Indy 500 using Mass Combat

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Indy 500 using Mass Combat

#1 Postby barefoottourguide » Wed May 13, 2015 9:54 am

I'm doing a story arc in Indianapolis. My patent scientist is a car specialist, and I figured what better thing to do for him than get him involved in the Indy 500 as a ridealong mechanic?

I'm using the Mass Combat rules modified for boxing to be used as a more complicated mas combat set of rules for the Indy 500. Remember, in this era, there's a mechanic on board the car making fixes as things progress. My PC is this ride along mechanic, so I want to keep him highly involved. Please advise how I can tweak this to make it optimally fun, fast and furious. I'm thinking of using five NPC opponent drivers.

Each WC gets their Driving in tokens .

Opposed Driving rolls
+1 bonus for each token in lead has over opponent; add +1 for every rank over Novice to account for edges

Damage Rules
One on Skill die triggers opposed driving check with next closest opponent at -2. Fail- crash.

Pulling Ahead
Driving must beat next closest driver with a raise to take away one token. Two raises equal two lost tokens, three raises equal three tokens, each raise beyond that is a -1 to the Mechanics test. Each time a WC loses a token they must make a Mechanics check to avoid needing to take a trip to the Puts. This drops the car to a position lower in the race. If a WC loses half their Driving in tokens they automatically have to go to the Pits without a Vigor test. The last car with tokens wins.

Each round the WC’s are dealt their Agility in cards, the countdown is Ace to Two, a Joker can go at any time, the Red Joker equals +2 to all rolls, the Black Joker equals-2 to all rolls and the deck is reshuffled. If the cards run out before the race ends, a new initiative is dealt.

Morale Modifiers
At the beginning of each round the WC who lost must make a Spirit check at a -1 for every two tokens lost in the round. Failure adds a -1 for every two tokens lost, up to -3, to all checks during the next round. Success means the WC goes on without any negatives.

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes always adds the full amount tokens lost worth in negatives to all tests until the next trip to the Pits.

Fate Chips (Bennies) are used as the core rules state.

If a WC is dealt a Clubs card, he has to deal with a hazard, like a crashed car or debris on the road. A Driving -2 check’s required to avoid the hazard. A 1 on the skill die results in one token being lost, snake eyes results in 2 tokens lost.


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