the 1001 plots/Npcs/Locations/Hooks for Noire

All discussions about the new Noir setting for Deadlands and Savage Worlds. It's 1935 and the only thing that isn't in short supply is trouble.

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the 1001 plots/Npcs/Locations/Hooks for Noire

#1 Postby JoeDeschain » Fri Apr 03, 2015 1:10 am

the idea is to share some of your Npcs, hooks and such, just like in the Deadlands Weird West thread

It all started with a Woman knocking at my door...

The Tale of Jonah Coyle:
A man known as Jonah Coyle arrives to the city, he is a professor from Lost Angels, aparently he went missing and his sister is interested in finding him. As well the mafia since theres rumours that he was smuggling drugs from lost angels to new orleans and that he hid it somewhere within the city.
Not only the players are looking for this guy, but a Mafia Hitman known as Vincent Graves who is a "Stone Cold Killer."

(Whats the Twist of the whole deal? Jonah Coyle is one of the few Hucksters left and Stone was sent to kill him)

The Lady and The Gent. or Calling Quits

The PCs meet a young man and a woman who are looking for help, they car is trashed and even if they dont look harm they look as they could use some help going to the nearest town or city.
IF the players talk to them, they will mention being a couple, being in between jobs and that they are currently looking for some funds to settle down.
The PCs will notice how the couple carries a lot of money and how soon the players will end up being chased by the cops. The Lady and the Gent will fight off the cops and have fun about it, the players will have no other choice but to try and run away. If the players help The Lady and The Gent, they might convince them to leave the criminal life in order to have a more..proper life...

the little twist is that The Lady is Bonnie an the Gent is Clyde, both died and now they are harroweds, chosen to bring chaos and anarchy but their love for each other made them want to settle down and enjoy Unlife togeather.

((PS: Pardon for my bad english, aint my first language))
Do pardon my bad english, Aint my first language.

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