US Army Rifle Platoon 1942-1945

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US Army Rifle Platoon 1942-1945

#1 Postby frankfrey » Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:25 pm


I play a lot of 28mm WWII Skirmish using Iron Ivan's Disposable Heroes rules. Now that Showdown is back, I'll be doing a lot of that as well. Here is the TO/E that I have used for the Americans in my games. I'm not including any of the Abilities, Attributes and etc. because I think that should be left to the individual players. Anyway, here is the standard US Army Rifle Platoon that saw action in every theatre of the war.

Platoon HQ
1 x PLT LDR (O1-O2)(.45 Pistol, M1 Carbine)
1 x PLT SGT (E6-E7) (M1 Carbine)
1 x PLT Guide (E5-E6) (M1 Garand)
2 x Runners (E1-E3) (M1 Garand)

3 x Rifle Squads, ea/w
1 x Squad Ldr (E5-E6)(M1 Carbine)
1 x Asst Squad Ldr (E4-E5)(M1 Carbine)
1 x BAR Gunner (E2-E3)(.45 Pistol, BAR)
1 x Assistant Gunner (E1-E3) (M1 Garand)
8 x Riflemen (E1-E3) (M1 Garand)
The weapons are what was officially issued but as with all things GI this often got changed in the field.
Tactical doctrine called for the platoon to fight in a "triangular" scheme. That is two squads up in line with the third one in back as a reserve with the platoon hq located behind the third squad.
The Rifle Squad itself was usually broken down into a Manuever Element consisting of the Squad Leader and seven riflemen and a Fire Support Section with the Assistant Squad Leader, the BAR Gunner, the assistant, and a rifleman.

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#2 Postby WildDude » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:42 pm

Excellent post. Do you have any more ww2 Showdown stats?

I'd also be interested in what you think of Disposable Heroes as a skirmish game compared to Showdown.

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