[Deadlands - Short story] The Sun sisters - updated june 27

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[Deadlands - Short story] The Sun sisters - updated june 27

#1 Postby hallahetta » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:38 am

Not sure if this really is the right place to post, but here goes.

I'm currently writing a short story about one of my characters and her sidekick that I am currently playing in a deadlands classic setting.

I'm not a native english (but a norwegian), but for some reason I prefer to write in english. Just like all the books I read are in english as well.
The story is still just a draft, so don't mind all the spell errors and grammar mistakes etc. It's still an ongoing character development, and I prefer to make a decent background and I like to write =).

I might also have some reference points to deadlands wrong, and some artistic freedom i must have. I'm just a player, and I haven't experienced "the end" in deadlands yet either. Current timeline for this character is summer 1876 (but the longest I've played is spring 1877). So please don't post spoilers in your feedback =)

Anyways, back to the story, any input and feedback would be welcomed.

The PC (yes I am a farscape fan =D)
Name: Aeryn Lafayette Sun
Nickname: Tala (princess of wolves)
Age: 24 (Jan 21 st 1852)
Occupation: Trapper & Scout

Born January 21 st 1852 Cedar Lake, Canada under a bloodred moon. All her life she has had a curious attitude towards nature and knowledge. Along with her cautiousness and sharp keen senses, she has always had an itch for running off into the forest, watching all kinds of animals without being detected. Aeryn has a warm, calm and caring soul, but her horrific past has made her cold, serious and determined. The few times she can truly be herself is when she is around Aurora.

-- Continue reading the PDF here (about 6 pages long) --

Hindrances: Yearning (3, discover your past), Illiterate (2, can barly read), Ugly as Sin (1 - big scar through right eye), Unpolished (1)

Egdes: Alpha Male (1 - Given by marshal after character creation) Sidekick (3) Eagle Eyes (1), Unscented (3), Dinero (2), Brave (2) (bought later into game)

Some Notable aptitudes: Search 4d12, Tracking 4d12, Trapping & Skinning 3d8, Survival 5d10, Bushcraft 2d10, Overawe 4d10, Shootin'Rifle 5d12, Fightin'Rifle 5d12, Sneak 4d12

-- Charactersheet after surviving 10 sessions


Aeryn's sidekick:
Name: Aurora
Meaning of name: Goddess of Dawn and the northern lights (Aurora Borealis)
Age: 3 (Feb 15 th 1873)

Found on March 27th 1873, Devils Creek in Yellowstone, Canada. Aurora has a muscular build. She is strong and isn’t afraid to show it. Being from a northern land, she has the thick fluffy double-coat that is characteristic of a timber wolf and Siberian husky. Her coat is a mix of dark and light browns and black and grey highlights. The coat naturally well groomed, hiding some of her wild feral features. Her eyes are of a purple-bluish color that shines blue in the daylight and purplish in the night or moonlight. Aurora has a knack for getting her nose into anything, being curious of nature. Still having some of the pup syndrome in her, she often filches things she is curious about.

-- Continue reading the PDF here (about 2 pages long) --


I havent written up a profile for Aeryns sister (Kaela Sun) yet, but will come in the future.

PS! if you are wondering about the "quote" that starts the story on page 2, its the end quote of "Ginger Snaps 3 - The beginning"

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