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[DETROIT] Moo Goo Gai Con

#1 Postby Lustvig » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:28 pm

Hey Savages!

Just wanted to let everyone know of the independent Moo Goo Gai Con being help April 9 in Redford, Michigan. In my capacity as one of the D-Savages Demo Team, I'll be running several events:

[list=]Tammeraut's Fate: a nautical high-fantasy/horror scenario using Savage Worlds Fantasy
Raiders of the Black Ice: an arctic high-fantasy scenario, also SW Fantasy, set in the World of Greyhaw's mysterious Blackmoor region.
Burned Bush Wells: an adaptation of the classic Boot Hill adventure using base Savage Worlds with the gritty combat settings rules.[/list]

Read about the con here: http://www.quintecons.com/
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