[SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

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[SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

#1 Postby thomas5251212 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Out of curiosity, do those of you running Supers normally make most supervillains Wild Cards? It'd seem like what I'd expect (I'd associate Extras with agents and mooks) but its unusual enough to have a fight where all the opposition are Wild Cards in SW as far as I understand, that I could see it being part of the cause of some of the problems that seem (by report) to crop up in Supers games specifically. Yet the enemy supervillain team is certainly a thing.

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Re: [SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

#2 Postby Freemage » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:03 pm

Just looking at the genre, you've got three types of villain:

0: Random mooks. Not really villains, fast combat is probably fine, assume the PCs are going to win.
1: The lone bad guy. Almost always a Wild Card, obviously.
2: The Mastermind. Wild Card with a large team of Extras, possibly WC Second In Command. Usual act structure would be I: Some Mooks, II: Lots o' Mooks (possibly with SiC, if so, try to have SiC escape using Mooks as cover); III: Mastermind, SiC if there, and remaining Mooks.
3: Enemy team, possibly with a Mastermind behind them. All Wild Cards.

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Re: [SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

#3 Postby Myrmicus » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:15 am

Freemage covered this IMHO.

If you wish to use Extra Supers, you may want to build some little "power packs" : use a small (or not, depending on the power level of your campaign) power points pool and build thematic powers around it. You can uses thoses packs to enhance extras if needed be.

Small example : your main villain is a half-plant half-human seductress, who tend to hypnotize men before mutating them into some plant-men mooks. Have your little "plant power pack" you can apply to those mooks. In this particular scenario, anyone captured by the villain could get the plant pack, since it's up to your PC team to prevent or not kidnapping.

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Re: [SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

#4 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:45 am

The issues with including more Wild Card foes are: slower combats because more characters are getting detailed and unique resolution and because the opposition is objectively tougher, more dangerous combats for the player characters due to numerous highly competent and resilient foes, more things to track for the Game Master.
None of those are the "problems that seem (by report) to crop up in Supers games specifically." So use Wild Card villains liberally; even "nameless" ones, like in my NE:Breakout campaign. (The players may never have known the random opposition supers, but they were Wild Cards with generic backgrounds, names, and obvious trappings of their powers. Cut me some slack, I made them up in less than five minutes. :lol: )

Supers are Wild Cards. There's an exception for power-generated Extras (Minions, duplicates, elemental constructs), but anyone with a power set is going to deserve the conceptual space and screen time of being a Wild Card.

I can see doing a story arc with a lot of Super Extras - a villain is developing a drug / process / ritual that grants powers to his army of disposable thugs, making them much more dangerous but no more important (except that prototype guy, the one that becomes a recurring villain and is mistaken for "just another super villain" until the plan is revealed). But that should be a limited arc (unless the players screw up big time), and the Super Extras should end with that arc.
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Re: [SPC2] si[ers and Wildcards

#5 Postby Snate56 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:02 am

In a normal supers campaign, I could see a lot of "low level" supers being Extras, but in a Necessary Evil world supers are actually kinda rare. Yeah, you run into a lot but that's mainly because the Plot Points and Tales have them by the handfuls. Remember, the V'sori are rounding up anybody and everybody to either exploit or eliminate outright so the survivors have learned to keep their heads down.

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