Savage Fallout @ Necronomicon 2016 (Tampa, FL -- Oct 28-30)

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Savage Fallout @ Necronomicon 2016 (Tampa, FL -- Oct 28-30)

#1 Postby Jordan Peacock » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:53 am

I'm running new scenarios using Savage Worlds, inspired by the "Fallout" series of video games, at Necronomicon convention in Tampa, Florida, October 28-30, 2016.

The Long 15: Our heroes are stowaways on board a fully automated, nuclear-powered Nuka-Cola delivery truck still making rounds and restocking Nuka-Cola vending machines with the help of the (highly unstable and dangerous) Nukatron 3000 restocking robot, when the truck unexpectedly deviates from its usual rounds and hits the "superhighway of tomorrow": the I-15 stretch of Route 66, from the "Boneyard" of the NCR, to New Vegas.

Of course, road maintenance not being quite what it used to be, it's a rough ride. To further complicate things, the trailer door has malfunctioned so it won't close all the way, every road-raider gang from here to New Vegas is kicking into high gear to pursue the cherry-red trailer truck (obvious loot!), AND the truck's transponder is waking up long-dormant robotic road-service systems all along the highway. Cue a big running adventure where the action takes place on a moving vehicle, full of hot-rod fiends, crazed cannibals, heavy-weapon-packing super mutants, berserk high-speed road-service robots, and other post-apocalyptic hazards of the retro-futuristic world of Fallout.

Planetarium of the Apes: A group of post-apocalyptic scavengers investigates the ruins of an old REPCONN Aerospace facility known as CAPE (Center for Advanced Primate Experimentation). Their reasons vary: for the Vault-Dweller, it might be in the name of SCIENCE. For the merchant, the visitor center had a Jangles the Moon Monkey exhibit, and there could be valuable memorabilia. For the super-mutant gunner, exploring ruins always means there's something that needs SMASHING. And the Nukatron 3000 is just there to single-mindedly restock all the Nuka-Cola vending machines ... AT ANY COST.

More post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic mayhem (and bad puns and cliches) than you can shake a banana at!

You can check out the full Necronomicon schedule here. If you like Fallout, there will be additional Fallout-themed games run by Chris Thesing, and there will be Savage Worlds Deadlands scenarios as well.

(The game schedule isn't completely filled out yet, so there's more yet to come. I plan to add at least one more Savage Worlds scenario of my own on Saturday, but I haven't yet decided on WHICH ONE to run.)

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