One Sheet: Complex 41

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One Sheet: Complex 41

#1 Postby ManuFS » Tue May 03, 2016 11:53 am

Complex 41 is a One Sheet I created for a German RPG collaboration project and want to share with the English speaking Savages also. This adventure sends the characters through an electronic nightmare. Conceived as an entertainment device, this Virtual Reality will spin completely out of control and have the characters run for their very lives. Not only do they have to survive, but also find an exit amidst the madness.

It's designed for a group of everyday people, but it could also be used as a filler mission for an Interface Zero game, or as an idea for something that happened somewhere else and now the players have to figure out what went down.

Dig in, have fun! :) ... E42ZWMyaDA

Big thanks to Richard "Zadmar" Woolcock for his help in proofing this. :)
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