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KS: Secret Weapon Miniatures : Tablescape Dungeon Tiles : Mines

#1 Postby ced1106 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:11 am

Tablescapes Dungeons are modular, hand-sculpted dungeon tiles with an integral 1x1" grid system designed for gamers. With your help we will produce them in a highly durable, non-toxic grey PVC specially formulated to capture the incredible detail of our sculpts. The sets will be sold un-painted.

Each set will have over 85 tiles for $75. Add-ons include Reaper paints and Reaper Bones miniatures. Game tiles can be used for mine, cavern, and dungeon setups. Get that mine for your Deadlands adventure, and use it for your other Savage Worlds games. Pick up some Bones miniatures and find stats for them on the Savage Bones website!

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