Area 50 somethin'...

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Dr. Schwartzwald
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Area 50 somethin'...

#1 Postby Dr. Schwartzwald » Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:55 am

Ok, just a little idea I had to add some home flavor to deadlands.

There was a damn good PC gamecalled "hostile waters antaeus rising" that had a plot twist I liked It involved "faked" aliens.

I thought it might be interesting to add them to DHOE in some way.

The premise is before the big war, some folks knew what was coming and tried to stop it by creating an "alien invasion" hoax to get the world to work together to resist it. (Yeah, same plot as watchmen)

So some really seriously mad scientists and early junkers created thro various means an alien invasion scare involving artifically created byt alive aliens, some weird tech and so on. They had reached the prototype stages when the bombs fell.

Their creations, really hideous4 armed things with big heads and tentacles for mouths, survived and flourished. They honestly, actually believe they are aliens from another planet that came to earth to conquer it but hada bad break when their ship was badly damaged by a freak accident, they believe they survived the crash with little of their own tech but went into hiding and began building up a base, production facilities, etc.

Then the players get involved.

Any feedback?

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Re: Area 50 somethin'...

#2 Postby StalkThis » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:40 pm

This idea seems really cool. I can imagine the players fighitng all the way into the bowels of the facility past these monsters, only to discover the still working computers and notes about the project, and the aliens refuse to believe it.

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