[SR] Arcane Marksman and PPE Thief

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[SR] Arcane Marksman and PPE Thief

#1 Postby Ndreare » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:18 pm

Does the Arcane Marksman ability from the M&M table work with PPE Thief?

(I used the two combined against a PC letting the Big Bad roll d10+2 and the legitness was questioned so I figured I should ask.)

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Re: [SR] Arcane Marksman and PPE Thief

#2 Postby Clint » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:08 am

Ndreare wrote:Does the Arcane Marksman ability from the M&M table work with PPE Thief?

Nope, the bonus only applies to certain powers and then only to one aspect of them. The Marksman ability applies to ranged attacks, and so the arcane version from the table only applies to powers with a ranged attack component and then only to the ranged attack result not basic activation.

Per the core rules, powers with a Range of X/Y/Z use the arcane skill roll also as a ranged attack roll (in addition to the activation result), it would be to that result which the +2 bonus applies. So a caster firing two Bolts with 3 wounds and a -3 penalty rolls a 9 and a 5. The first Bolt is successful (9-3=6 for activation) and also hits with a raise (9-3=6+2(for Marksman)=8 for a hit with a raise). The second Bolt however doesn't successfully activate (5-3=2 for failure) even if the attack result would have been a hit.

PPE Thief doesn't have the X/Y/Z Range, so Marksman doesn't play into its use at all.

Hope that helps.
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