[WWI]College Boy Edge after character generation

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[WWI]College Boy Edge after character generation

#1 Postby DoctorBoson » Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:31 am

While an unlikely situation given the setting, Savage Worlds Deluxe allows that Background Edges may be taken after character creation but require special consideration for the allowance thereof. If a GM allowed a character to take the College Boy Edge after character creation, are the Skill points spent as though it were acquired during character creation (i.e. a new Skill may be purchased for 1 point) or are the points instead spent as though they were two Advances (i.e. 1 Advance—2 Skill points—spent to acquire a Skill at d4)?

If the latter, can both "Advances" be spent on the same skill(s)? For example, one Advance to buy Knowledge (Law) at d4, and a second Advance to increase it to d8?
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