Map of Denver 1879

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Map of Denver 1879

#1 Postby GregAlso » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:46 pm

I found this street map of Denver by Thayer done in 1879 (, perfect time for Deadlands I thought. I put it into Photoshop and radically cleaned it up. Then I took Lost Sons, Things to do in Denver When You're Undead, and items listed on the map and made a map of both Denver overall and downtown. I found it very useful and I thought others might benefit too. The files are too large to post here, so, if you want them please message me. If someone knows a place to post them, I am not the best at that, then please let me know and I'll post them there.

Here are my files on Dropbox ... vcqEa?dl=0

Only things added that are unique for my campaign are a Leeds and Co office & the Silver Arm Pub.

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