Character Creation - Super Heroes

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Character Creation - Super Heroes

#1 Postby MADWOOKIEE76 » Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:46 am

I'm new to the game, and the forums. I toyed with SW briefly in running a Star Wars scenario a while back, but really just assigned abilities and such as I saw fit.
Currently my friends and I are wanting to play a mixed genre minis game using HeroClix, as well as some Star Wars and other minis. Unfortunately, I'm still finding the character valuation process a little dense. I've scanned the forums, and found the Google Doc, as well as An Excel Spreadsheet, and online creator. (Sadly, I don't remember who created each of these. My apologies.) But, I don't believe that super powers are part of their set up.
I'm wondering if anyone has assigned points to super-powers, or if there is an easy way to compare them to existing weapons/abilities.
I'm looking forward to the "Wild Card Creator" that's on kickstarter, and would love to get hold of the beta, but...
Anyway, any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 Postby The Civil Savage » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:39 pm

Well, there's the Super Powers Companion, which has the rules to play a Supers game.

And the Kerberos Club Quick-Start Guide has a couple of examples of diverse power set (check out the build for "The One-Man Army").

Hope that helps get you started.
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