(Work in progress) My fantasy races

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(Work in progress) My fantasy races

#1 Postby Genghis_Kawaii » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:07 pm

I have the mechanics, but I'm currently working on the fluff explanations for the mechanics (I currently have just Orcs and Elves written up). I also need to fully explain the Caste system (in essence, it's something that is no longer used but still effects society deeply [it is the originator of most racial stereotypes and cultural attitudes]). Please note that all playable races are variants of the human species, and that the setting is basically if a "standard medieval fantasy setting" advanced over time and reached a mid-20th Century level of technological development. I'd deeply appreciate if you guys could double check my mechanics for balance (each race is meant to start out with a total of +3 abilities, rather than +2), and I'll post up racial descriptions for critique as I write them. Each race has one alternative trait right now, but I intend for each race to eventually have two, one +1 and one +2.


Orcs are by far the most numerous of all the races, and during the Caste days they were the farmers and the military arrow fodder. This was largely do to their toughness. They can survive and even thrive in any climate, used to hunt by jogging after prey in the hot sun until the prey collapsed of exhaustion, can recover from injuries that would kill or cripple others, and eat capsaicin because they like it. On top of it, most Orcs are relatively good learners in at least one discipline, and some of them are scary good at improvising or plotting. If anybody is suited to the rigors of subsistence agriculture or enlisted military life, it’s them.

Orcish skin ranges from pinkish to light brown to very dark brown, depending on where an orc is from. Orcs are on average taller than any other race except some Aasimar, but individual heights vary greatly, and short Orcs certainly exist. Their hair is either brown or black, and their eyes brown, or black. Other hair or eye colors, most commonly blonde or red hair or blue or green eyes, is usually a sign of partial Dwarven ancestry (though not enough Dwarf blood to make one a Mutt).

Start with D6 Vigor -Orcs are noted for both their stamina and their adaptability to physical hardship.

Start with D6 in one Knowledge skill. Alternatively, start with D6 in either Streetwise or Survival. -Sheer toughness doesn’t get you everywhere in life. Orcs need to know something about at least one useful subject, be it an academic discipline or how not to die in the desert.


Can trade the D6 Vigor to start out with D6 Smarts. (Reconned out free edge) -If you’re a weaker individual in a race renowned for being tough, you better hope you have the wits to make up for it.


Elves are the poorest and most marginalized race, as well as the least numerous. In the Caste days, they were foresters, herbalists, and some hunters, and many have magic in their veins. They once lived in cities built into the forest itself, but with the onset of industrialization, the Elven population exploded to a degree that carefully managed treehouses just could not support. Especially with the need for factories, railroads, and electricity. The forest cities are now dilapidated, overgrown, extremely impoverished, and crime ridden, and the majority of Elves have long since moved away from those hellholes to live among the Orcs, Dwarves, and Aasimar. In those cities, they form a largely poor or working class that, while discriminated against, isn’t as poorly off as those still stuck in the forest cities.

Elves are a few inches shorter than Orcs, with slender, almost androgynous builds, large pointed ears (which often perk or droop with emotional state), and no external hair other than that on their scalp. Their skin ranges from pale pink to greyscale to blackish, depending on how hot a climate they live in. Lighter skinned elves have forest-like hair colors, typically brown, red, or green. Darker skinned elves usually have pale, almost white hair, with pink, blue, or grey tints to it. Elven eyes can be any color. Around a third have stripes or spots, which can range almost any color but usually are only slightly lighter or darker than their skin.

Keen Sense (Hearing) - Elven ears are big and can rotate to better catch sounds, giving them excellent hearing.

D6 Agility - Elves are typically pretty nimble and quick, even if they grew up in the city.


Can trade D6 Agility for +10 Arcane Background Sorcery - Many Elves are born with magic in their blood, but the time spent honing this power usually cuts into their time spent on physical pursuits.


Low Light Vision

D6 Strength


Can trade Low Light Vision for Poison Immunity.


Aasimar are the priest race from the Caste system. The Gods were some Ancient Egypt looking dudes.

Power - Novice shapechange, 5 power points

Minor shapeshifting

Can trade novice shapechange for +1 size.


Tieflings are demonblooded humans.


Arcane background sorcery +10

Poison and disease immunity


Can trade arcane background sorcery for +2 Wards (Wards are Armor that protects against many AP attacks, such as bullets)


Mutts are the children of interracial couples.

Free novice edge

+2 vs environmental effects


Can trade edge for +2 Charisma

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