Junker - How to Build Equipment?

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Junker - How to Build Equipment?

#1 Postby TheTaioShow » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:38 pm

So I have a crew looking to start up a Deadlands Hell on Earth [Classic] game. I know it's a fairly aged system, but it looks reasonably fun and the guy looking to run it seems to have a good head for the rules.

The one section we are running into issues is Junker and how to price out Junker equipment. The book does a very poor job of explaining how to not just build an item, but then how to properly price that item. We are using the expanded rules in The Junkman Cometh since it lends itself to giving a large variety rather then only a small chunk.

Can anyone explain to me how you not only build an item in the game, but also price out how much it would cost? Or point me to where I can find that information because I can't find it anywhere in the books.

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Re: Junker - How to Build Equipment?

#2 Postby Phasma Felis » Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:12 pm

Oh man, I loved those Junker rules. I don't know if they were actually good or not, I've just always loved construction systems. :)

Sorry I didn't spot this earlier. What are you having trouble with specifically? Device-building information starts on page 58 of Junkman Cometh, with the step-by-step process on page 60. As far as cost, junker devices are made of components (Electronic, Mechanical, Structural, and Chemical) which can be purchased or scrounged for. Prices and scroungin' guidelines are on pages 38-39. Marshal's call as to how available for purchase they are; they're pretty abstract, like the game's "cash" (actually assorted small trade goods and luxury items), but there were plenty of random spare parts, broken electronics, and household chemicals lying around after the Apocalypse, and almost any sturdy hunk of junk can be a structural component.

Battery-powered junker devices will also need ghost rock both to build and charge the batteries, and you'll need to build a G-ray collector to do the charging; rule for all that are on 39-40. Ghost rock can be bought in most towns for $10 an ounce (per the core book, page 61), but for some reason the rules for scroungin' it are buried in the witch spell list on page 107 of The Wasted West: finding about eight ounces of ghost rock takes a scroungin' roll of "3 in an active ghost-rock mine or seam, 11 in an inactive (ruined) city, 13 in an 'active' city with industry or spook juice stills. There’s no chance most anywhere else unless the Marshal thinks otherwise."

Junker vehicles can optionally be powered by spook juice instead of G-rays, which is broadly available for $10 a gallon, or a junker can make it himself out of ghost rock and chemicals with the Spook Juice power (page 97).

I can write up a step-by-step build of a sample device later, if you want. Let me know.

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