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#61 Postby Yendorma » Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:03 pm

This one, before she died, wasn’t very Smart (2d4), nor Faithful. Upon dying of an overdose in 2074, and clawing her way out of the grave after being buried, she got in touch with some of her old contacts on the street, and got slotted for infiltration package (cyborg). [Stats below do not reflect this. She's half finished, give or take]

Essentially, with her second chance, she hit the books, and discovered a previously untapped intellect (hence her knowledge and smarts skills).

Rock & Roll Forever CEO
Bounty Points: 1076 (2044-2074; she died in 2074)
Secondary Traits: Grit 2, Pace 8, Wind 18
Oath 3
–No drugs, no wild parties (her death in 74 was from an overdose)
Obligation 3
–Rock and Roll Forever
Pacifist 3
Secret Identity 2
–She was the lead singer for Banshee and the Cyclones
Belongin’s 10
Dinero 10
–$64,000 (all spent on cyborg: infiltration package)
–Once per week, TN 9 skill can find $12,800
Renown 1
Haunted (Beneficial Ghost)
Very Purty 2
–+6 to skills where her looks come into play
Charismatic 2
–+4 to all Mien rolls
Aptitudes of Note: Arts: Painting 5d8, Arts: Sketching 5d8, Arts: Sculpting 5d8, Scrutinize 5d8, Search 5d8, Shootin’: Pistol 5d8, Shootin’: Shotgun 5d8, Shootin’: Rifle 5d8, Sleight o’ Hand 5d8, Throwin’: Unbalanced 5d8 (She can, if need be, throw a mean guitar), Academia: Occult 5d10, Academia: Philosophy 5d10, Academia: History 5d10, Disguise 5d10, Language (all at 2): Latin, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Professional: Musician 7d10, Professional: Business Manager 7d10 (learned after she came back), Overawe 5d12+4, Performin’: Singin’ 5d12+4, Performin’: Dance 5d12+4, Performin’: Guitar 5d12+4, Performin’: Piano 5d12+4, Persuasion 5d12+4, Tale-Tellin’ 8d12+4, Dodge 5d8, Drivin’: Cars 5d8, Fightin’: Brawlin’ 5d8, Fightin’: Chain 5d8, Fightin’: Butterfly Knife 5d8, Sneak 5d8, Swimmin’ 3d8, Bluff 5d8, Ridicule 5d8, Streetwise 5d8, Faith: Rock and Roll 5d12+2, Guts 5d12+2.
Miracles/Gifts (Blessed): Unselected yet.
Harrowed Powers:
Arcane Protection 1
Cat Eyes 5
Etchin 5
Reconstruction 3

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#62 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:34 am

Oddly, names are the last thing I pick when spinning stories and the like.

The Oasis

The Oasis (a pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation) a deviation from the other mega-resorts in Nashville, built and geared towards the retirement community.

Entertainment, medical care, social interaction, everything ensured to be top notch by the corporation behind it, Stone Foundation. The entire resort built, and catered to the elderly, treating them as a resource, not a burden, made it a popular place to send ones’ family members who were too old to be on their own (from those who needed help, to those who lived alone and having others around helped).

The non-profit corporation, the Stone Foundation, took special measures to make sure that the security, medical care, facility, everything was up to date, and well staffed (any incidents of patient abuse or neglect was investigated and prosecuted as far as the law allowed). It helped that the location placed it near Odds and Evens, where the elderly could see the next generation(s) laugh, play and enjoy themselves.

CEO of The Oasis
?, the CEO, maintained the family legacy from the 1870s. The very first ?, was at first a mean son of a bitch of a gunslinger, who had a reputation of drinking, whoring, gambling, and causing incredible amounts of property damage, with little work for the local undertaker.

Eventually, ? had a change of heart after an encounter with a Flight of Angels in the Maze over a very early desalinization plant (? was hired as a bodyguard for the owner and builder). Ever since that day, ? used his abilities to do good, more than cause trouble. Well, less trouble (he still drank, gambled, whored, brawled, but between that, did good). Down the line, this wouldn’t lead to an early demise, if not for the fact Stone was sent back to rewrite history.

First time around, ? contributed his effort to stopping the Reckoners, settled down, had a family, and lived a quiet life until his last days. Second time around, he met the wrong end of Stone’s guns, but went down in a classic gunslinger duel against the evil bastard. His death would have gone unnoticed by and far, if not for the fact his future wife (pregnant with twins) watched the duel from afar.

?’s lineage was established that day, as she vowed to learn everything there is about things man was not meant to know. This continued through the decades, and centuries, up until the day the bombs fell. Without true malicious intent, they managed to get family into the Agency, the Rangers, Sons of Sitsgrieves, and other secret (and not so secret) groups who routinely fought the supernatural in the shadows.

To prevent the loss of the gathered information, copies were spread to other locations, almost always to places where no one would really expect it to be. Hospitals, retirement centers, places of worship, buildings or projects nearest to national landmarks or massive works (Hoover Dam for example) where visitors would not be out of place.

One such place, built under the shell of a non-profit foundation, is The Oasis. On the surface, and as deep as one wants to dig, nothing more than a retirement home. Buried as deep and as well as Jimmie Hoffa, is a repository of information containing everything the family learned over the decades, from abominations to magic and everything in between.

Stone Foundation named so as a thumb in the eye to Stone, the Harrowed bastard who killed their ascendant so long ago. 99% of the employees and people therein are just normal folks, paid well, highly skilled, and truly passionate about their job of caring for the elderly.

1% of the employees know what’s stored under the mega-resort, while 1% (give or take) of the retirees have something special about them, from aging Mad Scientists to Hucksters, and everything in between.

When the bombs fall, The Oasis will be one of the few places completely untouched by the radiation and chaos, a center of calm and civility amongst the end of the world as they know it. Mattock, honestly ignorant of the true purpose of the resort, having a soft spot for the elderly, will declare it off limits to any intrusions, and exempt it from contributing to the restoration.

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#63 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:38 am

Yet another interesting resort.

Pirates’ Cove

Foundation laid in 2049 at the behest of Jordan Enterprises, this resort includes its own indoor pool (an understatement, since two full sized wooden ships float in it), where what prisoners not shipped to Vegas would end up. Unlike Vegas, unless someone pulled some strings, those sent to Pirates’ Cove would fight until they die.

An adults only, self-sufficient resort, featured gambling, alcohol, and front row seating to one of six customizable arenas. To ensure the contestants would stay and fight, all but the central building was built underground, and featured a lockdown security measure (just what it sounds like, steel shutters seal off the windows and doors, etc.).

Possessing seven arenas (the seventh being what the resort was named after, Pirates’ Cove), all of which could be modified on a weekly basis, made it a booming business, with no less than half capacity during the down season, and full to overbooking during tourist season.

Contestants consisted of local criminals (almost all of whom did enough crime to warrant a death sentence), penitent battalion washouts (those too crazy or fiery to be usable even with a boom box chip in their skull), and special effect matches (publicly, special effects, makeup, automatons, etc. but privately captured abominations).

CEO of Pirates’ Cove
The business investment of Leonard Jordan, the future CEO’s father, changing his business operations from supplies and investments, to leisure and gambling. When his daughter, Savannah (oldest of four) was born in 2049, he started the construction of Pirates’ Cove, and stipulated in his will (if something should happen) that it goes to Savannah.

Savannah Jordan, the oldest of four, born in South Carolina, would be best described growing up as a spoiled, cowardly, uppity b**** who had a mean streak for vengeance as long as the MDL and considered anyone from the North, and the poor of the South, as beneath her. How did she get away with such a foul combination growing up? Blind spot parents, intelligence, charm, and money. Seems Savannah’s just as charming, smooth talking, and smart, as she is a spoiled, cowardly, uppity b**** with a mean streak. That nasty little combo enabled her to shoot clear of trouble like a greased pig, and when she graduated from college at twenty four, her parents turned ownership and management of Pirates’ Cove to her, to enjoy their newfound freedom (all four kids were old enough to have moved out and do well on their own, and they possessed enough cash and investments to live easy until their last day).

Savannah viewed the more physical activities as pointless [with a nimbleness of 3d4, Quickness of 2d4, and Strength 1d4] and beneath her (actually, she didn’t do well, and since she couldn’t talk, pay, blackmail, or plead to her parents to do well, she reached the ego conclusion that they’re beneath her). Plus, with her intelligence, looks, and resources, she could hire more than enough security and laborers to do anything she needed.

Under her management, Pirates’ Cove continued to be popular, even as the Last War started. She took delight in leveraging criminals into her resort (bribed, threatened, convinced, all the right people to do so), since part of her expanding base of “you’re beneath me” came to include criminals. Rarely did anyone she selected not wind up in her resort, those who didn’t were beyond her reach (and messages delivered convinced her that to keep pushing on that particular prisoner, would not be healthy, even with her connections).

In 2076 she would be sent Penitent Private Trixie Paterson, file arriving ahead of her listing the crimes Trixie committed, and that no one would miss one penitent prisoner (seems the brawling fatalities had some connections, and thought of nothing better than to see Trixie gutted on live TV). Reading over the file, Savannah took an immediate interest in seeing this strong, fit, rebellious woman broken in the ring, or even outside of the ring by the other contestants.

Of course, when Savannah went down to Trixie’s new cell, with the largest of her security force escorting her, Trixie immediately saw something she hated. A weak woman, let alone an authority figure to boot. Their test of wills ended in a draw, and Savannah started Trixie’s career that same day.

The first fight went wholly in Trixie’s favor, who, after defeating her opponent (knocked him out), woke him up and told him he was her b**** until the day she died or he did. Recorded on live TV, the ratings skyrocketed due to the potential sexual violence that could follow.

Savannah pushed her fights closer together for that reason, at first. As Trixie won more and more fights, even when they were tilted against her, she became a touch worried, more so since Trixie never gave any trouble to security, or to/from the arenas. Fights that were weekly, became every other day after the first month, then started to be tilted in the opponent’s favor, wanting Trixie to die in the ring to sooth her worry.

Of course, the occasional show Trixie put on after the fight (if it was human and uninfected, she’d rape it on live TV as a symbol of ownership), kept the ratings high. More so when the ‘special effect’ fights ended with Trixie putting the creature down, but not dead, and left it alive.

Trixie, however, established her dominance after that very first fight by finding the biggest, baddest mother f**ker among her fellow contestants, and started a fight. It took a Ranger Stunner and heel kicking the sod in the head until he was out cold to do so.

After that, it was just a matter of time and planning on Trixie’s part. Quietly amongst the other contestants, a planned was formed, and just needed the right time to do so. The day the bombs fell was the opening they all needed. A mass riot broke out, with minimal casualties, and the resort was theirs after two days of fighting (the day of the riot, and the next day.

Of course, Trixie kept the promise she made to Savannah on the day they met. That promise? She’ll break out, beat Savannah down, rape her, and make Savannah her b****. The last day of fighting, she stormed Savannah’s residence in the resort, subdued the guards, subdued Savannah, and proceeded to turn Savannah into her b****.

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Did my best to censor Trixie's foul mouth in the interview below. Yes, she has Habit 2: Foul Language.
Oh, though late to the party, someone on the boards asked about the symbol the Penitent had on their foreheads. Hell on Earth: Denver shows a picture of two Penitents from the Arizona 1st Battalion, bar codes on their foreheads.

Interview with Trixie, July 18, 2081 (Censored by the editor of Nashville Bloodsport Monthly).
"What the f**king s**t are you looking at you ugly c**k sucking bastard!...Interview? For what d**n reason do you...Nashville Bloodsport Monthly? F**k yes I’ll talk with you.

How did I wind up here? Jesus Christ on a stick how d**n f**king stupid *are* you!? Bet you f**ked some animals to get your job. You see the skull on my forehead? Means I’m a f**king penitent...The *why?* Well s**t, take the d*** out of your mouth and enunciate f**ker.

Born and raised in SoCal, made my way east. Raised hell the entire way. Never really good for much but fighting and causing hell. What?...Yeah, knocked a Ranger right the f**k out. Little b**** went down hard, more so when I raped that f**ker...Oh f**k off with that look you self-righteous c**k sucker! What I defeat, is mine, so piss off if you don’t like it.

Donkey f**king s**t gargling a**holes caught me here in Tennessee. I’ll give ‘em credit, took two Rangers and six cops to do it. Don’t think any of 'em’ll walk right for a while. Fight dirty to live, and I did.

Rather than lock me up, they managed to stop drinking p*** long enough to realize I’m a mean f**king b****, and slapped me into the penitent program. an animal f**king pervert?? No one in prison touched me I didn’t want. Broke four arms, nearly snapped off two hands, and kicked three so hard, they’re singing soprano now.

No sheep f**king Southerner touched me I didn’t want, and every one of those animal f**king d***s learned soon as they came out of the infirmary who the alpha is.

War heated up 2074, f**king s**ts turned pussy on me in 2075, so I got bounced here. Beat a non-penitent officer nearly to death, raped the meat b***, broke the necks of three MPs, got dog piled like a b**** in an orgy. Someone pulled strings, since rather than kill me, sent me here, and I’ve been putting down every f**ker I face off with. Those who live are my b****es until they die or defeat me."

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#65 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:05 pm

Yeah, Trixie's background is rather...colorful.

Even as a baby, Trixie was a big one for a girl. First of eight kids, she quickly became the black sheep of the family. Most of the kids in her neighborhood wound up part of a gang, she followed suit, but with the difference of personally challenging the leaders to single combat. She told each one if she lost, she’d be theirs to do with as they wish. If she won, she’d take over. Given she’s now thirty-eight, and no one’s meat, is more than enough to show how that went.

Needing a bigger, nastier challenge by the time she turned thirty, she decided to piss with the biggest and baddest while going east. Trixie fought, f**ked, killed, and stole her way across the Southern states, but even with all that violence, she had very few deaths attributed to her (three were killed in all the fights across the lower states). Her personal oath of keeping what she defeats was no good if what she defeats is dead. Those that’d challenge her, man or woman, she’d beat them down, take them across state lines in her current vehicle, doing to them whatever she wanted.

She was finally tracked down and nearly caught by a Texas Ranger. Trixie beat her into unconsciousness, raped her, and continued to do so until she was finally brought down by six cops and two rangers.

When the war started in 2074, after adding to her criminal record while in prison, was volunteered into a penitent battalion. Everyone else stayed the hell off her radar after watching the first three of her fellows try to force themselves on her, and were beaten into a still breathing pulp...and raped. Trixie would have been eventually thrown against the LatAm forces in 2078, if it wasn’t for an incident in 2076.

Stationed in a forward base, they were about to be deployed against the Federal military when the incident happened. Under heavy guard, one of the non-penitent officers was a bit snooty towards the penitents, and Trixie was one of those who heard it (she was in the crowd going to chow, under armed guard). Suffice to say, that pissed her off, barreled through the guards (with the other penitents ‘distracting’ the guards by launching a full brawl), and chased the woman down, trapping her in a supply closet. After when things were finally under control, they found the officer in the fetal position, uniform in shreds, and Trixie looking proud.

She was brought down by a dog pile of MPs, and clubbed into unconsciousness, only to wake up in the Pirates’ Cove cells, awaiting her turn in a bloodsport match. The owner and manager of Pirates’ Cove (a resort notorious for hosting all women matches; women vs. women, women vs. men, women vs. abominations and animals, etc.), Savannah Jordan, a Southern Belle with a good business sense (and a low opinion of prisoners, Northerners, and poor Southerners), told Trixie she was going to fight in weekly matches, until she dropped from exhaustion, or died in the ring.

Not a stupid one, despite what everyone thought, Trixie bided her time, and started to rack up the highest winning streak for any fighter in Pirates’ Cove’s forty year history. Unlike other fighters, her record of kills was only 2%, thanks to her personal oath, which also made her popular. Savannah, developing a personal grudge against Trixie, started increasing the matches. Once a week, twice a week, to daily, multiple opponents, abominations, animals, theme arenas (including lethal traps in most), she took ‘em all on, and killed selectively.

Part of her popularity came from the fact she rather subdue (or beat to a pulp) than kill the opponent, and would then rape them on live TV. Trixie fights were some of the most popular and highest sellers in the area, and continued on until the bombs fell.

When she wasn’t fighting, healing, eating, or training, her personal oath and ability to take down almost everything and everyone (at least everything thrown against her in the arena), made her the unofficial leader of the regular arena fighters (and of the new meat as well).

The day the bombs fell, 6:35pm, she was five minutes into her match when live broadcasting was interrupted by the emergency broadcast system. Seeing an opportunity to tear down authority, turned her energy and anger on the resort’s security personnel. Most situations like that usually ended with the person being gunned down by security, but the other fighters threw their muscle behind hers, causing a resort wide rebellion. Even the resort entering lockdown didn’t help (it would bite the vacationers and personnel in the butt, since the lockdown meant they couldn't escape).

Where possible, they emulated Trixie’s personal oath, subduing and knocking out opponents, securing them then moving on, rather than kill them. Trixie fought her way up to Savannah’s personal quarters, and stuck to her MO of subduing, and raping.

A single person, four days after the rebellion, would approach the resort and make an offer. Keep the resort, the vacationers, all hers, if she would throw in behind Mattock, and throw all the muscle they could into helping secure, salvage, and repair Nashville.

Trixie laughed it off, and laid down her own counter offer. Defeat her, and she’ll be loyal to Mattock until her last breath. If not, Mattock could, quote, “Get double teamed by a pair of donkeys as he dripped animal s***n.” The person agreed, and the two fought it out savagely, all recorded on film.

Ten minutes, the entire time the strange woman toying with Trixie, knocked her out cold in the last minute of the match. True to her word, Trixie threw her loyalty behind Mattock (and stomped any question of her ability to lead by literally stomping the opposition into unconsciousness).

As of two weeks after the bombs, she’ll be personally in charge of the resort, Savannah her b**** toy, and all the security personnel and vacationers shackled and forced to clean and repair the place. The other fighters will be found providing security for the salvage teams, and any misbehavior on their part, Trixie personally handles it.

The woman who defeated Trixie is none other than Adelicia Acklen Mattock, the widow from Nashville of the 1870s. With a little over two hundred years of life, she became *the* woman to host a party, help out a cause, while privately mastering the more martial skills (everything from hand to hand combat to modern military hardware, and a mistress of hexes and voodoo).

Stats as of 2081
Private Trixie S. Paterson a.k.a. Skull F**ker due to her post win habits
38 years old, 7 feet, 2 inches tall, weighing a ‘light’ 183 lbs.
Corporeal Traits: Deftness 4d6, Nimbleness 4d10, Quickness 4d10, Strength 5d12, Vigor 5d12.
Mental Traits: Cognition 3d8, Knowledge 3d8, Mien 2d8, Smarts 2d8, Spirit 3d12.
Secondary Traits: Grit 1, Pace 10, Size 8, Wind 24.

Habit 2: Foul Language
Oath 5: What she defeats, she claims
Outlaw 4
Penitent 5
–Intolerance: Weak women 1
–Intolerance: Authority 2

Mysterious Background (Ancient Pact; Unholy Reflexes 1)
Background: Soldier 5 (Infantry); Had “I can’t take it anymore!” but paid off with bounty points
Veteran o’ the Wasted West 0; Had “Ugly As Sin”, but bought off with bounty points.
Brawny 3
Don’t Get ‘Im Riled! 2
Expert Fighter 2: Humans (Savage Worlds conversion, +4 to all Fightin’, Throwin’, and Shootin’ rolls whenever she gets a raise on the roll, Level-Headed vs. the group selected, in this case, Humans)
Hardy 3
Martial Arts Training 3
Quick Draw 3
Rebel Yell 2
Right Hand of the Devil 5
Sixth Sense 3
Tall Drink O' Water 3
Two-Fisted 3
Weapon Master 1 (Savage Worlds conversion, requires Fightin’ or Martial Arts 6 or higher, opponents have a -4 penalty to strike her)

Aptitudes of Note: Scrutinize 5d8, Mine Sweepin’ 5d8, Shootin’: Rifle 5d6, Shootin’: Bow 5d6, Speed-Load: Rifle 5d6, Speed-Load: Bow 5d6, Throwin’: Balanced 5d6, Throwin’: Unbalanced 5d6, Academia: Occult 3d8, Overawe 5d8, Dodge 5d10, Drivin’: Cars 1 (folks who straddle Pre-War and Post-War, I give one free point in a Drivin’ of choice), Fightin’: Brawlin’ 5d19, Fightin’: Bayonet 5d10, Fightin’: Axe 5d10, Fightin’: Martial Arts 6d10, Swimmin’ 3d10, Quick Draw: Axe 5d10, Quick Draw: Rifle 5d10, Ridicule 5d8, Streetwise 1d8, Survival: Prison System 5d8, Faith 1d12, Fastin’ 1d12, Guts 6d12, Meditate 1d12.
Fightin’ Moves: Pick it, she knows it.
Martial Art’ Moves: Pick it, she knows it.
Bow Moves: Bit of a spin on Florentine’s moves, and a non-Ch’i using multi-volley maneuver (the penalty to use it is higher than the Ch’i version).
Ranged Pin (Damage roll is the TN to beat with a Strength roll, normally -2, but she’s practiced enough to be at +0)
Disarm (see Fightin’: Florentine)
Multi-Arrow (Up to five arrows, first one is +0, second -2, third -4, fourth -6, fifth -8)
Double Arrow (Shootin’ roll at -2, Raise plants the second arrow in the same areas the first)
Double Ranged Pin (Damage roll is the TN to beat with a Strength roll, -2)
Knife/Axe Moves:
Ranged Pin (Damage roll is the TN to beat with a Strength roll, normally -2, but she’s practiced enough to be at +0)
Disarm (see Fightin’: Florentine)
Figure Eight (see Fightin’: Florentine)
Trap (see Fightin’: Florentine)
Face-Off (see Fightin’: Florentine)

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#66 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:12 pm

Yeah, I'm bad with picking names, heh.

Indian Valley

An unusual, Native American owned, mega-resort, foundation laid down in 2039. Initial company and investors hid behind numerous shell companies and corporations, leaving tracks through Vegas, Deadwood, Coyote Confederation, Maryland, Virginia, and other places across the globe.

Exterior and interior all Native American décor, everything from paintings to weapons, fetishes, and similar on the inside. The outside a pleasing, white stone that reminds most people who have been to Deadwood, of Deadwood.

All staff and personnel either wore U.S./C.S. uniforms of the 1860s, or what most folks think of when it comes to Native American attire (headband, buckskin clothing, etc.). Unlike the other resorts, it only went partially family friendly, separating the adults-only from family friendly.

The family friendly section putting on rodeo shows similar to Wild Bill’s Circus, mock military vs. Indian battles, a menu adorned with both Native American and non-Native American recipes, and a museum for both.

The adults-only side selling alcohol, escort services, gambling, live shows (of questionable content, to put it nicely, including real, but non-lethal fights, but even with precautions, there were enough unexpected deaths to make it popular).

The underlying theme really only evident on the adults-only side, evidenced by those dressed like Native Americans wearing leather chokers, anklets and wristlets, the majority of whom dressed according to Confederate Confederation styles.

Even with Native American personnel, the place was very popular amongst those who held the opinion that Native Americans are not equal to themselves.

The CEO, a woman who considers herself to be pure Native American, born in and moved from Deadwood to Nashville to prove to herself, and the world, that a Native American could strike it big outside of Deadwood, the Sioux Nations, or Coyote Confederation.

In the business world she has a ruthless reputation for the bottom line, striking out savagely, but intelligently, at her enemies and those who get on her bad side.

CEO of Indian Valley
The public records place her birth, early childhood, and family in Deadwood, but in reality she was born and raised in the Coyote Confederation amongst the toxins, pollution, and birth defects. She was one of the first few to tap into the power of the toxic spirits, and did so at an early age.

Being a heartless, greedy, vengeful, mean b****, she put those powers to good use, or at least, good for her. ?’s first few favors, namely invisibility and garbage disposal, allowed her to blackmail and kill her way out of the Coyote Confederation. Her long term goal, of which she studied hard to accomplish, a business mogul whose origins are rooted in Deadwood.

Intensely ? studied everything there is to know about Tennessee, the Sioux Nation, New Jersey (a toxic shaman’s mecca), and with the use of Open Portal, the Hunting Grounds. To cover up her true identity and origins, she became fluent in five of the languages used by the Sioux Nation, studied acting, tribal customs, politics, and those she would eventually pick to be part of her growing business.

? blackmailed and killed her way to the top, both in the CC and in Nashville, the most notorious (yet unknown) is that of the former CEO and corporation that was about to build a mega-resort (the future sight of Indian Valley).

With the resort up and running in 2039, built to accommodate both adults only and family friendly activities, she used her connections to staff the resort with Native Americans taken from across the two countries, mainly Sioux Nations, Deadwood, and the CC, and each one implanted with an employee ID chip at the base of the neck. What she didn’t tell any of the employees (and they have yet to find out, at least up until the bombs drop) the chip performs two tasks, one, medchip, just like the military, containing the employee’s records, medical conditions, etc. The other task penitent “morale officer” chip.

Leave the resort for more than 24 hours and it detonates, but unlike the penitent version, the detonation is a minor function, delivering a nasty self feeding bio-toxin straight into the brain pan, which then devours the entire brain. First, it targets the pain receptors, shutting them down so the poor bastard doesn’t feel a thing (the unintended benefit of this, the poor sod ignores all modifiers from wounds, only suffering inconvenience if a limb is maimed/torn off). Second, it causes the brain to overproduce endorphins shortly before destroying the equilibrium, in effect the sod looks, acts, and feels drunk. All of those who witness an employee whose chip has gone off, only see an employee having had one too many, stumbling around drunk and happy.

Of course, part of the employee contract/policy is Indian Valley Medical handles all medical issues and deaths of employees, ensuring that their fate remains secret.

Having been born in the CC, ? was one of the few to not have a birth defect, and instead, a mutation that would help her rise to the top. Her pheromones, as long as the audience is calm (preferably tipsy and/or seducible by a woman), make her seem even more persuasive and stunning than she really is. Even when she takes someone home on a date (to put it kindly), they leave with an odd mix of memories (being mean as a rattler, heartless and randy, her dates end up leaving the next day with bruises, claw marks, and general all over soreness). Those who cross her wind up killed, their body tossed into the Hunting Grounds thanks to her Open Portal favor.

She has a sense of hatred for her own ethnicity, which contributed to the resort’s theme and treatment of employees. She believes that if it wasn’t for Raven, the d**n Sioux Nations, and the cesspool called the Coyote Confederation, things would be better, even different than what they are now. When the bombs fall, this will reinforce this hatred, which she keeps masked until the proper audience or time (or both) occurs.

Marshal, not that she knows the whole Raven and Last Sons bit, or any other version of history, it’s just a deep feeling for her (not an insanity, but one of those things where you know deep down it’s true, whether you’re crazy or not).

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#67 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:29 pm

The CEO of Indian Valley

Concept: Owner of Sioux Nation
Corporeal Traits: Deftness 3d8, Nimbleness 2d6, Quickness 4d8, Strength 2d6, Vigor 4d12.
Mental Traits: Cognition 2d8, Knowledge 3d8, Mien 3d8, Smarts 4d8, Spirit 3d12
Secondary Traits: Grit 1, Pace 6, Size 6, Strain 12, Wind 24
Greedy 2
Heartless 3
Mean as a Rattler 2
Randy 3
Secret Identity 2
Vengeful 3
Mutation (+6 to persuasion rolls made to seduce others in a calm situation)
Arcane Background 3: Toxic Shaman
Belongin’s 5
Dinero 5
Linguist 3 (Savage Worlds conversion; Smart die in languages, and after a week of listening, can make a Smart or Knowledge roll at -2 to have an effective language of 1 with said audience)
Very Purty 2 (+6 to all rolls when her looks can be an advantage, includes Purty +2 bonus)
Snakeoil Salesman 1 (Savage Worlds Conversion, +2 bonus to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls, Can initiate a Persuasion Test of Will, opposed by the target’s Smarts)
Stone Faced 3 (Ghost Dancers)
Toxic Guardian 5: Trash
Veteran o’ the Weird West (Bollixed)
Difficult Labor (Knack) 3
Language (all at 2): Comanche, Kiowa, Cherokee, Arapaho, Lakota, Cheyenne, Indian Sign Language.
Aptitudes of Note: Scrutinize 1d8, Lockpickin’ 3d8, Shootin’: Pistol 3d8, Sleight o’ Hand 3d8, Speed-Load: Pistol 3d8, Throwin’: Balanced 3d8, Academia: Occult 3d8, Area Knowledge: Tennessee 5d8, Area Knowledge: Hunting Grounds 5d8, Area Knowledge: Sioux Nation 5d8, Area Knowledge: New Jersey 5d8, Professional: Politics 3d8, Tribal Customs 3d8, Performin’: Acting 5d8, Persuasion 5d8, Dodge 3d6, Drivin’: Motorcycles 1d6, Fightin’: Brawlin’ 5d6, Fightin’: Axe 5d6, Sneak 3d6, Swimmin’ 3d6, Quick Draw: Pistol 5d8, Quick Draw: Axe 5d8, Gamblin’ 5d8, Streetwise 5d8, Survival: Coyote Confederation 1d8, Faith (Toxic Shaman) 5d12, Guts 5d12, Meditate 5d12.
Favors (General): Ask the Spirits, Cleanse, Healing, Immunity (Trash), Invisibility, Open Portal, Zombie
Favors (Trash): Shackles, Cancer Cluster, Shockwave, Rumble, Garbage Disposal, Epic Center, Trash Bridge, Trash Talk, Trash Track, Volcano.
Favors (Other): Immunity: Radiation
Fightin’ Moves: Ground Fighting, Sweep, Groin Shot, Kidney Punch, Jaw Breaker, Disarm (Axe), Reverse Swing (Axe), Figure Eight (Axe), Sweep (Axe), Axe Throw.

Jaw Breaker hails from Savage Worlds. Requires a Hit and a Raise. If successful, inflicts STR+1d6 brawlin' damage. Even if the damage is negated, the target has to make a Vigor roll vs. TN 9. Failing to do so means the jaw is maimed (not permanently, just out of action until it heals down to Critical). Going bust on the Vigor roll removes the jaw entirely.
However, if the person using this attack goes bust at any point, the victim gets a free bite attack against the attacker's hands (and you can imagine, usually results in the loss of fingers and/or hands).

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#68 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:43 pm

This one, I still have to change the name to something more Capitalism/Communism themed (originally viewed it as WWII, but shifted it towards West vs. East).

Allies and Axis
This mega-resort, split down the middle (one section adults only, the other family friendly), was started in 2035, finished in 2045, and has been popular ever since with those vacationers wanting a simpler time, where things were not as heavy or worrisome. The décor all retro to the days of the 1950s, complete with 1950s style uniforms for the employees. The menu, the lingo, whole nine yards, all 1950s (with one exception, media devices were top of the line, as were their computer system).

For as long as anyone could recall, no one really saw the owner, or meet him or her, but bills were paid, expansions and renovations made, taxes properly filed, everything on the up and up. One of the more popular topics when the resort opened, a book, later turned into a TV series, written by an unknown author (all checks payable to the resort), about World War II and the Korean War, from a first person’s perspective, but all names, unit names, and the like were changed (nothing turned up, not even in the Epitah).

CEO of Axies & Allies
The owner and manager of the resort, never seen, always present, is ?, a sergeant who served in both WWII and the Korean War. During WWII, he was witness to many of the things the Epitah reported as true, but everyone laughed it off as impossible. This in turn hardened him to the things man is not meant to know.

In 1957, with the Korean War in a long-term cease fire agreement, the crumbling relationship between the C.S.A./U.S.A. and the emerging U.S.S.R., he was hand picked to be part of Operation: Liberty Shield and Sword. Project Damocles was not the first of its kind, but the most successful.

The cryogenic imprisoning of Nazi scientists in The Agency’s Denver headquarters, combined with the growing hostility between the three super powers, a project was started amongst the C.S.A. brass, Operation Liberty Shield and Sword. Select military personnel who had served with distinction in both wars (and/or saw things they should not have), underwent a battery of psychic (and syker) tests to determine mental stability, dedication to the mission, and overall consideration for the project.

Those that fell within acceptable means were then told the operation’s main goal, and what it would entail. In the possibility (at the time, the wording was ‘eventual’) that the communists start a nuclear war, their mission was to prepare to fight the communist threat (if they invaded and took over), or, if a nuclear war did occur, rebuild the C.S.A.

? was one of those selected, given additional training and part of the super soldier formula recovered from the Nazis (Omega Man advantage, but called “Longevity Treatment”), and secured in a top secret, deep military bunker in cryogenic stasis. Included with the sleeping soldier military arms and equipment, tools for rebuilding civilization (if necessary), stash of precious metals (gold, silver, and ghost rock), and instructions on how to reach (if any) central command for orders.

? and his logistics' officer [sidekick] were put into cryostasis, and would be awakened by a coded signal. If the coded signal never arrived, the equipment’s timing mechanisms would begin the thawing process. He, and hosts of others, were put to sleep in the 1960s, shortly before the Cuban Missile Crisis and the soon to follow Vietnam War.

Of course, like its’ future sibling, Damocles, Sword and Shield would see its own failures. The cryogenic process worked, and kept the sleeping soldiers frozen in time as the years rolled by. The failures of the operation included improper timing mechanisms and loss of information (a top secret project occasionally gets lost in the paperwork shuffle). What this means for the sleeping soldiers is they woke up too early, too late, or still asleep.

All the timers were set for a minimum of fifty years (the projected time necessary for fallout and radiation to die down to ‘acceptable’ levels), but almost all of them malfunctioned. Some soldiers woke up on time (2020s), others woke up later (2040s), while the remainder are still asleep, awaiting the signal or the timer countdown to begin the unfreezing process.

? was one of those who woke up roughly on time, 2025, the supply cache in pristine shape, bunker door operational, power supply still with decades in the tank, all fit and ready to go, until he discovered that a) central HQ did not respond on any frequency, b) WWIII had not happened (yet), and c) since b never happened, his mission was a bust.

?’s logistics partner used the cache of precious metals and ghost rock to bankroll the resort, after seeing how successful the others were (plus a cover for the below ground construction of bunkers, supply storage, etc.), and it opened in 2045 with a 1950s motif.

Effectively out of time (2040s now), with central HQ a non-issue, and WWIII not having happened, the two took the stocks and decided to make both an easy life and a source of protection and supplies if WWIII actually happened.

When the bombs do drop, ? and ? will snap to it, remembering their mission, will throw their support behind Mattock, to ensure that the town survives, and a center for prisoners of war (in their mind, and with Mattock’s clearance, this is anyone labeled a traitor, a raider, or similar).

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Smokey Row
The four-by-two block region on either side of Spring Street, popularly known as Smokey Row, was home to a score of gambling dens, drinking establishments and, as the city government estimates, over four hundred ladies of the evening, representing every conceivable class, race, age and nationality. Courtesans ensnare wayward men by the thousands.

Throughout the decades, it retained such a reputation and business practice, eventually falling into disrepair and abandoned buildings as the mega-resorts became more and more popular.

In 2050, what was Smokey Row was purchased, rebuilt, and although the materials were cutting edge, the look and feel of its origins was retained. The reconstruction was finished in record time, 2055, and the name changed to Smokey Row Resort, strangely closed to the public, open only by invite only, and/or membership (if you could get membership).

Rumors abound that it still catered to gamblers, drinkers, and prostitution, but chasing down what it provided, to whom, was near impossible.

Smokey Row Resort (Marshal Badge)

Smokey Row, as well as The Whiskey Chute, were purchased in 2050 by Mattock himself, rebuilt from the ground up, but the exterior painstakingly made to look like the old buildings of the 1870s. No safety, or technical feature was spared, everything from faraday cage, to NBC shielding, to arcane shielding as well.

The reason why no one could find membership, or see people coming and going, was due to the fact all supplies were shipped through tunnels Mattock had laid down when preparing Nashville to survive the end of the world. Security in said tunnels as tight as that of The Agency or the Rangers’ offices, any guests (and employees) were blindfolded, taken around the tunnels until all sense of direction was lost, then up into the club proper.

Membership wasn’t limited to those of standing or financial means, as that actually was not one of the requirements of membership. What was required to be offered membership was to have special abilities, such as hucksters, mad scientists, practitioners of voodoo, black magic, sykers, Harrowed, and even then, Mattock was selective in who he invited.

Smokey Row Resort, and The Whiskey Chute, was Mattock’s private club, home away from home so to speak, and one of the places he would disappear into when not elected as mayor or making public appearances.

Despite what one would think, it was (and still is) very classy, with little to no violence (one of the rules, and safeguards prohibited violence, with some people exempt). Titles, stations, all were dropped on the way in, everyone (minus Mattock and a few others of course), were equal in the club. If you entered a lord, you were considered just another person once inside.

A place to relax, unwind and leave one’s worries at the door. No one cared if you were harrowed, a huckster, a mad scientist, blessed, black magic, voodoo, so those who were (and in some cases, still are) members, didn’t have to worry about Agency or Ranger personnel storming the place and practicing “shoot it or recruit it”, or in the Agency’s case, ‘Lock it up, study it, never let it get loose’. The only ones Mattock never invited in, nor cared to, were the more intelligent, but violent, abominations, such as nosferatu, werewolves (at least those not in control of their lycanthrope), and similar.

Employees lived on sight, never allowed to know where they were working, but given how much they were paid, and all the other benefits included, they never had much to complain about.

When the bombs dropped, some members were spending the time relaxing in the club, and weathered the chaos and destruction in style, especially after the in-house speaker system carried a message from Mattock, personally requesting they stay calm, stay inside, and he’ll let them know when it was safe to come out.

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Nashville Hospital Association
The University of Nashville Medical School and Shelby Medical College organized the Hospital Association early in the history of the initial Civil War, pooling their resources for the benefit of the sick and wounded sent to Nashville for treatment. Demand for its services became overwhelming, due to the thousands injured on the battlefield. The constant practice honed the already considerable skill of the Association’s doctors, resulting in the development of several new and innovative treatments. Nashville’s hospitals are now regarded as the finest in the Confederacy, if not the world.

As technology advanced, the NHA kept up with the times, becoming one of the finest hospitals in the Confederacy, and a primary source of bionic implants and breakthroughs. They ensured their place in the city after discovering a vaccine to treat the plague that had been running through the population back in the 1870s.

With the implementation of cyborg technology, hand in hand with bionic replacements for lost limbs, the NHA became a cutting edge resource in said fields of study. Plant and animal samples from Banshee, after being cleared by customs, were studied intensely at both the Nashville Medical School and Shelby Medical College.

This in turn lead to more breakthroughs and discoveries, which in turn ensured a steady source of funding and students wishing to learn at the best place in the Confederacy in the fields of medicine (and to a lesser degree, science).

When the Faraway War started to ramp up, the NHA was one place that became constantly busy, treating returning soldiers and personnel, as well as making sure those leaving to Houston to take the Faraway Gate were up to date on their immunizations and vaccines.

Only when the bombs fell did the NHA receive a double-edged respite from the constant medical tasks. One side, after they finished with the current medical tasks, they could take a much needed break. On the other, contact was lost with Banshee and the world was ending. Stoically, dedication to their oaths kept the staff in place, once more ramping up to treat the sick and injured.

As of two weeks after the bombs drop, the NHA’s facilities and personnel will see their medical tasks wind down once more, thanks to the combined pooling of manpower, resources, and facilities by all the businesses in Nashville, and the production plants Mattock had installed underground.

Ryman Lines
Initially a riverboat company owned and operated by Captain Thomas B. Ryman, Ryman Lines, with Pure Science outpacing New Science diversified its holdings and investments. This started with the invention of the automobile, the airplane, military ships, helicopters, spacecraft, and eventually the common VTOL.

The business model became a service industry, with pilots and mechanics on staff, to be hired for various tasks, from chauffeuring to pilot or captain (air or watercraft), to mechanical and electrical consultant in the areas of repairs and new designs.

As a result, with the fall of the bombs, Ryman Lines will be an important resource of experienced personnel, who will (for a fee, paid for by Mattock) lend their efforts to clearing the streets of vehicles, and the airports of crashed aircraft (as well as maintain said vehicles).

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#71 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 24, 2013 8:12 pm

I'm normally not a stickler for details (or at least not to this level of detail), but when spinning a place (and lacking any true 'X% per Y population' guidelines) I dislike having unanswered questions and similar. Too many folks (I believe, I could be wrong), when writing up a spot, overshoot a place's resources (I'm guilty of that at times too, hence this mathematical exercise).

As for my lapse in posting, various real life issues make working on projects...difficult, to put it mildly.

Edit: Forgot to list why 3,000 Personnel. This (roughly, since putting together military groups is a bit tough for me), was a newly formed C.S.A. group about to be sent off to combat when the bombs dropped.
Personnel: 3,000
Vehicles: 84
Cavalier Power Armor: 2
Badger Power Armor: 4
Wolverine Power Armor: 8
M-12 Stuart Armored Personnel Carrier: 20
T-12 Lee Main Battle Tank: 6
A-4 York Air Defense Vehicle: 12
M-112 Self-Propelled Gun: 12
Military Helicopter: 6
Military VTOL: 6
Military Jet Aircraft: 6

960,782.08 guns (48% home defense, 32% hunting, 20% other)
Since finding statistics of breakdown by type is freaking impossible, the above is broken down into the following:
Home Defense (461,175):
20% Shotgun
18% Semi-Automatic Pistols
10% Revolvers
Hunting (307,450):
12% shotgun
12% civilian rifles (non-military class)
8% civilian rifles (military class)
Other (192,156):
20% Illegal Heavy Ordinance

Civilian (Firearm) Resources: Each weapon is treated as if they had one extra reload
92,235 Shotguns
–46,117 12 gauge
–46,117 20 gauge
–1 10 Gauge
83,011 Semi-Automatic Pistols
–166,022 .22 caliber Pistols [15 shots each]
–166,022 .45 caliber pistols [10 shots each]
–166,022 10mm caliber pistols [15 shots each]
–332,044 9mm caliber pistols [15 shots each]
–.44 Lemat Pistol & Shotgun [9/1]
45,117 Revolvers
–11,279 .38 Revolvers
–11,279 .357 Revolvers
–11,279 .44 Magnum Revolvers
–11,279 Cap & Ball/Black Powder/Replicas
–Enough black powder/ammunition to reload each 10x
–.44 Single Action Peacemaker
36,894 Shotguns (H)
–20g 5,270 Pump Shotguns
–12g 10,540 Pump Shotguns
–.410 5,270 Double Barrel Shotguns
–12 5,270 Gauge Double Barrel Shotguns
–20 5,270 Gauge Double Barrel Shotguns
–12ga Winchester Lever Action Shotgun (4 shells), 2 12 Gauge Scatterguns (2)
36,894 Civilian Rifles
–3,689 Lever-Action Rifles [15 rounds each]
–3,689 Black Powder/Cap & Ball Rifles [5 reloads each]
–7,378 7.92 Nugent Rifles [5 rounds each]
–3,689 .30 M1 Carbines [8 rounds each]
–3,689 Southern Assault Rifles (Civilian) [20 rounds each]
–7,378 Hunting Rifles (.30-06) [9 rounds each]
–7,378 7.62mm SK Sporters [10 rounds each]
–.44 Winchester ’66 Lever Action Rifle (16), .44 Winchester 73’ Lever Action rifle (15), .44 Winchester ’76 Lever Action Rifle (15), .44 Lemat Carbine & Shotgun (9/1)
24,596 Civilian Rifles (Military Class)
–4,919 5.56mm NA Assault Rifle [30 rounds each]
–4,919 7.62mm SA Assault Rifles [20 rounds each]
–4,919 7.62mm AK-94 Assault Rifles [10 rounds each]
–4,919 7.62mm SK-70 Assault Rifles [30 rounds each]
–2,459 .50 Bolt-Action Rifles [11 rounds each]
–2,459 5.56mm Stery AUG Rifles [30 rounds each]
–Sharp’s Big .50 (1) (replica, capable of firing .50 BMG)

38,431 Illegal Weapons
–10 Replica Civil War Gatling Guns
–12 Cannons
–6 Rocket Launchers
–3 Cyborg Lightning Cannons
–1 105mm CPH-105
–1 Lee-Enfield IW-100C Sunburst
–2 7.62mm M-120A2 Miniguns
–1 20mm M-200 MPSWC
–12 Dixie Arms .60 Magnum M-2011A Revolvers
–6 10mm Colt M-22 Reavers
–2 Laser-Anti Personnel/Anti-Tank M-320 LAPAT
–2 Sentinel Missile Launcher
–2 Chainsword
–2 Plasma Blade
–1,536 5.56mm NA assault rifle
–2,304 7.62mm SA assault rifle
–1,536 5.45mm Fusil-20
–768 5.56mm NA XM-21
–1,536 10mm Police Hellfire
–2,304 5.56mm NA Commando
–2,304 .50 SA Commando
–2,304 9mm HK MP-20
–768 9mm HK MP-20A
–1,536 .45 Thompson SMG
–256 9mm Tokarev machine pistol
–256 9mm MP40
–256 9mm Uzi
–768 5.56mm NA SAW
–1,536 7.62mm SA SAW
–768.50 M2HB
–768 20mm M-200 MPSW
–768 7.62mm M-120
–768 40mm Grenade launcher
–768 Rocket launcher
–768 40mm Armco GL
–768 20mm NA M-720
–768 40mm SA M-230
–768 Flamer CQFW
–768 Flamethrower FT-3Mk2

Total Ammunition:
969,752 12 gauge shells
885,432 20 gauge shells
8 10 Gauge shells
63,240 .410 shotgun shells
5,159,348 9mm bullets
5,042,100 10mm rounds
4,980,660 .22 bullets
393,184 .45 bullets
135,348 .38 bullets
11,279 .357 bullets
11,279 .44 magnum bullets
73,780 7.92mm rounds
59,024 .30 rounds
132,804 .30-06 rounds
873,360 7.62mm rounds
1,137,180 5.56mm rounds
92,160 5.45mm rounds
299,868 .50 rounds
86,116 20mm rounds
22,272 40mm grenades
5 105mm rounds
432 .60 Magnum rounds
480 10mm DUC rounds
16 missiles
1,548 rockets

3,007,332 Vehicles (privately owned, not corporate/business). 2.5 vehicles per person, with a shared split [26 types, treated as 50 to make it easier to split]
Economy Car [5] – 300,730 [10 gallons]
Hoverbike [2] – 120,292 [12 gallons]
Jeep [2] – 120,292 [25 gallons]
Luxury Car [1] – 60,146 [20 gallons]
Motorcycle: Dirt Bike [2] – 120,292 [3 gallons]
Motorcycle: Street Bike [2] – 120,292 [3 gallons]
Pickup Truck: Mid-sized [3] – 180,438 [20+10 gallons]
Pickup Truck: Full-sized [3] – 180,438 [30+20 gallons]
Sedan [4] – 240,584 [12 gallons]
Sports Car: Large (Muscle) [1] – 60,146 [12 gallons]
Sports Car: Small [1] – 60,146 [20 gallons]
HMMVW [30 gallons]
Sport-Utility Vehicle [includes station wagons and vans] [4] – 240,584
SUV [30 gallons]
Station Wagon [20 gallons]
Van [20 gallons]
Miscellaneous [32]
Bus [50 gallons]
Cab-Over Tractor [50 gallons]
Long-Nose Tractor [50 gallons]
Box Trailer
Tanker [3,200 gallons]
Biplane [1] – 60,146 [30 gallons]
Cargo Hauler [1] – 60,146 [100 gallons]
Blimp [1] – 60,146
Executive Jet [1] – 60,146 [200 gallons]
Civilian Helicopter [1] – 60,146 [50 gallons]
Military Helicopter [1] – 60,146 [120 gallons]
Hot Air Balloon [2] – 120,292
Jet Fighter [1] – 60,146 [1,000 gallons]
Prop, Single Engine [2] – 120,292 [50 gallons]
Prop, Multi-Engine [2] – 120,292 [100 gallons]
Ultra Light [2] – 120,292 [30 gallons]
Civilian VTOL [2] – 120,292 [30 gallons]
Military VTOL [1] – 60,146 [100 gallons]
– In this case, half are illegally obtained, other half are decommissioned military models
Row Boat
Jet Ski [3 gallons]
Speedboat [10 gallons]
Mini Sub [30 gallons]
Patrol Boat [40 gallons]

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Unfinished preview of Hell on Earth: Hell's Back East Detroit.

"Hey! Brainer! Get over here! C’mon, inside before they see you! Lemme get the door. We’ll be safe here for the time being. You’re new to town, I can tell, otherwise you wouldn’t have been out and about on the streets.

Me? Born and raised here in Detroit, or as it’s known now, Manitou City, Manicity for short. Since you’re new, I’ll spare you the long, give you the short. I was eighteen when the bombs dropped, and the only reason I know the date even after all this time, is because it was the day I was born on. Sept 23rd, 2065, and the bombs dropped 2083.

It was chaos when the bombs dropped. Sure, the Last War grew hot, and we had sporadic attacks along the border with Canada, but nothing truly bad until the nukes flew.

In ’79, the Brits sent an Expeditionary Force to help Canada, including the 1st Armored, 7th Armored, and 51st Infantry Divisions, which stopped the U.S. drive on Montreal that year. Of that group, elements of the 51st Infantry and 1st Armored remained, operating as raiders. The 7th Armored and the rest of the 51st went west, fighting along that coast, and the British forces pushed south through Washington State.

Seems they wanted Detroit as intact as possible, so we got the honor of being hit with something nasty. Detroit was heavily defended by anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries, the National Guard, the Michigan 1st Penitent Battalion, some cans, green sykers, and part of the Tenth Special Forces Group. The opening volley, before the push from the 401, was a series of drones to overwhelm the AA batteries, while the real surprise was being flown in by military aircraft. Using civilian airliner transponder codes, they zipped in behind the volleys of drones, overshot Detroit, much to the military’s relief, but dropped their payload eight miles past Detroit.

It was weird to see, my family and I were heading into a shelter, when it happened. Seems the military craft’s payload was a pair of neutron bombs, one dropped eight miles north of Detroit, just west of I-75, and the second one northeast, almost atop Denby High School. Set to airburst, they wiped out the majority of commuters, civilians, anything living in those two drop zones. One final little send off from that same damn flight saved us, and cursed us. Some mad scientist whipped up something special, thanks to Hellstromme’s work. Ghost rock nuke, but not your normal one, this one was meant to disrupt electronics, an EMP type. It too was dropped right atop the first neutron bomb, just west of I-75, and I’m guessing it was meant to affect only our defenses, but the joke was on them. When the Canadian and British forces invaded down the 401 and into Detroit, their tech was affected as well.

It also saved us, sorta, when the city busters flew. Seems that experimental ghost rock EMP bomb screwed up tech good, and continued to do so even when my eighteenth birthday rolled around. The area got hit with no less than eight city busters. Not directly, but around the EMP Dead Zone. To the southeast, the Canadian side of the border, Windsor, Tecumseh, Essex, Pleasant Park, and all the way to the shoreline in that area, got hit and wiped out. South, we lost Lincoln Park, Trenton, Riverview, Taylor, Brownstown, Gibraltar. Southwest, Dearborn Heights, west past Canton, Romulus, and all the way north past Livonia. That area had the misfortune of overlapping with the west city buster by about four miles or so. The west city buster, someone hated Farmington Hills and Novi, they were dead center, or nearly so. The Northwest one, took out Oakland, east to Troy, and swallowed up Waterford Township. The last city buster, came down northeast, took out Utica, Sterling Heights, Harrison Charter Township, Chesterfield, and Fraser. Oh, the second neutron bomb? Took out Fraser, St. Clair Shores, Eastpointe, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, and overlapped with the first neutron bomb.

The chaos that followed was compounded more by the fact that damnable EMP ghost rock nuke turned everything upside down. Almost anything mechanical tended to spring to life, like that old horror movie Overcharge. Made living those first few years difficult, until we figured out their rules. I’m sorry to say, now that you’re here, you probably won’t be leaving any time soon. Seems they like to give us humans a good scare, sometimes a few bruises and scrapes, but they don’t like us leaving.

It’s not limited to just vehicles, but those are the most common. Buildings, appliances, hell, even weapons, everything from a length of pipe to a machinegun, have been infected. Anything brought into the city ends up tainted as well, sometimes immediately, other times, it takes a while.

Their rules? Can’t leave unless you take one of them, so they can keep track of you, if not make sure you return. Can’t hurt another person, but that’s up for debate. I’ve had no issues putting down a bestial mutie, too far gone to reason with, but weapons used against another person, a human being I mean, either only puts them down for a little while, or refuses to be used.

The upside to this situation, seems they don’t like others coming in and trying to inflict harm on survivors. I’ve seen possessed vehicles run down walkin’ dead, firearms refusing to fire, even rooms fight against something that shouldn’t be there.

It’s not all bad though, long as you watch where you’re at, and what you do. I’ll give you the rundown on what places you should avoid, and what ones are safe.

Detroit, 2044

Before Hellstromme discovered The Tunnel, and Banshee, Detroit suffered a massive economic and population decline. The population in the city proper, dropped just under half a million. But when Banshee was discovered, and later the presence of Ghost Rock on it in 2052, Detroit’s manufacturing industry boomed once more.

We became the second strongest manufacturing center outside of New York State for the Union. We turned out parts for ships, vehicles, armor, and even the military-industrial complex kicked up in 2065 with the Congo War, ramped up even higher once the Last War kicked up again in 2074.

Detroit boomed from a population of under half a million to over a million in the city proper, while the urban population skyrocketed back up to nearly four million. Great time for the city, and my dad too. He was an engineer, safety engineer actually, you know the kind, worked for OSHA…OSHA used to be a large organization responsible for worker safety.

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#73 Postby Yendorma » Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:13 pm

Still plunking away at it (advancing most of the places Back East from 1877 to 2083 is a bit tough, heh). Just trying to decide on other 'major' settlements that would survive Raven, War and Pestilence's decade long walkin' dead battle through the MDL (and the Last War's big bang conclusion).

Tentative Surviving Communities (for better or worse)
Some, of course, have been covered (mostly) already, this is just a full list of future places, and their condition.
Memphis, Tennessee: Ruled by a descendent of Mina Devlin, and where women hold almost all the power. If the price is right, or the commodity required, one can trade with the fortified town.
Nashville, Tennessee: Controlled by James Mattock, Harrowed and former mayor. Claimed as his personal kingdom, he actually has a benevolent view towards those living in Nashville, often putting their survival over his own comfort.
Detroit, Michigan: Part of Detroit, and neighboring Grove City, survive, if not thrive. Thanks to the specific weapons used when the ghost rock nukes flew, it has become a gilded cage for the survivors. Manitous control, or inhabit (sometimes both), any piece of tech brought within the limits of the surviving areas. While the survivors are protected from the majority of abominations and hostile survivors, they are also hounded by the possessed tech. To a lesser degree, Detroit is Back East’s Denver.
Salem, Massachusetts: The Agency’s attempts to ward the place against use by black magic, worked, until the bombs fell. Now, it is a source of evil, where anything has a price.
Plymouth, Massachusetts: When the bombs fell, the spirits of the Plymouth Colonists rose up to protect what was originally theirs. Initially, this spared the city the brunt of the destruction, but at a hefty price. Anyone found in the city from dusk to dawn, discovered by the haunting spirits, is pursued until either chased out of the city, or cornered and torn apart, becoming part of the problem. Animals are spared, as are any Old Wayers, but abominations of any sort, and anyone else, are not so fortunate.
Boston, Massachusetts: The Agency is no more, having fought one last, grand battle against the supernatural. Their legacy however, lives on. Boston is a survivor settlement, thanks in part to the facilities and resources they left behind. [the specific incident is never mentioned, only hinted at through various Hell on Earth books]

Edit: Forgot New York State, New Jersey, and Wilmington

New York State (no specific area yet): Being the Union's industrial center (as of 1877), it got hit the hardest, and carries the still bleeding wounds of the Last War. Ghost rock storms, both West and East versions, span the state, making direct travel impossible. At the heart of it, a mutant king determined to control all of the areas in New York State survivors still occupy, establishing a kingdom where mutants are the top echelon.

New Jersey: The (Toxic) Garden State, suffered a fate similar to the Coyote Confederation (later called the Changed Lands). 108 toxic waste sites blossomed into a runaway train before the Last War. Now, it is Back East's Changed Lands, a source of problems of savage mutants for surrounding communities, including Wilmington.

Wilmington, Delaware: Starting in the 1870s with an extensive, well guarded, Hellstromme Industries facility, it would become a company town similar to Memphis, and survived the Last War in part due to a more perfected version of the arcane shields that protected Junktown. A humble AI aids the survivors in keeping abominations out thanks to an arcane shield, but what gets through the shield is often put down by armed patrols.

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Detailing the states is a bit tough (of course, heh), but putting up what's spun so far. This is what I have so far on Wisconsin (part 1)

Always a source of agriculture, soldiers and lumber, the timber terror of the 1870s faded into obscurity, at least until the after effects of the Last War.

Due to the position of Wisconsin to Canada, and the planning of the U.S. military, the shore along Lake Superior was reinforced by both conventional troops and Federal navy, with the coastline of Lake Michigan seeing a bit less reinforcement.

The British sent an Expeditionary Force composed of the 1st Armored Division, 7th Armored Division, and 51st Infantry (including the Black Watch) Division, helping to stop a drive on Montreal in 2079 by the U.S. The majority were transferred west to aid the Canadian forces to push into Alaska, and south into Washington State.

When the three divisions were transferred west, a brigade from the 51st Infantry and 1st Armored Divisions were left behind to operate as raiders along the U.S. border, primarily in the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan area. A total of 6,000 personnel, including support troops, were then split into three battalions, and each one assigned to one state.

With the Last War growing hot, the combined Canadian and British naval forces engaged the Federal Navy in a pincer attack, striking at both Lake Superior in the north, and Lake Michigan in the southeast. The southeast forces suffered the heaviest losses, thanks to the coastal batteries the U.S. had installed along the entire coastline at key points, and what Federal naval units were there.

The final push, both forces used tac nukes (ghost rock, but also some low yield nuclear types) to try and push the battle in their favor. This would include hitting Superior, Iron River, and Ashland with both nukes and conventional forces in the north, and Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Port Washington, Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha in the southeast.

When the Last War ended with Judgment Day, major population centers were hit, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, Appleton, Waukesha, Oshkosh, Eau Claire, Janesville, West Allis, La Crosse, Sheboygan, Wauwatosa, Fond du Lac, New Berlin, Wausau,

Given the military push, and the city busters of Judgment Day, more or less the entire state lines of Wisconsin, and the coastline along Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, became the second hardest hit. The resulting ghost rock storms have cut off the state on three sides, while the coastlines are ripe with bloats and other walkin’ dead. The northern border with Michigan is passable in a few areas, but the Timber Terrors of the 1870s are once more a threat to life that passes through. In case you’re wondering Marshal, A-Bomb Andy’s Scorched Earth policy launched city busters at cities and areas considered lost to hostile forces (such as major population centers), with counter attacks laid down to deny the enemy any chance to advance and retake the area. Not a straight line mind you, more a wave pattern, but close enough to form the current problems of ghost rock storms. The majority of those along the western and southern state line (well, inside, on, and outside of into Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa), were launched by the C.S., British and Canadians to deny the U.S. a chance to counterattack, while those along the Lake Superior and Lake Michigan coastline (not the tac ones, the city busters), were courtesy of A-Bomb Andy’s Scorched Earth action, further compounded by everyone else’s arsenals launching at targets.

The walkin’ dead, destruction of most of civilization, and the resulting diseases and chaos, would contribute to a further drop in the population. Now, 5-10 years after Judgment Day, Wisconsin is sparsely populated, cut off from the rest of the Wasted East and Wasted West, and both a land of the damned and a safe haven.

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Wisconsin, Part 2.
Hazards of Wisconsin
Ghost rock storms along the coast and state lines, both East and West versions, create a natural barrier to all but the most foolhardy or desperate. Most survivors, both in and out of state, will try to find a way through initially, but give up due to the dangers of a ghost rock storm (mutation, death, etc.).

Some survivors (five years after Judgment Day) will discover that there are seasonal gaps, as well as three semi-permanent gaps. The three semi-permanent gaps are located due south of Gratiot (pop 236), Etrrick (Pop 1284, north of what used to be La Crosse), and the last northwest of St. Croix Falls (Webster, WI, pop 653, due west of Webster).

The three semi-permanent gaps are never wider than 300-600 feet, and the duration of each only lasts one to four months a year, sometimes more. Roll 1d4 Marshal, rerolling aces, but stop at eight total (eight months).

The seasonal gaps open and close randomly throughout the year, even narrower and shorter than the three semi-permanent gaps. Roll 10d6 Marshal (or 1d6x10, whichever is easiest) to determine the width, 1d12 and 1d4. 1d12 for which month, and 1d4 for which week(s) it is open. In this case, don’t reroll aces (except for width). The gaps are long enough to cut through from outside of the ghost rock storm to the interior, allowing safe passage (as safe as traveling through a ghost rock storm area is), provided one doesn’t mind walkin’ dead, abominations, mutants, and other things in wait.

The real danger of using these gaps is the fact the types of ghost rock storms mingle, much to a survivor’s suffering. East Ghost Rock Storms are further warped than their West versions. West versions appear as a wall of howling manitous, hiding whatever is directly inside of it, or beyond it. East versions seem to have taken a page from sykers, well, more like a whole chapter rather than a page. East Ghost Rock Storms have the unique ability to perform the syker abilities of Hallucination and Predator, at the same time, with no end in the amount of Strain they can pour into it.

For those without Hell on Earth: Brainburners, the Storm is considered to have a blastin’ aptitude of 5 (with the same card drawn to determine its’ strength if the poor sap passes through to determine the Coordination), and an opposed roll between it and the brainer with the highest Smarts (TN 5, +1 to the roll per two party members). The storm needs one success for Hallucination to work. Predator, someone not expecting the ghost storm’s presence, has no clue that it’s there, but those who are suspicious (or if a West storm is nearby), can spot the East storm’s outline with a TN 11 or higher Cognition, Search or Scrutinize roll (or the relevant arcane abilities, and Geiger counters, thanks to the fact the ghost rock city busters were irradiated).

Fairly mindless, East storms seem to delight in screwing with anything and anyone, and use the combination of Predator and Hallucination to draw poor brainers into its’ clutches, for as long as possible. The longer some poor brainer (or abomination, or animal, anything really) stays inside, the more damage they take (treat each segment, or minute, spent inside as if the brainer is crossing through). And just like the Child o’ Atom Tapping ability, if the brainer dies in the storm, it adds to it.

East Storms preferred Hallucinations are those that will blend in with the area, mirrors, or completely see through. To lure folks in, the Hallucination will be that of a ruined settlement that looks intact enough to have potential loot, a walled survivor community (with the wall set just behind the interior of the ghost rock storm, ensuring folks stop and cautiously approach), or similar. Something to make brainers interested, but nothing blatantly obvious (well, with some exceptions. Manitous and their sense of humor is a vicious thing Marshal). As for Hallucination using mirrors, the exterior of the ghost rock storm will be changed (only psychically of course) to a mirrored surface (either showing a normal reflection if someone looks at it, or an obvious farce, such as a giant Jackalope tearing the brainer apart). Of course, they also like to play one way mirror (you can look in, but not out, or you can look out, but not in), and the occasional completely see through (what better way to terrify those inside, if those outside can see them and vice versa).

Thankfully, East Storms can’t move, despite what the seasonal ones would have you believe. It is more fitting to say seasonal are dormant, like a snake coiled to strike. Cease for 1-4 weeks once a year, at random intervals, works nicely as a lure to get abominations and brainers to travel through the area. Marshal, they truly do go dormant, in a sense. The 1d12 and 1d4 roll, the 1d4 determines how long it goes dormant, before snapping back hopefully ensnaring some poor brainer or abomination to feast on (well, kill with spiritual energy, and become part of the storm). East Storms aren’t picky, they’ll try to lure in anyone or anything, survivor, animal, or abomination, once dead, it doesn’t matter, as they all float.

Lake Superior Maelstrom. Located a mile off the shore of Wisconsin on Lake Superior, a water born ghost storm rages beneath the surface. The Federal, British and Canadian navies clashed on Judgment Day. One U.S. ship took a few rounds through the hull, near the ghost rock reactor, and promptly began to sink shortly after. One of the technicians, ? (I use ? as a place marker for names), was killed by shrapnel from the attack, and recognizing the chance for some fun, a manitou possessed her body. Achieving dominion, the manitou used ?’s knowledge to sabotage the reactor, then jumped off the ship into the water and swam for it. She was long gone from the fighting, and the resulting detonation (you can swim fast underwater when you don’t need to breath). Thanks to that bit of sabotage, a small ghost rock storm erupted from below the water, creating a ghost rock maelstrom.

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Part 3. Edit: Erroneously listed Judgment Day as 2083 (when it takes place in 2081).

Edit #2: Added in why the Penitent group has a tank in their forces (and changed all erroneous Judgment Day dates to 2081).
Edit #3: Included immediately below, rough population numbers as of 5 years, then 10 years, after Judgment Day.
Projected Population (2080): 8,589,597
Initial Loss (based on Jo and similar tales of ‘6 billion in one day’): 7,730,638
2086: 257,687 dead (from various causes, violence, disease, starvation, etc.). 601,272 still alive.
2091: 180,381 dead (from various causes, violence, disease, starvation, etc.). 420,891 alive in the entire state of Wisconsin.
Not much to really do more to Wisconsin, other than pin down where the timber terrors 'hunt', and maybe another settlement or two. Oh, and detail the three semi-permanent settlements.

Timber Terrors, were the spirits of deceased Indians, who called the forest home. When the lumber companies started logging in the 1870s, these spirits turned hostile, took physical form by using moss and rocks, and would attack and sabotage the efforts of the lumberjacks, if not outright kill them.

Eventually, the areas with the highest number of incidents were left alone, and later incorporated into state parks, which seemed to placate the spirits. When Judgment Day happened, the destruction of so much of the forests and nature, would rouse the timber terrors from their slumber. Fewer in number, but more than enough to still pose a threat, made more so thanks to the ghost rock effect of causing mutations. Use the statistics found in Back East: The North, but draw a card to determine a mutation (major or minor, your call Marshal).

Their primary hunting grounds (so to speak) are ?, ?, ?, and sprinkled along the Wisconsin/Michigan border to the north. They tend to leave small groups alone (such as six to eight posse members traveling through on foot, or using bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles, or in a low vehicle such as a station wagon), but never hesitate to attack those who are intent on destroying what remains of the forests. Marshal, this is usually those who are about to cut down a tree, blow one up with dynamite, or similar. Folks picking up fallen branches and using fallen trees are left alone (since said branches and trees are dead and of no use to them), as are those scrounging up berries, moss, and similar.

Like the Apache in New Mexico, they tend to take great offense to abominations and walkin’ dead, and attack them first (second if some brainer is about to down a tree or two).

Walkin’ Dead, thanks to the high number of unburied bodies (hard to bury a couple of million folks that didn’t have the decency to be vaporized at ground zero), are a regular threat to survivors, primarily along the coastlines and near former population centers, but they roam and stray as they want. Bloats, water-logged walkin’ dead, are more common along the coastlines. Infectious walkin’ dead are also a problem.

Beaded Horrors, Candiru, Charnel Hounds, Explodjinn, Fate Eaters, Fizzers, Ghostrock Wraiths, Glamor Puss, Glow Worm, Head Cases, Mainliners, Night Haunt, Night Stalkers, Ningyo, Nowhere Men, Predavores, Rust Mites, Storm Crows, Thunder Spawn, Tinmen, Urban Worms, Wall Crawlers, Willow Wights, and more, are also found in the former great state of Wisconsin. Marshal, pretty much any creature not specifically rooted to one location or environment, can be found in Wisconsin.

The reason for the Ningyo being present in both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, some brainer with too much cash, and a not quite right head, picked up a fascination for the supposed mermaids. Enough were captured (at a great cost to the hunters), and transported East. Kept in captivity like animals, a misguided pro-animal rights group raided the brainer’s ‘aquarium’ one night before the bombs fell, and freed the horrid things. Where possible, the ningyo thanked their liberators (by eating them, of course), and spread far and wide that Judgment Day didn’t wipe them out. And yes, Marshal, said fascination included all the wrong types of love (Troy McClure would be proud).

About five years after Judgment Day, the occasional demon vehicle from Detroit, Michigan, can also be found in Wisconsin (more than likely the ‘once in a blue moon’ encounter). Ten years after, they’ll still be a rare encounter, but not as rare as five years earlier (not all of the manitou possessed vehicles will be content to call Detroit home, some will travel to ‘see the world’, others to chase down more abominations to eat, or humans to scare).

Tentative Notable Settlements
Population: 354 (as of 2081), 103 (2086, 52 of whom suffered mutations), 203 (2091).
Gratiot, Wisconsin, (population 354 as of 2081), suffered near misses by Judgment Day. Close enough to suffer a massive death toll from the initial bombing, but not close enough to suffer EMP or similar. When the bombs dropped along the state border, a little over half the population of Gratriot died instantly.

185 people dropped dead from the ghost rock radiation, half that rose up as walkin’ dead (92 if you’re keeping track Marshal), dropping the surviving population even further. By the time the dust settled as of 2086, Gratiot would be a fortified settlement of 103 people (203 as of 2091).

The chaos of Judgment Day, and the resulting death toll, it wouldn’t be until 2086 when the place became a fortified settlement. Cars stripped of useful parts, lumber, and debris, were all used to construct it. The highway running near Gratiot was equipped with fortified toll booths allowing passage from east to west and vice versa. $10 per person (on foot), $15 per vehicle, and $20 for larger vehicles. Given its’ location, Gratiot is also a thriving center of trade (or what passes for trade in Hell on Earth), which costs a person $5 for a pass good from sunup to sundown (overnight if one books a room with a local).

Security, and enforcing the tolls, is helped by the fact a squad (thirteen soldiers) from the 51st British Infantry Division slipped through all the chaos, and were lucky enough to be near Gratiot to contribute during the chaos of 2081. One of the major contributing factors was the fact their sole vehicle was a FV-532 APC [use the Type 47 for stats, and it is a next generation, but out of date version of the FV-432 APC]

Ettrick (Pop 1284, north of what used to be La Crosse)
Population: 736 (as of 2081) [524]

Ettrick, located along Highway 53 (it runs right through the center), was far enough from the state line strikes to be spared the majority of damage, but close enough to the semi-permanent gap.

At first, things were normal when the bombs dropped, well, as normal as Judgment Day can be. Some got sick (but not many), and fewer died. Granted, being along Highway 53, they saw plenty of refugees, fleeing in all directions from the bombs dropping, and it turned into a traffic jam nightmare.

Shortly after the bombs fell, the townsfolk were elated to see U.S. military forces pulling into the town, a mix of various U.S. units, numbering thirty-three strong, including some vehicles and supplies. Under the leadership of ?, they quickly fortified the town, blocked off the highway, and defended the town from various threats. They were elated, and morale was high, until harsh, draconian measures were enacted. Seems the only reason they were defending and building up the town was the fact it was the best (and first) one encountered, and they wanted their own private kingdom in the post Judgment Day chaos.

Turns out the platoon was a mix due to the fact both groups deserted when the bombs began to fly after giving their commanding officers early retirement (killed them). American Legion and U.S. Penitent, both of whom were only in it for themselves, and realized an opportunity when it arose.

Any townsfolk who protested were informed that if they didn’t like it, they could leave, with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Any protests were met with head cracking, and other harsh reprisals. That and the M-26 Powell Main Battle Tank they counted amongst their vehicles (One M-26, one M35 2½-ton cargo truck with supplies, three HMMWVs, and one hover cycle).

The group would expand its reach and influence by offering any nearby settlements protection (refuse, and they leave the place alone, even if asked later to help), picking up other military stragglers, and those kinds of folks one would call road gangers.

By 2086, the town of Ettrick would be firmly in their control, might makes right, and they have the right. 2091, it is a place where one can find anything, for a price (including slaves), blow off steam, trade, and regroup. The military, firmly in control and acting more like raider kings, only laid down one law they followed to the letter: don’t mess with the locals (as in the townsfolk they lord over). Mess with a local and they come down hard on the person (hey, no locals, no folks to rule over). Most often, roughed up and tossed out of town, but it’s not unheard of to be roughed up, robbed, then tossed out of town, with extreme responses resulting in the offender being strung up outside the settlement’s walls.
Tentative Grouping: U.S. Lieutenant (Tank commander), U.S. Sergeant (Tank Driver), U.S. Sergeant (Tank Gunner/Mechanic), 12 American Legion, 18 Penitents (12 from the same Platoon, 2 from a squad that didn’t make it, and the last four a pair of sykers, medic with arcane background: voodoo, and arcane background: enlightened). You can probably guess why the sykers, medic, and enlightened are in the penitent battalion.

Gap Northwest of St. Croix Falls (Due west of Webster, WI, population 653)
Population: 120 (183 as of 2088, 203 as of 2093) [979]

Not every survival group would call Minnesota home. In this case, First Lieutenant Doctor ? Williams, of the U.S. Army (American Legion), picked a place far enough from established civilization to build a (mostly) self sufficient bunker for Judgment Day (in the religious sense, not the actual Judgment Day of 2081). The Williams family could trace their lineage in Wisconsin as far back as the founding Williams, Sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Corp, WWII.

Seems the founding member of the family saw quite a bit of the dark, supernatural, and horrors of WWII that the Tombstone Epitaph printed (and promptly laughed at by the public). Returning home after WWII, he began to think long term (since the family’s still around by 2081, really long term), and set about putting what he learned in the war to good use (the road to Hell is paved with good intentions after all).

Investments (spread out, small but paid out enough towards the final project), connections, and the like, all ensured that come Judgment Day (again, religious sense, not the actual one), the family would survive, if not thrive.

The current settlement (pre-Judgment Day) of 120 people, was started in the 2050s, and extensively modified up until 2079 (when the Last War started up). Details of the underground facility, materials, work force, whole nine yards, was kept in family (family owned construction companies, transport, etc.), ensuring only the family would know of it when Judgment Day came.

Jump ahead to 2079. ? Williams was part of the token force stationed in Wisconsin to deal with elements of the British 1st Armored and 51s Infantry Divisions who were functioning as raiders along the border, specifically in command of an American Legion platoon (consisting of 32 men and women, an M-124 Liberator Infantry Fighting Vehicle configured to carry casualties, and two M-38 Sky Sweep Air Defense Vehicles).

When the British pushed into Washington State and into SoCal in the spring of ‘81, Williams saw the handwriting on the wall. Being the platoon leader, and a rather charismatic individual, he had convinced those under his command that Judgment Day was coming, and formed a plan. In the summer of 83, the platoon was sent out to recover casualties from a recent skirmish between U.S. and British forces. Instead, once far enough from the base, took a detour and headed for the Williams’ Compound. They managed to have a transport truck loaded with supplies diverted to a non-existent unit, located along the way to the compound. Williams’ band subdued the drivers, drugged and left them behind, and made the final leg to the compound.

Built to withstand a near hit of a tac nuke, the majority of the compound was underground, fortified, and disguised from aerial view by a combination farm/heavy machinery business (repairing semis and the like, who would really notice some heavier vehicles coming in?).

They dug in shortly before Judgment Day (Sept 23rd, 2081), with a heavy leg up in gear and equipment, and watched the world go to hell. Equipped to be locked down for ten years (if you didn’t mind eating milrats and claustrophobia), separate water table/purification system, ghost rock reactor (corporate model, the kind a corporation installs to keep their facility off the local grid, but in their case, a smaller model), recycling, NBC filtration, it survived the initial devastation, and would become the group’s main HQ.

The above ground portion that of a farmhouse, barn, silo, livestock yard, chicken coop, pig pen and the like, didn’t fair the devastation well. What wasn’t looted or scavenged in the first five years fell into disrepair (with the exception of the silo and barn which hid the personnel and vehicle entrances).

As of 2088, the group (consisting of the original 32 platoon, Williams, and eighty-seven civilians, mostly family and friends), would become more active on the surface, restoring the farmhouse, and building up defenses (the junk/earthen wall surrounding the community one of the most visible of the defenses, as are the guard towers and razor wire, but man pits and the like heavily camouflaged). Their numbers would swell from both other survivors seeking shelter, and the natural order of things. Plus, the Williams Compound always had plenty of food to spare.

Marshal, before you start thinking of Reverend Grimme and his flock, you’re partially right. Seems while locked down, Williams discovered religion, of sorts. Actually the Williams family had always been religious in one fashion or another (a well rounded group, so to speak). With Judgment Day, the resulting abominations and mutations, Williams saw it as a sign that the world was being restocked for God’s creation, Adam and Eve, and it was only right that they (being human), pluck from this restock for their survival.

The Williams group began (in 2086) to hunt abominations (specifically walkin’ dead and similar), and haul the catch back to the compound, where Williams and his flock would prepare the bounty, while conducting Grace and Feast en masse. It was difficult at first for the survivors to really stomach the unusual meal, but after a few tries, it became a staple for the Williams group. Of course, any survivors they feed are not told where the extra food comes from, and great pains are made to disguise it (meat used in stews, preserved, etc.). Unlike Reverend Grimme and his flock, Williams has forbidden his members from eating another human being, or talking about where the food comes from.

The…unusual preparations make abominations edible, no matter what condition they were in or their origin. The preferred staple is walkin’ dead (since the area is teeming with their bounty), other types of abominations, and those so far mutated that they’re no longer human (such as the cannon fodder mutants Silas uses). And in case you’re wondering, Marshal, it’s a twisted religion, picking the best from all the religions the Williams’ family studied and knew, with allowance for common sense, and their belief is what allows them to function as a Blessed group (that and the massive amount of energy in the world thanks to Judgment Day).

The Williams Compound is far enough from the semi-permanent opening that they were spared the ghost rock radiation, but close enough that they can keep an eye on it. To survive in such a hostile environment, the group practices guerilla warfare; never give a guy a stand up fight, never leave your dead or injured behind, set traps, etc. Part of this principle is a preference to use crossbows, bows and melee weapons. However, they’re not above taking a sidearm or two into the field when a bow or crossbow is too little. The preferred ‘hunting party’ formation is a squad (8 people), all but three armed with bows or crossbows as their primary weapon, and pistols or sub-machineguns as a sidearm. The other three are armed normally, the squad leader, sniper and spotter (flash suppressors and silencers work wonders on cutting down things).

Got Milk?
Near Mellen
Population: 104 (and 100 Holstein cows)
Near Mellen is a fortified settlement west of Mellen (hence Near Mellen). The inhabitants survive by farming, raising livestock, and keeping their dairy farm running in tip-top shape. Anyone is welcome to trade with the settlement, and a bit pricy, they always have an excess of dairy products and crops to trade, most often for ammunition, firearms, and things they cannot scavenge or make themselves en masse.

In case you’re wondering Marshal, yes, this is a community Silas would be proud of. You see, all the inhabitants of Near Mellen suffer from mutations, thanks to the near misses of city busters, and they’re not quite right in the head either. Those with unusual, obvious mutations are kept out of view of anyone passing through or doing some trading. All the population of Near Mellen is, shall we say, bitter about being mutants, and over the destruction of the world. If they (the folks of Near Mellen) can’t be normal, then by god, no one else will be either.

Of the 100 cows they have, only 20 of them are mutant, the other 80 are healthy, normal cows. The mutant cows are kept in a separate dairy barn from the others (since some of them are rather visual in their mutations, and their appetites are unusual), and only townsfolk are allowed in said barn. Given the conditions of the world, their paranoia about their dairy barns are really not questioned (they tend to securely guard all of their dairy barns).

Now, if you’re wondering Marshal, how they’re trying to change the world to be like them, the twenty mutant cows are key to their plan. Aside from the cows’ obvious physical mutations, the fact they eat anything put into their feeding troughs (you drop a watch in, they’ll eat it, along with your hand if you reach in for it), anything made with their milk is tainted. Unless you put it under a microscope, or chemically analyze it, or run a Geiger counter over it, it looks, tastes, and smells normal (no matter the form, butter, cottage cheese, milk, etc.). The community takes great pains to mingle it with the regular stuff, and given the background radiation of the area (even as of 2091), having your Geiger counter click a bit isn’t abnormal (it registers as low/background radiation).

Anyone who happens to stop at the community, or at any of the places they trade with, and partakes of dairy products, pull a card from a deck, per serving (in this case, a serving is a meal; so sitting down to eat stew, glass of milk, and butter on your bread, that’d be two draws). If the joker comes up, the brainer has eaten some of the tainted dairy products. Make a Vigor roll (TN 5) to avoid the mutation. Succeed, and nothing happens (at all, the brainer’s lucky). Go bust mutation time for the poor brainer. Fail, and for a few days (1d4) the brainer suffers from ailin’ 1, which goes away after it passes through the brainer’s system.

It could be harder to resist, Marshal, but the folks of Near Mellen are taking great pains to disguise their efforts to mutate the world. Other than that, and the fact they welcome anyone who wants to trade, the place is actually fairly peaceful (minus the fact they’re doing their damnest to mutate others).
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Tentative Power Blocks

A parallel of the various groups in the Wasted West.

NorCon, SoCon. Smaller versions of The Convoy, NorCon being North Convoy, SoCon (Sew-Con) South Convoy. Convoy heads are a pair of twin sisters, Linda Lewis (NorCon), and Laura Lewis (SoCon). Only places they avoid are New York State (Damnation Alley), Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and what’s come to be called the Deadbelt (former MDL). Neither knows it, but their older sister (not a twin), Lucy Lewis, is head of the Sky Calvary (Back East’s version of the Sky Pirates).

Sky Calvary. Smaller than the Sky Pirates, they function as both couriers, scouts, protectors and raiders. They are one of two groups who regularly pass over the Deadbelt (NorCon and SoCon occasionally find a gap big, and wide enough, to slip through).

Free Masons and Masons. They function like the Templars in the Wasted West, but operate Back East. The ‘anti-Templars’ are in fact Masons, while the true Templars (Simon, Jo, and those sort) are the Free Masons. Divergence being a former Mason broke free of the Masonic mind control (as noted in Back East: The North), but continued to do good, and to distinguish from the Masons, call themselves Free Masons. Weapon of choice is usually something blunt, with a blade as backup (sledgehammer, baseball bat, golf club, etc. though odd, allows you to inflict brawlin’ damage or lethal damage, depending on the need).

Knights of the Golden Circle (CSA Templars). Templars of the South, they too use swords like Simon’s Templars. Commonly just called Knight(s). Origins hail back to a whites only group of the 1870s, but their current goal/mission is the same as Simon’s Templars.

Searchers. Librarians of Back East. Their biggest finds have been the U.S. and C.S. Library of Congress (two branches, one north, one south).

Doomsayers. Hail from Boston, their origins rooted in the Psychic Research Foundation remnants (Back East: The North). The Order of the Cross is the South version, headed by an eyeless, elderly African-American male who goes by the name of Samson. In reality, Samson is Baron Simone LaCroix, ageless due to a few pacts made after he discovered who his loas really were, the price he paid to do so, gouged out his own eyes (bricking up the windows to the soul). Now, he’s repenting, and instructing others in the ways of the arcane (also a way to get back at the Reckoners).

Toxic Shamans. New Jersey born and raised, but not all are evil. Those found in the South hail from the Coyote Wastelands (not all of them, but most).

Junkers. Wilmington, Delaware is where most hail from, but they can be found all over, even in the South (since the U.S./Hellstromme were probably not the only ones interested in different avenues of research, especially when the manitous stopped talking in the 2070s).

Motown Mutes. Similar to Lost Colony’s Mutes, their origins are more manitou based than cybernetics. Hailing from the Maximum Overdrive city of Detroit, their powers work best when in a Deadland or near a ghost rock storm. Unlike Lost Colony mutes, they suffer backlash and instability like Junkers.

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#78 Postby Yendorma » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:15 pm

As promised, as of yet play tested Motown Mute and Motown Edges.

Tentative Edges and Hindrances for Detroit
Arcane Background: Motown Mute 3
Requirements: Motown Native 0
Thanks to the unique nature of the destruction of Detroit, folks who live there (minimum of one year), have the unique ability to repair items, even build them from scratch, just like Lost Colony Mutes. The difference, however, is the process of which it is done.

Unlike Lost Colony Mutes, Motown Mutes have no implants, no cybernetics, no nanomachines, nor blueprints/schematics to do the work. They still, however, use Strain, components, and need the Transmute skill, just like Lost Colony Mutes.

Each point in the Transmute skill gives the equivalent of 5 Size points (based on The Junkman Cometh Frame chart, partially reprinted below). This means a person with Transmute 1 could have the intuitive knowledge to build a small refrigerator (Size 5), or a sub-machinegun (Size 2) and a rifle (Size 3), or any combination thereof.

And yes Marshal, this means someone with Transmute 5 would know how to make a diesel locomotive (Size 18) with some change left over (7 Size Points). However, this is balanced by the fact the Strain to do so would be immense (and take several attempts/tries), as would the TN required. The positive side, any weapons known includes knowing how to make all related ammunition (sorry brainers, no tac nukes).

Size Examples
0 Pocket knife, derringer, mouse
1 Large knife, pistol, rat
2 Submachine-gun, small briefcase, cat
3 Rifle, dog, large backpack
4 Cello case, light machine-gun
5 Heavy machine-gun, small refrigerator
6 25mm cannon, person
7 Motorcycle
8 Motorcycle and sidecar, phone booth
9 Econo-box
10 Sports car, dumpster
11 Sedan
12 Sport-utility vehicle
13 Mid-sized pickup truck
14 Van, large pickup, elephant
15 Delivery truck
16 Mack truck
17 Large bus, 40’ trailer
18 Mojave rattler, diesel locomotive

The Motown Mute, just like a Lost Colony Mute, has to make a Transmute roll equal to TN 3 plus the Strain cost of the item, and takes 15 minutes per point of Strain required.

There are several drawbacks to this, however.

First, the Motown Mute isn’t the one doing it. In fact, due to the high presence of manitous in Detroit, the Transmute skill could be thought more of trying to persuade them (the manitous) to build/repair an item. Going bust on the Transmute roll means suffering Backlash (Junker Backlash).
Second, outside of the Detroit/Grove area, or any further than Transmute level / 10 yards away from a ghost rock storm, the TN increases to 7 base. This is due to the fact the fear level has to be high enough to allow manitous easy access (such as a Deadland, Fear Level 6), or their presence in bulk (such as ghost rock storms).
Third, instability/stability. Inside the proper areas (such as Second, above), all items made this way function fine. The stability drops depending on the item size and the distance one gets from the best conditions. Transmute level / 1 mile is the safe range for items Size 0-6, Transmute level / 1,000 feet for items Size 7-12, Transmute level / 100 feet for items Size 13 and larger. Get beyond those ranges and the stability drops one point for each increment further, as well as a penalty equal to the lower fear level.
Example: A Motown Mute with Transmute 4 makes and uses a Submachine-gun (Size 2) in Detroit (Fear Level 6). As long as the weapon is within 4 miles of Detroit (Fear Level 6, a Deadland) or a ghost rock storm, it will function fine. But each mile beyond that (and each drop in the Fear Level), drops the reliability by one point each. Said Motown Mute travels from the Detroit area (Fear Level 6) five miles to a settlement with a Fear Level of 4. The weapon’s reliability would now drop from 20 to 17 (one mile beyond the Motown Mute’s maximum range drops it by 1, while the settlement’s Fear Level of 4 drops it by 2, meaning it will now fail to work on 18-20 on 1d20).
Fourth, Anti-Junker. Items built by a Motown Mute scream abomination to a Junker (instead of a tech spirit in the item, the Motown Mute instills a manitou). As such, any attempts by one to repair the other, sees the TN jump by four (a Junker trying to repair a Motown Mute’s sub-machinegun would see a penalty of 4 to the TN, and same with a Motown Mute trying to fix a Junker’s weapon).
Fifth, unusual properties. As if the previous things weren’t unusual enough, items made by a Motown Mute seem to inflict minimal damage to humans (brawlin’ damage instead of lethal). Figure damage and stun checks as normal, but the weapon cannot kill a human no matter the amount of damage it inflicts (at most, Maimed or worse, it will knock the human out cold). This little restriction doesn’t apply to abominations, structures, or similar, just fellow humans (human, for all intents and purposes, is anything and everything from a Solomon Grundy mutant to an Operation Damocles soldier).

Not that Motown Mutes would really know why (they’re basically ‘willing’ the item together, with the manitous actually doing the work), but the manitou inside of the item knows the dead can’t feel fear. A living human is a source of fear, and in turn, power (they feed on fear after all), and killing a human would eliminate that (in this case, one less human, one less source of fear).

Motown Mute Backlash. As per Junker Backlash (only difference is it’s not tech spirits, but manitous doing the handy work)
Instability. As per Junkers.

Motown Native 0 or 1
The character with this Edge qualifies as a Motown Native. Free if the character is old enough to have been born and survived in Motown, or 1 point to represent living there for a year.

Motown Moxie 1
Prerequisites: Motown Native
Living in Motown, with manitou possessed technology (that delights in scaring the hell out of humans), tends to harden a brainer to the abominations of the wastes. Non-mechanical abominations just don’t have the same scare as your toaster trying to eat your hand, or your residence that likes to screw with you. Long as the brainer remains in the Motown area, the Fear Level has no effect on guts checks made against non-mechanical abominations.

A Motown Native coming across a walkin’ dead would still have to make a guts check, but the Fear Level 6 wouldn’t apply.

The downside to this, mechanical abominations are exempt, so that heavy can stomping through the streets would penalize guts checks by the Fear Level. (Hey, a manitou possessed item’s gotta eat after all).

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Still kicking it around (just letting you kind folks who visit and read what's posted so far what's what).

Currently working on both Wisconsin and Michigan (Upper Michigan specifically right now), and figure the title for this shouldn't be 'revising canon', but Hell on Earth: Hell's Back East.

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Still plunking away at Wisconsin/Michigan, presenting what I have so far of Upper Michigan. And yes, there's a reason the geologist's first name is Sierra.

Upper Michigan

With the Great Lakes being a center of brown water navy fighting, with a low population, Upper Michigan was hit, but only in major population centers.

Escanaba, Marquette, Ishpeming, Neguanee, Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island, Manistique, Marquette, Menominee, Sault St. Marie all fell to a direct hit, low yield irradiated ghost nukes, large enough to wipe out the population centers, but not enough to turn the whole peninsula radioactive.

Hancock and Houghton fell to the same ghost rock nuke, nearby Laurium collapsed under the weight of refugees, looters, and rioters.

Ahmeek barely survived the initial onslaught, would fall, but rebuilt by the time of 2086.

Ontonagon survived the initial onslaught, only to fall under a horde of bloats and walkin’ dead, created by both the casualties of the naval fleets, those who died from sickness and violence, and is an unpopulated area as of 2091.

Judgment Day, just over sixty-percent of the population died outright from the population centers being nuked. Refugees who fled to the Wisconsin/Michigan border, barely survived the journey, harassed by walkin’ dead, timber terrors, and just those preying on the weak.

From a population of just under 150,000, Upper Michigan fell to a population of almost 60,000 in one day. Sickness, violence, limited remaining resources, and the winter of that year, and following years, would reduce that by half as of 2086. Though this would stabilize by 2091, the nearly 150,000 population (counting tourists at Mackinac Island and Mackinaw City) of Upper Michigan would be a fraction of what it once was, just over 14,000 [barring clusters of population, the area denied by the ghost rock storms, would see the population drop from nearly 9 per square mile, to 0.85 per square mile]

Settlements of Note
Note that this doesn’t cover every settlement, just the more prominent ones (and those important for various reasons).

Republic, Michigan

Originally a small area (614 residents), the population increased some shortly before Judgment Day when the nearby resort was remodeled.

The discovery of ghost rock on Banshee in 2052, and later the Hauptman Survey of 2060, caused a scramble amongst the various powers that be to find more. Geologists would go far and wide to find new sources, checking formerly tapped out mines, places where there was coal (or formerly coal), even when the Congo Wars broke out over a ghost rock find.

Sierra Moore, one such geologist with some ties to the U.S. military, was checking out former mining and logging camps in her home state of Michigan, specifically the under-populated Upper Michigan. Her surveys took her all over Upper Michigan, and didn’t find a scrap of ghost rock, until she came upon Republic, Michigan. Previously, she had the occasional inspiration from the blue, but never considered herself a mad scientist. When the manitous went silent in 2063, Sierra found herself at a loss, no longer did her occasional lucky strikes hit, and she fell into something of a near breakdown.

Always a wise investor, she had enough finances to spare to take some down time at the resort near Republic, Michigan, to try and unwind, relax, and decide what to do next. Purely by chance, she was on a hike through the nearby forest when something tugged her curiosity. Never one to ignore curiosity, she explored the area, and was surprised upon discovering signs of a ghost rock vein.

Knowing the area well, she managed to discretely dig into the supposed find, and records to see if there was ever any ghost rock mining in the area. Surprised that ghost rock was never discovered in that specific area, kept the find quiet until the opportunity to make a buck came around (she wasn’t into geology for just the fun of it after all).

When the Congo Ghost Rock Crisis occurred in 2065, Sierra found her golden opportunity. Knowing better than to be too public about it, she made several backroom inquiries and landed herself a sponsor. In exchange for keeping the site hidden, and the importation of necessary materials, the sponsor would get half of the total value. Given her sponsor would cover the costs of construction, keeping it hidden from all the right people, half was more than fair.

The resort near the discovery purchased through various means, and remodeling started. The sponsor kept the remodeling, and equipping of the ghost rock mine, hidden through shell corporations, third party suppliers, and openness (i.e. keep two sets of books, one with the real figures, other with the figures you show anyone who inquires).

The Congressional investigations into the Congo War, use of cyborgs, and the resulting political and media firestorm, helped cover up the remodeling well, even with some unconventional materials being brought in. Normal resorts would have no use for technical parts, titanium, and similar materials. Nor would they require private security personal who were trained and equipped as an equivalent corporate security team.

The resort, and lake it sat on, renamed the Sierra Resort, and Lake Sierra, was scheduled to open in spring of 2081 following the cease fire of December 2080, but the disappearance of Air Force One over the Rockies Jan. 1st 2081, the resort was fully staffed and supplied, but never opened.

When Judgment Day occurred, Sierra’s investor and select people were in the resort, which had been secretly built to be a bunker, able to withstand a near miss on the surface, while the majority of the construction was underground. Rioters who tried to storm the resort were gunned down without warning, and once the first wave were disposed of, survivors were given a choice: join the resort or take their chances elsewhere. If they chose to leave, and returned to the resort at any time after the offer was made, they would be shot without warning or hesitation.

Obviously, most of the locals picked the devil they knew rather than the devil they didn’t, and accepted the offer. The personnel proceeded to fortify and build up defenses, both around the small town nearby, and the resort itself during the first five years. Top of the order at the same time, planting crops, securing local resources, and putting down abominations that came their way.

Republic Forces

The iron fisted ruler of Republic, and Sierra’s backer, is none other than Diana Whatley, related to the Whatley family by blood. The evil, incestuous, twisted bloodline of the Whatleys was nearly stomped out over the decades, and then later the centuries. Various forces narrowed in on the Whatley family, and to prevent their line from dying out entirely, they scattered to the four corners of the globe, going underground as deep as possible.

The Shadow Wars (where cults had gone underground, later discovered and waged war upon by The Agency, and no doubt the Texas Rangers) saw almost all of the Whatley line meet one fate or another.

Not a true Whatley, since her father was actually of the Whatley line, and her mother non-Whatley, she still inherited the natural abilities and deformities that plagued all of the Whatley family.

Having the Whatley deformity, and blood magic, she wasn’t treated well by the other children, but learned about her abilities early, and how to best use them (and that, Marshal, we can leave to one’s imagination). Unhinged, Brutish, and Extra Digit (let’s just say Marshal, Groin Shot really hurts her, and yes, it’s fully functional but thankfully infertile).

Suffice to say, her mother wasn’t entirely prepared to raise such…unusual children (one would be bad enough, but she had the misfortune to give birth to eleven Whatley children), and eventually went insane (functional, but suffered from massive delusions rather than face the horrifying reality of what her children, and husband, really were).

To keep their immediately Whatley family from being wiped out, the father sent his kids all over the U.S., C.S. and out West to be raised by those in the know, or those who could handle it and were highly paid to do so. Five girls, five boys (and Diana), were sent to Las Vegas, Manitoba (Canada), Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, NorCal, SoCal, Minnesota, Tennessee.

Diana was the one who went to Michigan, and put her natural abilities to good use, becoming an employee at Hellstromme Industries, studying a side line in alchemy (among other things). She put her skills and abilities to good use (good for her, not good for those in her way), and struck success several times, so much so that she could fund Sierra’s renovations and hidden mining facility. If a true account of her rise through the ranks were ever known, it is more than likely she’d have had a short life (suffice to say Marshal, blackmail, extortion, murder; you name it, she did it, and covered her tracks well).

By the time the manitous stopped talking in 2063, she had made quite a name for herself (at least amongst HI management) as a ruthless woman not to be crossed, but those she crossed in HI had their own sort of revenge. When Hellstromme approached Ridley Velmer, and the research began on alternatives to New Science (which later would turn into the first stages of Junkers), she was blackballed from the procedures (no pun intended Marshal).

To say she was upset would be an understatement, but always the careful plotter and manipulator (she looked brutish, but her brain was very sharp), Diana had resources transferred from other HI facilities (and even picked up a few through back connections from BRI), to enable her to build the resort and hide the ghost rock vein. Her personal finances and resources could get it underway, but she embezzled just enough resources to finish the job (and stock the place).

Come 2080, Diana managed to arrange it so she would be in the field for a few months at a time (she worked in Detroit), and happened to be at the resort in 2081 when Judgment Day happened.

As of 2086, she’ll have the local area locked down under a velvet clad iron fist, where her might makes right. 2086-2091, those surviving settlements will find her resort (more like a fortress as of 2081, let alone 2086+) the only source of spook juice in Upper Michigan. “You want fuel, you deal with me, my terms, my conditions. Don’t like it, leave and don’t come back until you agree.”

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