Sharing another invention; Achlemy No Power Points

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Sharing another invention; Achlemy No Power Points

#1 Postby moonowl67 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:07 am

Okay, so, all the conversions of the Alchemist that I have been able to locate on line have been a bit... convoluted for me. I thought I'd share one more invention from my Fantasy Campaign. The only think that I don't like about this tweak, is that it falls back on resource management, but that really seems to be the only way to manage the Alchemist without bringing Power Points back into the game. He is, after all, a craftsman, and craftsmen do have to track inventory.

So, here goes ..

In addition to the powers listed in the Fantasy Companion, Alchemists may learn the Succor, Healing and Greater Healing powers.

Alchemists use the Alchemy Skill for their ‘casting’ roll. They may learn a number of Potion recipes equal to their alchemy skill plus their rank, and may concoct potions from a recipe book if one is on hand. A lab in some form or fashion is required to make potions, and each potion requires 10 minutes per rank to concoct, or 1 hour per rank if concocting from a recipe book. Potions require half their standard cost in materials to create.

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