Kickstarter for Mythic expansion relaunched

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Kickstarter for Mythic expansion relaunched

#1 Postby Shadowdragon » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:20 am

The kickstarter for the expansion to the Mythic Savage Worlds setting was modified and relaunched recently. If you'd like to help back the project, or even just spread the word, the link is:

Mythic: Ennam & Saduri is an expansion book for the Mythic campaign setting for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game, which takes several cultures and mythologies from real world Earth and places them all together in a new and unique world. The Mythic setting book includes three cultures and mythologies: Pridith, based on the Celts; Illosia, based on the Greeks; and Niserri, based on the Egyptians. Mythic: Ennam & Saduri adds two new cultures and mythologies: Ennam, based on Mesopotamia; and Siduri, based on Vedic India.

This supplemental book includes new character creation information for creating characters from the new Saduri and Ennam cultures, as well as rules for summoning and binding the numerous demonic entities that plague both of these civilizations. Each culture is described in detail, including descriptions of some of the major deities from each culture's pantheon. Finally, Eastern Realms contains a bestiary that includes stats and descriptions for 25 creatures pulled from Mesopotamian and Vedic Indian mythology.

A revised version of the Mythic core book is also included in the kickstarter, and two adventures are available as stretch goals. - home of the Mythic campaign setting - my painted miniatures gallery

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