Necessary Evil, Growth Power, Size Increase per Level

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Necessary Evil, Growth Power, Size Increase per Level

#1 Postby Mr. Trickery » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:19 pm

I'm planning on GMing Necessary Evil without minitures so I'm trying to figure out how certain powers work without grinds. One of the powers I'm trying to figure out is Growth and how big you grow per level in foot. It states that at size plus 4-7 you're considered large and you occupy a 2" square which translates to 4 yards according to the core rule book. Does that mean you occupy 4 yards of space width wise? If so that would make you approximately 16 yards tall judging by the average human being 4 times taller than you are wider. But according to the core rules a rhino is considered a large creature which the average rhino is about 4 yards in length and is certainly not 16 yards tall. I would of considered a 48 foot person to be at least huge but someone that tall wouldn't occupy 3" square or 18 foot, they would to 12 foot or 4 yards. This is all in consideration that NE considers the average character to be 6ft tall. Basically my question is how many foot per level would a character grow using the Growth power?

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Re: Necessary Evil, Growth Power, Size Increase per Level

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:44 pm

A normal person (about 6' tall) occupies a 1" space on the battle map.

There is not a direct table for Growth ranks to character height. But, as is true for comic book tales, you don't need one.
Some characters get big. Which character is the biggest? Does it make him stronger than this super strong character? Does it make him tough enough to survive this energy blast? The power answers those (meaningful) questions. The highest active rank is the biggest. Growth increases Strength by one step per rank, giving a Strength result that is directly comparable to other strong characters. Growth gives a Toughness bonus per rank, increasing Toughness to absorb damage using the normal rules.

Since you're not using miniatures, you can just get descriptive with it. Give yourself a guideline that Large characters are (usually) between 10 and 25 feet tall (one to three story building height), Huge characters are usually between 26 and 60 feet (three to six stories high), and Gargantuan characters are usually over 60 feet tall.
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