New junker rules.

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Dr. Schwartzwald
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New junker rules.

#1 Postby Dr. Schwartzwald » Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:14 am

Ok i saw the new junker rules from epitaph 4 and, on the whole, opted to stick with the ones in TJC because of one thing:

Junker characters generally attract that species of gamer known as "Gearheads". Gearhead gamers love rules for making stuff they can tweak and customize all day. The original junker rules in TJC are gearhead heaven and junkers are meant for gearhead players.

I suppose4 some people who aren't gearheads want to play junkers for the power. Ok maybe the junker 2.0 rules are for them. For real junker players, I.E. gearheads, TJC rules work. BTW, if you are a real gearhead the rules in TJC aren't all that tough.

Now that said, there was somethings in the J2.0 rules I kinda liked, so I think I'll combine the original junker rules with some elements of the J2.0 rules to make a hybrid with the good elements of both. (Good defined as in what turns on a GEARHEAD.)

The thing I did like about the J2.0 rules was it encouraged you to take more science skills. I think I'll add a touch to the original junker rules to do this.From now on when making a gadget, the marshall decides what conventional science skill is most suited to it, be it electronics, chemistry, physics, etc. If you have that skill you may reduce the TN of your device construction roll by 1/2 the skill level you have, rounded up. So a brainer with 1-2 in electronics can reduce the TN of a computer like device by 1, a junker with 3-4 in physics could reduce the TN of a plasma weapon by 2 and a real genius with a skill of 5 in chemistry can take 3 off his TN for making a massive knockout gas bomb.

I like it encourages some real science skills there. I like the J2.0 rules for giving me that spark.

I think I will drop the weekly stability roll. Kinda kills the idea of finding a junker gadget made long ago by someone and still intact. I may add some mods for stability rolls. A junker might get a -2 on stability rolls for devices he personally made since the spirits are familiar with him and he knows how to steady them. A junker using a junker device made by a non junker would only get a -1 on stability rolls and non junkers get no mods.

Anyone got any feedeback on those ideas?

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Re: New junker rules.

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:41 am

Dr. Schwartzwald wrote:Anyone got any feedeback on those ideas?

Science skills sounds pretty good. Science skills are useful but not required, which is the sweet spot for techno-shamans.

Changing the stability rules ... I'm less confident on that, especially since Stability can go above 20; a 20 still fails, but the higher stability reduces the severity of the result.
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