The Rules For This Topic ****PLEASE Read****

This topic is for rules questions related to products from Pinnacle outside the core rulebook (Settings, Companions, etc.). Only the official answer guys can reply in this topic. Please read the rules in the first thread.

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The Rules For This Topic ****PLEASE Read****

#1 Postby Clint » Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:39 pm

Hey all,

I just want to clarify some points about this topic, so as to avoid confusion and misposting.

The topic is for questions on how the actual rules in the book work and that's all. Questions on design reasoning or implementing alternate rules need to go elsewhere. Heck, anything that isn't some variation of "how does X rule work" needs to go in one of the other topics. We want to keep this one devoted solely to that purpose, so it's easier to use the Search function with it.

Also keep in mind that only the official guys can reply in this topic. If you want opinions on a rule idea, not only is it not the right place to ask but it's actually impossible for the other forum members to participate.

Lastly, the assigned topic for questions is based on the actual source of the rule. So if the rule is in the core rulebook, ask in that topic. And if it appears in another official product, ask in that topic please.

If you're not sure on any of this, go ahead and post. I can move it if needed; I just want to cut down a bit on how much thread moving has to be done if possible.

Also keep in mind that a PDF compilation of earlier questions and answers from the Setting thread is available here for reference...

Thanks for your help and assistance!
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