Deadlands: The Great Weird War

All discussions about the new Noir setting for Deadlands and Savage Worlds. It's 1935 and the only thing that isn't in short supply is trouble.

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Deadlands: The Great Weird War

#1 Postby Brooklyn Red Leg » Sat May 30, 2015 6:59 pm

Okay, Hellstromme did some really awful stuff with nukes in The Last War by infusing them with Ghost Rock. I know there was a post from 4 years ago about The Weird Wars by Daddy Warpig that had some interesting elements to it. I kinda liked his idea of Deadlands: The War-torn West, but he seemed to focus more on Weird War II.

Being a student of military history (my first bachelor's degree is in military history), I was more intrigued (in a horrified kind of way, in all honesty) with The Great War (aka World War I). So it occurred to me, using Daddy Warpig's idea, the Reckoners create a different Noir timeline, this time trying to achieve their goals in Weird War I. The real-life images of The Western Front, with its No-Man's Land of devastation and almost Lunar-style landscape, is about as close to a Deadland as I can think of barring something like nuclear exchange event. That and I loved the old WW Wraith: The Great War setting because it was truly creepy in the kind of way good ghost stories are.

Moreso than Weird War II, The Great Weird War oozes the kind of unmitigated terror you would imagine occurs in battles like The Somme (60,000 British casualties THE FIRST DAY) or the hell that was the Gallipoli ANZAC Cove. This is especially true if Hellstromme Industries introduces Ghost-Rock Enhanced Poison Gas. Drop it on a trench line to kill most of the soldiers. The bad thing is that it has a tendency to produce lots of Walking Dead who end up being a danger to not only the enemy but their own former comrades as well.

The idea that maybe Mexico and some of the other powers decided to take a hunk out of the CSA means you could see trench warfare across portions of The War-Torn West. The same sort of hideous experiences seen in Europe are seen in the Americas as Mexican, CS, Coyote Confederation, US and other factions fight over The Great Maze again, but with ghost-rock enhanced Great Weird War weapons like the Maxim Machinegun, flamethrower, trench shotgun etc. Some weapons like the Browning Automatic Rifle may have actually made it the battlefield in The Great Weird War if it lasted until late 1920 instead of ending in late 1918.

The only real sticking point of making this stand out from The Weird West, The Concrete Jungle, The Wasted West and The Way-out West is the lack of unique and flavorful Arcane Backgrounds. Psykers like Sergeant York are still rare. Super Soldiers are more Weird War II (Captain America, etc).

I think The Reckoners probably took a few new Servitors to oversee things in The Great Weird War.
War: Gavrillo Princip (assassin of Franz Ferdinand II)
Death: Mehmed Talaat (mastermind of The Armenian Genocide)
Pestilence: Fritz Haber (considered the Father of Chemical Warfare)
Famine: Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich (As near as I can tell, he ordered a scorched earth policy upon Russian army retreat in 1915)

So anyway, if anyone has any ideas about new Arcane Backgrounds for The Great Weird War.... :mrgreen:

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#2 Postby steelbrok » Sun May 31, 2015 8:49 am

Something based on spiritualism would make sense. It was very popular in 6 aftermath of the war and with an extended war could be afactor towards the end of the war.

Blessed would still be around .

Hexslingers seem to work in the war

Maybe reskin Toxic Shamans to work with poison gas, corpses etc

Some sort of necromancy for the bad guys

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#3 Postby Lighthouse » Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:56 pm

I love it. I would say a mentalist/spiritualist. They were just getting popular around the twenties so they could get drafted by military intelligence.

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