Fantasy Companion Errata and Clarifications

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Fantasy Companion Errata and Clarifications

#1 Postby kreider204 » Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:08 pm


I've collated some things from the forums, FYI. If you think of anything else, let me know, I'll add it.



Page 3: (Clarification)

Rakashans and Saurians are always considered armed with regard to the Unarmed Defender rule, due to their natural weapons.

Page 4: (Clarification)

Multiple limbs suffer the off-hand penalty, unless the specific limb and its specific trappings indicate otherwise.

Using a multiple limb itself doesn't incur mutli-action penalties, but it still suffers from them as normal if additional actions are added on. For example, three actions (one of them with the limb) would be performed at -2 to all for MAPs (the limb basically doesn't count).

Grappling requires using two limbs, so if a creature had four limbs and successfully grappled a target twice, then they would have to make a roll to escape versus both (just as if they had been grappled by two different people).

Page 5: (Clarification)

Natural weapon attack damages are not limited by Strength the way that melee weapons are.

A natural weapon attack, regardless of the actual body part utilized, works the same as a hand with regard off-hand penalty, as well as incurring multi-action penalties (unless of course the character has some other edge or ability that negates this).

Page 6: (Erratum)

Under “Available Familiars,” the second “Veteran” should read “Legendary,” and the animal types for that rank are elephant, rhino, great white shark, or a smaller magical creature such as a hippogriff or manticore.

Page 6: (Clarification)

With regard to spells affecting the familiar, the spell’s range still applies. For example, if the power has a range of Self, the familiar must be in contact with the caster when the spell is cast. In addition, the caster has normal control over the power, including how it affects the familiar. For example, the caster could use a Disguise spell to make himself look like a different person and the familiar look like a different animal.

If a player takes the Familiar edge and then the familiar dies, the character would have to take the Edge again to get a new Familiar. However, the other times the Edge had been taken could be applied as additional abilities to the new familiar as usual.

Page 9: (Erratum)

Ignore the meal costs under the Food section.

Page 11: (Erratum)

The big red header that says "New Melee Weapons" should just say "New Weapons" (since it includes both melee and ranged weapons).

Page 18: (Erratum)

Fortifications: Base Supplies should equal double the Protection value (2 weeks for a +1, 4 weeks for a +2, and 6 weeks for a +3).

Page 34-35: (Erratum)

Some of the spells on these pages are out of alphabetical order.

Page 48 ff.: (Clarification)

Magic items that have their own power points to fuel their powers regain 1 power point per hour, just as spellcasters do.

Page 85: (Erratum)

Tomes cost $500 for Novice rank powers, $1000 for Seasoned, $2000 for Veteran, $4000 for Heroic, and $8000 for Legendary.

Page 100 ff.: (Clarification)

Not all flying creatures have Climb and Acceleration listed. The default Climb equals half Pace. If Acceleration isn't listed, then it's not used (the creature can immediately "accelerate" to its full Pace).

Unless otherwise noted, monsters with poisonous / infectious / etc. attacks only need to make a successful attack roll for the poisonous / infectious / etc. effect to take place (i.e., they do not need to Shake or wound the target - a mere scratch will do the job).

Unless otherwise noted, monsters may activate / use special abilities as a free action.

Page 116: (Erratum)

The Water Elemental entry should be updated to reflect the 3rd printing of the core rules (also found in the errata to the 2nd printing).

Water spirits are frothing, man-shaped creatures of water and sea-foam.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d8, Shooting d8, Swimming d12+2
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities:
• Aquatic: Pace 12
• Elemental: No additional damage from called shots; Fearless; Immune to disease and poison.
• Invulnerability: Water elementals are immune to all non-magical attacks except fire. A torch or lantern causes them 1d6 damage but is instantly put out if it hits.
• Seep: Water elementals can squeeze through any porous gap as if it were Difficult Ground.
• Slam: Str+d6, nonlethal damage.
• Waterspout: Water spirits can project a torrent of water using the Cone Template. Those in the area may make an Agility roll opposed by the spirit’s Shooting to avoid it or suffer 2d8 nonlethal damage. This puts out any normal fires or 1d6 ship-sized fires.

Page 120: (Erratum)

The common giant is large; therefore, attacker gain a +2 bonus (not +4 as listed).

Page 136-137: (Clarification)

Mummy rot can work more than once on the same character with successive hits.

Page 141: (Erratum)

An ogre's Toughness should be 12 (1). (This is also incorrect in the SWEX core rule book.)

Page 145: (Erratum)

Under the giant scorpion's grapple attack, replace "Strength roll" with "Fighting roll."
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Page 18: Fortifications - Base Supplies should equal double the Protection value. 2 weeks for a +1, 4 weeks for a +2, and 6 weeks for a +3.
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