[Classic] Some question about Junker Weaponsmith.

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[Classic] Some question about Junker Weaponsmith.

#1 Postby Warior4356 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:19 am

So I wanted to make a monster of a chainsword for my cyborg and I was wondering a few things.

First off the increase damage aspect, what happens when you increase a d12? Do you get a d20 or d12 + 2? If it is d20 what happens if you try to increase it again?

The big reason for this is spirits are becoming an issue and I want a weapon for murdering them. So I was thinking a Frame size 5 greatsword with increase damage twice and increase die count twice for a final damage of 4d20/4d12+8. I'm not sure which. Add spirit weapon and its a drain of 6 or 11 so fill the remaining slots with batteries.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or anything, as well as wondering about the damage thing.


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