Deific template for a Lovecraftian cult

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Deific template for a Lovecraftian cult

#1 Postby Kelthas95 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:47 pm

Hey everybody, I need some help. I've been working on a custom fantasy setting and in my setting lizardmen worship a slumbering ancient creature. I want it to have lovecraftian vibes but I dont know whether to use AB: miracles and come up with tenets and sins or whether to just use AB:Magic. AB: ritual magic has a pretty decent feel for that kind of thing BUT it's not risky enough in my opinion. Suggestions?

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Re: Deific template for a Lovecraftian cult

#2 Postby SteelDraco » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:51 pm

Are you going to have PCs that are members of this lizard cult? If so, it makes sense to use AB: Miracles and figure out some sort of sins and interesting tenets of the religion. If they're just bad guys and NPCs, don't worry about it; just use AB: Magic.

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Re: Deific template for a Lovecraftian cult

#3 Postby SeeleyOne » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:15 pm

SteelDraco has a point. If it is "behind the screen" the players would not know if you are rolling Spellcasting, Faith. or any other skill. And it is unlikely that the concept of sins would be something that they see. If you want to say that a specific lizardman has sinned, then give them the effect.

But if it is something that a PC might follow, then we need to think about the goals/desires of the slumbering beast. Failure to promote madness might be a sin, as could failure to corrupt a person per month. Maybe they have to sacrifice someone every so often, and failure to do so is a sin. Maybe they have to eat the brain of a sentient.
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Re: Deific template for a Lovecraftian cult

#4 Postby Oneiros » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:10 am

I agree if this is an NPC cult of lizardmen, it doesn't matter what the source of their priests' powers are.

However, I get wanting to detail the nature of the relationship of the NPCs to their object of worship, and figuring it out can possibly lead to some other ideas. Even moreso if these lizardfolk are going to be a PC option.

If you're really going Lovecraftian, most likely the slumbering deity doesn't care if it's worshipers sin, break their vows or even exist. The cult may have tenets and beliefs it has invented as part of their worship of their god, and will look unfavorably on if a priest doesn't follow them. But it makes no difference to Bokrug*. At worst, when when he wakes, he'll eat all of his followers, sinner and faithful alike. At best, he'll absent-mindedly trample them to death as he walks away.

So the priests probably came into their powers via arcane means. The exact source may inspire encounter/campaign details.

    There is a cavern, with ancient inscriptions on the walls, or perhaps some otherworldly artifact, from which the spells can be learned. The cavern might be only accessible by diving deep into a lake, or trekking into the heart of a swamp, corrupted by the powerful arcane energies.

    The deity's dreams unintentionally touch the minds of lizard folk in the area, pulling them toward him, and revealing to a few insane insights that allow them access to powers. Those same dreams disturb and drive away non-reptilian creatures from the region.

    The lizard god has an ancient race of servitors beings, too few to revive him themselves, but willing to teach the necessary rituals needed to one of the weak, young races. The knowledge how to cast other spells might be part of this bargain.

*Bokrug (The Great Water Lizard) from Lovecraft's story "The Doom That Came to Sarnath". Seems like an appropriate choice for lizardmen.

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