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Re: [50F] Homebrew & Updates[?]

#21 Postby Jounichi » Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:47 am

JamesG wrote:The Grael do add up to +2 now, but I have to question how you arrived at some of the ability values. I'm assuming you are using the costs, where available, from the Science Fiction Companion. If not could you elaborate on what you are using?

Looking at Blubber, there are a number of parts to it.

  • +1 Toughness costs +1. And it is Toughness, not Armor. See: http://pegforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=44754&p=413287
  • +4 to resist cold fatigue costs +1. Per the SFC this should also provide +4 armor vs. cold attacks, which is not noted in the Grael write up. If you decided to leave this off to reduce the cost of the ability I'm not sure it should be worth half the cost. There are very few attacks with cold Trappings in 50 Fathoms. The Norwhale's Icy Blast is the only one that comes to mind. Reducing the cost to +.75 I think is fair, if you leave off the armor.
  • -4 to resist heat fatigue costs -1. This also adds +4 damage when attacked with a heat trapping. Since the Grael only suffer -2/+2 the cost should be -.5.

I'm well aware that the +1 Toughness is actual Toughness and not armor. It would be far too weak otherwise. When I was reevaluating the components of blubber I only checked the negative aspect because I already knew the +4 to resist cold-based Fatigue was a +1 ability. I just didn't also check off the +4 Toughness vs cold damage, but that's so rare in the setting it may not be worth adding. It also may be double-dipping as some cold-based attacks can have a Fatigue component, and I hadn't playtested the possibility.

But going back to the negative component (the -2 penalty to heat-based fatigue), one of the other -1 point options is a Minor Hindrance. The built-in weakness isn't that functionally different from the Anemic Hindrance (-2 to resist Fatigue from poison or disease), so I figured the original intent was analogous even if the values were different. The +2 damage was just inspired by what I immediately saw on the same page regarding elemental weaknesses. Perhaps a little impulsive on my part, but again this is all theorcrafting which may or may not see any practice.
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