[Classic] Does armor stack?

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[Classic] Does armor stack?

#1 Postby Warior4356 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:54 am

Do armor levels stack? For example a kelvar vest and force field. Or perhaps a Civilian Executive protection and a Kevlar vest? If they do can you reference a book and a page number, I like to have sources.

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Re: [Classic] Does armor stack?

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:16 am

Deadlands Player's Guide, Combat, Page 135 wrote:Layering Armor
There’s a lot of lead flying around out there. Some of you more paranoid types may want a bit more protection than one type of armor provide you. You can layer armor and light armor for a bit of extra protection if you like.
The way it works is simple. First, reduce the attack’s die type by the Armor Value of the actual armor, just like normal. Then roll damage and subtract the light armor’s protection value for the final total.
Be reasonable when layering armor. Your hero can wear an iron suit over his chain mail, leather chaps, and buffalo coat, but he’s going to get tuckered out right quick in the hot deserts of the American West.
Marshal, if the posse starts abusing these rules, feel free to discipline them. Give them a few points of Wind damage for the heat and fatigue. And don’t forget the movement penalties for all that weight. Anyone dressed up in more armor than one of Dr. Helstromme’s automatons is going to draw a bit of fire, as well.

Nothing in Hell On Earth changes that rule, it simply doesn't call it out explicitly.
Citation is the same for the old version or the 20th Anniversary edition.
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Re: [Classic] Does armor stack?

#3 Postby Warior4356 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:25 am

Unfortunately my gm said unless it says so in the errata or hell on earth he wont allow armor to stack. Can anyone offer a source one way or the other in hell on earth?

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Re: [Classic] Does armor stack?

#4 Postby Fists-of-Dorn » Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:00 am

Warior4356 wrote:Unfortunately my gm said unless it says so in the errata or hell on earth he wont allow armor to stack. Can anyone offer a source one way or the other in hell on earth?

Bear in mind that the Weird West rules were updated after the release of Hell on Earth core book, with changes and clarifications. Those rules are expected to replace their counterparts in Hell on Earth (with the usual stipulation for Marshal's that if they don't want to use the new rules they don't need to, it is their game after all). So if your Marshal wants to know if there is an alternative rule to one found in Hell on Earth, he can reference an updated Weird West book with the same/similar rule in it.
There are numerous changes, not all of which I was in favor of. Luck o' the Irish being one of them. I much prefer the Hell on Earth version, but I would allow a player to take either, or both if so desired.

With that said there are several instances in Hell on Earth where it just wouldn't make sense for Light Armor and "Real" Armor to not stack. One (almost two) being Templars (and Anti-Templars). Their Armor o' the Saints reward grants them one point of Light Armor per rank (up to Five) and the Greater Reward grants them one Real Armor- giving them One level of Real Armor and Five points of Light Armor when they are running naked through the snowy mountainous forests south of Trinidad Colorado because their bath was interrupted by a pair of hungry werewolves.

Here's the rules quote for your Marshal:
The Last Crusaders, page 73- Greater Reward for Armor o' the Saints wrote:Greater Reward: The Templar gains 1 point of real, honest-to-God armor. If the hero also wears any other type of armor, it adds to it. A Templar in a Kevlar jacket, for example, has an Armor level of 3: 2 for the jacket and 1 for his Greater Reward. And yes, he still also subtracts –5 (–1 for each level in armor of the Saints) from whatever damage manages to get through.

That is about as plain as it gets. Good luck in your game.


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Re: [Classic] Does armor stack?

#5 Postby Clint » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:49 am

Per the Errata update for HOE in Waste Warriors <italics added>...

"Deadlands: The Weird West and Deadlands: Hell on Earth use pretty much the same game system. In order to standardize things and make travel between the settings easier, we’ve decided to change “pretty much” into “exactly.” That means the Wasted West will now use the new rules that appeared in the latest edition of Deadlands: The Weird West."

So, a character can layer light armor with regular Armor (but that's it unless a special ability like for the Templar 1 point of Armor adding to worn Armor).

That said, all of those rules apply, which means such stacking can be hot and cumbersome, and the Marshall could apply a few points of Wind loss for doing so.
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