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#81 Postby Razzielle » Tue Mar 11, 2014 5:34 pm

Being Heroes

Yes I am glad they decided on the hero path....in the beginning they were being villainous at times but the consequences to those kinds of actions were felt and likely a reason why they changed their minds.

The fact they started and built a community where they can go to rest and heal when needed was a big benefit to being hero's. Con's people are always asking them for help. Big reason why they want to hit the road by themselves again. At least they have a place where they can send worthy survivors to.

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#82 Postby JamesG » Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:39 am

Ah, so Nancy didn't die, she left with Treymore and some other NPCs after Johnny D pissed her off by using her as bait. I do remember you mentioning that Treymore and a bunch of other NPCs split from the group based on things the PCs did or said, I just missed that Nancy was part of that.

I was thrown off by Johnny D telling Amy Stiller that "the last girlfriend he had was much better looking and got herself eaten". I guess he was lying to her for more impact.

Thanks for clearing it up.

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#83 Postby Razzielle » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:32 pm

Nancy the nurse, Caitlan's surviving daughter and Michael Rhodes left with UniMed. Treymore and his daughter stayed with the group.

Yes the pc's like to RP a lot.....the session with Amy was a longer session RP session if I recall correctly. In the actual campaign module it was suggested that Amy Stiller accompany the party. Well in our campaign she doesn't and takes the immunity child with her to what the party assumes is another UniMed facility. The player of the now deceased Johnny D played a rebel and was always stirring up trouble. He was kind of like Merle from walking dead. He did a good job at that staying in character. Maybe too well though as it cost them a lot of extras. There were a few other moments where he used extras as bait that I failed to write about at the time. Anyway that particular pc has died and now the player runs Frank the archer. Much less of a rebel and more of a hero.
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#84 Postby Razzielle » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:52 pm

Session 32

The pc's move down the long corridor. The corridor tunnel is about 20' wide and arcs upward from the floor to a 20' peek. The lighting is intermittent resulting in spots of darkness. The group cautiously moves along the edge constantly listening and checking their fields of fire. After travelling for a mile they see dead bodies sprawled on the floor up ahead. They stealthily move up to the bodies. They find UniMed soldiers six of them with mangled bodies and bullet holes in their heads. They also find four Rager bodies all riddled with high calibre rounds. They also find an access door that leads to an air shaft. Cappi travels up and pops the lid 50' up. It opens in the forest and can tell he is near the mountain as the ground rises upwards. He also notices a pair of footprints leading away from the access hatch. He heads back down and talks with the others. The pc's decide to continue following the tunnel. After about a quarter mile they come to the tunnel end. Well it really is not the end but at this point they find that the tunnel has caved in at this point. The Duke with his demolitions knowledge investigates and discovers that this was caused by a set demo charge likely in the event of a major issue...such as a defence mechanism went to seal off the underground facility. It would take way too long to dig through this and Tay is with the proper equipment. They head back to the prison.

Back at the Prison

Once back at the prison they discuss their findings with Morrison and Alexandro. It is agreed after an RP session to make use of the lab under the prison. They can also use the tunnel to the air shaft as an escape route from the prison if it were ever needed. Also the Duke mentions that power is being brought into the underground lab from somewhere and the Duke in time would like to find that out but it is agreed to reroute that power to the prison above. The group decides to spend the next few days at the prison tying up loose ends and gearing up to travel outside the walls and let the Morrison and Alexandro run the show here. The group is pleased with creating this survival community.

Loose Ends
The group does a few things around the prison before they head out.

The Duke: Well the Duke spends the extra two days with some help in rerouting power from the labs to the prison upstairs and now the emergency generators can be kept for emergency use. He also helps Cappi with a project.
Cappi the gypsy: With the help Of Duke, Cappi adds a new item to his lock pick kit. It is a small battery powered device that provides power to a electronic lock that would allow it to then be picked. In our gaming up to this point they have had to blow open or force open doors with electronic locks. Of course many electronic locks have been fried by the massive solar flare. But some have survived and that tends to be military or underground facilities. Either way Cappi thought this would be a good idea and piece of equipment to have.
Sergei the Russian: Sergei spends time in the prison metal shop fashioning silencers for his two pistols. He also spends time with the group of UniMed soldiers getting to know them.
Frank the Archer: Frank spends a good amount of time making a number of arrows for his quiver. Frank also spends time getting to know the UniMed soldiers that will accompany them.
The First Lady: the First Lady spends time going around the prison meeting a number of the survivors. The player of the First Lady is putting together a list of needs for the prison community. She is also trying to build up moral as just her presence raises moral to the community.

UniMed Soldiers: a squad of four UniMed soldiers will be accompanying the group upon the insistence of Morrison. The four soldiers are.....
Sargeant Jack Jones (rifleman) - aka - Twitch
Private Harold Thresher (medic) - aka - Buck
Private George Brown (sniper) - aka - Scope
Private Fred Moray (rifleman) - aka - Boomer

Armour Fixing: the group goes over their armour and fixes it. They all switch to the full body riot gear the prison has. They also take the Kevlar vests and ceramic inserts of their former armour and apply it to the riot gear. They also make use of the riot gear helmets with the face shields. Now the players are dressed in black modded full body riot gear. This gives them protection from infection to all of their bodies. They also get the UniMed squad to switch to the modded riot gear as well. Sargeant Twitch gets his squadies to do just that. The Duke also brings along a few more suits and stores them on his truck. They also discuss the value of the riot shield. Only the Duke and the First Lady wants to use one as they tend only to use pistols....all the others including the soldiers prefer two handed weapons and thus feel the shields would get in the way. Sergei use only pistols as well but he likes his dual pistols.

The groups vehicle: Alexandro offers the group the use of the armoured RV. Normally the group would have gone with this but the Duke suggests they use his modded vehicle instead. previously the Duke modded a large military all terrain transport truck. The truck sits high off the ground on six large wheels giving it great clearance when off road. The forward armoured cab is extended with the forward bench and two benches behind allowing for 8-10 to sit comfortably. The rear is a large covered and armoured flatbed. Currently a number of crates and equipment are stored there. Like camping, portable arc welder etc. The truck also has an extra fuel tank. There is also a mount for an m60 machine gun at the rear....currently with 250 rounds. The group is now ready to leave. Also Cappi decides to bring his loyal pet a UniMed Shepard dog. He received this via a card he used. This dog is abnormally smarter then the typical dog. He has come up with a new name for his dog. The dogs name is Spot...due to the white fur patch on it's head.

Note: they are still in module 3. Like I said things are different then how the module plays out. Morrison did not go crazy and start killing people. The survival of the First Lady gave him back his sanity and something to live for. The Ragers from the mountain facility did not attack the prison. In fact all they found were some dead ones. Also Hell has not attacked the prison.... he has threatened it though. In fact the prison has not fallen and is a well defended survivor community....Hell would have to think twice before attacking a strong defence.

Fresh meat
Well the group decides to spend the day on a special project. They head out to grab a bunch of cows. Yes Sergei noticed a farm close by to to the prison. They head out with three vehicles. They find the farm and take down part of the fence and after a bit were able to herd a number of dairy and beef cattle to the prison. They had to fend off some zombies that got in their way. However....they place the cattle into a prison area and assign Morrison to find some food and make an enclosure for the cattle. The players plan to spend some more time on this later and will be actively looking for survivors to help.

They leave.
They head out. The PCs in the Truck with a squad of soldiers. As to where the pc's want to go they did I not really have a plan. They just wanted to get out of the prison and simply go wherever to see what adventure they could find. They also feel that if Hell were to attack from Helltown the prison under the military command of Morrison should be fine.

Where to go
Well after some discussion they decide to head to the town of Milton where apparently some radio chatter was heard by Joe the ham radio operator. It is located about 60 miles away. They head off to Milton.

On the road to Milton
On the road they simply plough through any Shambler that gets too close and are able to move aside blocking cars with their large truck. Up ahead they spot a number of people milling about a smoking SUV on it's side. On closer inspection through binoculars they see these people are wearing the ghost symbol on leather jackets and some dead people are sprawled on the road. The pc's move forward the ghosts spot them and take up firing positions. Cards are drawn. The ghosts go first riddling the armoured truck with bullets that ping off the armour. One lucky shot catches the First Lady in the shoulder she is able to soak the damage. Twitch on the MG opens with suppressive fire and in the process destroys a Harley. The others spill out of the truck and take up defensive positions around cover. The player group kills 4 of the ghosts in the first round. The other four ghosts panic and take off in a run. The group follows and a chase down the road around vehicles and past hungry Shamblers. The end result the pcs catch and kill three of the ghosts in another gunfight the last ghost a bearded guy surrenders after being wounded in the leg. What the players do not know is that another raider was off taking a dump when the players attacked. This raider stayed hidden. The players did not notice this hiding raider. The raider escaped and reported back to Hell in Helltown what happened.

The wounded ghost
They drag the wounded raider back to the overturned vehicle. After an RP'd interrogation (broken fingers, hits to the head and finally a threat of ball removal) it was learned this group of raiders is from Helltown. They came across a group of people in this SUV and chased it down taking out its tires with bullets only one person survived the crash. The raiders simply shot him dead in the head then made sure all the others were dead. During the RP session I wanted to make sure the players realized just how ruthless these raiders from Helltown are.

What to do about the prisoner
The raider was begging for his life. Sergei takes the raiders pistol and empties it except for one bullet and tosses it back to the raider. Sergei says make a choice. The raider is sweating. The group gets back onto their transport they drive away and behind them they see Shamblers converging on the injured raider. They hear a gunshot.

A Mechanical Problem
While driving along the road and dealing with some minor zombie problems. The Duke realizes there is an issue with the truck. They stop for a minute and Duke mentions the engine took some damage from the raider fight. He does not have the parts to make a fix. He can make a quick fix but it won't last. They'll need to find a similar vehicle. They continue along the road keeping an eye out for army military transports. Gee how hard can they be to find.

Traffic Jam
While travelling the road in their not so working well truck they see a large jam up of vehicles ahead. Cars, SUVs, minivans, pickups, and a few freight liners. They do not want to find another way around and decide to slowly maneuver through the jam. The group and the sergeants men....man all the windows for trouble. They are not very worried about the Shamblers, they are keeping an eye out for other zombie types.

Bandits strike
Then popping out from hidden areas around all vehicles bandits strike at the group. Cards are drawn. The group is ready for them and go first. Cappi and the First Lady both riddle the same bandit dressed in a brown ripped duster with bullet holes the bandit falls. The others miss striking the bandits cover. Sargeant Twitches squad goes. Scope is able to take out a bandit by blowing his brains out with his sniper rifle. The bandits go raining a lot of pistol,and rifle fire at the truck. The battle continues with the group killing 8 bandits before the surviving bandits run away. Two of the bandits got lucky shots in on Sergei and the Duke but both soaked the damage to the amazement of the sargeant. The Duke realized all the bullets did more damage to the truck. They definately need to find some parts and soon. They get through the traffic jam and continue on.

The barricaded bridge
The truck is giving them problems and the Duke is constantly trying to keep it moving...any lesser mechanic would have thrown in the towel by now. Private Boomer calls down from keeping watch from the top hatch that he thinks he sees the type of vehicle they are looking for. They stop the truck and look with Private Scopes high powered sniper scope. The Duke verifies it a military transport sitting on a bridge with sandbags around it with some other vehicles. Looking closer they notice a large number of Shamblers on the other side of the bridge. The concrete bridge leads over a river to a large town, private Boomer says that is Tiverton a small industrial town I had some friends there. Scanning Tiverton they see a lot of Shamblers a good sized horde roams around all areas of the town. The barricade on the bridge has kept the zombies from crossing the river but it has had the added effect of bunching them up in the town.

They discuss things for a bit and decide they need those parts. They are worried any action around that truck will attract the Shamblers. They are not worried about the Shamblers getting past the barricade on the bridge but it could attract sprinters and Ragers that can get past the barricade.

The quiet plan
They decide to stealthily move up to the truck on the bridge and the Duke will be as quiet as possible and remove the needed parts. If sh***t hits the fan then the others will speed up with the truck and haul ass out of there. The Duke and Cappi the gypsy ( the best stealth guy) sneak up to the truck at the barricade on the bridge, the Duke..... since he needs to be quiet while doing this has a more difficult task when making skill rolls. I made this a dramatic skill resolution.
1- gets himself under the truck quiet and successful.
2- was able to remove all the bolts accept one bolt gave him a problem it was partially stripped....due to a setback on the resolution.
3- had to figure a way to quietly remove the stripped bolt. Soaked it in oil and wrapped it in a cloth. He was successful....but it was close.
4- lowered and removed the transmission and had Cappi help for a bonus.
5- able to drag it out from under the vehicle.
They carrying it together were able to get back to the waiting truck. Sargeant Twitch said well done. They get the parts into the back and drive searching for a place to make the repairs.

I thought a out having Ragers showing up destroying the barricade releasing a horde of zombies across the bridge...but they did so well with the dramatic skill resolution that I want them to enjoy their victory. The group was pretty happy as the skill resolution was very tense.

Service Station
A few miles up the road they come across a ford dealership and service centre. They scan the building and see a few Shamblers hanging around the car lot and one of the service bay doors are open. The building itself is in pretty good condition. But all the vehicles around it were fried by the solar flare like mostly everything else. They all get out of the truck and clear out the service bay of about a dozen Shamblers wearing Ford work overalls. One almost got the extra private Boomer as his shotgun jammed. Sergei saved him. They close up the service bay and secure it. Some Shamblers outside roam up to the bay doors and begin banging on it. The Duke does the repairs and gets a hydraulic hoist working to raise the truck. He does a complete replacement of the ruined transmission with the replacement. While the Duke does the repairs the First Lady, Frank and Sergei check out the administration area and the showroom. They kill 6 suit and tie wearing Shamblers, two Shamblers in dresses and acquire a bunch of food from two vending machines.

In the managers office they find a body in the managers chair blood is splattered on wall behind the body....a pistol lies on the floor beside the chair. Looks like he killed himself. They also find him clutching a picture in his hand of his family. The First Lady on the desk finds a handwritten note...it says. They are gone and I cannot live without them. To whoever finds this note know that I am with them now and hopefully what is in the safe will help you all I ask is that you burn my body. The note mentions a safe.

The safe
They go to where the note says there is a hidden safe. Cappi the gypsy opens the safe with ease. In the safe they find a Key and a location as to where to use that key here at the dealership. They head down to the basement. As the move down the stairs two Shamblers show up at the bottom. Frank takes both out with arrows to the head. They come to a bomb shelter door. The key opens the shelter door.

The bomb shelter
The bomb shelter door is made of thick metal. They head in and find it to be made up of 4 tube like rooms. One room is for beds....the other three rooms are filled with food, water and medical supplies. What a great find. The group immediately begins loading all this stuff into the truck. They also use a trailer they find in the service area and fill it mostly as well. They stay here for the evening. Post guards and wait for morning to move out. Shamblers overtime show up at the building. Now there are a good number around the perimeter. When morning arrives they move out with their fixed truck filled with supplies and an attached trailer.

They arrive at Milton. The town is a large town the sign says 20001. Fire at one point seemed to have raged through the downtown section. The cause it seems was from a crashed passenger jet liner as it's US Airlines tail section can be seen wedged into the town library and a large jet engine sits in the middle of the downtown street. Your typical Shambler can be seen wandering about here and there. The Duke pulls his truck into a fenced GM dealership.

The GM Dealership
The group disembarks and take down the six Shamblers in the dealership with melee weapons. The group moves to high ground heading up the ladder to the GM dealership roof. On the rooftop they use binoculars to scan the destroyed town. The town does not have a whole lot of Shamblers roaming it. Most of the Shamblers are spread out. However, Frank does notice a pack of Sprinters at the far end of town by a 7eleven. They continue to scan the town looking for any signs of possible survivors. A few Shamblers notice the group on the roof and moan. Shamblers begin moving towards the dealership. Then the Sprinters let out their howling like moan and begin running towards the dealership. The group decides time to leave. Cards are drawn. Sprinters are a few rounds of running away not a threat. The group goes first. They fire on a few Shamblers that have moved in from breaches in the chain link fence line...blowing heads and limbs apart. They all get to the truck and the Duke begins driving out. As they move to the gate. The sprinters reach the scene and all four leap onto the truck trying to get through the gridded windows. The pc's and soldiers simply point their guns through the grid and blow Sprinter brains everywhere. One sprinter even tried to eat the gun...that did not go over well for the sprinter. They continue moving out of town with Shamblers slowly following and a few getting in the way of the plough.

The S.O.S
As they continue moving out of town they pass a five story glass office building in a strip mall that also includes a Starbucks and KFC. As they pass Cappi and Frank notice on the fifth story in huge white letters on the glass panels the letters S.O.S. With Shamblers following them they decide to head out of town a little ways and cut back towards Milton to check out the SOS. They are thinking possible survivors. They park the truck outside of town at a repair shop. They take care of the single big Shambler brute still dressed in overalls. Had a thick skull as it took a couple of whacks from the first lady's hammer before it went down in a heap. They decide to bring everyone with them to the building. No one stays back to guard the truck.

The SOS on the office building
The group first scans the area and sees a few Shamblers about but nothing more menacing. They stealthily move up with the soldiers. They did not notice the crawler behind a vehicle that moans out loud when it spots the group passing by. The extra Sargent Twitch steps on and crushes it's head. Shamblers begin to moan and converge on the group. They get to the office tower doors. The glass doors are smashed and they notice some Shamblers inside and hear the howling scream of a sprinter from inside. They also see the stairwell doors on the other side. They need to either stand their ground and do battle with all the converging zombies, runaway back to their truck or move through all the zombies and get to the tower stairs. To top it off I give them a free notice roll and they can smell gas. A ruptured gas line is in the area.

That is where we left it
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#85 Postby Razzielle » Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:57 pm

Finished the Campaign

As all of you know I am way behind in our WotD game write ups. However, as of yesterday we finished the campaign. They played through the last part of campaign module four. It was a blast. I am actually surprised we finished it. The one thing I really worried about when we first started is how to keep something like WofD interesting. You WILL get bored of killing Shamblers in time. There is some advice I can give on this campaign...

1- don't run the pc capture scenes...unless your players like that sort of thing find another way.
2- don't stick to the railroad path this campaign offers. Let your players go off the rails and guide them back.
3- have some material ready that you can throw in when they do go off the rails.
4- don't be afraid to change things up if you don't like things about the campaign....if you have been reading through ours up to this point then you know I have made changes.
5- you might want to add more undead into your campaign. I did but I did not create new or ridiculous undead. I just made different variations on the Shambler like Brutes, kids, crawlers etc. I did the same with Sprinters and newborns but I made no variations of the Ragers. I removed Ferals though.
6- read through the various adventure journals here on this sight to draw inspiration from...that is what I did to start.

That's about it.....I hope to be able to finish all the write ups...now we are deciding if we want jump four years into the future and play World of the Dead....if we do I hope to write up their adventure. The apocalyptic world.
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#86 Postby Razzielle » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:19 pm

Session 33
In this session a lot of role playing went on and I did not take a lot of notes but this is the jist of what happened.

The Lobby
With zombies closing in from all directions and the presence of a major gas leak. The players had to decide to either run for it back to the truck and through numerous Shamblers, or run for the office stairway door. They decide to go for the office door. I ran this scene as a dramatic obstacle run. The pcs and soldiers needed to maneuver their way through the zombies in the lobby without firing their guns. If they fired their guns it will set off a gas explosion. If they decide to battle with melee weapons...that will cause them to fall back a bit and more zombies will move in to attempt to swarm them. I gave them 5 round dramatic scene to get to the stairwell for safety.

Round One: they have to maneuver around around a group of Shamblers that have moved in to try and bite any living thing they can reach. Everyone but the First Lady and Frank successfully maneuver past the zombies. A zombie grabs on to the First Lady's gun belt. The First Lady swings her hammer and caves in the the zombies face. She is then able to keep up with the others. Frank was also grabbed by a really thin zombie with a huge hole in its chest. Frank swings his leg in a martial arts sweep and knocks the zombie to the ground he is then able to get through and keep pace with the others.

Round Two: next 4 massively fat Shambler Brutes have blocked the groups path. They have to decide to either move around them or leap over the counter to get by them. Half the group goes with dodging around the fat zombies the other half tries their luck with leaping over the counter. The soldier extra Boomer catches his left side on broken glass of the counter. The Duke critically fails leaping over the counter and face plants right into the counter top smashing glass everywhere. He soaks the wound but is still behind the counter. The First Lady once again is sandwiched by two fat zombies as she fails to maneuver around them. She swings her trusty hammer and misses the head burying it deep into the zombies triple decaying chin.

Round three: Duke and First Lady still need to get by the fat zombies. The Duke attempts again to leap the counter as Shamblers move up from behind to try and grab him making things more difficult. He successfully makes the leap. The First Lady does a multi action. She swings her hammer again into the fat zombie this time with fat zombie brains flying everywhere and then two Sprinters attempt to gnaw on him....the Sprinters fail to breach his armour. it collapses to the ground. She then kicks the other fat zombie pushing it over the collapsed zombie knocking it to the floor. She finally makes it by the brutes. The others need to get past the group of Sprinters converging on them and howling away. They can either leap over tables and chairs to get around them or maneuver through them. Cappi fails in his attempt to leap over the table and chairs and one of the tables collapses while he is on it. He falls to the floor in a heap as the sprinters move in. The sprinter misses.

Round four and Five: everyone is successful in getting past the rest of the Shamblers and Sprinters either leaping over or maneuvering around them. They all arrive at the door. Yes it is locked or blocked.

The stairway Door
With zombies moving in for the kill the group needs to get through a locked or barred door from the other side. The decide to lay into the door with brute strength. They successfully bash it open. The group moves quickly through the door knocking down and bashing zombie heads in while moving through. Frank got mauled in the process by two Shamblers but his armour saves him from an infectious bite. However Frank has received a wound to his shoulder. Once through the door they realize they cannot close it as the lock is now Broken and the group rushes up the stairs. The smell of gas is still in the air so no firearms can be fired. Cards are drawn.

Battle in the stairwell
The Sprinters are the first to do battle with the group. One really ugly Sprinter rips into The Dukes arm. The Duke is able to soak the damage. The player group knock Sprinter heads everywhere when they go. The Shamblers though are able to move up the stairs but are very slow at it. The cold seems to slow them down as well. The group gets to the top floor and find two Shamblers clawing on the door. Cappi and Frank head bash them. Cappi then bangs on the door yelling out to see if anyone is on the other side. The smell of gas now has dissipated up here. The door opens.

The room
They are greeted at the door by a man in a dirty business suit. He has a canoe ore in the ready position. The man notices the First Lady and lowers his weapon and tells the group to come in. The players group moves into the room while the Shamblers still try to climb the stairs. Once in the door gets secured again.

Meeting the Survivors.
The First Lady has Sargent Twitch set up guard while they talk with the survivors. The players introduce themselves to the group of five mem all have now the remnants of dirty suits and overgrown beards. The players learn that they are all lawyers from the law firm Jefferson. Oh great more lawyers. An RP session commences. They learn that the lawyers really do not have much in the way of useful skill sets. However they are all young and in good shape and could be trained for something useful. The players are not getting any hint of a hidden agenda from them. So they suggest the lawyers head to the prison community. After some more RP the players decide to drive them to the prison as the lawyers will likely get killed along the way. The Duke is surprised they lasted as long as they did. The lawyers don't mind learning new skills there to fit in. They just want somewhere safe. Now a way out is needed. They search the rooms and discover a climbing kit of all things. Apparently this group likes to climb as team building exercise.

Rope ladder
The group puts together a rope ladder that heads down the back of the building. They do this and surprisingly none of the lawyers fall or need help. It is learned that the law firm did a lot of rock climbing at an indoor rock climbing facility to build team spirit. They also do not attract any zombies to the area and begin to head out of town. However, the Duke holds back for a bit pulls one of his jury rigged grenades sets the egg timer and throws it through a broken window on the main floor. As they move away the office tower goes up in one massive fireball and collapses to the ground as the grenade set off the gas explosion from the leak. Zombies were then attracted to the sound and site and moved towards it. This allowed the group to leave town with no trouble at all. Once back at the truck they headed on back to the prison. I was nice and no major encounters troubled the group upon their return. That is something the group learned through experience with all types of zombies you can distract them.

Driving back to the Prison
They take the same road back to the prison. On the way back they see a good size horde of zombies. They did not notice this horde previously. The decide to veer around it and find a different path back to the prison. They also notice a storm front rolling in.

County road 33
They turn down county road 33. They maneuver around a few vehicles along the way. The extra private Scope looking through his sniper rifle notices commotion in a wheat field. The group stops and scans the area scope found. It is a crashed crop duster and a jeep is parked next to it. The group also sees three individuals searching the wrecks the group decides to ignore them. They continue on. The sky is getting darker and huge cumulus clouds and winds are beginning to pick up. It is beginning to rain lightly.

Checking for Survivors
They come across a small hamlet called Durham. They decide among themselves to do a quick survivor check. They scan the small town and only see a few Shamblers wandering about. They decide to flattened as many Shamblers as they can with the vehicle. However they find no evidence of survivors in the town. The town is dead. They leave.

The nasty weather
As they leave Durham the weather which has been building for a little while rages into a full fledge thunderstorm. Lightning is highly active, the rolling thunder feels like it's directly overhead and the winds are gusting up to 100 kph. The group can feel the wind buffeting the truck. A limb from a tree snaps off and just misses the truck. A wood patio table from somewhere rolls erratically along the ground to slam into the trucks trailer. Frank the archer mentions the need to find some shelter this has possible tornado implications. The others agree. A few random pieces of debris slam into the body of the truck. Sargeant Twitch in the distance sees a possible funnel cloud forming and yells out tornado on our six. Sue enough when the others look they see it and the tornado that it forms.

The terrible Tornado
Yip a full fledge tornado forms. No one has any knowledge on tornadoes so a basic knowledge check is made. The First Lady recalls studying about tornadoes a bit at Harvard. She mentions that looks to be an F3.....bad enough to cause us no end of grief we need shelter. Sure enough the tornado is moving a a good speed towards their position. A tree crashes over in front of them as the Duke maneuvers out of the path. Sergei spots a bridge and yells at the Duke to park the truck underneath. The Duke make a beeline to the bridge. A piece of barn roof slams into the truck ripping off one of the metal gridded windows leaving it exposed. Dust, dirt, grit and small pieces of debris is hampering visibility. The Duke puts on some goggles the others grab hold of something sturdy. They can feel the truck buffeting by the high winds caused by the nearby tornado.

A Shambling Twister
The Duke gets to the underpass of the concrete bridge. They now watch as the tornado moves ever closer and the sound it makes is loud like a train. More debris begins striking the truck. Three Shamblers come crashing into the truck from the air. The tornado comes right up to the bridge and engulfs it. As the group watches they see a number of Shamblers being thrown about in the twister. A few loose items in the truck are sucked out of the truck into the vortex. The truck is shaking and the group decides to hold on. Some 2x4's slam into the truck like wood missiles but the trucks armour resists the impact. The sound begins to die down and about as quick as it began the tornado dissipates. The group sees Shamblers all about picking themselves up and wandering about again. The group starts up the truck and heads back onto the road. They can see some of the devastation the tornado did. They also notice how the twister sent Shamblers everywhere. They continue driving in the rain.

Back at the prison
Once back at he prison they talked with Morrison about the group of lawyers they found. Morrison rolled his eyes and made some lawyer jokes. RP session and it was agreed to have these five young lawyers go through some basic with the troops to become soldiers. Surprisingly the lawyers were really keen to do this and thanked the players for saving them. They also talked with Morrison and Alexandro about their encounter with some of Hell's raiders. Morrison mentions they have not heard any chatter on the ham radio from this so called Helltown. Just to be safe Morrison decides to reinforce the guard and to send out two of his better scouts to keep tabs on this threat. Morrison says his scouts recently reported that groups of raiders are always coming and going from that town. He also mentions perhaps a first strike on Helltown will alleviate the threat to the prison. The players say if they are going to go to war with Helltown they need to see what hell's capabilities are. The players mention that Hell has at least two howitzers at his disposal that could seriously damage the prison and he could have more military equipment as he did control the military base at one time. It is agreed to that the players group will do a recon of Helltown to see what there capability is.

Party time at the Prison
The players are invited to a pig roast. One of the hunters brought back two pigs and put together a pig roast. The group agrees. I made this session an RP session for the group to get to know a few more of the survivors at the prison. I do these things to make the players feel attached to the prison. That way when threats do pop up they will want to do something about it.

Some events from the party

Fist fight: While at the party one of the mechanics names Jug got into a fist fight with one of the newly arrived lawyers. Apparently Jug hates lawyers and took it out on Chase the Lawyer. Well I had two of the players take over the fight. It was quite funny as they got into the RP of it while fighting. End result the lawyer took out Jug in two rounds. Apparently Jug had some martial art training.....meaning unarmed combat.

Drinking too Much
Well the party makes use of the booze they found a while back. Beer and liqueur is accessed mostly by everyone. Quite a number are drinking a ton of booze. Morrison though has banned any booze by soldiers on duty. A number of prison extras are getting sick, playing drinking games or just having a grand ole time. The Duke gets rip roaring drunk and Nurse Carol has been eyeing him.

The Duke: One of the survivors Carol the Nurse made a pass at the Duke. She always had her eye on the Canadian Hero. Well they left and had a different kind of fun for the rest of the evening.

Cappi the Gypsy: partied hard with the lawyer group. He also made sure his dog Spot got some pig. He also entertained the survivors with some of his circus moves from back in the day.

The First Lady: well she got everybody up dancing. She also got into an RP session with a diehard Republican Party supporter name Bill the assistant cook.

Sergei the Russian: Sergei has a drinking and arm wrestling contest with all comers. Well he lost a drinking marathon to Wilma the nurse and was so drunk that he had to be carried to his quarters.

Frank the Archer: took a likening to Alexandro's sister. Her name escapes me at the moment. Either way he and a few others got into a poker game. Alexandro's sister cleaned up big time.

Speech: well part way through the party the First Lady was encouraged to give a speech. To the players credit she gave a very good speech about America not falling but being reborn. It was good enough for a moral boost to the survivors. Hmmm female players are always impressive when roleplaying. It is nice having a female player in the group.

What no one spotted was the raider scouts on a hill area and hidden well (They learn from their mistakes as well). These raiders are from Helltown and are keeping an eye on the prison. Hell was able to recruit a lot more people for his raider army and some are skilled mercs.

What a loud alarm
The prison perimeter alarm goes off. Everyone that is partying goes into action. Well things got interesting as a number of the player characters and others were drunk. Being intoxicated definitely hampered their abilities. As the group moved to the wall they see a large group of Shamblers moving against the highway concrete barriers on the north side of prison. Morrison who is already at the lookout gate tower with Cappi the gypsy says it looks to be at least 500 Shamblers are already up against the barriers and more are moving in. Cappi notices a vehicle moving away...grabs a rifle and looks through the scope. On a raise he notices it's a jeep and a passenger is wearing ghosts colours...Damm Hell's men. Cappi thinks they brought the zombies here...(he's actually wrong about that)

Dealing with the horde
Defenders at the fences and towers begin firing a Lot of bullets at the zombies. Not very accurate. Only a few fall to head shots. Many other zombies take hits to other areas and keep coming. Sergei who is massively drunk can't shoot worth a dam with the penalties he has right now. Many of the Shamblers are getting by the concrete highway barriers and moving up to the fence line defenders are attempting head shots with pikes through the fence seems to be working for now but soon will be overwhelmed unless the group comes up with a plan.

Oh Mighty M1 battle tanks
Well they decide to get the two tanks, Alexandro's armoured RV and the Dukes armoured transport. Their plan flatten as many zombies along the barrier as they can. It was a good tactic against Shamblers . Most of the horde was crushed by the tanks or killed by the plough blades. One tank had to sit it out when too many Shambler parts got caught in the tank wheels and tracks immobilizing the tank. The RV and armoured transport took minimal damage.

Sprinters and Ragers attack
A combined group of 20 sprinters and Ragers strike the wall. They go right for the vehicles. A paricularily strong Ragers clambers up onto a tank and tries to rip pieces off the tank. Other sprinters and Ragers attack the other vehicles. They in particular swarm around the the armoured RV and transport as they try to get at the occupants inside. Defenders from the prison begin shooting at the vehicles but have difficult time hitting them.

Dealing with the sprinters and Ragers
Using vehicles maneuver rolls...like. Skimming close along the concrete barrier line, driving close to trees and hydro poles etc. Vehicles were able to remove the zombies clinging to the vehicles.

Odds in Favour
Using the vehicles killed a lot of zombies, which allowed theorists defenders to in time defeat the rest. After the last of the zombies falls. The defenders are exhausted. Extra guards are posted and many try to catch some sleep. In the morning they begin cleaning up the hug mess or it will get smelly.

How to clean up a zombie mess
Well they decide to use the ploughs and plough up the huge mess and pit them into a huge pile. They get some of their fuel and light a fire burning all the zombies...well over 700. I rules this takes a whole day to cleanup and a second day to fix the barriers.
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#87 Postby Jordan Peacock » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:36 pm

Congratulations! I have to say, I'd agree with all your tips there.

I'm not sure what to think about removing the Ferals. I was a bit confused by the relationship between Ferals and Ragers; I ended up presenting it as if the "transformation" was just so unstable that it manifested in various ways, and there were some creatures that were sort of on a scale between "Feral" and "Rager," and some of them had grotesque (and not particularly useful) mutations in other directions. In an attempt at simplicity, I stuck to "Feral" and "Rager" stats even if I might use some very different miniatures to represent individuals who fell into either category.

I'm not sure that it really mattered all that much to the players, though. I think the "Ferals" just kind of represented a step up in threat level from regular Sprinters, but not quite as over-the-top as Ragers.

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#88 Postby Razzielle » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:01 pm

Thanks Jordan P

I felt the feral was redundant. I have variations on the Sprinters that make some of the Sprinter types more deadly. For example a Leaper Sprinter that can leap over pcs to get behind them or up onto the 1st story of a building roof or on the top of a transport cab roof to get at players that like to get a height advantage. Another example is the pack Sprinter. As these Sprinters like to hunt down the living in packs and use gang up all the time. Like a wolf pack. I don't like to send huge groups of Ragers at the pcs as they are extremely deadly and can easily do a TPK. They have learned though that when they see a huge group of Ragers they need to get away or use missiles :lol:

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#89 Postby Savage Mommy » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:36 pm

Just finished getting caught up on your posts. Good stuff. I'm also running the campaign and have a few questions for you. My player's are about to head to Sanctuary.

You use a lot of extras. Do you have the player's play all of them?

I noticed in a number of posts you had different survivor groups go out. Did you just randomly decide who died from the
groups that didn't have the players in them?

When the group was attacked by large numbers of walkers, did you play out the entire combat or just abstract them?

I had more questions, but I didn't write them down as a went and I can't remember what more I wanted to ask.

I'm loving the ideas I'm getting from your write-ups.
Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs
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#90 Postby Razzielle » Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:45 pm

Just finished getting caught up on your posts. Good stuff. I'm also running the campaign and have a few questions for you. My player's are about to head to Sanctuary.

Congratulations on getting that far in the campaign.

You use a lot of extras. Do you have the player's play all of them?

Definitely not...I tend to play them. They will play extras in important role play moments and during combat if the extras are part of their specific group. For example currently in the write ups a group of four UniMed soldiers go with them when they head out. Sometimes they will want to coose some specific extras and sometimes I'll choose. In combat the players will control these extras. Most extras exist in the background. Since they took the time to plan out and build a relatively safe community they have a pool of survivors to pull from. If your group wants to build a survivor community it does make the game easier to run then running a convoy full of them.

I noticed in a number of posts you had different survivor groups go out. Did you just randomly decide who died from the
groups that didn't have the players in them?

Well partly true.....if extras go out with 1 or more pcs then actual combat will determine if an extra dies....extras die real easy. So I created henchmen for some more important named extras. Henchmen have 1 wound level. If a group of extras goes out on patrol then yes I could simply say that the patrol group was destroyed by zombies or Helltown raiders etc....

When the group was attacked by large numbers of walkers, did you play out the entire combat or just abstract them?

Yes when a large hordes attack I have used modified large scale battle rules especially in the beginning. However towards the later point in the campaign I did away with mass battle rules. I used scenes. I picked some goals that the player group needed to accomplish in the large battle and the rest of the major battle took place around them.

I had more questions, but I didn't write them down as a went and I can't remember what more I wanted to ask.

I will try to answer if I can. It was a fun campaign

I'm loving the ideas I'm getting from your write-ups.

I am glad you were able to pull some ideas.


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Session 34
Another short session. Quite a lot of RP'ing from last session. They increased the moral of the community by participating in a pig roast. Whenever the First Lady gets to mingle with the survivors....well that does boost moral in itself. The group is also looking at a recon of Helltown it is a real threat to the community and know with Hell leading these bandits then anything is possible from the crazy biker gang leader. As we know in the campaign module Hell was to attack the prison while at the same time Rager's strike. Well slight change in our campaign. I needed a way to give Hell a reason to attack the prison community. So what I am doing is having little encounters here and there with Hell's minions...eventually they will have their climatic encounter with Hell as he'll get pissed enough to attack the prison. Currently He'll does not want to until he builds up his raider force more. Hell does not like the idea of his scouts mentioning the prison has tanks and soldiers.

Heading Out
The group with the squad of UniMed soldiers heads out again. Their mission is to recon Helltown. They drive in the Duke's Modded military Transport. Just so everyone knows the player of the Duke named his vehicle 'Betsy'. Well off they go in Betsy. Once again a few Shamblers get in the way of Betsy's plough. They do take an alternate route when they see a large horde up ahead blocking the road as the horde passes through. A few Shamblers in the horde see the group's vehicle and veer towards them. The group moves onto an adjoining road. The road is relatively vehicle free. As they get to the top of a hill Cappi the gypsy notices movement up ahead at a BP gas station. Sergei gets up on the truck top through an access port and checks the scene with his binoculars. He sees a bunch of motorcycles, an old pickup with a large gas tank in the rear bed. He also notices a few people. Two filling up the gas tank with fuel likely from the underground storage tanks, another two rummaging through some vehicles on the lot, and another apparently standing guard on the roof. If you call standing guard sitting with your feet up drinking. On a raise Sergei notices one is wearing a leather jacket with Ghosts on it. Yip Hell's crew.

Stealth Move
The group decides to take out this group of raiders. They pull their vehicle Betsey off to the side of the road and head in on foot stealthily to the gas station. They figure it should not be too much of a problem since the guard on the roof does not seem very aware. What the group is not aware of is the group of four Newborn's stealthily moving in on the raiders from the other side. This gets interesting real quick. The group moves up as close as they cAn get before they get into line of site to the gas station. They all notice the raiders moving about and not being very stealthy about it. They also move to get themselves out of line of site from the raider on the roof. They move in with weapons out. We use two group stealth rolls here. One for the UniMed soldiers...who the players are also playing and one for the players. The raiders surprisingly make a half decent notice roll. They did not notice the player's, soldier's or Newborn group but some noise was made to take awaY any chance of surprise. The player's, soldier's and Newborn groups are now in position. Cards are drawn!

Battle at the BP Gas station
The raiders go first and they all move behind cover and hold their actions waiting for something to appear. The soldier group goes and agility rolls are made to see who goes first. The soldiers get their shots off first and hammer away with their M16 assault rifles. One of the raiders goes down with massive holes blown into his chest and the raider slumps over the abandoned vehicle hood. The raiders go and miss all the soldiers. The players go next. Frank takes out the beer drinking raider on the roof with an arrow right through his heart. Cappi and Sergei miss. The First Lady blows a hole right through the chest of a raider with her trusty 357. The Duke puts a well aimed rifle shot through a raider behind the cover of a window. In the next round the Newborns strike. The Newborns were able to stealthily move to their select targets last round.

Newborns argh!
No cards yet the newborns get surprise......this is gonna hurt. One of the Newborns leaps out of the grass onto the back of Frank the Archer. The Newborn Tears into the armour torso of Frank but cannot breach Franks toughness. A second Newborn leaps out of the grass at the Duke basically runs right up his rifle and attacks the Dukes's face. Luckily his 50% helmet rule saves him and the helmet gets torn to shreds. The third Newborn is seen by the group launching itself out of the grass and tears into a raiders scrawny neck. Blood sprays everywhere as an artery is severed. The raider falls to the ground screaming in agony. The fourth newborn scampers quickly through an open window and clutches onto the raiders face ripping out the raiders eyeball and claws into the raider's brain the raider falls out of site. The player's are quite worried they are facing Newborns now.

The bonus of having a good toughness
In the next round cards are drawn and the Newborns go first. The one on Frank tries again to get at his flesh. But only rips apart frank's amour on his torso but cannot breach frank's toughness. The one on Duke tries to get at duke's neck but fails. The soldiers go next. The soldiers fire at two raiders with two soldiers each firing on a single raider. They successfully kill two raiders with combined fire riddling both them in a hail of high calibre rounds. The raiders go next. There are still 8 of them. One uses its grenade launcher and launches it at Cappi and Sergei who are behind a vehicle. The grenade strikes the vehicle and explodes launching the flaming Toyota Corolla into the air and down again. Both Sergei and Cappi took damage and both were unable to soak. They both received one wound. The raiders missed everyone else and another raider killed the Newborn in the gas station. The players went taking out four raiders with pinpoint head shots. One raider even had a Kevlar helmet but the the shot breached past the 50% chance of hitting the helmet. Frank and Duke both focus on trying to get the Newborns off of them. Frank slams his body into a nearby car and crushes the Newborn. The Duke butt ends the newborn on him crushing its skull. The battle continued for just a few more rounds with all the Newborns and Raiders being killed. Only Cappi and Sergei took damage from the grenade explosion. They were unable to look through the gas station for salvage as a wild shot from the Duke started a fire which resulted in the gas station erupting into flames. This attracted other zombies to the area.....meaning time to leave for the pc group.

Thumping in the trunk
As the pcs were leaving.....Cappi heard something banging from the trunk of a vehicle. This was one of the vehicles the raiders were using that was not at the gas station when it exploded. They opened up the trunk and found a young woman tied up and muzzled. They untied her and take her with them. Once clear they pulled over and started interrogating her. They did not get any sense of any hidden agenda. The girl was quite emotional ....she was extremely worried about her father and mother. Her mother has MS and is in a wheel chair. She was off by herself foraging for some food. When she was attacked and taken prisoner by these raiders. This happened in the morning. The girl recognizes the First Lady and begs her to help. The First Lady decides it's the American thing to do and promises help. The group learns where her parents are located. They need to travel to an old farmhouse about 1 hours drive from here.

Off to the Farmhouse
They travel to the farmhouse taking some less travelled backroads. Along the backroads they see a large accident up ahead. Two trucks a tanker and a transport were involved in a accident and the burnt out wrecks block the roadway. With it getting close to dark there is really no time to find an alternate way around. They decide to clear a path. They try to push their truck Betsey through the wrecks. The Duke makes a driving roll and slowly pushes his way through....however he did do some damage to the trucks protective gear. This attracts the attention of a group of 6 pack hunting Sprinters. These are a different kind of Sprinter that like to hunt in packs like wolves and have a tendency to always use gang up when they can.

Cards are drawn. Sprinters go first they howl and leap onto the party's truck and attack the window areas to try and get at the living inside. One of the sprinters was able to rip off a window metal grid as it was damaged pushing through the wrecked trucks. The players go and the First Lady blows the head off the sprinter that just pulled off the grid. Cappi grabs a Bench seat cover and holds it up against the side window that was breached. The others shoot at sprinters through the gun ports. The Duke continues to push the vehicle through and is successful. Two surviving Sprinters go For the open window in which Cappi is holding a seat bench pad against. Both Sprinters grab and claw at the pad and shred it pretty good. Cappi is able to hold steady with his strength. Cappi then moves the shredded bench seat away as the others fire through the opening shredding the pack sprinters with high calibre rounds. The remains of the sprinters fall to the ground and are pulped by the back tires. The group continues along arriving at the farm house.

The farm house
When they arrive at the farm house they find it surrounded by zombies. The woman Margret is hysterical. The First Lady calms her down. The players and the soldiers assault the Shamblers of various types. The group destroys all the Shamblers after a fairly lengthy battle.

It did get tense for a bit. Especially when the Duke tried to climb up the drain pipe and it collapsed onto a group of 6 Shamblers. He was lucky that his armour saved him from infection. I also thought it was cool when Cappi used his acrobatics to swing off the roof with a downed hydro line and come crashing into the house through the front window...saving the wheelchair laden mother. One UniMed soldier was killed in the combat though....four Shamblers ganged up on him. He had no chance on two open Enders. The First Lady soaked a deadly strike from a Shambler.

They rescued margrets parents. Margrets parents agreed to come to the prison community after some lengthy convincing. But only if her MS mother could bring a bunch of her things with her. They help Margaret's parents pack their vehicle, with clothes, furniture, and lots of knick knacks.....and drive back to the prison with only a few encounters along the way. Zombies it seems are no match for the front plough on the truck....It was learned that Margaret's dad was a medical scientist. The group was happy about that.

The trailer
The group also attached the large horse trailer to the vehicle and brought the farms 4 horses, 4 sheep and 15 chickens with them. Hmmm I guess they are keen on this farm project of there's.

Travelling Rednecks
As they are driving back to the prison with the animal trailer in toe. They notice on the road up ahead two old style ford pick ups. The group stops. They scan the area and see a number of people rummaging through a transport trailer and packing stuff into the pickups. One of the rummages spots the groups truck and sounds alerts the others they all take up defensive positions and rush away in their two pickups.

The prison
Back at the growing prison community the First Lady makes a point of helping them get settled. All this help got the parents to very friendly and the old man reveals a Secret to the First Lady. He use to do medical research contract work for a little known CDC facility dealing with new types of powerful antibiotics and their interactions on viruses. He mentions with the shortage of antibiotics finding these at the facility would be very helpful to the prison community. But they would need to be careful. There has been a long term request from the medical team to acquire some antibiotics as they literally have none. Margaret's father gives the location of the CDC research facility about 2 hours from the prison due west. What they don't know is that Hell in Helltown knows about the facility and has sent a team of raiders to check it out. It made for a fun next session.

This is where we left it.
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#92 Postby Savage Mommy » Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:55 pm

Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to read about the trip to the CDC facility. Is this something you added? If so, I'm totally stealing it for my game.
Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs
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#93 Postby Razzielle » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:25 pm

Savage Mommy wrote:Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to read about the trip to the CDC facility. Is this something you added? If so, I'm totally stealing it for my game.

Thanks Sammy
The CDC facility is an add on of mine to the campaign. I wanted to fit one in their somewhere. Campaign module three had the pc's go off the rails quite a bit. I wanted the players to have a base they could operate from for a while so things had to change. I was happy when the players came up with the idea of wanting a prison and voila there was already one in the campaign. It was my idea to remove the serial killer in Commander Morrison. I instead made him a significant military and community leader at the prison community. Also Cailtan died in the campaign. Also no Ragers attacked the prison....at least so far. However...I did keep the underground UniMed facility that is now being utilized by the community. Helltown is a big player and we are working towards a big time confrontation with Hell and his Helltown raiders. We may learn some more stuff at the CDC and have more dealings with Hell's cronies at the facility. I hope you like how it turns out and are able to make use of it. I'll post it over the next few days.


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#94 Postby Razzielle » Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:59 pm

Session 35

Getting Ready
The group decides to have a look at the CDC facility they learned about from Margaret's father. They find him setting up their room at the prison. A couple of younger lads are even installing a wood ramp from supplies at the prison so the wheelchair laden lady can get around easier. They ask where exactly it is located on the map. Jack...Margaret's dad shows exactly where on the map the hidden CDC facility is located. The facility is in the basement levels of a UniMed pharmatech facility. ( yip once again UniMed ) He tells the group in order to access the facility they need to travel down via the access elevator, freight elevator or emergency stair access. All require fingerprint scanners and pass code or the use of a special CDC secure smart card. He gives them his CDC smart card from his wallet. He says there is a good chance the facility is running on power as it has hardened electronics to resist EMP, backup generators that run on solar. ....he also mentions that he did not have the privy clearance for the lower levels....his card will only access the first level. The group then looks to gear up. They replenish their ammo stores, fuel up their vehicles, grab some food supplies for the road and head to the staging area. Morrison insists on sending a squad of soldiers to accompany the players. Sargeant Twitch, Scope, Boomer, Pugs and Vasquez join the group. For fun the group gets into the paint stores at the prison and paint some words of wisdom and pics on 'Betsey' their vehicle. They are ready to move out.

On the road to Kreston
Kreston they figure is about 25 miles from the prison. They look at taking a route off the main road. Sure they likely will have to deal with a few isolated Shamblers wandering here and there as well as ones that get too close to their vehicle. The vehicle Plow will prove its worth. It pays to plan when you have down time.

Crashed Marine Chinnook
they do come across a crashed US Marine Chinook Hellicopter off the side of the road in the field. They decide to investigate. The hay field is flat with great site lines from all sides so they would see any undead coming way before they become a real danger. They drive their vehicle out to it and easily deal with the 6 Shamblers. All either pinned under some sort of debri or still buckled into their seats. They did have to make a guts check when they dealt with a particularly gruesome scene of a civilian Shambler that was torn in half by a helicopter blade. Cappi failed his guts check and was greatly disturbed by this. He wanted to get away from this chopper as soon as possible as he was getting extremely anxious. The First Lady walked him back to the vehicles while the others checked out the large helicopter. They find a few clips of ammo for their guns and take the first aid kit, two Kevlar helmets and a working marine sniper rifle. (Oh yeah!) They continue on towards Kreston with the Cappi the Gypsy feeling much better being away from there. A bit of RP went on as the others asked Cappi what was so disturbing about the scene as they have witnessed worse. The player of Cappi did a good job rp'ing how the halved civilian looked a lot like a friend of his and it just brought back memories.

Abandoned Mobile Military Base
Travelling the route they chose to Kreston they crest a hill. Below off to the side of the road in a field next to a copse of woods sits a makeshift small military base. It is built like an oval and completely surrounded with sandbags and temporary concrete highway barriers. Many eaten bodies can be seen lying about. MG nests sit at the front and rear and inside the perimeter is a mobile HQ with the transport truck parked beside it. Also sits two FEMA trailers and a couple of large military tents. The place is abandoned only a few Shamblers appear to be moving about inside. The group thinks this is too good to pass up. They move down to check it out.

Checking out the base
They drive up to the base taking out a few Shamblers with the Plow. They get out of the vehicle and with the group and sergeant Twitches soldier squad they investigate. They take out the few Shamblers inside the base. They investigate the rest of the base. The two FEMA trailers are medical. The group knows this is a big find for the prison as it still has good medical supplies. They check the tents ant they turn out to be barracks and completely abandoned. Further investigation reveals the troops here left in a hurry. The back of the tent has been ripped open with knife. They check out the HQ. When they open the metal door to the HQ they are immediately attacked by 4 sprinters. They wipe out the sprinters. But not before the extra Soldier Pugs has a Sprinter take a huge chunk of flesh out of his left forearm.

Private Pugs is bitten
Pugs is pretty upset that he is bitten and knows he'll turn soon. He voices that he does not want to become one of them. He asks that the group leave him here and he'll take care of himself as he pulls out his pistol. sargeant Twitch agrees. They leave the HQ and hear the gunshot. Sergei checks to make sure. They clear out the HQ of useable equipment. The Duke gets the transport truck working he detaches the flatbed and hooks up a FEMA trailer to it. He asks the sargeant and his men to take this transport. The group attaches their truck to the other FEMA trailer. They also set fire to the HQ and drive their find back to the prison camp. They drop off the trailers and equipment and head back out the following day to Kreston again.

Trying for Kreston Again
They get back on the road again following the same path and drive by a now smouldering small base. They salute their fallen comrade private Pugs as they pass.

Hell on the Road
Travelling further they round a bend and hear multiple gunshots. Everyone goes into alert mode and the Duke drives slowly ahead. As the bend site line clears they see guys on motorcycles circling two damaged pickup trucks that are off the side of the road. They do a quick scan and on raise notice the ghost colours on the bikers and that the people in the pickups they recognize from seeing previously. It looks like two of the pickup truck people are down and one of the 8 bikers. The group decides to join the fray. They barrel into the fight and cards are drawn. The group fires on the bikers killing two and sergeant Twitches shot caught a gas tank and a Harley explodes. Once the pickup truck people realize these are allies they too fire on the bikers. All the ghosts are killed. The group talks with the pickup crew. They are suspicious of the group but once they see the First Lady they are less so and talk. It is learned they are part of a survivor community...but they don't give their names, info or divulge where. They know of the prison from the radio broadcasts. The group asks if they would like to join. For now they say no. If things change they'll be in touch on the radio. But what the group did will go a long way with the Elders. The Duke and others help fix their pickups and they leave.

They arrive on the outskirts of Kreston. They pull over beside the 'welcome to Kreston' sign and give the town a quick scan with binoculars. Well it is a relatively big town of 25000. They can see a lot of Shamblers wandering about the town. They do see the UniMed pharmatech facility they are looking for and number of cars are still in the parking lot. So the group is guessing there could be a lot of zombies inside.

Who are they?
They also notice an explosion to the west of town. They scan the area and see a number of vehicles and people shooting at a number of Shamblers moving on their position. They also note that these people have high powered assault weapons....likely m16's. On closer scanning they note a few are wearing the ghost colours. Once again Hell's raider army is out and about...they certainly seem to have a lot. Now they figure it is a bunch of raiders from Helltown. They joke about how these raiders seem to be everywhere. They decide to just focus on getting into the facility and try not to worry about all the zombies and raiders in town.

They drive around the outskirts of town to the rear of the facility...careful not to get into the line of site of the raiders. A good portion of the Shamblers seem to be attracted to all the gunfire noise the raiders are causing. The players park their vehicle inside a drive in oil change shop and hoof it on foot towards the facility. When they arrive at the facility with stealth they decide to climb the smooth wall to the roof and enter that way. They fire a grappling hook to the top of the roof and everyone climbs up to the roof. Mind you the First Lady sucks at climbing and it took a bit of help,to get her up. In the commotion of getting the First Lady up the grappling line a raider scout noticed the activity and reported back to the main group of raiders. The players were not aware of this.

At the CDC facility
On the roof they do a quick scan and can see a number of airconditioning units, vents and a roof access door. They decide to try the door. Well the door is a heavy metal security door. It also has a fingerprint, pass code scanner attached as well as a slot for a smart card. They also notice power is going to the door. Duke mentioned it must be hardened from the EMP blast. They try the card and it goes green the door unlocks. Just as they were about to open it...they hear a lot of gun fire coming from the front area as well as the sound of multiple vehicles pulling up to the building. Cappi and the others quickly run to each corner of the building to have a look. They sees four Humvee vehicles and two Silverado pickups moving in on the facility shooting zombies as they arrive.

The Raiders led by an ugly guy
At the front entrance one of the raider a really,ugly leader yells out mentioning for the group to come on down and talk and perhaps join them for a glass of orange juice and cookies ...a number of the raiders chuckle at this. Well Sergei pulls out his pistol and takes aim at the ugly raider that said this and fires. The raider takes the slug in the chest yet the Kevlar vest ceramic insert saved the ugly raider. They all scurry behind cover.

Cards are drawn. The raiders go first. They throw up suppressive fire and some hold their action. In the battle the players group and UniMed soldiers run by the players fight the raiders for a few rounds. They successfully take out just two raiders. Good armour and cover is difficult to beat. The raiders take down a soldier extra. During the combat zombies from town begin converging on the raiders. The players decide to take this opportunity to head into the CDC facility via the roof. They head down the roof excess stairs to another door into the upper floors. I was surprised they left the raiders.

The upstairs
They searched a number of rooms upstairs. These included mainly administrative areas, storage, a wrecked computer network room, washrooms, small janitorial area, small lounge area and Administrator main office. They did come across twelve Shamblers on this floor. Their main fight was in the admin areas and men's washroom where they dealt with the Shamblers only using melee weapons. The group did not want to attract anymore zombies with loud gunfire. The close call was with Sergei and the First Lady...as two dormant Shamblers were lying on the floor under papers. The group just ignored the bodies until they attacked both Sergei and the First Lady. Leg armour saved them both from infection.

Need to keep your head down
While the group was searching along a windowed hallway the glass exploded to automatic gunfire from outside. A group of raiders outside in a pickup truck spotted them. The truck has a machine gun mounted in the rear bed and the raiders let it go full auto into the upstairs windows. The group inside makes agility rolls and successfully tumble to the floor with lead filling the hallway above them. During the fire two Shamblers are attracted to the noise and are ripped apart by the 50 calibre rounds. The group army crawls it around the corner.

Hmm there's power here
The Duke noted power still coming into the building. Cappi in the admin leaders office did find a listing on the computer about a new batch of antibiotics was ready for shipment to the UniMed facility in Colorado. Cappi was able to determine that the UniMed facility they were talking about was the one located by the prison. He also found an email mentioning about the difficulties they were having with the bio-agent sent to them....and it further goes on talking about about how all their antibiotics did not work against this agent. The group could hear the raiders downstairs with their guns going off. Apparently the raiders gained entrance.

Main level
The group wants to get to main level elevator, stairwell to access the CDC. However the raiders have set up shop downstairs and are actively hunting the players. The group in their travels does not really want to face around 24 heavily armed and armoured raiders. They want to try to avoid them (smart move) The Duke is able to find an access panel that the group can fit into and crawl to the elevator shaft. However they will have to access the elevator as the access shaft is blocked off to the CDC facility. But it will get them to the elevator. They do this and try to be stealthy. There are two moments where raiders were walking by looking for the players. The players group had to make stealth rolls. They were successful. They made it to the elevator shaft and climbed down to the elevator. Accessed it from the escape hatch on top and filled the elevator like a can of sardines. The Duke then rigged it to head down. When this happened voices were heard outside the elevator and then gun fire as high calibre rounds slammed into the elevator door but would not breach the thick steel. As the elevator moved down slowly a large explosion was heard and it shook the elevator. The elevator then stopped. Apparently a grenade was launched at the door up top. The group forced open the doors and moved into the CDC facility.

Deep Level One
Once the elevator door opened they knew there was a problem. Emergency red lighting was on and a few seconds later a female computer voice spoke over the intercom....VIRUS DETECTED LOCKDOWN PROCEDURES INITIATED....On this level the players explored. It was tense filled as 6 newborns were on this level. The group had a difficult time trying to find them. In most cases the newborns struck from the darkness. The players had good toughness and armour to deal with the ambush strikes. But is still scared the crap out of them as they hate newborns. The players were finally able to slay all six Newborns. What they did not know was there was only six. They still think there are more. They did find 8 dog sized cages on this level. 2 of the cages had dead newborns in them. Looking through lab notes it was discovered these newborns were here just after the outbreak. The group moved down to level two through the access stairs.....they did not need a security key card as the doors were ripped open by brute strength....likely Ragers....... Just as they entered the stairs they could hear the raiders entering level one from the elevator shaft.

Deep Level Two
On this level they fought a group of 8 Sprinters. It did not take the group long to deal with them. As they rifled through the various files they found the Sprinters were sent here from another UniMed facility in the north ...apparently in the city of Toronto Canada of all place. They also fought a number of Shamblers.....former lab techs killed by the Sprinters. They then had to fight the raiders who moved through the stairwell access. A lot of fighting through lab areas with gunfire and grenades. It was quite a mess. All this noise attracted the large group of Ragers from below.....thus starting another big battle. Grenades and gunfire indoors is nasty.

Battle with the Ragers
A large number of Ragers came pouring up through the lower lab levels into the raging battle between the players group and the raiders. The Ragers just kept coming. After 3 rounds of continuous combat and more Ragers showing. The First Lady suggested out loud to the raiders that they call a cease fire and join against the common enemy. Surprisingly to the party the raiders agreed but only because the First Lady also played an unlikely ally card....perfect time to use it it thought...... It was a long brutal battle. One of the longest in the whole campaign so far.....a whopping 23 rounds of combat....so much for fast and furious here. In the end 16 of the of the 24 raiders got ripped to pieces. Literally Deep level two was a wasteland of destroyed equipment, blood and collapsed walls. Wow what a battle that was. What made the battle long was armour. Armour with a good toughness can make for longer combats.

None of the player characters were killed but the First Lady had a greivous leg injury that caused a limp and will require surgery to fix.....Sergei took a nasty head injury and lost his helmet as well as his entire left ear. That is one nasty scar. Frank the archer broke 6 ribs when a very large Rager hit him with a massive unarmed attack roll...that launched him back into wall. The Duke and Cappi were able to soak any wounds they took. All the UniMed soldier extras were horribly killed except for one. Amazingly the soldier extra sargeant survived the battle without a scratch. It was incredible die rolling on the player who controlled him. Many times the Sargeant extra could have died but amazingly survived. I took the liberty of raising the sargeant to wild card status...he deserved it.

The battle though was not over.......the characters and surviving raiders did a fighting withdrawal to another unused stairwell access...closing and barring the door. The Ragers can then be heard bashing on the door. The group wanted to figure out where all these Ragers were coming from. But with all the losses and damage they were taking they thought retreat was optimal as these are not Shamblers.

The group could tell the door would not last long. The eight surviving raiders decided to head up to the upper levels....and the players headed down. Sergei was suspicious with his gut and wanted to kill the rest of the raiders but did not voice this. When the raiders got up to the first level door cards were drawn. The raiders went first. The raider leader says see you in Hell....laughs and drops 6 of his remaining grenades down the stairwell. The explosion is deafening and collapses the stairwell and causes a secondary explosion from a lab tanks killing the Ragers that were left on level two. The group then needed to dodge debri and make it through to deep level 3. The group all make it through and take no additional damage. In deep level 3 a cloud of smoke coming through makes seeing even worse. Well it looks like they were going to find out after all now.

Deep Level Three
The group can hear the screams and howls of Ragers somewhere on this level. During their encounters on this level. They faced more Ragers another 12. They were able to kill all of them on this level due to being very cautious. They also found a large holding pen in one of the labs for Ragers. They also found Ragers strapped and dissected on tables.....numerous experiments were conducted on them. All equipment and materials down on this level were destroyed by the Ragers. The players don't know it but they stopped the Rager threat from this facility all Ragers were now killed.

They did find access to deep level four and it is secure. Claw marks were evident but the level access door appears to have not been breached. Cappi attempts to pick the security lock but fails. They search the level for a pass card and find one in a safe that Cappi is able pick. They head back to the door put in the card the door goes green and they head into what appears to be an airlock. They pass through two air locks and decontamination chambers and enter Deep Level 4 of the CDC facility.

This is where we end edge it
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Session 36

Well the group is now at the lowest level of the hidden CDC facility....they have just entered Deep Level 4. Just as they leave the last decontamination chamber and exit the airlock type door they are met on the other side by 6 heavily armed UniMed Soldiers in full battle dress. The soldiers have their assault rifles pointed at the player group in the chamber and order the group to stand down. The group refuses. Then the First Lady steps out and and tells for both sides to lower their weapons. She attempts a persuasion on the UniMed soldiers. The UniMed soldiers recognize her and immediately lower their weapons and ask where is the president. She informs them of his death and asks who is in charge here. The lead soldier a lieutenant Walker asks for the group to follow him. The lieutenant calls ahead to his Captain and informs him that the First Lady is here. The group can hear the Captain's shocked response. The lieutenant escorts the group to a receiving room where the group is asked to wait the facility director will be here shortly.

Base Director
A long RP session took place here. The facility director and the UniMed captain had a lot of questions to ask the First Lady. The female player of the First Lady did well answering these. The players of course had a lot of questions of the director and this operation. Here's a list of what the player's learned...i may have missed a few things that I did not put down in my notes.

- This facility was built with money from the department of defence.
- UniMed is a division of the US Department of Defence.....UniMed is its public face.
- This facility has been in operation since the outbreak.
- this facility has been conducting experiments on the undead looking for a cure.
- the Rager's escaped from the housing pens on level 3 infecting the upper levels.
- the zombie virus has struck world wide...this truely is an apocalypse.
- the massive solar flare fried unprotected electronics world wide
- fried electronics made it near impossible for governments to respond effectively.
- there are other facilities in operation still in North America.
- the secretary of defence is still alive and operating out of Area 51.
- some government officials from Britain are also their.
- the director will contact Area 51...To let the SofD know the First Lady is alive.
- the director wants the First Lady sent to Area 51.. As soon as possible.

Well I am sure there are some things I missed....but this is the brunt of everything. The group is undecided if they want to go to Area 51.But the First Lady does want to talk with the Secretary of defence.

Secretary of Defence
The director gets a military internet connection to the base setup. After talking with the secretary the First Lady learns that all parts of the world have fallen to the virus. Pockets of survivors are out their forming communities and undesirables are forming raider bands and even worse things. He mentions he is doing the best he can with the few resources he has to find a cure or a way to at least stop someone from being infected. He has setup a large base out of Area 51. The few surviving military personnel are mostly there with a good number of civilians they were able to rescue. There is a large motor home Park above the base and it is being continuously monitored for anyone exhibiting zombie virus symptoms. The secretary tries to persuade the First Lady to come to Area 51.

The groups Decision
Thankfully the group decides to stay where they are. She thanks the secretary for all his efforts. She informs him that she can do more good where she is now...and let's the secretary know that they have set up a community out here. The secretary knows of the prison community she mentions as it was part of a UniMed facility. He informs her that they can send limited needed supplies to the prison community via air. The First Lady thanks the secretary and they arrange for supply transport and for anyone that wants to go to Area 51 can be flown out of the prison community. The secretary mentions and insists that a platoon of troops will be sent to help protect the prison community.....and keep an eye on her. The secretary also mentions that there is a need for certain information found at UniMed and other sites that they have not been able to contact. The information at these facilities would be vital to helping find a cure. He simply does not have the manpower to accomplish this task. The First Lady talks with the group and they decide they can do that. She also mentions to the secretary that they have a significant raider problem a biker named Hell with military grade weapons has set up a sort of Helltown base and is a threat to the prison community. Cappi mentions this hell has been dogging them ever since they escaped the cruise ship. The secretary mentions he'll send some additional weapons and ammo with the troops. They also discuss a few more things.

This ended up being a good session. It gave the players more of a purpose in the game. This was something they wanted. I knew they did not want to do like the campaign suggests escorting large amounts of survivors in convoys. But they did want to find survivors and escort them to the safe areas, they also wanted to check out these locations given to them to look for the information needed. They also enjoyed taking out raiders and other threats. Eventually they did want to go to Area 51. However right now they wanted to deal with Hell and Helltown. This is good because it brings us back into the module. So now they are going to move against Helltown. The group wants to destroy it and Hell.

Deep Level 4
The player group is given access to the emergency evac tunnel. They are also told by the facility director that UniMed is done with this facility and will be purging the equipment and leaving for Area 51. The group returns to the surface. They see a lot of smoke coming from the UniMed surface facility......likely from the grenades thrown by the raiders and the major combat that happened on level two. A large number of Shamblers are wandering around the outside facility likely attracted by the fires. They search for the raiders and see that their vehicles are gone. The group heads to Betsy their military truck and head back to the prison community.

The road back
On their return they deal with a few isolated Shamblers as the norm it seems. They also come across a single person walking the road up ahead. They pull up beside the lone person and ask him if he is okay. The person ignores the players. The Duke raises his voice and throws a few choice curse words. This got the lone wanderer's attention. A little RP took place and the player's learn he is from Florida and has been travelling west for quite awhile....has been with others who are now dead. His name is Archie and he's a retired US postal worker....also a wild card. This extra is brought in as a result of a player playing a card. They learn some more about him on the trip back to the prison. A nice addition to the prison community.

Back at the Prison
Another RP session where they talk with commander Morrison and Alexandro about UniMed, Area51, new troops and equipment arriving etc. Morrison is happy to hear the SofD survived. They discuss how best to approach the community about this and the offer to go to Area 51 for those who choose too. Archie heads into the prison for a med exam and begins to settle in.

The whole reason they went to this facility was for antibiotics and the group did find a case of them there and hand them over to the prison clinic.

Talking with the community
The group takes an active roll in explaining what they have learned to the community and the choice of going to Area 51. They talk with many extras. A number of extras do express an interest in going to Area 51. The group helps organize the people who want to go. The player group also sets up in the Ham radio room the frequency that is used by Area 51. Brief contact is made and the group is told a marine transport has been sent with supplies and troops to the area. 15 people at a time can return. The 15 are chosen and are getting ready to go. Later in the day the marine transport arrives.

Troops arrive
The players, Alexandro and Morrison greet the arriving troops. They salute the First Lady. They RP a bit. The player who plays the First Lady has really settled into het role well and really enjoys role playing moments. Equipment is off loaded. Ammo, missiles, assault rifles, body armour, medical supplies, fuel, food, water, portable satcom to keep better contact with Area51 and a portable water purifier. Commander Morrison excepts the troops and has his lieutenant intro them to the prison fort. The survivors for the liaison officer form Area51. The troops and the 15 civilians are loaded back into the Osprey and they head back. The First Lady though on a raise gets and odd feeling about this whole thing....To her something just doesn't sit right. She talks with the others but they cannot pin it down. But they have learned not to ignore their hunches. The Osprey transport takes off and takes the long journey back to Area51.

The players group, Morrison. Liaison officer Tibber and Alexandro now sit around the cafeteria table and discuss how they will deal with Helltown.

That is where we left it.
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Session 37

This entire session is the last chapter of module 3. The player's spend the entire session fighting Helltown.

The picnic table
The group, Liaison officer Tibber, Morrison and Alexandro sit around a number of picnic tables in the courtyard of the prison community. Through rp'ing they discuss how best for them to deal with Helltown. The one thing they do decide is.....they feel they would rather assault Helltown instead of having Hell assault the prison. They would rather not have Hell destroy stuff at the prison with his artillery. It is agreed to strike at Helltown.

The plan
The players decide that they need to sneak into Helltown......find and destroy the artillery pieces as they feel they are a huge threat. The player group will strike at key areas in Helltown while the tanks and soldiers move in to destroy raiders wherever they can. The player group is going to try and find Hell and take him out. They also discuss the possibility that scouts from Helltown could very well be watching the prison.

Gearing up
The players begin taking stalk of all the extras they have for the coming engagement. This is what the group has for the assault....they organized them into groups.

Commando Group
The players group- consisting of 6 player characters and Cappi's UniMed smart dog.

Main assault Force
Morrison's military force- consists of two m1 battle tanks, 13 Humvees, 3 military transport trucks and a total of 101 soldier extras .... each with full battle dress and assault weapons. Area 51 really helped here.

The militia group
This group consists of 25 non soldiers...have not been trained yet by Morrison. However, capable fighters. Most are from Reverend Waller's group. They will act as a reserve unit.

The raiders
What the group does not know is that Hell commands around 250 raiders. However, the raiders are not soldiers but hell did convince a few soldiers to join with him. Should be a good fight.

Army on the move
They decide to assault Helltown during the day. The players group moves out first. Now we did not use mass battle rules. How this works .......is the focus is on what the characters group does. The battle then rages around them. I put together a good number of objectives that the characters can do that will help in the battle. If they succeed at an objective then it helps the battle. If they fail at one it hinders the battle. Leaving an objective is the same as failing at it. If the are successful on enough objectives then the battle is won....and then there are levels of victory and defeat. If they can accumulate a lot of objectives then I'll let them have a final battle chance with hell. The players group will have to split if they want a chance at completing them all. I liked this method of doing a battle. It was better than just rolling dice for a mass battle....but did require some planning. It certainly was a Hell of a lot more fun to run this combat. So for this you are going to be seeing a lot of objective subtitles.

Objective One - stealthily arrive at the edge of Helltown
The player group moves out towards Helltown fully packing. They certainly were keen on bringing down some hell on Hell. They park their transport truck a good mile from the outskirts of Helltown. The location they use is a small farm they scouted out on a previous journey. They park the truck inside the barn. Cappi is the first to leave the truck and a newborn drops from above onto the back of Cappi completely surprising him. The newborn tears into his armoured neck. Breaches Cappi's armour and digs into his flesh. Cappi was able to just soak the damage to avoid infection. Cards are drawn and Sergei goes first. Sergei quick draws his pistol and fires at the newborn. The newborn takes it in the torso but still clutches to Cappi. The Duke goes next. The Duke grapples with the newborn and via strength pulls the newborn off Cappi. The First Lady pulls out her hammer and sinks it into the newborns skull while the Duke is holding it and blackish blood splatters all over the dukes face. I had this encounter here because the players were getting a little on the comfortable side....can't have them not thinking about zombies.

The group then heads out on foot a little more aware of zombies. They stealthily move towards Helltown. They wisely move through the forest to the east of Helltown. In the forest they take out a few Shamblers that get too close with melee weapons to keep quiet. They successfully get to the edge of the forest and see Helltown.

Helltown is a medium size town. The raiders have done the standard thing with towns in the apocalypse. They have errected a vehicle barrier around the town. The group also notes that the main road into town has a gate. The raiders seem to use a flatbed transport trailer that sits low to the ground and it's pulled by tractor back and forth. On the trailer is a large shipping crate. They also seem to have built wood barriers around it. From the looks the raiders did not do a great job of building the barrier. The Duke can see a number of week points that a good sized zombie horde can get through. The group also notes the barriers won't stop the tanks.

Objective 2 - artillery
Well the group knows that Hell has artillery from the assault made on the estates by Hell. The player group begins to scan the town looking for the artillery. They see the two artillery pieces sitting in the centre of town. They also take note of a large number of raiders. Many do stand guard at various intervals along the makeshift wall. They note some guards are very alert others are just sitting or standing, smoking and drinking. There is a good amount of activity in behind the barriers. It seems Hell has put together quite a large raider group. Before the main group can attack the players need to take out the artillery. They just need to get close enough for the rpg rockets to reach.

Moving to the wall
The group readies themselves and move towards the east wall. They feel it is the least guarded and the group has a number of objects they can move to...to get to the wall. The group successfully makes it to the wall. Now they need to get onto the other side. While moving stealthily through the vehicles Frank knocks an object and it falls on glass making a huge sound. This got the attention of a guard. The others hide. The raider moves to investigate. Frank the archer puts an arrow through his eye and the guard falls the the ground on the players side dead. The players continue to move into the town. They had to get by two more guards to reach a 3 story apartment building. They successfully get by the guards when both guards start throwing beer bottles at a Shambler that has moved up to the barrier.

The apartment building
The group makes it to the rear of the building. They climb the back fire escape to the roof. They keep low as there are raiders located on other roof tops and could spot there location. The first lady radios to Morrison that they are in position to strike the artillery. Morrison is ready to move. Mentions the group will be taking a lot of heat until he arrives.

Blowing the Artillary
Well both Sergei and the Duke have some experience with firing heavy weapons. They ready the missiles, pop up over the edge and let them fly. Both characters are successful. The missiles arc away and make a line directly to the Artillary pieces. Both take direct hits. A massive explosion erupts as the ammo which sit too close also explodes. This massive explosion utterly destroys the Artillary pieces, the ammo and even the town fountain. Bits of concrete and other things rain down on the centre of town. The town seemed to be still for a moment. Then the raiders move into action. Numerous raiders from the ground and rooftops start raining gunfire on the players position.

Staying put
The players decide to stay put and hold their position until Morrison arrives. They simply take hold positions and take shots at any raider dumb enough to show themselves.

Morrison arrives
More explosions are heard at the town entrance as the tanks have arrived and blow up the town gates. This got the attention of the raiders. They start moving against the new arrivals as all Hell errupts. The players scan to see the tanks moving through the remains of the gates with Hummers and Soldiers. Now this is where the players group starts to effect the larger battle....as I started to give multiple objectives based on what they know.

Objective 3 - RPG raiders:
the group sees a pair of RPG wielding raiders making their way towards the tanks to set up position to fire. The group splits here......Sergei, the Duke and the First Lady go after the RPG raiders.

The three players move in on the RPG raiders. They leap off the roof of the building across to another roof top. They are successful at the jump and raiders from below trying to shoot them miss. They get to a position. The three are successful in taking out the bazooka raiders. One of the rockets goes haywire and launches up into the air landing outside the town. The other RPG rocket launches into the barrier car wall sending car pieces everywhere and leaving a hole in the wall. A few Shamblers wander into town from the breach. Objective successful tanks are still operational.

Objective 4 - snipers:
the group sees snipers...well raiders with rifles....setting up on roof tops and beginning to rain deadly fire onto the soldiers. Cappi and the Frank go after the snipers causing problems.

The two characters take up position where they can get a good bead on the snipers. However two raiders come smashing out of the roof top access and start firing on the players. One player then focuses on the snipers while the other uses suppressive fire to keep the raiders heads down. The raiders start cussing the players. Frank the archer takes out three snipers with his arrow. They then deal with the raides on the roof. Cappi decides to rush the raiders. He moves in real close takes a few bullets which his armour absorbs. The raiders were shocked when Cappi did this. Cappi kills the two remaining raiders with his trusty knives.

The group decides not to split their force again.

Objective 5 mortar problem
Morrison radios the players and says they are taking some mortar fire and sure enough the players can hear the shells falling onto the area where the Soldiers are. Morrison needs that mortar unit dealt with.

The group scan the area and surmise the motar fire is coming from an area they cannot see and will need to get over there. Down to street level they go. They decide to head down inside of the building. They move down the stairs and get into a fire fight in the stairwell with 4 raiders moving up. Sergei took a bullet in the arm he could not soak and his arm is now broken and cannot use dual pistols now. Bad luck roll for the player of Sergei the Russian. They reach the street and bullets are flying everywhere. With combat so intense here I made the rule that on any roll of snakes eyes they could take a stray bullet hit. Wanted to make things tense. The First Lady got surprised by a raider that grappled her from the corner and disarmed her. He over powered her and held her down and started saying pretty crude things to here while licking her ear. Well she won the next strength check and killed the raider by stabbing him with her combat knife to the groin.

They move across the street and get into a fire fight with raiders at a ice cream shop the players are moving through. They easily take care of the four raiders in the shop. The First Lady even put her 357 right to the temple of a raider and said 'no presidential pardon for you'. For some reason the group thought that was cool. Either way they make it to the location of the raider mortar team.

Dealing with the Mortar
The group notes the two person mortar team and also see the spotter on the roof. Their are also a few raiders with assault rifles guarding the mortar. The players move to attack. In the resulting the combat they took the mortar out with a grenade and the various raides around it. However, the First Lady took another hit to her leg casing a wound she could not soak. Just as the battle with mortar ended assure of raiders moves on their position. 16 raiders start opening up on the players group.

Objective 6: Raider flank
The players move to to attack the raiders in a wild battle. The battle lasted for a few more rounds then usual due to some bad player die rolling. In the end the players succeeded and 5 surviving raiders retreated.

Objective 7 and 8
The group gets an emergency assist call from the sargeant saying Morrison is pinned down by raiders and needs assist or be overwhelmed. However, another call comes through from the reserve militia unit saying a force of raiders has come up on the rear of them and they are taking heavy fire and could use an assist. Now the player's needed to make some choices here they decided not to split their force and went to save Morrison. This choice means the reserve is wiped out by the raiders..yet a few militia survivors escape into the woods.

Objective 7: save Morrison
The player group moves to the location where Morrison is pinned down. Sure enough they spot a Humvee that sits on its side with two tires missing. Morrison and another survivor soldier are using the Humvee as cover. A number of raiders are firing on the vehicle from various locations. And it looks like a couple of raiders are attempting a flank. The players get involved in the combat. They kill the raiders but the soldier with the commander is killed. Rescuing Morrison was a good choice by the players but it was costly the death of 22 militia fighters.

Objective 9 and 10
Morrison mentions a large force of raiders have secure themselves well in an old police station in town. The station is situated where the tanks can't get at them. If they can take this concentration of raiders out it would go a long way to winning this battle. The other option is swing around to the rear and hit the raiders where it hurts and probably get Hell. Once again the group decides to stay together and they go after objective 9. This will allow Hell to have better soldiers with him if the players do meet him in the end.

Objective 9 raider fort
The players move on the fort. Morrison puts on a distraction for the the players and lets the fort have it from his troops. While this happens the player group sneaks inside the police station. Once inside the battle rages on. It was quite a violent fight. The raiders would not surrender here. It is because they all are high on drugs. They were absolute crazy maniacs to fight and proved it by charging the players. They players used up most of the bennies in this fight and Cappe took a head wound he could not soak. Nasty scar across the face for him from a raider chicks metal clawed hand. Either way the players prevailed. A good brunt of the raider force was destroyed now.

Objective 11 and 12
The players either need to join up with Morrison and do a final push against the raider force. If they do it will save a lot of soldier lives and solve the raider problem. The other objective is they could go after an escaping Hell and put an end to him.

Objective 11
Surprisingly the player group decides to join up for a final push on the raiders. The raiders are held up in the town hall with attached fire department. Morrison has the players enter the rear to cause havoc while the soldiers strike the front. The tanks can't get to where they need to go. As the players move their way to the rear they see a group of 12 Harley bikes moving at a good clip up a street and out of town. Three of the players recognize Hell leading the pack.....so Hell lives to fight another day.....players had a chance to take him out.

Raiders and zombies
The battle went on for a bit after five rounds zombies started entering the combat mainly Shamblers but a half dozen sprinters also arrived. As well as two newborns. With zombies included the battle was very chaotic. The group focused on any zombie that threatened themselves or the soldiers. The group had to take care of the newborns that were going after the soldiers. Anyway very chaotic but fun. The players and Soldiers won the day. With the players helping out with the final assault soldier losses were minimal and the raiders were utterly destroyed with no mercy. Unfortunately the militia unit was wiped out.

Licking their Wounds
Frank the Archer ended up with a broken leg and had to be driven back to the prison to see the doctor and get it fixed. The First Lady received a dislocated shoulder and bullet wound to the hand. Cappi the gypsy speared himself with a metal fence post when a raider pushed him off the roof he ended up with 2 wounds and could barely walk. The Duke took a shotgun blast to the groin resulting in two wounds he too needed driving back. Finally Sergei, was hit by a Molotov and took burns to his face resulting in a wound. Sergei already has a missing ear with the burn scars now he is real scary. Morrison's soldiers mopped up the site and brought back all the combat gear from the raiders that survived. He had his troops leave after hordes of Shamblers started showing up attracted to the battle noise. The players got medical attention and required some rest to heal.

That is where we ended module three. In the next module 4....I tried to steer the players along that adventures path as best I could. However there are some big things that happened in our version of module three. The players have built a community, the First Lady lives, Morrison is not a serial killer but a leader, Helltown is destroyed, they discover Area 51 is a survivor community with a surviving secretary of defence. Either way our adventures in module 4 were certainly exciting.
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Session 37b

Just a note on writing up chapter 4

Of course we just recently finished the campaign. I have to say with all the changes that went on in chapter 3 it was difficult to make it coincide with chapter 4. I did not want to have to create an entirely new chapter four...as I did not have that kind of time on my hands. I still wanted to use the path of four but I had to get a little creative. Is still did put in extensions to some some things caused by events in chapter 3.

As we know chapter 4 starts with the Ragers and Hell's raiders attacking the prison. Well I had to have chapter four start differently as Helltown was destroyed at the end of chapter 3 when the characters decided a better defence is a good offence. Hell did get away.

Since the group decided they wanted to play World of the Dead...which we are running right now.....I thought the actions they take in this final chapter will shape some of the things in world of the dead. They thought it was pretty cool that their legendary characters are talked about at various survivor camps in the World of the Dead....spoken about in awe...as they should be since they halfway through decided to take the heroic path instead of the evil path.

Anyways chapter four was a challenge to get it to stay close to the way it was written....but things change as I like players being able to do what they want.

Thanks for reading and staying with our adventure up to this point.
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Session 37c

Character Update
Here is an update of all the player characters in the campaign for the start of chapter 4. What is nice we had a NEW PLAYER join us for the game. So now we have 6 player characters.

Current Cast of Character Update....Characters are now HEROIC level.

The extras are a huge group. The player characters created a community to house them all. Good choice. They due have extras that travel with them......they might as well be red uniformed old school Star Trek security guys.


Miles the Drunk....Miles use to be a New York police officer......he got bad into drinking when his wife was killed by a stoner and left the force. He is obese, an alcoholic and loves the Yankies. He wears a Yankies baseball cap and a leather Yankies jacket with armour that barely fits over his obese form. His favoured weapon is a chainsaw for melee and his beloved police issue shotgun. He maybe fat and a drunk but is as strong as an ox. It's a wonder how he stays so fat in the apocalypse

The Duke...Canadian pot farmer from the province British Columbia. Has survived since the outbreak at the cruise ship. He is built as tough as a brick house. Short cropped brown hair and now he is clean shaven. Did serve in the Canadian military where he learned his chemistry and Engineering degree but left after five years to pursue a career in pot farming. He is the go to guy for Repairs and is a professional Engineer. He has proven the importance of the Repair skill in this game and his Engineering Professional edge he took allows him to do things a lot quicker and that helps when zombies are around.

Sergei the Russian....Russian Mafia operating out of US (likes to use dual pistols). Has survived since the outbreak at the cruise ship. Grew up in war torn Georgia, where he witnessed numerous horrors of war that could turn the most hardened stomach. Ended up in the US after the Georgian war to work for the Russian mafia where his combat skills served him faithfully. A two gun warrior. Has proven himself a capable warrior in the campaign and also seems to roll the most one's...it's a surprise his character has survived.

Cappi the Gypsy....X carnival performer (basically a thief type). A gypsy, con-man, acrobat from a defunct European criminal circus. Has survived since the outbreak at the cruise ship. Spent his entire life with his gypsy clan learning the thief skill set. And has become highly skilled at it. Skills that have proven valuable in this new world. Having his thief skill set and charm have proven invaluable to the campaign. He also has a pet UniMed dog.

Frank the Archer- served in the US Army briefly to gain some free education. Became an Olympic Archer for three Summer games. Never won a medal but did make top 10. Left the Olympics and opened his own Archery shop. Did fairly well with his shop and trained up and coming Archers. Loves the bow. This character replaces the deceased Johhny D.

The First Lady- this female player formally ran Maddi the Marine. This is the First Lady of United States rescued from a crashed Airforce One. Yes she is actually playing Mrs Obamma. She is tough, knows how to fight and has excellent social skills. She is also immune to the virus.

Deceased Player Characters

Maddy...US Marine sniper (female).

Johnny D... X Canadian army from the province Ontario.


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Session 38. Chapter 4

This is first session of the fourth and final chapter and a new player character joined us then and he is playing Miles the Drunk. As you know the first few adventures of chapter four are suppose to deal with the assault on the prison by both Ragers and raiders and then deals with how they survive the carnage. Well we can't do that as the players assaulted Helltown in chapter 3..... So the start of adventure four is a little different. For the first few adventures they will be trying to gather info from various UniMed and military facilities in the area.

What about Alexandro
Well he has a pretty big role in the module....in the beginning I used him more when first introduced with armoured RV. However...he never really stuck with players as a viable extra. Other extras took more of the lime light and the players took the other extras instead on missions. The players really preferred to take extra soldier squads. So I had to change things in the module with little focus on Alexandro. The players mainly kept Alexandro back at the prison to protect it. Funny how some things turn out.

At the Prison
Well the characters are back at the prison celebrating their victory over Helltown. However, Hell did escape and that does concern the players. They discuss what they wish to do next. The secretary of defence did mention the need to check out some of the UniMed labs for information......as the SoD does not have the man power for that task. He is quite happy to have the players do it for him. What the players don't know is that the SofD is consolidating his power against other elements that are trying To establish a power base.....thus the Shadow War. The shadow war will become more prevalent later in the chapter. What they do in this chapter establishes a number of things in the World of the Dead.....which we as a group are now currently playing.

The group decides that they would like to head out to one of the UniMed facilities that the SoD was discussing with them earlier via a military comm channel from Area 51. They end up getting on the radio with Groom Lake and gather locations to check out. The group decides on a facility in the town of Jester just outside of the city of St Louis. The journey is about 300 miles by side roads unless they want to risk the interstates. Once again Morrison insists on sending a squad of soldiers as an escort for the First Lady. The player of the First Lady knows not to argue this point. This time though the soldier extras are going to be highly experienced soldiers. I created henchman in this campaign....which is one step up from extra. As henchmen have one wound level. The soldiers they are going to bring are a group of four led by.....
Corporal Klasson ..... Nickname 'Biggs'
Private Marcus ......... Nickname 'Cooper'
Private Cindy ............ Nickname 'Vasquez'
Private jack ............... Nickname 'smokey'

The group meets the soldiers and tells them to gear up for the journey and to help ready 'Betsy' the dukes military transport the group uses. However, Alexandro comes up to them and asks if he could come along with his sister....the reason is he has family in Jester and wants to see if they are possibly alive. I did not use the option of having his sister with the latent psychic talent the edge danger sense....she is just normal. Everyone gears up and preps for the long mission. They bundle into the transport and Alexandro's armoured motor home and head out on the road to Jester. I'm trying to get the party invested in Alexandro. That makes the groups 6 characters and 6 extras on this mission.

Road to Jester
They decide to try the interstate. The first thing they notice is the highway is quite full of abandoned vehicles....with large groups of clustered vehicles at times. Shows how devastating the solar flare was. They push through a number of vehicles with betsey's plough....and the armoured RV following. However, on a bad roll the Dukes plough takes some serious damage as the support bar is severed. They drive off the Interstate exit ramp and park it on the side of the road beside a peter-built transport Home Depot truck. The Duke gets out the Porta welder and the others acquire some metal and the duke jury rigs a fix. While this is happening the group using melee weapons. Holds of a number of curious Shamblers that were close by. They had a bit of a hard time dealing with two brute Shamblers ( these are really big Shambler variants ) which had motorcycle helmets on.

Back on the road
They decide to head via side road now. Relatively clear driving a few Shamblers and sprinters off to the road side that moaned and howled as the vehicles passed by. The sprinters even chased the vehicles for a bit but eventually gave up on the chase when the vehicles kept increasing the distance on them. It was getting close to nightfall and the group has made it halfway there.

The School Bus
It was getting close to nightfall when they came across a yellow school bus which was off the road and collided with a tree. On the side of the dirty Yellow School bus was the words Jester Cheerleaders. The First Lady insists on stopping. The Duke makes a joke about zombie cheerleaders. The group gets out to check out the bus since the tires of the school bus will fit Alexandro's RV. They decide some extras can be useful. They do notice a number of Shamblers smacking on the windows when they become aware of the group.

Then the back exit door breaks as it was loose to begin with and cards are drawn. The group and extras battle a bunch of shambling zombie cheerleaders. All the gunfire attracts other zombies in the area and begin to move on the groups position. They decide to abandon the tire idea...climb into their vehicles and Plow through the approaching zombies.

Holding up for the night
They find a roadside hotel, gas bar and truck stop. With a notice roll they only see a few Shamblers about and can see the truck stop as pretty secure with good sight lines for defence. They pull up with their vehicles and crush a few Shamblers with their vehicles. This is a standard tactic that the group has used quite successfully. They tend to try and take out as many zombies as they can in their vehicles before they exit. After they kill most of the zombies wandering the truckstop in the open they pull up to the truck stop and get out. Cappi taps on the truck stop window and a few Shamblers lean up against it. The Duke opens the door as the Shamblers come out....one by one the group executes them. What the group does not know is their is a pack of pack Sprinters in the truck stop waiting in ambush. These are a varient sprinter of mine that are a little smarter and like to hunt in a pack like wolves. The group tells the soldiers to protect the vehicles and keep lookout.

Battle in the truck stop
With the sun starting to go down the group heads into the truck stop to secure it. The pack sprinters are hiding in various areas around the diner in ambush. Miles the Drunk makes a high notice roll and stops everyone telling them that zombies are hiding over there. Cards are drawn as the sprinters leap to attack. Being pack sprinters they like to use gang up. The sprinters draw a joker and go first. The four sprinters converge on Frank the archer using their gang up bonus. Two of the sprinters succeed and dig their teeth into Franks armoured torso. Luckily frank's armour resists the assault. The characters go next firing away with their weapons decimating the sprinters. Miles really wanted to try out his chainsaw and rips into a sprinter killing it with blackish gore spraying everywhere. The characters deal with a few Shamblers after but secure the truck stop. The group sets up a standard guard detail and take rest shifts. Miles takes first shift with Alexandro.

On second guard shift corporal Biggs notices a large group of Shamblers heading towards the truck stop. He alerts the others and everyone takes up defence positions. Cards are drawn and the battle commences. A large wave of Shamblers moves on the truck stop diner. Alexandro in the armoured RV begins firing his guns on the zombies, he takes down a couple but there are 60 Shamblers to deal with. Many of the other zombies attack the truckstop from all over. The characters defend in all compass locations. Cappi and the Duke on the truck stop roof had to deal with 6 climbing Shamblers that were able to get up on the roof. This shocked the group as this was the first time they had to deal with climbing Shamblers....another Shambler variant of mine. Always fun to keep things interesting with new zombie types. But I keep my zombies believable....I did not create any really weird zombies. They had to go hand to hand with these Shamblers. Eventually the Shamblers were able to breach the truck stop and enter through a number of locations. A really fun and tense battle took place inside the truckstop. Once the roof situation was taken care of cappi and Duke headed down to help out. The group succeeded in the end with 60 destroyed zombies lying everywhere and no loss of life on the players side....surprising! But the the Duke took a nasty blow to the head from a brute Shambler that cost the Duke one wound level he could not soak. They spend the rest of the night in their vehicles and headed out in the morning.

Back on the road
They continued on the road the road to Jester. After about an hour they come up to a overpass bridge that is blocked by two transport trucks. Miles is able to tell that the trucks were placed like that deliberatey. Just as the group was to back up and backtrack for another path an explosion rips into the ground beside them. The group moves into action and sees a person pop the lid up on a Bradly Fighting vehicle. The APC tank IS hidden at the side of the road. Well hidden is what Cappi determines. The person dressed in battle dress tells the group to drop their weapons or the next shot will be at their vehicle. Now what player group will actually drop their weapons and surrender. That just does not happen with my players they'd rather die and create new players then be captured. Well the group also sees other soldier types hidden along the top of the bridge. The players decide to attempt a parley with this group. They decide to use their ace in the hole the First Lady.

Well the First Lady attempts a parley with this group. The group learns they are former Army soldiers out of St Louis. The soldiers are much more keen to talk once they realize they are talking with the actual First Lady. The soldiers lower their weapons and they all gather back at the soldiers camp.

The Army Camp
The group is led to a small Army Camp which is a small JC Penny distribution warehouse in the industrial zone of the small town Flind. The group sees the typical barrier of old vehicles that have been placed only halfway around the small distribution warehouse. They also note how well placed the vehicles are and it has formed a very effective barrier...even though it is unfinished. They head into the camp via a simple truck gate. They are asked to park their vehicles and to come inside.

Inside the warehouse they meet Captain Whiticker. The group learns this captain took the last of his troops that escaped the carnage at St. Louis and made a camp here. He lost a lot of men in the city and more when attempting to construct this camp. A number of raiders have been giving them headaches as well. They only have two platoons of soldiers left and half of them are injured from a recent engagement with raiders. They use to be a full regiment that was instructed to defend St Louis. The captain is very happy to see the First Lady alive and is saddened to hear about his commander in chief. The group tells the captain about the SoD at Area 51 and about their prison community about a full day from here.

The First Lady instructs the captain they are welcome to head to the prison community. Commander Morrison will certainly like to have more capable soldiers under his command. Also they have doctors their that can treat the captains wounded. The captain agrees to this and will have his men gear up and head to the prison community tomorrow.

The group is still in radio range of the prison. They contact Morrison. They let home know they have come across a few platoons of army troops led by captain Whiticker. A roll is made and Morrison knows of Whiticker. The group lets Morrison know the captain and his troops will be arriving tomorrow and will be under Morrison's command. Morrison is happy to get more troops and a capable officer.

The group then asks the captain if he knows of a UniMed facility in Jester. The captain is not aware of the facility but warns the group that Jester is in a radioactive zone. The nuclear plant plant outside of Jester that brings most of the power into St. Louis went through a meltdown a few weeks back. Everything within 30 miles of the plant is a radioactive wasteland. Jester is in that zone. To access that zone with some safety you would need HASMAT suits. The only HASMAT suits the captain can think of are with HASMAT UNIT which is located in St Louis. This HASMAT unit was attached to his regiment. The group talks about this for a bit via RP and decide they will head into the city to find the HASMAT unit, get the suits and then head into Jester to the UniMed facility. The captain wishes them luck and begins prep for his command to head to the prison.

Into a infested city
The group got directions of where the HASMAT unit is suppose to be located. Looks to be a bus terminal close to downtown St Louis. The group decides they cannot head into the city with the vehicles as it is full of abandoned vehicles. They will need to head in via the sewer system underground....at least that worked in Jacksonville. They think less zombies will be down there. When they get close to the terminal they will go through a manhole, acquire the suits and get out the same way.

St. Louis sewers
They park their vehicles and everyone heads into the sewers from a large access drainage pipe at the edge of the city. Will this be a mistake going into a zombie filled city.

This is where we left the night.
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Session 39 - chapter 4

We left our group about to enter the sewer system of St. Louis in an attempt to locate the HASMAT unit that was attached to Captain Whitickers regiment. They need the suits to get into the town of Jester where the UniMed facility is. The town is in the radioactive zone of a nuclear plant that went through a meltdown.

Sewer Entry
The sewers have no electricity and it is quite dark. They all use flashlights and power lanterns. The players all attach flashlights to their guns and have flashlights attached to their helmets. All SIX extras also do the same. The group heads in and walks a along a very long drain tunnel. Up ahead they see a few figures shuffling slowly around the tunnel. They deal with the Shamblers using firearms with silencers. They continue along the sewer system and come to a larger chamber.

In the chamber they deal with 3 shambler city workers. On checking the now really dead corpses they discover one has a paper map of the sewers. What luck and a good use of a WotD card. They check out the map and determine the direction they need to travel.

St. Louis subway
Well I do not know if St. Louis actually has a subway...but in my ficticiuos America it does. They enter a subway terminal track tunnel. They follow up the tracks and can see some light coming in from the ceiling. Also with notice they can hear moaning and the shuffling of feet. As they get closer they can see the remains of a subway train that has de-railed and crashed into a few support columns. A few of these destroyed columns supported the ceiling and a good chunk of the street above collapsed into the terminal. It seems a number of zombies tend to fall into the hole as well. They can see zombies on the train and wandering the wrecked terminal. The group needs to get through the terminal and continue along the track on the other side and then into the sewer again.

Battle in the subway Terminal
They begin by using their silenced guns on the the Shamblers in the terminal. This works well until the sprinters get into combat. A group of 8 sprinters dressed in worn overalls join in the fight. They are able to get in close causing the group to move to melee fighting. The group eventually moves to the train cars and fighting commences in the cars. Just as the group was getting closer to the other side they hear the scream of Ragers. The group sees around 20 Ragers drop from the street level to the floor of the terminal. They also see more at the edge ready to jump down into the fray. The group decides to run for the sewer exit door....they feel not a good idea to sit and fight.

Rager chase

Round one: need to get through the rest of the Shamblers and out of the train car. The group is successful killing a few of the Shamblers as they do this. The Ragers then enter the train car through windows and other access points.
Round two: the group needs to either move through the windows of the next train car and deal with a few blocking Shamblers or climb up to the roof and leap off the other side. Half the group goes through the train car and blow through the Shamblers. The First Lady is blocked but via multi action makes it through. The others climb and leap. The Ragers split and go both ways.
Round three: they need to move down the tunnel at a full sprint to get to the access sewer door. Rolls are made as the group runs as fast as they can. One of the soldiers simply is not fast enough and falls behind. The Ragers pounce on him and tear the soldier to pieces. That's the end of Corporal Biggs.
Round four: the group needs to get through the door which is rusted shut. Three of the strongest characters pull on the door and it opens they all move in just as the Ragers arrive at the door. The group seals the door shut. The Ragers bang on the door. The group knows through experience that the door won't last long to a Rager assault.
Round five: the group decides to blow the tube. The group runs down the sewer tube just as the Ragers rip the door off its hinges and begin to pour through. The Duke and the surviving three soldiers lob their grenades down the tube at the rushing Ragers. The resulting explosion causes the roof to collapse and block the tunnel. The group rushes around the T section for protection. Chase over.

Manhole cover
The group wanders a little longer and come to the manhole access they believe leads to the bus terminal. Cappi the best climber moves up the ladder and slightly opens the cover. He sees they are inside the St. Louis bus terminal. He sees a number of buses and the HASMAT vehicle with a FEMA logo on it sits at the far side of the terminal. He also sees a large number of Shamblers wandering inside the terminal. He can also see that the street outside the terminal has numerous vehicles abandoned where the SOLAR flare fried them. He heads back down to report what he sees. The group makes a plan. They feel they need to use melee or silenced weapons here to minimize sound they do not want thousands of zombies coming down on them. Simply make a beeline for the HASMAT grab the suits and get back to the sewers.

In the bus terminal
The group first attempts stealth. The three remaining soldiers, Alexandro and his sister will stay back behind a car to guard the manhole cover. The players will move on the HASMAT unit first trying stealth. The players move from obstacle to obstacle. They almost lost their stealth as a zombie they did not see was behind a bus. The First Lady took it out with a hammer blow to the back of the head before it could warn with a moan. They are halfway across the terminal when a group of Sprinters wander into the terminal. The group holds their position and attempt to hide. I had the sprinters wander about looking for something. They came as close to the other side of a vehicle where the Duke and Frank the archer were hiding when a dog broke cover from across the terminal and ran. The sprinters then gave chase. The group continued its trek to the HASMAT They made it to the vehicle and entered.

The trailer had 12 HASMAT suits. But Cappi drops a wrench and it makes a loud sound. This attracts a number Shamblers to the trailer. The group then hears the soldiers and Alexandro open up on a number of Shamblers that discovered them. The group makes the quick decision and contact Alexandro to meet them at the trailer with the soldiers.

Battle in the bus terminal
The group begins firing on numerous Shamblers that are moving in on the trailer from all locations. Alexandro and the soldiers break through the Shamblers and get to the players. The group then fights it's way out of the terminal garage into the street. Once out there they notice hundreds of zombies coming in from all directions. I wanted to give the players that a zombified city is simply stacked full of zombies. The group then rushes across the street into a Pizza Pizza parlour.

Pizza Pizza Parlour
Large numbers of Shamblers move in on the pizza shop and begin pressing and banging on the windows. They know it won't hold. The group moves back into the kitchen area and hear the front area give way. They hear the moan of the Shamblers but also the wail of the sprinters. The group begins firing on the zombies closing in but as quick as they go down two more seem to take their place. They keep moving back deeper into the kitchen and hit the hallwY to the service door. The Duke tries to block the hallway by dragging a large commercial pizza oven into the hallway. A Shambler bites into his armoured arm but does not breachh the Duke.

The back service door is stuck. Miles sends a shot gun blast through the hinges and Sergei give the door a kick and it crashes out wards alerting the Shamblers the the groups presence in the street. The group runs dodging Shamblers grasping at them. The First Lady fails an agility and is grabbed and grappled Sergei and Cappi help free her as more Shamblers threaten to grapple them all but miss.

How to tactically use a dead bus
Now stuck in the street with Shamblers moving in from all directions their options are getting pretty limited. They know they can't just stand and fight they would be overwhelmed by numbers. They decide they need to keep moving. Note they had two viable choices move down an ally with what seems like a few Shamblers or try to get to the open door to a skyscraper across the street. They choose to go for the skyscraper. They make it to a bus which is close to them in the street. The street is partially blocked by a bus and other vehicles. They move inside killing Shamblers that are moving in on them. Cappi gets pinned up against a vehicle by 3 Shamblers grappling. The Duke gets him free. They push through the Shamblers and get on the bus. Forcing the door shut with sheer strength. The bus gives them a brief moment of relief. Shamblers begin massing around that side of the bus. On the other side the street is not as crowded yet and they surmise they can make it. They exit out the other end of the bus. The First Lady is swiped at by two kid Shamblers. She had a difficult time dealing with this as it effects a hindrance of hers that deals with kids. Sergei helps her out though. They move towards the skyscraper front entrance and blast themselves a path with full auto. They make it into the lobby and close the thick glass doors that surprisingly did not get shot up. Once again the following horde of zombies press against the glass. It won't last long to that mass of pressure. Then Sergei and Cappi notice two Ragers lunging towards their position and will be on them in mere moments. they realize there's Ragers and Shamblers in The lobby as well.

Battle in the lobby
They battle the Shamblers in the office building lobby. The fight was quite simple for the group and lay waste to the Shamblers in two rounds. The fight ened quickly when Miles the drunk shot the huge chandelier in the lobby and it crashed down killing a group of Shamblers. The group realizes the glass is not going to hold with that many zombies pressing against it. As they close the door to the stair well leading up.....the glass finally gives way as the Ragers crash into it and the zombies rush in.

That is where we left it for the night.
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