[SPC2] Star-Jewels

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[SPC2] Star-Jewels

#1 Postby SavageGamerGirl » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:27 pm

Inspired by another cartoon I've gotten hooked on. No plans for this, just playing around and thought I'd post it here for comment. :D


Star-jewels are psychic alien sentient space rocks.

Star-jewels gain the AB: Super Powers background for free, and have the following powers as a 20-point template. The remainder of their power points can be spent on any other additional powers the player desires. All star-jewels have the ability to psychically generate a type of weapon, so some of the character’s power points should be spent on the Attack, Melee or Attack, Ranged powers. Some exercise such control over their form that they have the Shape Change power. Other common options include Super Attribute, Super Edge, and Super Skill.

Ageless (1): Star-jewels do not age or die from the effects of old age. Most star-jewels are thousands of years old and also have the Very Old modifier.

Altered Form (3): The physical form of a star-jewel is actually a psychokinetic projection. All have the Altered Form power, and can take the Grapple and Reach modifiers (although they are not required to do so).

Doesn’t Breathe (2): Since the body of a star-jewel is only a psychokinetic projection, they have no need to breathe.

Doesn’t Eat (1): Star-jewels do not need to eat, but they can choose to do so (provided they remember to alter their form to include a digestive tract).

Doesn’t Sleep (2): A star-jewel never requires sleep, but can choose to sleep in order to recover from fatigue.

Immune to Poison/Disease (2): Star-jewels cannot be poisoned or diseased.

Regeneration (5): Level 1. Recovery. Regrowth. Star-jewels can “heal” by regenerating their psychokinetic bodies. They are not immune to fatigue, but recover from it much more quickly than a human.

Resistance (4): Star-jewels are resistant to the effects of natural environmental extremes, and can even survive in space.

Other Setting Rules
A star-jewel that is incapacitated loses its physical form and mentally retreats into its jewel. Once the incapacitated condition is removed, the star-jewel can choose to remain in its jewel until all wounds are healed. A star-jewel that recreates its physical form before all wounds are healed still suffers from wound penalties.
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