Genghis Con 2015

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Genghis Con 2015

#1 Postby Savage Mommy » Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:25 pm

Another Genghis Con has come and gone. It was an amazing convention. The Rocky Mountain Savages ran almost 100 tables over the 4-day convention. We had another successful Savage Saturday Night with 17 tables. We gave a number of very awesome super bennies to some folks who have been instrumental in what we are able to do at the Conventions. The Savages presented Shane Hensley with a Custom Laser engraved minis box. It was great to spend a bit of time with Shane, Eloy, Ross and all the other Savages. Chris L.- what a workhorse!!! Thank you so much Chris!!

I want to personally thank all the GM’s who ran games over the weekend. We could never do this without all of you. Thank you should also go out to the DGA. They were extremely helpful and things for the Savages ran really smoothly, To all the players, thank you for embracing the Savages and coming to play at our tables!

I ran three excellent tables over the weekend. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman 80’s edition was so much fun. The highlight had to be Sean Patrick Fannon’s portrayal of Jack Burton. All of my players made for memorable tables. The final part of “The Legendary Crew of the Blackheart” was a fitting end to a three-part story. Now to get to work and get it published!!!

I think my biggest highlight of the con was playing in Loius M’s Sticks and Stones game. Who knew that only being able to say 4 words could be so much fun. I played a scout named Fweep! My words were: No, sneak, trouble and ouch. I got tons of mileage out of those words. There was not a miss in any of the games I played.
Now, I can take a small break and then get ready for more Conventions. There’s never much downtime for the Savages and their Mommy!
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Genghis Con 2015

#2 Postby kennethFono » Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:34 pm

I'd really like three-four other GMs to come join me at the Manga Con. Be a good way to get the next year's worth of freshers down, at the very least.

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