Aerial combat maneuvers?

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Phasma Felis
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Aerial combat maneuvers?

#1 Postby Phasma Felis » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:08 pm

The vehicle maneuvers listed in the core book are mainly for ground vehicles. I've found Clint's own Crimson Skies conversion document, which is excellent, but I'm curious if there's anything official about aerial maneuvers, G-force black-out, and so on. (Or any other high-quality house rules, I suppose.)

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Re: Aerial combat maneuvers?

#2 Postby duck-of-doom » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:22 pm

I second this. I would love to see some more aerial combat rules, be it official or fan made

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Re: Aerial combat maneuvers?

#3 Postby zgreg » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:01 am

Weird War 2 has a section with dedicated "official" aerial combat rules based on the "old" chase rules. I've a lot of doubts about them though. The rulebook illustrates them with an example of an attack on a bombers escorted by fighters and maybe in such situation the RAW make sense but every simulated plain dogfight I attempted was over very quickly, won by the side who scored better in the initial "who-has-advantage" roll (thanks to the ability to get into close distance for free and massive fire-power of the fighter planes).

I guess you could use the vehicle rules but I agree that they don't fit aerial combat well, mostly due to its 3d nature and speeds/distances of participants. I don't recall anything that would allow one plane to tail the other so I guess most of the combats would be based on U-turn attempts to get into the firing position (and probably would take forever)...

The official way of performing aerial combat in SWD are the chase rules. I agree that this is a good approach in general, as I feel that aerial combat needs to be abstracted to be FFF but I do have my gripes with the chases in current form. I don't like the fact that available options are very limited (especially for the side with a lower initiative who is just a sitting duck) and I'm not a fan of card-based shot difficulty. I'm trying to house rule chase rules to mitigate that but I'm far from done. Such an approach would probably abstract away the things you mention like blackouts or manoeuvres, though.

While most of RPG systems doesn't care about dogfights at all there is one dedicated game, I recommend you to check it out and consider adapting somehow to SW (I've found it inspiring):

Anyway, I'd recommend you to step back and think a bit about the situations you expect to show up in your games (which you need to have covered by the rules) before you start thinking about the details, like manoeuvres. For example are you OK with having the dogfights and chases to use different set of rules (please note that one of the planes may want to escape from a dogfight starting a chase, it might be odd to handle that in a completely different way)? Do you want to consider escort missions, stealth planes, aerial races, strafing, bombardment, AA fire, cooperation with wingman? :)

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Re: Aerial combat maneuvers?

#4 Postby stormwell » Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:49 am

I've adapted some of the aircraft rules from the Pulp Gear Toolkit and come up with some of my own for Frozen Skies.

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