[Rippers Resurrected] - Rosicrucian question - possible spoilers!

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[Rippers Resurrected] - Rosicrucian question - possible spoilers!

#1 Postby Kaandorian » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:24 am

Note: I never played (and don't even own) the first edition of Rippers.

In the Rippers Resurrected setting, theres often reference to the Rosicrucian's angelic magic, but there's no description of it. It's said that it also dangerous, but... why? No special rules in the Player's Handbook.
Also, why have they lost this angelic magic?
With what has it been replaced?
In "Forbidden Knowledge", at he end, the Rippers receive Johann Van Helsing’s journal and can read it. This is what the text says

"I asked our Rosicrucian brethren to grant us the key to ultimate victory against the Cabal. In fact the Cabal’s defeat was immaterial; the solution lay within ourselves. Let this, my testament, convey to the Rippers that my death was not unexpected. With the Rosicrucians’ help I have taken upon myself the curse of rippertech. I alone shall be damned so that others may use this “black science” to achieve good. I fear I shall not see another sunrise. To my allies and friends—farewell, and good luck."

To me, this makes no sense at all, and I suppose that's because I never played the former campaign...

Can anybody give me some Rosicrucians lore? It would be greatly appreciated! :angel:

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