Pro Wrestling Setting

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Pro Wrestling Setting

#1 Postby MathGuru83 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:02 pm

Hello Savages!

I need help in making a homebrew setting. I wanted to make a setting based off professional wrestling. The larger then life characters, fast action, and opportunities for roleplaying is the perfect avenue for savage worlds and I started to do some research. The problem is, how do I work out different wrestling moves and finishers. I initially started to think of the moves as the Arcane Powers and trapping the powers for the right move (I.e, submission is a boost/lower trait), but realized that I would be using only a few select powers multiple times which could prove to be boring. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this or if it's possible?

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Re: Pro Wrestling Setting

#2 Postby Nate » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:00 am

I'm reminded of the old d6-based Star Wars rules, which had three Force skills (Control, Sense and Alter); using different Force powers (i.e. Affect Mind, Move Object, etc.) required successful checks with one or more of those skills.

Perhaps a Savage Worlds-based wrestling system could work in a similar manner. For example, simple strikes and blocks could be Agility or Strength checks, while more complicated moves could require combinations. A figure four leg lock might be Strength and Vitality; a snap suplex Agility and Strength, etc.


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Re: Pro Wrestling Setting

#3 Postby ValhallaGH » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:58 am

The usual problem with competitive athletics in Savage Worlds (boxing, wrestling, football, etc.) is the damage mechanics. All of those sports are fairly high impact, but also pretty drawn out, and Savage Worlds is big on having characters risk Incapacitation with every damage roll. The two dynamics tend to work against each other.

For televised wrestling, I'd emphasize the importance (and descriptions) of Tricks.
Most of the moves fall into one of four categories: Flash & Confusion, Posturing, Grapples & Pins, Concussions.
Flash & Confusion would be all the spectacular moves that look amazing but wouldn't do much damage unless someone makes a mistake. Flips, spins, and so forth. These would be covered by Tricks, either acrobatic or intellectual.
Posturing would be the moves that are more insult than substance, playing up to the crowd and belittling or demeaning the foe. These would be covered by Tests of Will, specifically Intimidation and Taunt.
Grapples & Pins would be the moves to take control of a foe or pin them to the mat. The existing Grapple mechanics should cover these pretty well.
Concussion moves are those intended to injure and incapacitate a foe. The stuff meant to break bones and knock out fighters. These would use the regular Fighting and damage rules. And should be rare. I'd emphasize the rareness with campaign issues - the crowds tend to be displeased with the shorter matches and the long recovery times for opponents, and the other wrestlers don't want a match against the brutal, career-ending jackass (so when they do have a match, they cheat like crazy).

For all the between-match drama, that's probably an extended Social Conflict (each "round" lasts days or weeks). The overall result provides a bonus for the actual match (probably more Bennies) to whoever did the best.
Crowd support should also be a big deal. If the crowd is with a wrestler then the fighter can push through more reliably (bonus to Shaken recovery), pull off a special move (a circumstance bonus on the Trait roll), or be a source of inspiration (single use ability, either make an immediate Natural Healing roll with a +2 bonus or add +1d10 to a specific Trait or Damage roll).

That's off the cuff, not heavily play tested in this context, but I hope it is helpful.
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