4xis Mundi

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4xis Mundi

#1 Postby dentris » Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:40 pm

A while ago, there was a discussion about realm-building with Savage Worlds. I know a few licensees were discussed, but I always liked a challenge. I therefore started to design a system to lead a nation.

That system is not ready yet, but I will post information about it soon. I wanted, however, to share the original setting that I came up to accompany it. I want your opinion, as always. It is nowhere near complete, so please share your awesome ideas.

4xis Mundi

What if the Reboot tv show and the Matrix movies had a love child, and he spent too much time playing 4x games?

In this game, the players take the role of immortal beings assembled to lead a nation from its birth to its inevitable downfall. They live, however, in a world no better than a prison, playing a game for unknown masters.


According to legends, everything started with the Games. The immortals would wake up from a dreamless sleep, without memories, and would be thrown into a game of life and death. Each Game is different, with different inhabitants, rules and appearance, but in each of them, the immortals would lead a nation against other immortals and everyone would fall asleep once a winner was determined.

Then, inexplicably, some immortals began to remember shards of past Games. They soon realized everything they saw was a lie, a prison in which they were bound to fight one against another for all eternity. No onw knows who found it first, but the discovery of the lobby changed everything.

After one fated Game, an immortal whose name is lost discovered a glitch. A back door in the Game he was playing and didn't fall asleep after his victory. Instead, his consciousness found its way into was is now known as the Lobby. The Lobby was like a ghostly mirror of the Game. Lands, people and ressources could be found and exploited, but the Lobby continued to exist no matter what, without a clear winner.

This immortal was then ''recalled'' into a Game after a while, and shared his knowledge with its adversaries, hoping to free them from this cycle of sleep and war. A few followed, and each time their consciousness came back into a game, more and more immortals populated the Lobby. However, what was supposed to be a liberation became just another prison. Instead of trying to understand the mysteries of the Lobby and free themselves from the Games, they continued to fight. New nations were founded in the Lobby, vying for ressources and stopping temporarly only when recalled into a Game.

And then, some immortals discovered they were not eternals. Sometimes, after a Game, an immortal would cease to exist. The nation he led in the Lobby would fall and its scraps would be claimed by its ennemies. What is causing this disappearance is unknown, but for the first in recorded history, an immortal could die.

The world is now a mess. The vast majority of the immortals wage an endless war against one another, in the Games and in the Lobby, while some followed the example of the First : the immortal who discovered the Lobby. They are looking for a rare phenomena, but who are invaluable to understand their prisons : the glitches. Some can be found in the Games, other in the Lobby, and the most valuable ones are found in the Source.

Glitces have many different uses, including teleportation. From one point in the Lobby to another, from the Lobby to a fragment of a Game not erased after a winner is announced, or from the Lobby to the Source. A new realm who looks completly different from the Games or the Lobby. The Source is a realm of light and streams of codes. It can be exploited, precious material (codes) can be mined and population (0s and 1s) can be subjugated, although the experience is alien. However, it offer insight about what is trully 4xis Mundi.
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