Austi-Con - Autsin MN - May 13-15

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Austi-Con - Autsin MN - May 13-15

#1 Postby MatthewJHanson » Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:04 am

I'll be running a couple of Savage Worlds' Games at Austi-Con in Austin Minnesota on Saturday May 14th. Both set in or around the city of Drakonheim.

10:00 am - Ghouls in the Streets of Drakonheim: In a city where the dead walk the streets, they are always kept on a short leash to protect the citizens. When a party of ghouls escape and wreak havoc on the streets, the cabal of necromancers who control the city task the heroes with discovering how the undead escaped their bonds.

4:00 pm - Ruins of Karendun: When the dwarves fled their kingdom of Grendus fell hundreds of years ago, many cities and strongholds lay completely abandoned. The fortress of Karendun is one such ruined home. Rumors have long circulated about the treasures left behind and the ghost that haunt it's halls. Now it is time to see if any of these rumors are true.
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