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#21 Postby Yendorma » Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:22 pm

West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland

You can’t throw an irradiated cat without hitting an undead abomination of some sort. If, and I say if, not when, you travel through them, you’ll find small towns and villages fairly intact, lots to scavenge. But you’ll have to tangle with all sorts of undead abominations to get it, let alone get it out of there.

New Bedford is still around, but I wouldn’t recommend fishing in the ocean and eating what you catch.

Most of the cities along the coastline were hit, so don’t expect to find anyone in there, with three exceptions, and honestly, even *I* don’t know how they managed it.

During the Last War, the Canadians invaded, pushed through New England and took Boston shortly before the nukes flew. They were some lucky sons of bitches to have picked that city. Salem, Boston, and Plymouth, targeted en mass by anyone with a ghost rock I.C.B.M., survived. Oddest damn thing ever. Talked to a road warrior from Boston, and after deciphering his accent, told me of his experience in Boston.

He was a member of the National Guard, not yet deployed, with the nukes flew and hit. He was in Boston, three days from being shipped out, so he witnessed it first hand. The ghost rock nukes came down, detonated far, far overhead. Folks mutated, plenty of them mutated, but nothing was fried, EMP I mean. He said it was the oddest thing ever, and even those who looked up, experienced a momentary bright light blanking their vision like an old camera with a flash.

Since those three seemed to survive, most of their damage was conventional, survivors, mutants, scavengers, but they persevered, and form one of the major powers of New England.

[She honestly doesn’t know how those three towns survived, but it really was arcane, dumb luck. Descendants of Randal Crosby, head of The Psychic Research Foundation, which was still around come the Last War, working with Sons of Sitgrieves, managed to snuff out the Burnt Hill, and to ensure things wouldn’t come back, set up wards all over the city. The Freemasons were doing the same, but instead of protecting, it was meant to take control of the entire city population. Both groups finished just as the bombs fell, and an arcane screw up between the three groups wards, and the ghost rock nuke, protected the area from the worst effects. They had done the same previously in Salem, Research Foundation and Sons of Sitgrieves, as a means to keep Salem from being a center of cultist activity.

Plymouth, the Reckoners didn’t plan on bringing ghosts and spirits back to life for the purposes of good, but that day, they did. The original settlers who landed at Plymouth Rock, were very, very angry at the very idea that ‘their’ settlement was about to be destroyed. It was the ghosts of the original settlers, and all those who came after them to live in the new world, that protected Plymouth from the worst of it]

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#22 Postby Yendorma » Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:23 pm

Rhode Island

Newport was the vacation spot of the rich and famous, and those who vacationed there seem to have had enough clout that it wasn’t targeted directly. That didn’t stop mutants, scavengers, or abominations from trying to sack the place. I say trying due to the fact that security for the rich and famous increased as the Last War approached.

Each person vacationing there had essentially a squad to a platoon of mercenaries as security, and they put down anyone who tried to attack their clients, or sack the place. It’s still around now, but if you have an extra toe or two, I wouldn’t bother. They’re still very anti-mutant. If you can pass for someone human, no obvious mutations I mean, they’ll do business with you.

Norumbega, if you wanted to see mysterious happenings, was the place to go. The Agency gave it a pass, and it continued living off the tourist trade up until the Last War. Now this is the odd thing about it. It turns out it was a town conspiracy to play up the ‘our town is haunted’ angle, to keep their town alive, economically I mean. When the bombs dropped, it was missed, and the survivors have turned it into a fortified settlement.

The odd thing, not the town conspiracy thing, but the fact that somehow, unlike other places, what we call fear level, is lower than it should be. Hell, even the locals shake off anything scary.

[Fear Level 3. Locals have a unique edge that makes them immune to guts checks caused by terror, abominations and similar. They can still be hit with Overawe and the like, but if a walkin’ dead popped up, it wouldn’t even phase them, and probably get a round through its’ skull for the trouble]

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#23 Postby Yendorma » Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:23 pm

New York

New York state, being the top manufacturing center for the Union, and one of the states with a very large population, got hit hard, repeatedly. You’re not very likely to find intelligent, living company. Abominations and mutants abound, making it a very hostile area.

New York City has one of the few ghost storms out East that you can see just like ours. Haven’t been inside myself, especially given the bad feelings I was getting about the place.

[New York City: Ghost Rock Storm. Statue of Liberty was wiped out and rebuilt due to the fear. It *is* a Deadlands. The Statue of Liberty has been changed. It now looks clad in leather, leaving very little to the imagination, still holding a book and torch. (If your group isn't full of adults, the toga is soaking with blood, the face radiates evil and looks as if it's about to snatch you up and snack on the poor waster).

The bridges are gone (snapped in half, if not missing completely), but the tunnels are still there (crammed full of cars and walking dead; think 28 Days Later, the tire changing scene).

Inside the ghost rock storm is a weird sight. Walking dead...doing poor parodies of their former lives (taxi drivers sitting behind wheels, bakers baking, etc.).

Yes, the buildings should be gone (and, by all means, they are), but the Reckoners rebuilt it. The fear from just one waster making it into the city is such a delicious little tidbit that it's worth it. (One person getting past the radiation, through the storm, into the city proper, only to see walking dead acting as if still alive...delicious).[

New Jersey
I’d avoid New Jersey. I don’t mean to bash the former Union state, but if you’ve been to the Coyote Wasteland, you can guess why. Not as toxic as that, it still is very unhealthy for normal folks to pass through.

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#24 Postby Yendorma » Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:25 pm

Last few. Still have to work out Michigan and Back East: The South.

Given its’ tiny size, it was actually spared the brunt of the nukes. Oh it still got hit with ghost rock nukes, but not as many as most other places. One of the places that came out intact was Wilmington, thanks to the presence of a Hellstromme Industries research and development facility.

The shield Hellstromme built for the Mormons in Junkyard was the first version. He refined it, and incorporated it into the facility itself. The few nukes that came down in that area, went inert, only causing collateral damage. It’s a safe spot for good folks, since something seems capable of weeding out the good, neutral, and the bad, from folks. They trade with anyone, and one of the only places to get caseless ammunition, if you use it.

[Unlike the Denver AI, this AI holds the same beliefs/mindset that Hellstromme does, trying to make amends for destroying the world. The field covers all of Wilmington, and a few extra feet. Anything of a supernatural nature will be cut off, just like the Junkyard version in The Unity. Unlike the Junkyard version, this field picks out good, neutral, and evil from those that enter the field. Treat it as a contested roll between it and the person entering. The AI/field is considered to have 4d12 with the appropriate aptitudes for this contested roll. It takes two successes over the AI’s to enter, otherwise, entering is fine, but anything touched by arcane means, from mutations to Combine weaponry, will cease to function until taken out]


The Canadians pushed from the north, wiping out Swanton, Georgia, Burlington, Richford, Troy, Newport, and Derby. They followed Interstate 7 south to Massachusetts. Middlebury, Pittsford, Rutland, Manchester Center and Village, and Bennington, were all attacked on the way.

If you’re looking for a settlement to trade with, places along the state line it shares with New York and between I7, is your best bet. When the nukes flew, Rutland all the way south got it, and Montpelier as well, but most of the little places survived the initial nuking fairly well.

New Hampshire
If you manage to get to it, the coastline, all the way inward to Concord, was hit, and hit hard. Roughly from Claremont east to Rochester, nothing but wasteland. Washington State is the closest as an example for what it’s like.

Oddly? Outside of the major population centers, military bases, and ports, this place survived the nukes, and, aside from a few other areas, one of the most populated places, but also has more than its’ fair share of abominations.

If you try to do some trading, or a place to stay, be polite, friendly, and have patience. Seems the survivors don’t warm up to strangers readily.

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#25 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:54 pm

Since finding a DL group is difficult to say the least (at least using Classic rules), I spin characters to see what I can put together. I only mention this since no doubt some are curious about the narrator of this New East.

The narrator was originally spun for Weird West, with the most noteworthy portion:

Strength 4d4, Deftness & Quickness 2d6, Nimbleness 4d6, Vigor 2d8, Cognition, Smarts 3d8, Knowledge and Mien 4d8, Spirit 4d12.

Scrutinize 2, Filchin’ 2, Lockpickin’ 2, Shootin’ (Pistol) 2, Sleight o’ Hand 4, Speed-Load (Pistol) 2, Academia (Occult) 5, Language (English) 2, Professional (Law) 3, Persuasion 2, Dodge 2, Fightin’ (Brawlin’) 2, Swimming 2, Quick Draw (Pistol) 2, Gamblin’ 2, Streetwise 2, Faith 1, Guts 3, Hexslingin’ 5.
Her hexes include: Old Timer, Helpin’ Hand, Soul Blast, Spirit Coils, Bodyguard.
Fightin’ Maneuvers include Kidney Punch and Groin Shot.

Hindrances, long as it makes sense, I bump up to 15 (as well as Edges, so you can have 15/15).

Hindrances: Geezer 5, Ferner 3, Hankerin’ 1, High-Falutin’ 2, Oath 1: Donate to good causes, Squeamish 3.
Edges: Kin (granddaughter keeps getting into trouble), Arcane Background: Huckster 3, Arcane Prodigy 3, Belongin’s 4 (1769 Holye’s Book of Games), Fleet-Footed 4, Old Hand 3, Veteran o’ the Weird West 0 (Hunted)

Two of her companions from back then, are part of the group she's talking to, which include an Ex-Union Soldier Sniper, and an Ex-Confederate Soldier (British).

The others include a Gunslinger and his sidekick, a Templar, a Doomsayer, a Syker (Star Swans), Road Warrior (whose van will be the mode of transport), Tale Teller, and a Junker.

The narrator as now, is one of those mostly statless plot characters, like the Prospecter or Jo. Unlike the two soldiers, she took the long way of time travel (lived through it), and survived the Last War. The concept for the Automaton, Rocky, is a greater manitou who was defeated in the Hunting Grounds, and bound to serve her (similar to Cochise and the Gan he made a bargain with).

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#26 Postby Yendorma » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:48 pm

Still tinkering with survivors, population, most likely surviving towns, etc. But I *did* figure out the distance a 1.2mt Ghost Buster would affect, based on a Real Tac Nuke (Children o' the Atom).

Tac Nuke
Under 1/4 mile
1/4-1 mile
1-2 miles
2-4 miles
4-7 miles.

1.2mt Ghost Buster
Under 3,000 feet. Treat as 1/4 a mile under Tac Nuke. 100% mortality rate (no corpses/bodies, they're just gone).
1.76m to 2.25 miles. 1/4-1 mile. 100% mortality rate (no corpses/bodies, they're just gone).
2.25-4.5 miles. 1-2 miles, 100% mortality rate (no corpses/bodies, they're just gone).
4.5-9 miles. 82.5% of population by square mile will die from the failed Spirit Test (each pip on 1d12 is roughly 1.5 on 1d20. 1d20 x 5 = the percentage). Of the surviving 18.5%, half will suffer a mutation.
9-16 miles. 52.5% of the population by square mile will die from the failed Spirit Test.

The mortality rate of 82.5% and 52.5% will (probably) become walkin' dead.

If anyone knows how to lump the 82.5% and 52.5% together, I'd appreciate it.

Just look up population by square mile, use the miles above (which are radius; formula is pie times radius squared) and multiply them together. You'll have (roughly) the number dead, number still alive.

Mind you, this doesn't include things such as death from collateral damage (falling buildings, explosions, debris, etc.), walkin' dead, raiders, abominations, etc. (roughly figure of the surviving numbers, 25-50% survive).

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#27 Postby Yendorma » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:17 pm

Yeah, still researching/gathering information (no progress yet on Back East: South), but figured I'd share this part.

During the Cold War, the U.S. had the following, per branch. Given the C.S.A.'s noted as "Having less men, but better trained", cut that about in half for C.S.A. bases.

1,024 ICBM silos
U.S. Navy: 123 Facilities.
U.S. Coast Guard: 8
U.S.M.C.: 24 bases, 13 Air Stations
U.S. Army: 16 Medical Research, 9 Training Facilities, 10 Research
USAF: 10 Japan, 3 France, 10 Germany, 34 Iraq, 6 Iceland (Radar Stations), 11 UK
SAGE Sites (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment): 143

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#28 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:41 pm

The South
Richmond, Virginia (D.C.)
Up until the Last War, it was a supply depot, staging area, and manufacturing center. Now, however, it still fills those purposes, but not for anyone alive. It has lived up to its’ old name of The City of Graves, given the sheer amount of walkin’ dead there, most of whom continue their old lives as best as possible.

An eerie sight, seeing walkin’ dead prep to go into battle, former wives and lovers bidding them farewell, and then marching into the two way battle between War/Pestilence and Raven.

The Belle Island Aerodrome, originally home to ornithopter pilots, eventually became the top training facility for the C.S.A.A.F. That’s Confederate States of America Air Force, but most folks just referred to it as the Flying Corps. It was one of the places that received its own ghost nuke, in addition to what Richmond got.

Now, it’s still in use, and I wish I could say it wasn’t, since those walkin’ dead who were former pilots, use it as a staging ground for the dead war. Yeah, bad enough they walk let alone flying aircraft and piloting armor.

Castle Thunder Prison, a.k.a. Torture Garden. Before the Libby Prison achieved flight thanks to an incredible amount of gunpowder stored underneath it, was the domain of David’s personal interrogator and jailor, Colonel George Alexander, closed in part thanks to an editor called Edward Pollard, publishing an expose on the place, having been a prisoner there for several months. Col. Alexander was brought up on charges, and hung, and laid to rest under a Methodist chaplain’s watchful eye. Seems Moses Drury Hoge gave the burial special attentions.

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#29 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:42 pm

Robertson Hospital always suffered space shortage, and only allowed the top-most important Confederate citizens in as patients. It expanded up, rather than out, over the decades, and if Robertson couldn’t cure what the patient had coming in, no one could. Even though the whole city, hell, the whole state, is filled with walkin’ dead, if you are ever in Richmond, and still alive, it, and the Second Presbyterian Church, are safe havens. How? Dr. Moses Drury Hoge. Before he passed on, his good works earned him a few more points with the man upstairs, and he spent a couple of those to bless both places. You heard of how Famine got struck by a bolt of divine white light outside the City of Lost Angels? Hoge’s efforts were, and still are, on the same level.

Seems those two buildings are impervious to anything thrown at them, and nothing can enter that shouldn’t be up and about. Cans who are in control, and Harrowed, can enter, but only when the human’s in control. It has its drawbacks though, like a roach motel. You check in, you can’t check out, since whatever chased you in, will be waiting for you to come out. But if you have a person of the cloth who’s blessed with manna and feast, you’ll be fine, until the original meal runs out.

How do I know? How do you think...No, I didn’t watch from afar. I was there, a little ways back. Rocky and I have a blindspot of sorts. Only works with anything undead, including cans and harrowed. We don’t register to them, at all, even if we decide to pop a few tops off. It’s let us save a few folks, by playing the cavalry or scavenging where others can’t. Of course, any other abomination walking and about, can still pick us out just fine.

Chimborazo Hospital became the second top-rate medical facility in the C.S.A., military personnel first, civilians second. That part held up over the decades.

Church Hill Mansion, home to Yankee sympathizer Elizabeth Van Lew, was found dead in the 1880s, having died from unknown cause. No signs of violence, was just deceased, in her bed.

Hollywood Cemetery, become a war memorial site with the cease-fire of 1877, and left alone, except for visitors and caretakers.

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#30 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:43 pm

Screamersville, bordello and gambling paradise in Richmond. Stayed that way through the decades, only changing under various folks renovating the buildings and streets. Just like Robertson Hospital, all the buildings went up, instead of out. It became a little slice of Vegas and Nashville. When the C.S.A. passed a no gambling law in 1910, there was enough behind the scenes pull for a loophole or two. Screamersville remained untouched, since all the casinos and gambling joints became private clubs, pay a membership fee to join, then sit around and play cards with other members. Thin loophole, but it held.

It’s also one of the creepiest safe havens ever. Why creepy? If you manage to make it into Screamersville, you’ll find the buildings still standing, still populated by walkin’ dead. If you honestly are just trying to flee through it, or loot the place, the locals take offense to that, and will come out en masse to correct the situation. However, if you’re there to do some gambling, or visit a bordello...Hey, don’t give me that look, I’m just giving some advice if you’re in that area. If you act like a tourist, and as long as you have money, which is pretty much useless now except for toilet paper or tinder for fires, they’ll leave you alone.

Thankfully, the...employees recognize any pre-War currency as legitimate. Casino chips from City o’ Sin or Nashville, City o’ Gloom, City of Lost Angels, U.S.A., C.S.A., jewelry, even foreign currency’s good in their eyes. Just be careful anyways, even with that bit of advice.

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#31 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:43 pm

Second Presbyterian Church was blessed by Moses Drury Hoge before he passed on, and I’m talking divine intervention blessed. It’s the only other completely safe spot in Richmond, since Screamersville requires you to be a tourist with cash.

Spotswood Hotel never really changed, but given the shady past it developed down the line, it’s one of the buildings rebuilt after the ghost nuke hit it.

Tredegar Iron Works evolved into a major arms manufacturer, up until the Last War. It still is, long as you’re walkin’ dead. I really advise not to go near it, as what you could consider employees have a habit of testing their weapons on other walkin’ dead and the living.

Gosport Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia, continued to be a navy yard up until the ghost nukes flew. It’s still a rubble strewn mess, with plenty to scavenge, if you’re ever out that way, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The navy yards are still in use, but...ever see a ship made of a horde of walkin’ dead? Or a submarine where the crew do not need to breathe, eat, or sleep? No, not a real submarine, I’m talking one made of walkin’ dead holding on to each other, separating when they have a target.

The Devil’s Triangle that plagued the coast of Richmond, stopped being an issue in 1964. The cause *used* to be an ancient, alien device that activated according to the stars, but for some reason, after 1964, the Devil’s Triangle ceased to cause trouble. My guess, someone salvaged it in secret, and whisked it away. Hey, I don’t know everything, just most things.

Saltville’s problems with mysterious deaths were resolved in 1905, and continued to be a major salt supplier. The one hitch, if you’re ever passing by, and I stress *if*, don’t drink the water, don’t go into town....Hmm? I’m not going to tell you what’s there, my warning should be more than enough.

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#32 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:45 pm

The Bluegrass State, Kentucky
Again, the whole state was wiped out, or nearly so. If it wasn’t laid to waste by ghost nukes, War, Pestilence and Raven pretty much cleaned out whatever was left. If, and I say *if* you find yourselves in Kentucky, stick to the mountains. What few folks survived both ghost nukes and walkin’ dead, took to the mountains and hills.

Louisville is still a barren wasteland, made so with help from hundreds of thousands of gallons of spook juice.

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#33 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:45 pm

Honestly? Every city along the state borders is gone, as is all of the state east of Sweet Water. That’s the domain of walkin’ dead.

Now, it too has a funny thing of note. The state borders are a ghost storm wasteland, and that portion to the east, but overall? Everything within is still standing, minus damage from looting and civil war. Not *the* Civil War, but wars between people who had a beef, and decided to settle it.

Two cities of note survived, and since I see some men amongst you, I’d advice skipping Memphis. Alright, I’ll start with Memphis, since it’s closest to the west in the state.

Fort Pillow was the site of a small post of Union troops, slaughtered by General Forrest before he was helped with his sword problem. It was turned into a tourist trap for the South, after the nearby abomination was taken care of. How? How else, Black River, Mina Devlin’s company. Who...Right, right, very, very young audience.

Mina Devlin was one of the Great Rail Wars members, back in the 1800s. She was married before getting into the Great Rail Wars, which ended when one of the others killed her husband, and everyone got a real good look at a woman scorned. Seems her and her husband were both devious, low down, evil sons of bitches, and without her husband, she became more so in an effort to prove herself.

Now, down the road, so to speak, her company survived in and out, often lead by one of her descendents, who all kept the last name Devlin in honor of their ancestor. It became Black River Industries, and had numerous research facilities all across the U.S.A, C.S.A., Disputed Lands, and the West. You couldn’t fire buckshot and miss ‘em, that many.

The Agency, and Texas Rangers, did their best to hunt down Devlin’s descendents in the Second Witch Hunt, and almost did so in the 1960s. Stamp out one descendent, you’ll find six more. Procreation was a big thing in the Devlin line to ensure the line never died out.

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#34 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:46 pm

Anyways, back to present day Memphis, or at least, pre-War and present. See, through various means, most of which were not legal, Black River Industries, what Black River would become down the line, bought up the entire town. You heard me right, the entire town.

This was about...2044, give or take a few years. Once she acquired the entire town, she secured her kingdom through behind the scenes measures. Officially, Memphis was within the Texas Rangers jurisdiction. Unofficially, no law enforcement other than the Wichita Witches and the Memphis Belles, Devlin’s all female private security force, was allowed in.

Black River Railyard changed with the times, while the Hunt-Phelan House remained in the Devlin family. E. Newcomb Pharmaceuticals, a small company back then, grew, and was one of the major sources of drugs, both legal and illegal, in the C.S.A.

The Memphis Trestle, at great cost, was eventually replaced by ghost rock steel. Rumors flew that arcane marks were etched into the ghost steel. Now that, I know to be true. BRI had it rebuilt to their specs, for one specific purpose. When the first atomic ghost rock nuke was made, BRI realized the potential destruction it would cause, and prepared Devlin’s kingdom for the worse. Every rail line was replaced as well, including the one leading to Nashville.

Devlin made the city entirely self-sufficient, even had walls and hidden guard posts built along the exterior of the city. Nobody knew why, and given BRI’s habits, no one noticed.

Giant ghost rock batteries were part of one of many of those projects. How...? I’m a woman, Devlin dislikes men. I spent about twenty years there, in retirement you could say.

When the ghost rock nukes flew and detonated, those preparations, amongst others, produced a wonderful, yet horrifying light show. Seems BRI’s multiple city improvement works, served a second purpose. Ghost rock nukes detonated nearby, a couple overhead, but not a window was broken. The entire city was basically a giant lightning rod and ghost rock battery. The trestle, rail lines, even lightning rods on every building, sucked down that energy like a man dying of thirst.

Part of the ritual, would turn that energy outward. Yeah, a ghost rock storm appeared, circling the city by a good ten miles out, but only part of it is dangerous. See, the first five yards are truly dangerous, like other ghost rock storms. The remaining forty-five yards, while it looks like a ghost rock storm, is in fact a magical bouncer...Right, young audience. Basically, if the town and the field don’t want you in, you’re not getting in.

This little trick was also done with the rail line going from Memphis to Nashville. One long, thick ghost rock storm barrier, but the tracks are completely safe, once you get in.

Soon as the ghost nukes detonated, and the world went to hell, BRI and Devlin’s latest descendent, took control of the town. Publicly took control, and made it a matriarchal martial law ruled city. It helped that the population was split 70/30. And before you start drooling at the fact 70% of the population are women, unless you’re from Nashville, a woman, or have business with the town, you’re most likely going to wind up as breeding stock.

Some exceptions are made of course, but overall, cause trouble, breeding stock. Kill a citizen, breeding stock. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?...You didn’t let me finish. This is *after* they break and remake your mind.

It is one of two major, hidden powers in Tennessee, and I’m going to get to the other one.

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#35 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:47 pm

Nashville, City of Sin

It used to be a center of prostitution, tobacco growing, the former sanctioned by the local authorities, and carried on. Gambling, prostitution, bloodsports, you name it, it was eventually found in Nashville. The C.S.A.’s own City o’ Sin, Las Vegas.

Smokey Row fell behind the scenes to a mysterious crime boss, and renovated in 2050-2060. It was still the home of gambling dens, drinking dens, prostitution, but classier, and the heaviest security in the entire city.

Nashville Hospital Association, formed by The University of Nashville Medical School and Shelby Medical College, continued on through the ages, second largest drug manufacturer, centering around medical of course.

Ryman Lines, founded by Captain Thomas B. Ryman, oddly, is still there. For those communities along the river banks, it functions like The Convoy, trade route and news carrier.

Ogilvie’s Outfitters, is still in use, stock a bit limited, and charges at least 10% more than other folks, but if you need it, they probably have it.

Thayer Shipping was a source of disease and plague, but that stopped in the 1880s, and was bought up by a private company, and passed through the ages.

The Whiskey Chute, a popular row of drinking saloons back then, was taken over, renovated, and made classier, but prices were cheap, the middle to lower class man’s bar. Still is, just don’t expect the liquor to be anything but post-war brewed.

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#36 Postby Yendorma » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:48 pm

Oh, right, right, got a little off track. Nashville now is what you want to know. First, back in 2044, a dark horse ran for mayor by the name of James Mattock. He won by a landslide, and since Nashville had no term limit, kept running every four years. He didn’t win each time, but enough that people grew to recognize him on the street.

As mayor, he had many city projects initiated, which brought honest jobs to the city, and an alternative to the more sinful jobs. The companies were local, driving the economy up, and endearing him to the public so much that when he *did* run, he won a majority each time.

When he wasn’t mayor, or running for it, he was a businessman, honest, fair, and very successful. He donated what he could to the poor and needy, endorsed positive changes, whole nine yards. At the age of 68, he was re-elected as mayor, three years before the bombs fell.

Why’s this important? He’s still mayor, and doesn’t look a day over 30. I don’t know how, and I don’t *want* to know. From some folks, survivors in the countryside who witnessed it, ghost nukes fell around Nashville in the shape of an eye, with the city nearly untouched in the center.

It seems the city caught the very edge of each blast, mutating most of the folks there, but the buildings were untouched, and with the help of Nashville Enforcers, the local law, internal fighting and damage was minimal.

If you can make it through the eye into the city, money and trade talks, and anything has a price. But watch your step. It’s more civilized than Vegas, but still just as savage and brutal.

Honest work can be had at the Sycamore Mills Works and Claiborne Works, now high tech manufacturers, and keeps the city defenders well armed.

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Note: She honestly doesn’t know, nor does she want to know, what Mattock is. What Mattock is, is a Harrowed from 1870. He worked for the Black River when the Great Rail Wars kicked up again, for next to no pay. His motives were simple, watch and learn, and learn he did. He never approached Devlin’s descendents, or interfered in any way, but always kept tabs on them, and occasionally giving a hand.

Mattock isn’t a servitor, but he’s damn close. Suffice to say, just like Stone, give him whatever powers and stats you want. His goal over the decades and centuries, land ownership. When the BRI started redoing Memphis, he approached the descendent of Maria Devlin, and struck a deal. Front companies, behind the scenes activities, which did the employees and city good, but BRI got even richer.

Mattock knew something was coming down the line, more so when the first ghost nuke was detonated at a test site. And when it went to hell, he wanted his own slice of heaven (or at least, less hell than the rest of the place). He settled long ago on Nashville, and using behind the scenes tactics that would’ve made Maria Devlin proud, had the targeting info changed for those missiles aimed at Nashville. Perfect plan, but he was off just a little, which is why the population suffered mutations.

Now, he maintains trade and an alliance with Memphis, and offers protection to any (surviving) settlement. You want trade goods, protection? Give your loyalty. Betray Mattock? Everything’s withdrawn, and every settlement is warned not to trade or help that settlement, or they will suffer the same fate.

How did he avoid Stone through the centuries? He did no good, or at least not enough good to be on Stone’s list.

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Just posting what I've finished so far. Still have more of the South to finish/spin.

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Got mired in Tennessee, mainly Nashville and Memphis, heh. Sharing a bit of color written in the style of Cabbie, from City o' Sin (Vegas)

Nashville: The City of Sin

"Welcome to Year One of the City of Sin of the West. Year one? First year past the dropping of the bombs, and not a soul, confederate or yankee, to tell us what to do. I’ll spare you the whole history of the city, since you probably want to know what happened shortly before the Last War, and happening now.

Back in the U.S./C.S. ceasefire of 1877, the city’s business expanded, and grew. Oh you couldn’t drop in openly if you were a northerner, but once inside the city, no one cared who you were, as long as you had cash to spend, and didn’t cause too much trouble.

Howell Beasley ran for city council several times, but was frustrated at every turn. Seems the new south wanted a turn from the old, even hints of it, and reformers kept being put in by the people. He fell out of the public eye in 1890 and into the mysteries of history. No one knows what happened to him back then, and no one does now.

The Wasting Disease that had been plaguing the city just stopped, about the same time as Thayer Shipping was bought up in Memphis, and kept modernized through the ages. This allowed Nashville Hospital Association to resume work on a vaccine for the wasting disease, which actually happened shortly into the 1920s, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

While the City o’ Sin fell under Grimme’s influence, Nashville, with its sanctioned prostitution, continued on uninterrupted. Despite being a sinful place, it had a rather normal history up until the C.S.A. anti-gambling law of 1910.

The anti-gambling law of 1910, which would’ve closed down part of the city’s business, took the same longshot that Vegas did. A portion of the profit to the state, long as business remained as usual. That locked it in, at least the gambling and prostitution portion.

Come 1920 and the prohibition era, some of the town’s economy publicly slowed. Privately, drinking continued on behind closed doors in speak easies. The hooch, as it was called, was of top quality, no matter what source you tapped. See, all the current families...oh, yeah, I should cover that first.

Close to the turn of that century, that’d be 1890 to 1900, several factions moved into town. You know the usual, smuggling goods north or south to sell, women of easy virtue, gambling, boxing matches.

Martha Reeder, wealthiest resident and most notorious madam, was getting on in years by then, close to the 1900 mark I mean. She turned it over to her protégé, a young Irish lass by the name of Claire Byrne, fresh from Ireland. She took over when Reeder retired, to greener pastures, in Nashville that is.

Gambling games fell under a big, ugly bruiser by the name of Ike Cranton. He looked dumb, but that man was dangerously smart and very street savvy.

Smuggling, no one really figured out who was really running it behind the scenes, but if someone told you to do something, and it sounded crooked, you listened. A string of folks who didn’t, wound up headless and hanging upside down in their homes.

Come the Prohibition Era, three others popped up, the Lane Gang, The Greys, no relation to the C.S.A., and Memphis Madams.

Unlike Chicago and its gang war over black market booze, Nashville was quiet. Seems each group agreed on quality, a set price, and to keep the booze flowing, personal matters be damned. Business first you could say.

World War I, Nashville was a popular stop over point for everything heading west into Europe. At least everything from further west in the C.S.A., going further east. Nashville’s economy boomed then, would later crash in 29.

When the stock market crashed in 1929, folks had to cut back on luxuries, in this case, gambling and prostitution. Drinking was still very popular, folks trying to drown their sorrows.

When World War II started up, and both the U.S.A. and C.S.A. mobilized all their resources to fight with the Allies against the Nazi war machine, Nashville’s economy picked back up, but it boomed in manufacturing. Ammunition, vehicles, fuel, whole nine yards.

Just like its’ twin, Vegas, the economic boom of the 1950s lead to casinos, resorts, restaurants, tourism. Unlike Vegas, Nashville diversified in its’ building, making family friendly resorts and casinos. Even had some primitive Demphsey automatons and a resort put in, which was never as popular as Demphsey World, but was great with the kids.

Never as popular as Movie Town for movies, or gambling, like Vegas, they did very well, and the place kept up with the times. Donations and investments kept the buildings up to code as the years passed by, and in a few cases, past the code, but that was before pure science overshadowed mad science.

They were a few steps behind Vegas in bloodsports and death-row prisoners to populate them, but they caught a niche just the same. Vegas took anyone sent their way by the U.S.A. and C.S.A., while Nashville took in, and put on, all lady competitions.

Of course, through the 1950s, it started to be known as a music capital, and that carried Nashville even more. This overshadowed the more illicit nature of the City of Sin, and helped to give it a white wash, eventually being a very family friendly town, and for a time, losing the name City of Sin.

Oh it still had its adults only venues, and sides, but most folks finally thought of Nashville as a music capital, rather than City of Sin.

Economically, the place skyrocketed starting in 2032. Building renovations, new businesses, everything.

Ryman Lines, originally a steamboat company, expanded into all manner of transportation for customers, and by the time of the Last War, high class fleet of hover vehicles.

Nashville Hospital Association had expanded into all manner of medical and scientific pursuits. In fact, it was, and still is, sorta, the only maker of pre-War bionic limbs this side of the Mississippi, that we know of.

bOgilvie’s Outfitters managed to survive the onslaught of S-Mart, seems its’ long history, and Nashville local boy business, kept it afloat.

2044, we had out first election of John Mattock. He ran on a friendly platform, slung no mud, made no false advertisements, in fact, it was such a refreshing change, it won him that election, and others, by a landslide.

He made sure that the local economy, with the renovations and expansions, put the money back into the pockets of the locals. Even linked Nashville with Jackson and Memphis, the latter with a second rail line, since the materials for all the construction was being brought in from there.

In his second term, 2050, Smokey Row Resort, and The Whiskey Chute, were bought up and renovated. No one knew who, or why, but it was all above the board, and completely transparent.

He didn’t win every time he ran, but when he did, folks liked what he did. Hell, even elected him as mayor in 2078, three years before the bombs fell.

The Last War

Yeah, I remember the bombs falling. Was right here in Nashville when it happened. September 23, 2081, 6:35pm, all broadcasts stopped, emergency broadcasting system kicked in. Nashville picked up transmissions from all around the country, including the U.S.A., and all of them switched to the emergency broadcasting system.

You’d think looting would start, but the fact the world was about to end, everyone just kind of froze where they were at. Religious folks started praying. No less than twelve I.C.B.M.s were spotted, and came down. But surprisingly, and I mean everyone was surprised, they detonated far outside of Nashville, sparing almost everyone and everything.

Of course, we didn’t know about the mutation effect, and got caught in that. All hell broke loose when folks started dying off or mutating, even more so when those death skull clouds formed and were the cause of it all. But it was put down quickly. When the emergency broadcast system from the rest of the country stopped, Mattock’s face appeared on the screen, and gave a warning that any rioting and looting would be put down with lethal force, and for everyone to lock themselves in their homes, and not come out until the bombs stopped.

Folks didn’t think he was serious, that is until the first looters and rioters were shot by the Nashville Enforcers, what the Nashville Police Department became, following Vegas’ idea.

Even with that, still lost lots of folks here in the city, more so outside of Nashville metro. Out of a little over one million people, we lost close to 700,000. Outside Nashville metro proper, we had almost 600,000 refugees swarm in through the ghost storms. Those first few months were horrible, much worse if it wasn’t for some of Mattock’s preparations. Depending on who you ask, he’s either a bastard or a savior, or both. The city was well prepared far before the bombs fell, and none of us knew it.

This included a little trap for the hordes of walkin’ dead that followed the refugees. Think about it for a moment, we had almost 700,000 die in the metro proper, let alone the two million living in Nashville county, and all that were alive after that was nearly a million folks. That’s plenty of walkin’ dead and abominations.

Most surprising thing when they came through to try and raise some hell...well, more hell. I still don’t know the details, but as soon as the walkin’ dead popped through the ghost storm onto our side, they stopped cold, only to be knocked over and climbed over by the others following. Top of the heap, those folks tumbled down, and so on. I’ll be damned how he did it, but Mattock saved our asses from those walkin’ dead.

I swear, pigs were flying when he drove out there, alone, and snapped off orders like they were his personal soldiers, and each of them best they could for walkin’ dead, to their feet and stood at attention. Still creeps me out, even now that I’m used to it.

Yeah, we got everything as orderly as possible in that year. Now, I think Mattock’s plans are to see who else survived, and help them out....Still f**king creepy seeing all those walkin’ dead out there..."

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Behind the Marshal Badge
Now brainers, with that bit of ‘you’ve met someone and gotten the open version’ of Nashville, there really isn’t much to lay out from behind the scenes, for the most part. What there is to lay out, you’ll soon read shortly.

Howell Beasley vanished into the mysteries of history, if one considers a mad scientist acid gun ‘mysteries of history’. As for who did it, that’s up to you, Marshal. But as for his widow, Adelicia Ackley, she fell into the graceful clutches of Nashville’s future mayor, Mattock. A man needs resources, even back then, and Mattock always played the long game, especially after twenty years of being Harrowed.

Is she still alive as of 2082? By far. The proper hexes and her lifespan has yet to end. When Mattock got his gentlemanly hooks into her, starting off with being just that, a gentleman, polite, nice, patient, he eventually lead her down a very, very twisted path. Still a woman who cares about society, people, downtrodden, etc., but incredibly devoted to Mattock. Seems Mattock would fit in well with the Mormons of Salt Lake City (at least as far as polygamy is concerned).

How could Mattock consummate the marriage, given Harrowed men can’t perform, and Harrowed women can fake it? One of his first Harrowed powers was Death Mask. From that, he developed an ability similar to a cyborg’s infiltration package [if you have the infiltration package allowing cyborgs to have sex, within reason of course, the ability is equal to that; if not, it’s superior in the way that he can, just requires four pounds of raw meat, two for blood, two for various functions]

The Wasting Disease that was plaguing the area back then was actually classic succubi brought into existence by the Reckoners, with their touch capable of melting men for as long as they held them. No, Mattock had nothing to do with that beyond bringing their existence to Devlin’s attention and she took care of them. Up to you Marshal, but given who and what they are, it’d fit she took them into her service.

Claire Byrne who took over for Martha Reeder, was just a normal woman with an eye for business, and an intuitive handling of matters of the bedroom (she could read a person and more often than not, pick out what they liked most behind closed doors).

In 1920, the Prohibition Era, the Lane Gang, The Greys, Memphis Madams Ike Cranton’s boys, and the unknown smuggler, all reached an understanding with each other. No feuding, no screwing around, business is business, and being at each other’s throats would leave them open to the authorities, and reduce profit, when there was enough demand for them all to supply bootleg booze.

Come World War II, the place picked up manufacturing to help the C.S.A. fight the Axis Powers, and would continue on, giving them a superior edge in 2082.

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