolpytic war zone. Buildings are flattened or barely standing, cars are blackened husks, and huge explosive craters can be seen all over the town. The Duke says it looks as though this town was bombed by the airforce. They slowly make their way through the town having to drive around the huge craters. Literally nothing of the town is left. A number of Shamblers can be seen at the bottom of many bomb craters.....they must have fallen in an d can't climb back out. They get through the bombed town and continue on.

On the radio
The Duke was able to pick up on the radio a weak broadcast signal. The signal was weak but it was on a loop. Asking for help and the location. They determine it is along the way and they decide to check it out. It lead to a house on the outskirts of a town. When they check it out they found a still operating computer system in the basement being fed solar power and a battery system. However...they find two Shamblers which they kill quickly and two fully eaten dead bodies in the computer room. The group gathers up the computer equipment and take it with them. Looks the person who sent the message is now dead. Guess they can't rescue everyone.

There were a few encounters along the road to The Kansas golf resort but nothing they could not easily Handle. As usual they first do a recon of the facility. They see a large resort style building with all the lower windows and doors blocked. Around back they see a Humvee vehicle and on the roof they can see two soldiers keeping watch. The group was thinking trap...well they always think trap. They decide to drive right up to the door.

The Golf Club
They pull up in all their vehicles, the guards on the roof have their guns drawn and The First Lady easily persuades them to let them in. When inside it does not take much for the survivors to recognize who she is and are shocked to see the First Lady. The leader of this group a Sergeant Barnes says they have 47 survivors, 6 of which are Kansas a National guard. They are all that is left of the battalion that was sent into Kansas City to help. He mentions The city has fallen to the undead. A soldier from the roof says another large group of undead are on the greens and are shambling towards the resort.

At this point the pc's give orders to the Soldiers and the militia to lead them away while they get these survivors loaded onto the bus. The pcs also want sargeant and his guard force to take up positions on the bus. Well they spend time loading everyone up while the UniMed soldiers and the militia lure the mall horde away. Once loaded they head out back towards the prison. My notes are not good on what happened on the way back to the prison but three survivors were lost on the bus when one of the survivors turned and killed two others. The sergeants men stopped the Shambler.....would have been way more deaths if the pc's did not stop to think about putting soldiers on board. Kudos to them.

They return to the prison and help to get the new survivor group from Kansas settled. The two doctors a medical surgeon and CDC scientist basically take over the medical group.

This whole scene was quite a long role play session......for some reason they can get into things I never would expect. The group talks with Commander Morrison and Alexandro. The pc's would like the two of them to take over leadership of the prison. They explain their plans to head out there beyond the walls and feel they will do more good any worthy survivors would be sent to the prison. Morrison was against this as he does not like the First Lady to be out there. He finally agrees to it when she accepts a squad of soldiers to go with the group. The pc's, Morrison and Alexandro tell the rest of the survivors, there were some concerns but overall the prison survivors accepted the pc's decision. Then a soldier comes saying they found something interesting in the prison.

The secret Door
The UniMed soldier leads the senior staff to the secret door. They find it has a retinal, and fingerprint scanner attached to it. They first wonder why something like this would be in a prison. Cappi tries to pick the security lock but after a few failed attempts realizes he cannot. The Duke tries to figure out what is powering the security lock and can't place it. They decide to try and blow the door with demolitions. They grab some plastic explosive and the Duke sets the charge. Kaboom they blow the door wide open. After the smoke clears they see a dark tunnel with stairs leading deeper down.

That is where we left it
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Hee! I can see that there's a bit of a pro and con with being a celebrity. On the pro side -- hey, people know you! On the con side -- what, you want to head out and do adventure-hero stuff? ARE YOU CRAZY? You're too important for that! ;)

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#78 Postby Razzielle » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:22 pm

Yes the female player with the First Lady does have problems because of who she is playing ....and the popularity of her and the group does create problems....well they did want to be Hero's. Heroes are called upon all the time. I did not write about all the role playing scenes they have been through but they certainly do get swamped with requests to help....then they have to pick what they will do as they cannot do everything asked. I think this was the big reason why they wanted to get away from leading the prison survivor community. But we will have to see what happens with the secret door as it is a bit different then the way the module did it.

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Well I am almost finished all my write ups I had on our groups adventure through campaign module 3 of the War of the Dead. We are almost finished adventure 4 with 2-4 sessions left. I never thought we would actually complete the campaign but I guess they enjoyed it. I'm not that great of a writer and because of that my write ups are not all that well put together. I just wanted to give the idea of how the adventure went. I don't spend a lot of time writing these. With over 4500 hits I guess some people have been following along. I hope you were able to garner some ideas for your own campaign. We might make the 4 year jump to World of the Dead. I have a basic outline on a adventure path idea they could take. We'll see. I still have to finish all these write ups.

Session 31

The secret door

Well the group was kind of excited to open the secret door. With the stairs leading down into darkness it was like a good ole D&D style dungeon. The Pc's decided to leave a few UniMed soldiers to guard the entrance while they gathered gear to investigate this odd discovery. Commander Morrsion and a squad of UniMed soldiers joined the pc's on their investigation into the secret door tunnel. They went in with their best scout type pc in the lead and that was Cappi. Commander Morrison made sure he kept his eye on the First Lady. Sergei the Russian took the rear.

The tunnel down lead about 80' ending at a second metal door. They prepped for door entry and Cappi picked the electronic lock. On opening the door the they were bathed in a red strobe emergency light going on and off but no sound. Obviously something strange and wrong went on down here. They see a hallway going left and right ending at corners. They decide to go right.

They look around the corner at the end of the corridor and see a number of dead bodies dressed in science robes laying on the floor and an open door on the right with a dead body laying through the opening. They check the bodies and realize they have all been shot in the head and were zombies. They decide to go through the open door and check it out.

The lab room
In the room they see that it is large and contains numerous science/medical equipment. The red light flashes in here as well and red blood can be seen splattered on the the walls. The group searches the room and find some antibiotics and a key card on another dead body. What they find interesting is a standup metal cage with a dead Rager (thug) inside it. The group concludes this must be a test facility.

Lab Room 2
They move cautiously and stealthily and discover another room. This room once again is filled with lab equipment, red blood splatter on the walls and dead bodies with bullet holes in the head. This time though they find a dead UniMed Soldier. This caught the attention of Commander Morrison and the pc's were now wondering if this was a UniMed facility or was UniMed the aggressor.

Security room
The group next comes upon a big battle scene. Six UniMed soldiers are found dead, with missing limbs and huge claws marks. These soldiers looked to have barricaded themselves in a security room. However the door was ripped off its hinges and thrown to the side. Also a number of Ragers (thugs) are found dead in among the soldiers. The group finds some more valuable ammo and two grenades.

Lab 3
The group finds a third lab with it's door bashed in, crumpled and lying on its side just inside the room. The room is in complete shambles. A number of destroyed medical beds are lying about. Also a viewing room inside this room has the viewing glass destroyed. A number of dead bodies ripped to pieces are strewn about. This scene caused the players and extras to have to make a guts check. Frank failed his guts check and refused to enter the room as well as a few of the UniMed soldiers.

Lab 4
Lab 4 was a little different. The first thing they noticed was the door was bashed outward into the hallway as if something bashed its way out. Inside the room was blood and pieces of bodies everywhere. The scene was utterly disgusting and a difficult guts save was required just to enter. Only 3 players passed the check and were able to enter. After braving the disgusting scene and the horrendous smell the players found a working computer. Duke was finally able to use is computer science knowledge in an attempt to break into the system. After spending some time he realized the computer network was corrupt, mostly non functional and a good chunk of it was deliberately wiped. However, Duke was able to pick up some information. He learned that this was a small secret lab complex of UniMed. Meant to test new medical treatments and bio agents on incarcerated prisoners from the prison. Apparently the prison was also run by UniMed. He also found some emails that point UniMed doing work for the department of Defence. On a raise Duke was able to discover that this facility is attached to a larger facility buried in the mountain next to the prison. That is all he got. Commander Morrsion asked the First Lady if she knew of this. The player RP'd well saying she does not know state secrets as her husband rarely discussed such things with her. After looking in the rest of the room they discovered a holding pen ripped open with bent bars. This must have been where the Ragers (thugs) were being held.

Well the group RP'd for a bit discussing some of the locations here. They also wanted to find this other larger UniMed lab. They ask Morrison if he knows of anything from UniMed. The commander says he was not made aware of anything....other than UniMed was Global. They decide to finish investigating this lab. The Duke wants to find where the power is coming from. Also whether this underground facility can be used in some way to benefit the survivor community.

Small cafeteria
The next room they come across is a small cafeteria. The cafeteria is actually in pretty good condition. There are about 6 tables and a small self serve counter. The group says these can be used by the community. They also find a good amount of food in the attached storage room.

The group next checks out the washrooms. In the women's washroom they find a dead white coat scientist sitting on a toilet with the back of her head blown out and she still hold the weapon in her hand. In her pocket they find a picture of her with two children and on the back was written....what have we done.

Power room
Well they come across the power room door. This door is still attached but scratch marks and dents can be found on the door. The Duke needs to jury rig a grenade and blows the hinges off the door and it pops open. Through the thick smoke a figure moves towards them guns are drawn and cards. The First Lady goes first and holds her action. When the figure moves through it moans a gurgling moan and the First Lady puts her gun to its head and pulls the trigger. They move into the room as the smoke clears. They enter a small room and find 4 dead bodies all partially eaten. It's clear. The Duke mentions this is just a transfer station...the main power comes from elsewhere. The Duke also surmises that he should be able to tap into this power to bring power to the prison instead of relying on those emergency generators. He does a few things and turns off the red emergency lighting and brings power back on. Everything lights up.

Last Door
There were a few other areas they checked out, custodial room and a few storage closets with cleaning supplies. They then come across a large door. The door says main corridor access. The door is large and a dead Rager lies through it blocking the door from closing. They look through and see a large 20' wide corridor. To the right the tunnel ends but to the left it goes as far as they can see. 5 electric golf cart type vehicles sit just outside the door. Bloody smear streaks lead away from the door and down the tunnel. On closer inspection bullet holes are found around the door area and one of the golf cart type vehicles is ruined from two bullet holes in the tires. The group decides to secure the door and head down the tunnel in the golf carts.

That is where we end it.

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Razzielle wrote:With over 4500 hits I guess some people have been following along.

I don't comment much, but I have been following along and enjoying your write ups. I did chime in earlier saying how some of your PCs sounded like they wanted to be villains more than heroes so it was interesting to see how heroic the group eventually became.

Quick question - when did Nancy the Nurse (Johnny D's romance) die? I must have missed it in the write-ups.

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