SPC-2E and SFC Updates List [Feb 6, 2014]

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SPC-2E and SFC Updates List [Feb 6, 2014]

#1 Postby Clint » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:29 pm

For those who got an earlier version of these books, here is a breakdown of what has been changed.

Super Powers Companion
    Numerous formatting or syntax typos fixed.
    Animal Control: Clarified what happens when summoned animals are defeated. (p20)
    Explode: Added a Fatigued Modifier. (p28)
    Matter Control: Added Swarm option to Constructs. (p35)
    Invisibility: Added Projection Modifier. (p34)
    Pulse Weapons and Foam Thrower Ranges corrected. (p15)
    Power Types: Water removed from Energy list. (p21)
    Eagle Eyes effect on Extreme Range clarified (p31)
    Paralysis: Strong Modifier clarified (p38)
    Resistance: Ability to survive in space defined (p39)
    Giant Monster: Toughness and Size adjusted. (p60)
    Super Attributes / Devices: Various characters with multiple super attribute and the Device Modifier were corrected.
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#2 Postby Clint » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:36 pm

Science Fiction Companion
    Numerous formatting or syntax typos fixed.
    Knowledge (Computers) now used anytime coding is involved; Knowledge (Electronics) used whenever the use of electronics is involved.
    Knowledge (Astrogation) replaced Knowledge (Navigation) throughout.
    Clarified that Trait Increase always increases maximum, and removed references elsewhere to avoid confusion (p4)
    Leaper: Corrected text. (p5)
    Deaders: Clarified that they paid +2 points for Arcane Background. (p8)
    Insectoids: Added AP 2 to their natural weaponry (p9)
    Heavy G Worlder: Clarified that you can take 2 Minor Hindrances or one Major Hindrance. (p12)
    Weapon descriptions: Dropped Auto. Any weapon with an RoF of 2 or higher is full-auto and incurs the recoil modifier. Added SA for Semi-Auto to all weapons that can fire single-shot or double-tap. (p19+)
    Weapons: Updated various ammo capacities, prices, weights, and statistics. (p19+)
    Changed Rocket Launcher to Portable Missile Launcher and updated stats (p21).
    Changed Mass Drivers significantly, incorporated rail guns into their rules, and updated all ships and walkers that used them (p24).
    Added Mega Lasers (p24).
    Tweaked various AP and damage values for Vehicular Weapons (p24-25).
    Gravity effect on Strength clarified to die type change. (p27)
    Cargo space redefined to match elsewhere in the book. (p28)
    Electronic replacement limbs now cost 1 Strain. (p29)
    Cyberware Leg Enhancement. Updated. (p31)
    Cyberware Trait Bonus changed to (U). You can still only take it once per Trait, however. (p31)
    Updated Power Armor, Ship, Walker, and Vehicle Armor entries to limit them to Size rather than U. (p33, 45, 53, 60).
    Changed Targeting Computer to eliminate 2 points of Shooting penalties rather than 4. (p33, 38, 45, 53, 60).
    Constructs: Removed no additional damage from called shots text (p37)
    Android Modification price reduced. (p38)
    Robotic Size modifies Strength and Toughness, clarified. (p38)
    Crew and passengers better defined (p40).
    Ship Sizes: Three additional starships were added to enable much larger craft. (p41)
    Updated Ship Size Table to better accommodate the new larger ships (p41).
    Additional energy costs corrected for movement after hyperspace. (p42)
    Eliminated Shooting bonus / penalty based on Climb as it is already reflected in Chase rules when rolling for cards (p43).
    Ship Critical Hit Table, Superstructure result. Clarified. (p44)
    Using Miniatures range/speed divider changed to 25. (p44)
    Deflector Screen Mod cost changed to 2/3/5 (p45).
    Ships Updated to reflect new Sizes. Cruiser changed to Cutter, Battleship changed to Light Battleship. (P48)
    Vehicle Sizes: Two additional vehicles sizes were added. (p52)
    Simplified and tweaked Vehicle Armor / Heavy Armor and updated any vehicles it affected (p53).
    Slight tweaks to certain vehicle builds (p56-57).
    Walker sizes adjusted (p58)
    Walker Sizes: Two additional mech sizes were added. (p58)
    World Maker: Switched Tables 9 and 10, changed modifiers. (p65)
    Laser stats corrected throughout Xenos and Travellers section. (p66+)
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