i need a monster/puzzle to keep some PC's at bay while the newbies show us what they can do!

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i need a monster/puzzle to keep some PC's at bay while the newbies show us what they can do!

#1 Postby bigmac133 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:26 pm

im GM-ing a fantasy game (high fantasy)
i have two new players who are getting to grips with the system, they've been in a few sessions and i want to get them in the limelight (the experienced players are clearing up combats before the newbies have a chance to get into the swing of things)

ive got a session planned with a dungeon crawl as part of a "retrieve an item for the guy that you need to help you" hook and i want a way of keeping the more experienced player characters occupied while the new guys are seperated into a duel with a force to be reckoned with, this is mainly to give them a chance to learn how to fend for themselves in a combat situation and not letting the other characters get in the way

at the moment im thinking a powerful necromancer that guards the dungeon and hordes of zombies for the other PC's to fight their way through
but i also quite like the idea of a puzzle keeping the others at bay, maybe a dramatic task type deal
AND im also toying with the idea of shadow forms of the characters that keep regenerating to keep them back until they realise they need to solve a puzzle to get to the endangered players

anyway what i need from you fine fellows is this

1) how would you go about this
2) if you think this is a bad idea, why
3) what kind of situations can i engineer without this looking too much like im rail-roading the players
4) which (if any) of my ideas do you like and how would you balance them personally

im new to the GM side of things and am still getting to know my players styles so any input will be helpful exept "what do your players normally enjoy" because i really dont know and im still experimenting with a lot of different GM tactics and tricks

In a very basic format my PCs are:

Elven mage
Elven rogue/archer

Old Hats
Human assasin
Human "face" (with a follower they saved whos probably the luckiest extra in the whole of my savage worlds experience but i'll get to the chronicles of adrian at some other time)
Orcish Warrior (battle-axe and plate armor)
Human weird scientist (gunpowder expert in a setting where he's the first to discover it)

the other races in my setting are Hobbits and Cat Folk (Rakashan from the SW Deluxe book)

if you need more info let me know

thanks and may the dice be ever in your favour ^_^
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Re: i need a monster/puzzle to keep some PC's at bay while the newbies show us what they can do!

#2 Postby dentris » Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:05 pm

The party is attacked by a powerful elven ghost. They kill it but it comes back the next round, even more enraged. The energy comes from a relic in his old chamber, but only elves may go through. The party must carve a way for the two elves to go into the chamber (while being attacked by the respawning ghost and his minions) and once they get their hand on the relic, a few ancient construct guardians (which looked like statues before) are animated and attack the two "newbies", away from backup. They destroy them, destroy the relic, and the combined forces put the ghost to rest once and for all.

If you want to make sure the two newbies don't destroy the relic before the guardians, just craft the encounter to make sure they are the same thing. (Ex: a fire in the middle of the chamber must be extinguished. When they try to do so, a handful of fire elementals emerge. Once they are defeated, the fire ends automatically)
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