[HOER & Classic] Some things that didn't make it over

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[HOER & Classic] Some things that didn't make it over

#1 Postby StalkThis » Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:08 pm

Hey-o. So, prepping HOER and gonna try to run the Classic timelines before I jump into Worms' Turn. Converting in general isn't a problem, but there are a few hiccups.

Such as, since Reloaded is by default post-Harvest, there are some options that no longer exist in the meta at this point. Other options weren't included for what I assume are similar reasons to the exclusion of Anahuacs and the like in DLR; Design choice and page count. So, I wanted to ask the community for advice and critique on introducing the following elements into HOER. Some of these I have some "fixes" for (not that I consider them broken), and some I don't. I'd be interested in hearing from the forums, though.

AMARNA (Hekants, Lectors, Helots, etc)
What's missing: Amarna itself. Destroyed in the same book that introduced it, I believe. Going along with that, the "Hekant" hindrance and by extension, something that makes Lectors feel different from Schismatics. Helots aren't really "missing", but without Lectors, they don't really have distinction.
Why I want it: I love the 'third wheel' position of Avatar and his ilk, and the idea of the society being a working, fair caste system that is probably doomed to fail is fun, plus having bear men and birdpersons is gonna go over great with my particular group.
Fix: Couple of options here. I could tell a prospective Hekant player to pick Mutant (Major) and have them describe a particularly monstrous appearance. They don't actually end up any more monstrous mechanically (unless they pick one of the 3 cards that gives them Charisma penalties), but it's very simple. Another route would be to create a Hekant hindrance that applies an additional Charisma penalty and indicates that the mutations are typically more physically profound. Once you've defined how to create a Hekant character, Lectors are as simple as taking Doomsayer, and Helots have Vow (Serve my Hekant). Another way might be to make a Lector edge that grants an extra ally that is the helot.

Sky Pirates and Ultralights
What's missing: Ultralights, any kind of plane. Everything else that makes a Sky Pirate can be found, I think.
Why I want it: Despite the kind of headaches a player with a flying conveyance might bring, it's a fairly big member of the factions, particularly if you're playing the classic era.
Fix: Allow Wheels to purchase planes (if it doesn't already allow for it), and grab some vehicles out of the SWD book. Not a huge deal, pretty simple. Gotta rework those costs, or let a Sky Pirate buy a plane with more than the 5k Wheels gets you.

What's Missing: Playable Anti-Templars. Anti-Templars gain Rewards same as Templars, and also had ways of gaining greater rewards (Templars don't get greater rewards anymore, so counting coup on Templars can probably go too) and using Reckoners as Martyrs (Since there aren't any martyrs in Reloaded, we can probably leave that for the NPC Anti-Templars post-harvest.
Why I want it: The Marshal Star next to Anti-Templars is my absolute favorite one in a Deadlands book. Letting a player play against his own corruption is fun, and there's always that guy who wants to do it. Especially because the Anti-Templar's message is a super reasonable response to Simon's "only the worthy" mission statement.
Fix: This is the hard one. I suppose you could just let someone take Templar and play him as an Anti-Templar. The corruption angle is the one I don't know how to do. I could also make a Becoming edge that mimics some of the templar powers, and allows for channelling power from your Reckoning Martyrs. Otherwise I'm blanking.

Power Armor (Robohunters, Steel Knights)
What's missing: Power Armor of any type. Plain and simple.
Why I want it: Come on! stomping around, smashing up automatons? What's not to want?
Fix: Grab the power armor from the SWD. I'd lower their armor bonuses by two apiece, and add a +2 bonus to soak rolls (to represent the systems protecting you from damage without getting too in depth). Add a couple of rules about how to remove or add integrated weapons, and add a "Buckethead" edge or something so someone could start with it, and you're golden. The other option would be to write up Power Armor as vehicles (with a custom Out of Control or Critical Hit table).

Thoughts? Better ideas?

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Re: [HOER & Classic] Some things that didn't make it over

#2 Postby StalkThis » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:19 pm

Bumping for visibility. Looking for thoughts on my proposed "fixes"

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Re: [HOER & Classic] Some things that didn't make it over

#3 Postby The Stray » Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:49 pm

Picking up the Sci Fi Companion is probably going to help fill a lot of the tech holes, like planes and power armor, as there are detailed rules for both there.
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Re: [HOER & Classic] Some things that didn't make it over

#4 Postby StalkThis » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:18 pm

Thanks for the heads up, friend.

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