Metal Mages — Balanced for Noir?

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Metal Mages — Balanced for Noir?

#1 Postby FearMeForIAmPink » Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:02 pm

In a while I'm going to be playing in a Noir game, with links to a specific standard era Deadlands Reloaded game I was in, and stuff from that original game has resulted in a new arcane background, one that the rules for Metal Mages could fit well.

However… my impression is that, in terms of the power points you get, and generally the power of stuff, standard Deadlands Reloaded is noticeably higher power level than Noir.

Am I right on that?

And if so, what would be a good way of toning down what Metal Mages can do to fit that.

Don't worry about the obviousness of what they do, or the specific way they get their powers; we'll be adapting those to fit the events of our game. I'm just after working out of the base mechanics will be too strong, and how to adapt if they are.


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Re: Metal Mages — Balanced for Noir?

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:26 am

AB in Reloaded are generally about as powerful as the core rules and bit more powerful than the ones in Noir.
Mad Scientists? +10 PP for each gizmo, but increased odds of catastrophic malfunctions and a new Major hindrance with every New Power. Two free Power Points edges, but a new Major Hindrance for every power after the first and a much worse backlash result.
Patent Scientists? Core rules Weird Science, with one additional Hindrance (Delusion) and the severity determines the limit on New Powers.

Huckster? Massively reduced PP recovery, but Deal With The Devil allows for theoretically unlimited casting at the risk of really nasty backlash.
Grifter? Core rules Magic, with a mandatory habit (or massively reduced PP recovery) and a really nasty critical failure effect.

Voodoo? Blessed variant, spend two edges to be Blessed without most of the standard sins (but still have religious obligations) and a few additional powers.
Voodoo? Kind of like Miracles, but Protector is replaced with an hour of prayer, holy symbol or -2, and a 1 causes Fatigue that takes four hours of rest to recover.

So, yeah, Metal Mage would be OP for a Noir game. You could vary it up some to make it balanced.
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