Edges and Hindrances for whole squads

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Edges and Hindrances for whole squads

#1 Postby Bottlesorter » Fri May 23, 2014 6:17 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a list, if anyone has made it, of Edges and Hindrances that can be applied to whole squads - instead of assigning them all individually, that is. Or if anyone has thought of some that apply at this level.

This is in the context of a wargame rather than a roleplaying game where I want to be able to differentiate between units.

For example, when making a few squads of Panzergrenadiers who are genuinely just part of the wargame rather than being Wild Cards it makes no sense to say that ALL have one eye or are obese.

Any help much appreciated.

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#2 Postby ogbendog » Fri May 23, 2014 7:29 pm

Well, you could give something like Obese or Lame to model out of shape/reservists/walking wounded
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#3 Postby ValhallaGH » Sat May 24, 2014 9:43 am

Hindrances: generally none, but some would work well for specific units.
Loyal - good for units with a Band of Brothers vibe.
Vow - excellent for fanatics or oath-sworn militants (like the Knights Templar).
Wanted - good for units that are considered criminal by various authorities; can include deserters or war criminals.
Elderly / Lame / Obese - can all work for units that are composed of cripples and other extreme reserves.
Bloodthirsty - military units have their own cultures, often influenced by their leadership. A particularly vicious commander can influence his entire command into become bloody-handed fiends that never take prisoners.

Edges: many.
Block - shows an emphasis on close combat training, particularly shield work.
Combat Reflexes - this is the edge for "veteran troops". They can shake it off, as long as it is possible to shake it off.
Marksman - a unit of snipers or other excellent shots.
Steady Hands - perfect for cavalry, especially horse archers or firearms cavalry.
Brawny - this works well for units with exceptional physical training programs. Not everyone is 6' or taller (though there have been units that required such stature, including the Japanese Imperial Marines), but all of them are in incredible shape, even by the standards of equally fit people (i.e. characters with same Strength and Vigor die types).
Trademark Weapon - for units with a culture of forming strong relationships with their primary weapon. Since they are NPCs, you can ignore the usual requirements of the edge, though they should have at least a d8 skill.
Berserk - for units of Berserkers. not many of them will get to use the edge, but it activates when taking damage that causes Shaken, so they'll be very scary when they do use it (+2 Berserk +2 Wild Attack +4 Gang Up for a +8 to attack and +4 to damage, when fighting 5 to 1; probably only a +5 to attack and +4 to damage for having another berserk next to the foe, but that's still going to murder enemy units).
Tough as Nails - for those veterans that have survived truly insane levels of danger.
Champion - for a unit of paladins or other very holy soldiers. They may or may not also have AB (Miracles), as appropriate, but remember that NPCs can have whatever edges the GM feels are appropriate.
And many other edges would work well for whole units of well-trained, motivated, and thematic troops.
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